How to Create a Beautiful Harvest Tablescape

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Looking for simple, yet beautiful ideas to celebrate the harvest season? Check out this fall tablescape for ideas to create your own spread this season.

“The heat of autumn is different than the heat of summer. One ripens apples and the other turns them to cider.”

-Jane Hirschfield

While it is still so warm here in Florida, (let’s just say, apples would go straight to cider here!  Ha!) I love to look for ways to bring the feeling of fall into our home!  What a pleasure today to join with some blogging friends this week for a monthly supper club!

Today, we will get to enjoy the harvest-themed tables that these amazing friends create.  And I say amazing because each of these friends always inspire me!

If you’re hopping over from Vintage Home Designs, just wow.  Michele is absolutely amazing and I am always inspired by her.  I love following her on Instagram too!

When you hear the word “harvest”, what do you think of?

For me, it takes me back home to my growing up years in Kansas.  I guess at the time, I was just used to the harvest season.  While our family did not farm, most of our community did.  Even our mid-week services at church were scheduled around the harvest hours.  

It wasn’t until years later, after moving to Florida for college and then settling down here, did I realize that I missed that natural break in the life cycle of our small town, one that ushered in the fall season (and lots of small town football games too!)

Alas, we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto!  No clicking of the ruby red slippers here.

Even though Florida doesn’t have quite the same organic fall feeling, we do our best to celebrate the season.  It takes a little “thinking outside the box” and creativity, along with some iced pumpkin spice lattes, but we get the job done!  I love the fall season so we crank down the A/C, light a fall candle, and enjoy it!

For my harvest-themed tablescape today, I decided to go with a more simple look.  I pulled together some fun items, mixing the old and new, neutrals and dashes of fall color, to create an everyday style.  Everything except the actual dishes could actually stay for everyday decor!

 I find that when my table looks pretty, even if it’s just a simple linen and centerpiece, it is less likely to get piled with “stuff”.  Can I get an amen from all the moms out there?!  Ha!

So, let’s get to styling!


How to Create a Harvest Tablescape

simple. everyday. style.


Tablecloth for Harvest Tablescape


I love getting creative with my table linens.  Some of my favorite things to use are vintage grain sacks as runners, fall scarves under centerpieces, and vintage tablecloths.  Another fun thing to use for tablecloths are light throw blankets!

I used this throw blanket from Flower and Home Marketplace as a tablecloth and I love it! It’s lightweight enough to lay smoothly on the table and I love the neutral color with the fun touch of fall hues too!




Table linens are a great way to get creative with your table.  They are easy to store, can be found inexpensively, and can be used over and over!  I use many of the same items for tablescapes and just by mixing and matching, can get a lot of different looks with the same pieces!




One thing that can always be tricky for table linens is worrying about spills.  First of all, this stain remover spray is the BEST!  Secondly, I rarely (as in, never) buy really expensive table linens.  While the vintage grain sacks are a bit more of an investment, they are small and only under the centerpiece.

Otherwise, unless you have budget money to throw away, there are so many great, inexpensive table linen options out there!  You don’t have to blow your budget on linens that you’ll only be stressed about even using!  This throw blanket is a really great idea because you can wash it and then toss it over a bench or chair.  I love multi-functional decor!


Place Settings for a Harvest Tablescape

My place settings are very simple for this harvest tablescape!  I used my basket chargers as a base.  These are a little investment, but I’ve had them for years.  They are easy to clean and add so much texture to the table!  I love that they can be used for all four seasons too.

Next, I added my everyday white dishes.  I got these 18 years ago from a clearance sale.  I was out shopping for my bridal registry and we stumbled across these. I’m so glad my mom encouraged me to get several sets (they were 75 or 80% off!).  I found similar ones here and then I love the texture on these.

My best tip for tablescape styling is to invest in a set of simple white dishes.  I use them all the time!

I added some vintage wooden bowls for some extra texture and fall tones.  These are also great for year-round use, though there is something about wood tones that I especially love in the fall season!

