How to Use Simple Easter Table Decor Ideas for a Stress-Free Holiday

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Easter is one of my favorite times of the year. Use these simple Easter table decor ideas to help you enjoy an easy and festive holiday!  Keep reading for some easy Easter table decor ideas you can use this year!


Easter is undeniably one of my very favorite times of the year.  It’s such a meaningful season, accompanied by fresh signs of hope, joy, and life.  There are many aspects of the Easter season that I enjoy.  One of my favorites is creating simple Easter table decor for our family and friends.  Today, I am excited to share some of my favorite Easter tables with you and hopefully give you some ideas for easy, simple Easter table decor that you can use also!

I love every detail of the Easter holiday.  From church attendance to Easter egg baskets to picking out cute outfits for my family (though…that’s getting harder!  Why, oh why, do they have to grow out of the smocked outfits so fast?!?!), preparing Easter egg hunts, decorating around our home, and even creating a special table for my family!

I have been enjoying putting together some simple Easter tablescape ideas, from easy centerpieces to full place settings.  Even though these ideas are simple, I hope you are inspired to make the Easter season special for you and your family!

When you stop and think about it, almost every holiday is made more special by gathering around the table for a special meal with friends and family!  Gathering around the table is such a huge part of our holiday traditions and I look forward to creating inviting spaces for our family and friends.

One of the fun parts about preparing a table for holiday guests is starting with a new, blank canvas each time.  Even for simple Easter table decor, you can create such fun and unique place settings that are welcoming and inviting for family and friends.

How to decorate your dining table for Easter?

First, I love to start planning my simple Easter table decor with a theme.  Here are some of my favorites that I’ve created over the years:

  1. Peter Rabbit Easter theme
  2. Botanical theme
  3. Vintage cottage style
  4. Garden party theme
  5. Traditional blue and white china
  6. Festive carrot theme
  7. Neutral color scheme
  8. Natural, organic style (even used real grass for this one!)

I’ll share details for some of these fun and simple Easter table decor ideas in this post.  Keep reading for links to other ideas I’ve also used, too!

How to Use Simple Easter Table Decor Ideas for a Stress-Free Holiday

Simple Easter Table Decor: Peter Rabbit Inspired Theme

I have a soft spot for Peter Rabbit and have always loved this story!  In fact, my children use the same Easter baskets each year, using these Peter Rabbit liners.  I’ll share more about Easter baskets this month.  However, you just can’t go wrong with these cute, washable liners and the timeless look of Beatrix Potter!  These have become a tradition for us and I love that!

Now, on to our Peter Rabbit inspired table:

How do you make a good tablescape?

There are many ways to create a great tablescape.  However, for me, I find it helpful to start with an inspiration piece.  For this Peter Rabbit inspired Easter table, I based my inspiration on Mr. McGregor’s garden.  I used the center of my table as a space to place grass, potting materials, and even real vegetables for a fun look.  Of course, some cute bunnies topped it off.

The carrots hanging over the table were made for my daughter’s first birthday party!  Even though that was a long time ago, we still have fun using these carrots around the Easter season!

Next, I focused on simple place settings since we would be having a lot of children sitting around this table.  I used jute chargers and Peter Rabbit themed disposable plates.

I’ll link up as many similar items as I can below.  The key to this table really was the fresh grass.  Actually, the local nursery was so kind to just give me a couple pieces of sod.  Cutting those was a messy job, but you can’t beat free!

Pro Tip: If you use real grass, put down a disposable layer between.  I used a roll of brown Kraft paper.  You can get the simple tutorial and more tips for this DIY table runner over on THIS POST! 


Simple Easter Table Decor: Terra Cotta Garden Theme

To create this simple look, I let my main table décor be an edible vegetable arrangement.  First, I washed up new terra cotta pots, lined them with saran wrap, and put ranch dip in the bottom.  Then, I filled them with a mixture of snap peas, cauliflower, baby carrots, and broccoli.

I wish I could also say that allllll the kids ate allllll their vegetables…but maybe Peter Rabbit got to them first.  (wink, wink!)

For the centerpiece, I used chunky wood candlesticks from The Curated Farmhouse .  Next, I stacked thrifted terra cotta pots around them for my centerpiece.  On top of the candlesticks, I alternated some white bunnies and short pillar candles.   For a fresh garden feel, I incorporated a few real plants, mixed with some bunches of realistic faux greenery for an added touch of garden style.

Each place setting was created with a placemat, vintage brass charger, my everyday white dishes, a simple white napkin, place card from the dollar spot, and my matte black flatware.

This was a fun and casual look for our Easter table and we all enjoyed it!

