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Cheeseball Turkey

Turn your cheeseball into a charcuterie turkey
Prep Time20 mins
Course: Appetizer


  • Wax Paper
  • 1 round candy eye (found at Michael's or your local grocery store)


  • Circular & oval crackers
  • 1 Block Sharp cheddar cheese cut into cracker-sized squares
  • 1 Block Gouda cheese, wax peeled off, cut into oval slices (keep bits of red wax for decoration)


  • Get your rounded cheese ball and place on waxpaper that exact size. Place ball and paper at the base of your charcuterieboard or bread board.
  • Stack in this order: round cracker, cheeseslice, oval cracker and place above the cheese ball.
  • Then, stack more in this order: oval cracker,cheese slice, oval cracker and alternate with the first stacks so that neither pattern is next to one alike.
  • Keep going, and depending on how big you want your feathers, do as many as you like. We did around three or four alternated stacks like that.
  • Take the gouda cheese and place one at the endof each feather. Take two oval crackers per gouda slice and place two crackers angled away from each other at the bottom of the slice. Your feathers are completed!
  • Take another gouda slice and trim it down however you like to be the neck of your turkey. You will want the end closest to the body to be a little fatter than where the head is going.
  • Cut out of the sharp cheddar cheese a head for the turkey and place at the other end of the turkey neck. This is where you might want that red wax from the gouda. Cut off little ovals for the red headcrown and wattle, or dewlap (the red hangy thingy from its chin). Then add the eye.
  • If you wanted to add legs, I suggest getting pretzel sticks for that. I did not because I hadn’t thought about that when I made my list of groceries, but it would be very cute!