5 Simple and Beautiful Fall Tablescapes for Grateful Living

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Check out these 5 fall tablescape ideas in ebook form, along with guides for creating your own! Fall tables are a beautiful way to decorate your home for the season!

I am so excited to finally share my first E-Book with you!  Of course, it’s all about one of my favorite things…tablescapes!  Let me give you a little back story on how this all happened…

Why a Book About Fall Tablescapes?

Probably not the simple answer you’d expect!


2020 brought the realization that we were going to be home a lot more.  It also brought about a lot of built up nerves and tension, even when we thought we were doing “okay”.  I quickly realized that a creative outlet was going to be one of the best things I could do.  I decided to come up with something that I could redecorate every week.

My husband is forever grateful that it wasn’t moving furniture or hanging a new gallery wall, though we’ve done plenty of that too.  Haha!

Being home more meant that our little family got in a better habit of sitting around the table for dinner.  Maybe your family always does that perfectly, but our schedules haven’t always catered to that as much as we would like.

So I decided that I would redo my table every week.  I went out on a limb and decided that I would do it for one year, though I didn’t actually tell anyone that.

And so, #tablescapetuesday was born over on my Instagram.  And when the one year mark was up, I had an overwhelming response when I suggested that I might choose a different weekly decor theme.

While I wasn’t expecting that kind of response, I didn’t mind either.  I think of my table as a blank canvas each week.  An opportunity to create, whether simple or fancy, elaborate or plain.

It has become a fun opportunity to think outside the box (setting 45 tablescapes in a year will do that to you)!  It would be an expensive endeavor, except I quickly decided that other than the occasional purchase of grocery store flowers or seasonal produce, I would be creative with what I already have.  I do love to thrift for fun items that I could use on my tablescapes too!

As we neared the fall season this year, I was looking back at some of my fall tablescapes and remembering how much fun I had with them.  The idea formed to create a guide to help YOU create your own version of some of my favorite fall tablescapes.

In my first E-Book, “5 Fall Tablescapes”, you’ll find detailed pictures (because I’m a visual person and I think most creatives are!).  You’ll also find some checklists and planning guides to help you plan your tablescapes.  Print these out as many times as you’d like or laminate and keep handy for your gatherings and dinner parties.

You can print your E-book at home or your local office supply store, or simply save it to your mobile device for quick access and reference.  This could come especially handy when you are out thrifting or shopping yourself!

Do I think everyone needs to reset their table every, single week?  Of course not!  But you know what?  Find an area of your home that YOU enjoy decorating.  Restyle it, redecorate it, experiment with it, have fun with it.  And do it often!

Creating is good for your heart and mind.  It is a good thing to love home and an even better thing to enjoy being in your home!

I found my table to be a natural space for me to create, as it is a place that evolves often.  It also was an easy space to experiment in inexpensive ways.

Whatever you decorate, whatever you create, do it for YOU!  I hope this E-Book provides a lot of inspiration, but I also hope you’ll tweak the ideas, use what you have on hand, and most of all, have fun!

Home really is a wonderful place to be!  And home is the most wonderful place for us to express and enjoy creativity!

You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

Most of all, I hope that the simple act of creating…within your own home…renews a sense of passion for your most important place.  There is no better place to pour your time, attention, and love.  Setting a table is a simple act, but done with love, becomes a service to your family.  It creates a place where each person feels thought of and special.  It is an intentional way to say, “Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here.”

So, thank YOU for being here, for reading my rambling thoughts about why this little book matters to me.  Thank you for following along and being part of my community.  I hope you leave this space everyday feeling hopeful, inspired, and grateful.

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