A mini dried gourd finished off these place setting layers.  They are inexpensive and a great way to add a seasonal element that is easily removed when it’s time to fill the bowls and plates with yummy food!  You can also store them to use year after year!

I always get questions about this stemware.  I purchased it many years ago, (maybe 14-15 years?) from the Southern Living at Home parties.  Does anyone remember those?  So super fun.  I wish companies would do that again!  Anyway…

I did find some really pretty stemware and linked it here and here for you!

Just as with dishes, I do not keep lots of sets of flatware either.  I prefer to have a couple sets that I use often!  This set of gold flatware is relatively inexpensive but I love how it complements my fall and winter tablescapes so well.  There is something about the warmth of antiqued or aged brass that blends so beautifully with the warm fall tones.

I looked at a lot of different sets of gold flatware and eventually chose this set because of how it so closely ties in with my vintage brass pieces!

I also use this matte black flatware set  often and love it for a more casual look!

On most of my tablescapes, I use inexpensive shop rags for my napkins.  I love the vintage vibe and for under $3 a pack, I don’t have to worry about stains!  They would have worked beautifully with this casual harvest tablescape.  I ended up choosing these simple cream napkins.  I’ve had them for a long time, but you can get a similar look here.

They are great quality for a super reasonable price and are definitely on my shopping list this fall too!

For napkin rings, I used these beautiful, handmade leaves with our family’s names.  These were a kind gift from @newmarketfarmhouse and you can order your own here!  I absolutely love them.  Small businesses are my favorite to support and I love quality, thoughtful work like these!

They would also be so pretty to attach to hostess gifts for Thanksgiving or during the fall season!

How to Create a Centerpiece for a Harvest Tablescape


Tip: don’t overthink it.


To me, the nature of harvest is very organic and casual, nothing too “perfect”.  I started with this beautiful basket from Flower and Home Marketplace.  It comes as a nesting set of two, and the smaller one is just the perfect size for a unique centerpiece!

I added some weeds (yay for free decor!) from our yard.  And yes, those are actual weeds.  Most of the time, they are a nuisance, but I have to say, they worked pretty well for some fresh greenery for my table!

I mixed in some dried gourds and some clippings from a dead banana branch (also free decor from my yard!). Did you think they were corn stalk pieces?!  My kids did…and they were trying to figure out where I found cornstalks this early in the season! Ha!!

I added these vintage-inspired wood and metal candlesticks, also from Flower and Home Marketplace.  I love the varying heights and how they are sturdy but still have that imperfect, vintage patina.

Anytime I want to add some extra height or texture to my tablescape, I incorporate vintage bread boards. I  especially love the vintage French wash boards, as they are narrow and work perfectly down the center of the table.  They add a subtle touch of that European vintage look for extra depth as well.  Tablescapes really are all in the details!

No fall tablescape would be complete without some pumpkins, right?  I added in a couple of fresh pumpkins from Trader Joe’s.  While there is nothing wrong with lining pumpkins up down the middle of the table, I do love turning them a little on their side and mixing in the dried dipper gourds or seasonal produce like butternut squash.  The shapes work well together and create a really casual, yet curated, look!

When creating your harvest tablescape centerpiece, you really can’t go wrong with fresh seasonal items, a touch of fresh greenery, wood and white tones, and some texture (like a basket or dough bowl).

Most of all, I hope you just enjoy creating.  You hear me say it all the time and I shared some of the “why” over on my ebook blog post, but home really is for YOU and YOUR family.  It is always worth taking time to make it feel special, intentional, and full of love.

What better way to celebrate harvest than sitting around the table with the few people who are the most special to you?  I can’t think of anything more important.

Next, I invite you to hop over to my friend Rachel from Rachel Pond’s Farmhouse.  Rachel has a beautiful, authentic farmhouse style that is so welcoming.  And, you’re in for a treat today, with a lot more tablescape inspiration from some amazing friends.  I love each of these ladies so much and am always inspired by them!  You won’t want to miss their tips and ideas for creating the perfect fall harvest tablescape this season!


While you’re gathering fall table inspiration for your harvest gathering, make sure to check out the other blogs who are sharing today too!







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