How to Create a Beautiful Spring Centerpiece with Thrifted Pots

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Spring brings the garden vibes and it’s fun to bring the outdoors in! Check out how you can use thrifted pots to create a spring centerpiece!  You’ll love the other spring thrifting ideas from our monthly “Thrifting with the Gals” blogging group, so make sure to read to the end and check those all out too!

Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse

Ann from Dabbling and Decorating

Kristin from White Arrows Home

and our guest host this month, Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill

The truth is….

The truth is, I don’t have a garden.  Moreover, I wouldn’t really know how to even start, especially here in Florida.  My grandpa was a great gardener and we always enjoyed fresh goodies from his gardens in the summer months.  However, my favorites were the dill pickles that Grandma would can.

I, on the other hand, did not inherit the green thumb.  But, I do love bringing a bit of that vintage garden look into my decor for spring!

The dining room or kitchen table is always a great spot to make seasonal refreshes.  It is a space that you see often but even more importantly, a space where you gather frequently.  What decorates your table matters, even if it’s a simple centerpiece.

If you want to bring in a little of that vintage garden look, too, there is one must-have item: pots with a little dirt and a lot of patina!

However, terra cotta pots are not cheap.  Consequently, they are an item that is always on my thrifting list and I’ve gotten lucky to find some really great ones over the years.

Tip: Look outside, around the thrift shop, too.  Some of my best pots were sitting on the ground by the back door of the thrift store!

Thrifted pots are a beautiful and budget-friendly way to create a spring centerpiece.  Your centerpiece may look different depending on the size and number of pots you collect, but hopefully this post will inspire you to bring a bit of the outdoors in and enjoy something fresh for the season on your table, too!

How to Create a Beautiful Spring Centerpiece with Thrifted Pots

Materials for Vintage Garden Spring Centerpiece:

  • Assortment of terra cotta pots and saucers (look for these at thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, and antique shops!  Mine are from all of those places!)
  • Neutral table runner (I love to use a vintage grain sack and the green in THIS ONE is perfect for the garden theme!)
  • Old bread board or garden crate/tray like THIS
  • Fresh plants (I got mine for under $3 at Walmart!)
  • Small concrete garden statue (I picked up this early bunny rabbit at a garden show.)

Step One:

For step one, create a base.  This can include as many layers as you want.  

For example, I used a vintage grain sack as a table runner.  Secondly, I added an antique bread board.  The third layer includes a combination of large terra cotta saucers that I got from a yard sale and a small piece of marble.


Step Two:

After that, you can start adding your pots.  The more variety, the better!  For instance, stack some (leaving the ones with lots of patina showing!) and put them on different levels.  By adding varied bases, it gave me different heights to work from.

I also added one white pot to balance the white of the marble.  Since my table is wood, I didn’t want the whole centerpiece to get “lost.”  In addition to the light table runner, adding a white pot and marble base breaks up the earthy tones of the wood and terra cotta and brightens the vignette up a little.

I like how the contrast makes it all look more interesting.


Step Three:

After adding your pots, tuck in a few smaller ones and trying laying a couple down on their side too.  This gives even more character and variation to your spring centerpiece.  

I like to add multiples by layering them.  It can really add a lot of dimension while still keeping a simple look.


Step Four: 

After setting up the pots and adding lots of texture and interest, it’s time to soften up your spring centerpiece with plants.  I like to use a variety.

For example, for this spring centerpiece I used a variegated ivy and a green pothos.  If you are creating this centerpiece for an outdoor area, you could use flowers.  In addition, you could tuck in some faux plants and flowers for convenience!

This faux plant is one of my favorites this year!

Tip: You only need to put plants in a few of the pots and then leave the rest of the pots just looking pretty and interesting all on their own!


Step Five:

Now is the fun part…just play around and experiment with these elements until you love it!  I felt like I needed a little more white in my spring centerpiece, so I added a small, vintage mortar and pestle.  There are several mortar and pestles displayed on the apothecary in the background, so adding one to my centerpiece helped connect it all.

I love the details, don’t you?!

On step five, there is no right or wrong.  It really is just spending a little time playing around until you love the look you’ve created.  Sometimes I walk away, then come back and tweak it a little later on.  The fun and beauty is in the process and enjoying creativity!


Where can I find vintage terra cotta pots?

That’s a great question!

I have found all of mine at thrift stores, flea markets, and a couple of vintage shops.  There are a lot of great ways to make new terra cotta pots look old, too, so that is always a good option!

If you are using new terra cotta pots, check out this DIY post from my friend Leslie at My 100 Year Old Farmhouse.  She shares a couple of great ways to add patina.  Leslie’s blog is full of great idea and tips!



Here are a few more sources:



Even though this spring centerpiece idea is very simple, I love how it turned out and I’ll be enjoying this look on our table!  Keep your eyes open when you are thrifting; you can add some great terra cotta to your collection and create your own garden-inspired centerpiece too!



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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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