5 Easy Ways to an Almost-Free Spring Centerpiece

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Who loves free (or almost free) decor?!  Check out this simple way to create a spring centerpiece along with other spring table DIY ideas from some amazing bloggers!​

I spent $1.34 on this DIY spring centerpiece, to be exact!  If you love easy and almost-free decor, this post is for you!

 If you’ve hopped over from Inspiration for Moms, thanks for joining our spring table DIY hop today and thank you for visiting my blog too!  I’m glad you’re here!  Wasn’t that a beautiful DIY from Laura?  There is so much inspiration for your spring tables today!  For my regular subscribers, welcome back!

If you’ve been a reader for awhile,  you may already know how much I love the vintage Audubon style for spring decor and today’s spring centerpiece is a perfect way to add a little touch of that to your spring decor…for just a couple of dollars!

At the end of this post, make sure to visit the other bloggers who are sharing some DIY spring table decor today.  They are all such fun ideas, especially as you refresh your home with spring decor after the Easter season!

But first, who’s ready for a 5-minute DIY?

5 Easy Ways to an Almost-Free Spring Centerpiece

Before I give you the easy steps for this spring centerpiece DIY, let me tell you a quick story.  During the spring of 2020…you all know what I mean…our family was home a LOT.  Just like yours probably was.  

That spring, a cardinal family found our home and made it theirs!  We often took the kids’ school work outside on nice days, however, the cardinals could get a bit distracting.  Watching the process became part of our daily routine!

First of all, they made a nest.  Soon after, the Mama Cardinal could be found sitting in her nest day after day and the Daddy Cardinal would fly in frequently to check on the progress of his family.

On one April morning, we spent about an hour and a half watching the baby cardinals, one by one, fly off on their own.  However, one little cardinal struggled for awhile.  It took him a long, long time and lots of coaxing and teaching from his parents.  But, he eventually took off and we cheered for our little friend!

Maybe just too much time at home?  However, I always think of those days fondly, as gifts of time and lessons of slowing down and enjoying the beautiful creation right in our own yard.

This centerpiece is all thanks to my little guy, Harrison.  I was looking everywhere for a faux nest that I could use to create the DIY I was imagining in my head.  

“Mommy,” he said, “just use moss.  That’s what the cardinals used!”

As a result, a little bag of $1.34 moss helped us create this fun DIY and even though it is simple, it makes me smile.

Ready to create?  Let’s get started!

Materials Needed for Spring Centerpiece:

Step One:  Form the nest

Using your Spanish moss, form a nest to the desired size.  I used about a fistful of moss and just worked it around into a circular shape.  Make sure to push down the center to get the bowl shape of a nest.

Step Two: Hot glue eggs into the nest

After that, I used two small eggs that I had left from my Easter decor.  If you don’t have any, make sure the check the Easter decor clearance aisles!  I’ll link some pretty ones HERE for you too.

This was a good opportunity to bring in a subtle touch of the light blue that I’m using around our home for spring.  You can see more of that over on my spring home tour!

Step Three: Glue nest into branch.

I tucked my nest into a natural fork in the branch, a little to one side.  Depending on where you are styling your spring centerpiece, place the nest where it is visible, yet in a subtle way (for a more natural look)!

Step Four: Style your DIY spring centerpiece!

Shop your home for a tall vase, bucket, pitcher, or planter.  Since I used a tall branch for a little bit more “drama”, I needed something tall to secure my spring centerpiece.

This vintage French zinc pitcher is a favorite for fresh or faux flowers and greenery and I use it year round!  For an actual vintage French one, it is a little investment, but to me, totally worth it since I use it all the time!

Step Five: Create a spring vignette for your table!

The first layer of this spring centerpiece was to add a vintage grain sack for a table runner.  I don’t always add a runner or tablecloth, but I love how it softens the whole look, adds another texture.  At the same time, it adds a bit of lighter color as well.

Shop your house for a light-colored table runner!  You can find a vintage grain sack HERE and a beautiful, budget-friendly table runner HERE!

When I create almost any vignette, no matter the kind of tabletop, I usually add a base.  For this spring centerpiece, I used this lopsided, old wire basket with an ironstone platter in the bottom (for a smooth surface).  This was a fun vintage find and pieces that I can use for vignette bases are always something I watch for when thrifting or vintage shopping! Other items that make a great base for a table vignette are:

I don’t typically use as much candlelight in my decor in the spring and summer.  However, I couldn’t resist the chance to use these vintage brass bird candlesticks.  They were a fun thrifting find for only 99 cents each!

While I couldn’t find my exact ones, but I did find these vintage brass bird candlesticks online!  They are so unique and beautiful!  At the same time, you can also shop your home for any kind of candlestick that blends with your centerpiece, whether wood or metal!

Other suggestions for taller vessels to create a spring centerpiece:

Last step: Enjoy!  I love how my branches dry in a way that I can just leave the whole centerpiece for awhile.  Especially if you use faux branches, this centerpiece will last you for the whole spring.

Hopefully it inspires you to enjoy nature during this springtime too.  We check on our Mama Cardinal daily (without getting too close) and enjoy these moments of getting outside, enjoying the beautiful creation, and a minute of peace!

Next, I hope you’ll hop on over to Jackie at Finding Lovely.  She has another great spring table DIY that I know will give you even more inspiration.  I love her blog!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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