How to Put Together a Quick & Simple Valentine’s Tablescape

How to Put Together a Quick & Simple Valentine’s Tablescape

How to Put Together a Quick & Simple Valentine’s Tablescape

To be honest, I’ve never created a Valentine’s Tablescape before this year.  After all, it’s the perfect excuse for a date night, no cooking, no clean up, etc.!  With Valentine’s being on a Sunday this year, I knew we would be having our Sunday dinner as a family.  I thought it would be fun to set up a simple tablescape for us to enjoy…and to make everyone feel a little extra loved.  My goal was to use only things I had on hand, with the exception of some flowers from Trader Joe’s! 

Here’s what I used:


I started by laying my faux eucalyptus garland down the middle of the table.  Tip: I layered two of them for a more full look!

Next, I added my green jars with fresh flowers.  I spaced them out evenly along our farmhouse table.  Tip: when you’re hunting for vintage items, collect them in sets of three!  They always make more a statement when grouped together!  If you decided to not use the books for this centerpiece, you could also put the jars in a row, closer to one another, and add candles at each end.  The grouping would make a big impact!  You could also use simple mason jars for this centerpiece.


I added the vintage books next.  This is the artistic part, leaning and stacking the books until you get the look you want.  I love that you could use different colored books here for any theme or keep them neutral, as I did.  If you have enough pink and red books, they would be adorable for Valentine’s!  Tip: green would also be lovely for this late winter/early spring transition time.

I actually wasn’t planning on using the brass candlesticks this time, but it just seemed like we needed candles for a real Valentine’s tablescape!  Since I have a large collection of the brass candlesticks, I rounded up a few and added to my table.  Tip: the stacked books are great to give the candles more height variation and interest!

Place Settings

Since I used the brass candlesticks, I added my vintage brass chargers.  I picked these up at a vintage shop last year and have used them so much!  They are such a simple and easy way to really add an extra touch to my tablescapes!  Tip: invest in a set of chargers that you really love and can use year round!


I added my everyday white dishes to the chargers after layering my napkins between the plate and charger.  I love how napkins add a little extra flair and texture to a tablescape.  However, I always buy inexpensive ones that I don’t have to stress over, especially for a family dinner!  Tip: there are a lot of fun ways to fold napkins, but I typically opt for the most stress-free styling!  To get this look, I do the following:


  • Spread the napkin out flat, unfolded
  • Pick up the napkin at the center point and let the four corners fall
  • Lay with the point toward the center of the table
  • Allow the corners to fluff out toward the chair
  • Layer with a plate or bowl!


When I am doing a special, seasonal tablescape, I like to add a little something “extra” to each place setting.  I picked up these chocolate covered strawberries, knowing it would be a fun treat for my family!  (We aren’t usually that fancy!). I wanted to tie it in with the book theme and Valentine’s Day, so I cut heart shapes from a 25 cent, thrift store paperback.  I added the heart shape underneath the chocolate covered strawberries.  With just a few minutes effort, each place setting looks extra special!  Tip: you could do the same thing with a dessert plate and dessert of your choice.  The heart shapes cost basically nothing and I can use the book for more projects!

I took a few of my grocery store roses and pulled the petals off to sprinkle around the table.  I knew my girls would think it was extra fancy that way!

Since I was designing this tablescape for my family, I love how it incorporates both the feminine touches, like the hearts and flowers, and a little more masculine touch with the vintage books and green jars.  Plus, I created the whole tablescape for less than $10 and using what I had on hand!  Can’t beat that!

Now…who thinks Robb and the kids will do the clean-up for me this Sunday?!?!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




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