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Want to see what others have been buying for their home decor items in 2021? Check out these top ten decor pieces that my readers have enjoyed purchasing this year and how I style them in my own home too!  Don’t miss the home decor items that made the top ten list from my blogging friends!  There are several I want to buy now too!

Do you ever get curious to see what other people are buying?  I’m one of the worst.  It’s not that I mean to be nosey, but when I’m at a flea market, I literally cannot help myself.

When a fellow shopper walks past with a wagon-load, I just have to look!  And I have a couple friends that exchange texts and pictures with me.  We always want to see what each other got!

So this is your chance.  And no one will even know you’re looking at their wagon.  Haha!  It was super fun to look back over 2021 and see what your favorite home decor items to purchase were.  You all have amazing taste!

If you’ve followed along for even a minute on my blog or Instagram, you know that my favorite home decor items typically are not found in a clean, tidy store.

Most often, they are found in a cute vintage shop or out in a field or tucked in the corner of an antique mall. Once in awhile, I fall in love with a great home decor piece that is new and it is fun to incorporate those into all of my vintage finds as well.

Over this year, I have worked really, really hard to find similar vintage pieces and link for your enjoyment and convenience.  This top ten list is mostly full of items that are similar to what I’ve been styling in my home this year and that my readers have been purchasing.

Tip: They are mostly unique finds, so if you fall in love with one, grab it!  And if something is sold out and you need a link, just shoot me an email. I’ll do my best to help you out!

When you finish my Top Ten list, there is more inspiration to be found from KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms, Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home, Courtney at French Country Cottage, and Janine at Happy Happy Nester.  Their Top Ten Home Decor Items lists are fantastic and will definitely give you some great ideas today too!

Each list is so, so, so different and I loved them all!

Now, onto my Top Ten Home Decor Items for 2021:


These vintage brass deer are a staple of my decor from September through February!  They are literally the perfect little vintage touch to any vignette and I love how they add a subtle seasonal look without being overly themed.  Home decor items like these brass deer are the little details that can really elevate your decor!


I like to use them on my mantel, under cloches, and on stacks of vintage books, as they add a different shape and texture to finish off any vignette.

You’ll be seeing these a lot in my winter decor over the next couple of months; they are a great seasonal touch that can still look wintery without being Christmas-y!

I always hunt for these deer at thrift stores and flea markets and I’ve rounded up some online for you too!  You can find some really sweet ones HERE, HERE, and HERE!



I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about jumping into this decor trend last spring, but I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did!  These planters are perfect for a coffee or side table vignette.  I styled mine on my dining room shelves and I love how it added a unique shape, size, and texture to give the whole shelf styling more texture! You all loved them too and they were a top seller for the spring and summer!  I’m happy to say that this trend is continuing into 2022 and your plants will be so happy to live in this gorgeous planter!


Ahhhh!  I absolutely love these European grain sacks and have had so much fun sharing ways to style them this year.  So many of you have already bought one, but trust me…you need more than one!  In fact, one of my favorite ways to style European grain sacks is by folding them in a stack!

I also use them a lot for table runners, pillow covers, and to add texture and casual style to baskets!

For that vintage European Farmhouse style, vintage grain sacks are a timeless must-have!


These European zinc buckets are one of my very favorite home decor items to use around my home!  When people ask me where I store all of my home decor, I remind them to look around and see that a lot of my larger pieces, like these zinc buckets, are always in rotation somewhere in our home, no matter the season!

I love to use them for plants, set glass vases inside with fresh flowers, and for winter, they are the perfect vessel to hold table top trees!  I love the vintage patina and how they blend so beautifully into any style.

I have two and I use them all the time!  I’ve linked up some similar ones HERE, HERE, and HERE!


These little risers are a must-have for styling vignettes!  I keep one beside my kitchen sink with a pitcher of flowers or a fresh plant and a little candle!  A lot of you have been finding home decor items like these small risers to be helpful in your decor too! They are perfect to add a little variety of height, especially if you are working on that decor triangle that we chatted about over on this decor styling post! I love this particular style because of the pretty patina and the neutral color that can blend with almost any decor style for your home!


My French lavabo was one of your favorite things for me to style in 2021!  There are a lot of fun places to use them in your decor but my favorite spot has been as a focal point over my mantel!  The wide, shallow basin is perfect for creating arrangements with fresh and faux florals and greenery!

They are not always easy to find, but I hunted around and found some online for you HERE and HERE!  Since they are a more rare vintage find, it is a bit of an investment, but one that I am so glad I made.  It’s so much fun to decorate with!  You could even use it for outdoor decor!


Oh, dough bowls!  You love them, I love them, we all love them!  There are so many different sizes and styles to choose from and it is one of the top styling requests from my readers every season!  You can find some styling ideas for them on this video or on this blog post!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite styles for you here:


No matter the season, ironstone is one of your favorite things to buy and one of my favorite things to style!  You don’t have to have a big collection for ironstone to become statement pieces among your home decor items. A simple white ironstone pitcher can be used for fresh or faux flowers and greenery, year-round!  You’ll almost always find mine by the kitchen sink or part of a centerpiece on my dining room table.  I’ve linked a few large pitchers HERE, HERE, and HERE for you!  They aren’t cheap, but they are timeless pieces that you will enjoy for many, many years!
These ironstone pots have been another favorite for 2022!  They are perfect vessels for holding a small table top tree in the winter, a pretty pothos plant in the spring and summer, and an arrangement of fall flowers.  I love using mine and when I don’t have anything in it, it still looks pretty just sitting in a corner! You can find similar ones HERE, HERE, and HERE!


Want to know a secret?  These French canning jars, with their perfect hint of green patina, were a favorite for a special photographer that visited our home in 2021!  You’re going to see these jars in something very special in 2022! And they have been a definite reader favorite this year too!  Style them as they are or use them to hold fresh flowers and greenery!  Or, they are perfectly functional to double as kitchen organization AND decoration!  You can even use them in the bathroom for cotton balls! Jars are a great organizational and storage solution and I love them even more when they are vintage and French! I found more for you all and linked them HERE, HERE, and HERE!


I was so curious to know what the top seller for 2021 would be!  These battery-operated taper candles have been a favorite for sure and they are one of the most requested links.  With all the cozy, winter decor coming up, they are a MUST-HAVE for me!  I love how the timer allows them to just magically start glowing each evening, making our home feel extra cozy (but safe, too!)

Battery-operated candles are basically a requirement for a mom with an almost-8-year-old boy too.  Nerf bullets, anyone?!?!  Haha!

In all seriousness, this is my #1 top recommendation to help your home feel cozy this winter and I love the realistic, wax finish and wick!

See? Wasn’t it so fun to see what other people have been buying this year?  Like I said before, these are mostly unique finds, so if something is sold out, just send me a message.  I’ve honed my online hunting skills this year and will do my best to help you out!

Most of all, I hope this gives you some inspiration and even a wish list for when you’re thrifting and antiquing in 2022!  There are so many fun things out there and you just never know what you’ll find!

Now that you’ve finished this unique list, head on over to KariAnne, Leslie, Courtney, and Janine‘s blogs.  I loved seeing their Top Ten Home Decor Items for 2022 and I’ve added a few of those things to my own wishlist.  It’s a good time for using a little bit of that Christmas money!

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*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

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