Simple Easter Table Decor: Garden Party Inspiration

I had so much fun with this tablescape and though it is so simple, I love that it could be used all spring and even summer!

To create this look, I started with my centerpiece.  First, I used vintage breadboards to give me a variety of height.  Then, I stacked white-washed terra cotta pots and ceramic bunnies.  Using fresh potted flowers from Trader Joe’s, I added white daisies to the pots.  I loved this touch of whimsy!

To hold my fresh, white tulips, I used green glass bottles from Pottery Barn.  I’ve had these for years.  However, I’ve linked some vintage ones  down below that would work beautifully as well!

I also used an architectural salvage vase, cut from an old porch post.  Since that doesn’t hold water, I used my favorite faux tulips.  They look so incredibly real, even styled beside fresh tulips!

Since I wanted my place settings to feel special, I layered them up with a mini wreath and vintage paper plate holder.  I love how the basket adds some extra texture to the place setting.  On each plate, I alternated little terra cotta pots and white cupcake stands.

For some extra fun for the kids, the eggs that I put in the little pots had chocolate in them!  Then, I added a chocolate bunny on top of the cupcake stands too.

You can add some fun to your table by mixing and matching the place settings in simple ways!  It adds a vintage feel to the table as well as some whimsy!

Substituting the bunnies for some additional flowers or plants, this tablescape could work just as well for Mother’s Day!

Simple Easter Table Decor: Pink Carrot Cake

Obviously, the star of the show for this tablescape were those gorgeous carrot cake cupcakes!  I bought them from a friend at a weekend market on that Easter weekend.  This was a few years ago, but I still remember how delicious they were!  (Does anyone else see a future for Payton’s Pastries here?  Yum!)

First, I used these wicker chargers as a base for each place setting.  Next, I added my white china, a small wicker disc (I got this set at a vintage shop years ago!), and a galvanized tin to each place setting.  Trader Joes had these adorable mini potted flowers that year, so I got them in all white and they were the perfect fit for the galvanized pots.

For my centerpiece, I layered several bunches of fresh eucalyptus and added two vases of fresh white tulips!

This was a simple tablescape, but a yummy one!  You can take a simple table setting from nice to amazing just by adding something special, like these cupcakes, to each place setting!  Take your inspiration from your food and use it to decorate your Easter table too!

Simple Easter Table Decor: Traditional Blue China

Actually, this isn’t real china.  However, they are really special to me!

My grandma wasn’t that fancy, but these were her dishes and I loved using them a few Easters ago to make our table feel extra special!  Easter is the perfect time to pull out those heirloom dishes!  My children were only 3, 7, and 9 on this particular Easter, but we used the special dishes anyway.  That’s what my grandma would’ve done!

Side note: I remember using these dishes at my grandma’s house frequently.  She didn’t worry if something got broken or chipped.  I try to remember that when setting my table.  Dishes are just dishes and pretty table linens are just pretty table linens.  To me, it matters more if my children remember that I tried to make the holidays extra special.  I don’t do this perfectly, but it is something important that I really try to remember!

How do you set a beautiful Easter table?

First of all, Easter is the perfect time to pull out those special dishes!  I don’t always use them, but we do enjoy them when I do!

For this simple Easter table decor, I really wanted the dishes to be the statement of the table, so I kept everything else very simple.

The centerpiece was so incredibly easy.   I lined up five mason jars, filled with white tulips.  You could use either fresh tulips or my favorite real touch tulips.  If you wanted to add more color, these tulips are available in a lot of cheerful Easter colors!

Pro Tip: Everything makes more of a statement when grouped together and it doesn’t take much longer to create five arrangements than it does to make two!

For my place settings, I used my wicker chargers and a white cupcake stand.  I added a little extra fun to the stands with a piece of fresh lettuce and a gold, chocolate bunny!

You’ve seen me use these cupcake stands often because they are such a fun way to make each place setting feel special.  A chocolate bunny, special dessert, or cute tag is a great way to invite your family to gather around the table…who doesn’t run to the table for dessert, after all?!

I love using special treats for easy table decor and Easter just has such fun options with the cute chocolate bunnies and eggs!

Now you’re ready to decorate for Easter!

I hope you’ve gathered some fun and simple Easter table decor ideas that you can incorporate into your decorating this Easter season!

Holidays can sometimes be difficult days.  No matter what the circumstance surrounding you this Easter season, I hope you’re inspired to find the meaning of this special holiday and celebrate it in a way that brings hope to your heart.

“Don’t believe things can change?  Just look at Palm Sunday – to Good Friday – to Resurrection Sunday.  Always believe.  Always keep hoping.  Things can change.” – Ann Voskamp 

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