Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

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I have three ideal Mother’s Day weekends:


  1. Go antiquing, choose my own gifts, and end the day with a yummy, calorie-filled Mexican dinner!
  2. Sleep in, spend the day lounging by the pool or beach, never have to get anyone ready to go anywhere, be served a favorite drink and popsicles by my favorite little people!
  3. Take a weekend trip as a family! One of my favorite Mother’s Day weekends was a fun Disney weekend.  I love watching my kids have fun and enjoy special treats.  That’s a gift for ME!


My kids are great gift-givers.  They love to “surprise” me with a parade of gifts that showcase their creativity…even if it used the last of my tape or I had to take a trip to the dollar store for posterboard and supplies.  It really is the sweetest thing and a lot of fun.  I know those days are numbered and I truly love seeing what they come up with.

Last year, they surprised me with a huge posterboard of all of our “Toy Story Mania” family selfies.  It was so fun to see them over the years, even when Harrison was a baby and couldn’t even keep his 3D glasses on!

I know the question is always going to come from my husband, “what do you want for Mother’s Day?”  He is a good gift-giver (though a last-minute one), so I try to help him out.  My typical response is to take me shopping and let me pick something out or cash for our next antiquing trip!  Easy for him and fun for me!

I thought I would link up some favorite items that he can choose from this year…and maybe you’ll enjoy them too!


While a spa day, pretty jewelry, or a gift card are sweet and oh-so-kind, I get really excited about those unique gifts that I can enjoy for years to come!  Here is a collection of some vintage, some new, some old, and some blue…but all pieces that you can enjoy throughout the year!  You could add some sweet flowers or a plant to go along with some of these too!



I hope this gives you some fun gifting ideas this Mother’s Day, whether for yourself or a loved one! 




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