Your Top Ten Favorite Home Decor Styling Tips of 2021

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Home decor styling tips are one of my favorite things to share!  Apparently they are one of your favorite things too!  Check out the top 10 favorite decor styling tips from YOU…my blog readers…in 2021!

They say “once a teacher, always a teacher”, so I guess it’s the teaching part of me that comes out in these home decor styling tips blog posts!  They are so fun to share and it was really fun to see which kinds of these posts were the most helpful to you in 2021!

As you read through these ideas, I hope they spark excitement and creativity for you as you start thinking about your home in 2022!

How do you want your home to look?  What kinds of changes or updates do you hope to make?  Most importantly, how do you want your home to feel?

Sometimes the best inspiration, for me at least, comes from the most simple of ideas.  While there are as many ways to decorate as there are individuals, these top ten home decor styling tips blog posts are a look inside my brain and how I think about my decor!

I can’t wait to hear how they inspire you, make you think differently about your own home decor, help you use what you already have in a new way, and what you’ll style first in 2022!

Make sure you read to the end for a special treat today!  KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms, Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home, Courtney from French Country Cottage, and Janine from Happy Happy Nester are all sharing the top ten of their favorite genre of posts today too!

It is so fun to see each blogger’s speciality and what your favorites have been this year!


Ahhh!  Side tables!  Every month, I love to ask my community what they would like to see my style for that particular month or season.  Without fail, I get requests for side tables!

While they can feel a little tricky, there are some quick and easy steps you can follow to knock it out of the park each time!

This particular blog post focuses on fall decor, but the decor concepts apply to every season!  Just substitute those fall colors and objects for whatever season you’re in…I’m thinking some cedar greenery, creamy pottery, and candles for winter!


Who doesn’t need a restful retreat to start the New Year?!  Refreshing mine is definitely on the agenda for January!  I shared my favorite tips for creating a cozy and restful master bedroom over on this post!

You can take the same general principles and apply them to any corner of your home that you want to make feel extra cozy this winter too!


If you were to ask me for one thing that is a must-have for home decor styling tips, it would be vintage books!  Okay, maybe a toss up between beautiful greenery and vintage books.

Regardless, they are a must-have!  I have a whole shelf in my decor storage of vintage books to use for different seasons, ranging in various sizes, styles, and colors.  They are so fun to use and I shared my favorite tips for using books in your decor here!

Tip: Thrift stores and flea markets are the places to be!


I used to say that I couldn’t really afford…or shouldn’t splurge…on fresh flowers for our home, unless it was a really special occasion.  I’ve changed my mind!

Over on this post, I shared budget-friendly ways to make simple grocery store flowers look and feel special!  It’s amazing how a simple pitcher of flowers can transform a room!

I hope this post inspires you to make fresh flowers and greenery a routine as you seek to make your home the most special place to be!


If you follow along with me on Instagram, you know I love to have fun decorating with cloches!  In fact, they are one of my favorite things to decorate with!  I shared some home decor styling tips for cloches more than once during 2021, and this post with spring cloche ideas has some basic principles you can follow no matter the season!

There is something about a cloche that makes a simple object or collection suddenly take on more importance.  That simple object can become a statement piece just by styling it under a cloche!

If you don’t have a cloche, you can use some of these same decor ideas to create small vignettes around your home too!


Mantels (or mantles…either spelling is actually correct!) are another popular request for home decor styling tips!  If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, you are in luck!  I’ll be sharing more winter mantel ideas next week (stay tuned!). You can also find mantel styling ideas HERE, HERE, and HERE!

As you can see, it was a popular topic and top request in 2021!  I hope that doesn’t change because there are so many fun ways you can style your mantel and it is one of my favorite things to decorate!


Gallery walls can feel like an overwhelming decorating chore.  I’m the oddball here, though, and absolutely love them!  In fact, the big gallery wall in our family room often inspires the look I’ll use for our entire home each season!  Not always, but often it is the first thing I decorate!

Yesterday, I shared one of my top ten blog posts of the year was 3 Easy Steps for Styling Gallery Walls.  I have another blog post from 2021 for gallery walls and you can find more home decor styling tips to help you turn it from a chore into a fun, artistic endeavor!

If you don’t have a rotating gallery wall, you need one!  They are so fun!


I thought it was so fun that this blog post was a popular one, especially because I had a lot of fun writing it!  I think all of us can get hung up in decorating our homes by focusing on the big things.

In reality, time, budget, and space may not allow for big changes.  I know that is definitely the case around here!  You can make a huge difference in your decor, though, by following these home decor styling tips for small vignettes.

You know how they say to enjoy the little things in life?  That includes the little things in your decor too!

I hope this post gives you some inspiration!


Remember how I just said to enjoy the small things in decorating?  Giving your coffee table a little refresh is the perfect opportunity to do just that!  I shared some of my favorite home decor styling tips for coffee tables over on this post and I loved hearing from so many friends, both on the blog and Instagram, how it inspired you to make some small but impactful changes that you really enjoyed!

That’s what decorating your home is all about!!!  Check out my fail-proof formula for decorating a coffee table over on this post!


Wow!  You all love dough bowls!  I mean, really love dough bowls!!!!!!. I shouldn’t be surprised, because this is always another top request for home decor styling tips.  And I love that you ask because they are so fun to decorate!

You can catch some of my favorite dough bowl styling ideas HERE and HERE.  You can also watch a fun video HERE!  This was, by far, my most watched video of all time!  Just substitute the objects for whatever season you’re styling for!

And stay tuned for some winter dough bowl styling coming up in January too!  What do you put in your dough bowl for winter?!

See why I love sharing home decor styling tips so much?  Whether you’re doing an entire room refresh or looking for just little ways to make a corner feel loved and intentional, I hope these Top Ten Home Decor Styling Tips give you some inspiration and a boost of creativity for 2022!

No matter the season, how new or old your home may be, how large or small your square footage or budget, HOME should be the most special place of all.  It should be the place where you and your family retreat, relax, refresh, and make the best memories together.

Don’t miss the Top Ten Favorites from KariAnne, Leslie, Courtney, and Janine!  It has been so fun partnering together with these talented bloggers for loads and loads of inspiration this week!

Tip: If all the inspiration feels like you don’t know where to start first, start with one small spot, like a coffee table or a simple DIY.  I promise it will get all the creative juices flowing and next thing you know, you’ll be incorporating your favorites from all the inspiration you’ve been gathering!

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