how it all started

Hi! I’m Robyn and I am passionate about home. Sprinkled through my blog, you’ll find a lot of décor, design, and DIY. But I hope you discover much more. I want you to see hope that home can be a haven for your family. I would love for you to know there is grace for the messy, hard days. I hope you find inspiration in the simple, every day things that make a house a home.

You’ll also find my favorite cloth napkins (which aren’t napkins at all), my favorite kind of faux greenery (because I’m still learning to keep real ones alive), and my favorite organization pieces (my family can verify my intense desire for tidiness). You can join me on thrifting adventures, flea markets, and Target runs…or maybe Amazon shopping in my pjs!

I juggle a lot of plates…and not just the ones that I love to set tablescapes with! As a wife, mom, and teacher…not to mention all the other fun things I get to do…I know that at the end of each day, I have the privilege of being the keeper of my home. And what a blessing this special task is!

So welcome to my blog! I pray it is a blessing to you, creator and keeper of your own home.


Robyn’s French Nest

The Huff Family Team

Meet my team!  

Robb: husband for over 17 years, daddy to our three kiddos, classical pianist, technology expert, family mathematician, project manager for my (many) projects…all around a patient guy!  In real life, he does project management! Robb holds a B.A. in Piano Performance and a M.A. in Business.

Robyn: wife and mom to this amazing group.  While I love to decorate, hunting for vintage items comes in close second!  In real life, I taught music and children’s theater for 15 years.  After a huge career shift in 2019, I am enjoying teaching 2 and 3-year-old preschoolers.  We paint. A lot!  I hold a B.A. in Music Education/Voice and a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.

Payton: our eldest, avid pianist, spelling bee champion (many times over), design assistant in training, and creator.  Whether it’s in the kitchen, calligraphy, or needle point, she loves to be creative!  

Addyson: our middle child and the most colorful one in the bunch.  She’s sure that she’s going to paint every room of her home a different color someday.  Addy is working on writing her first children’s book series!

Harrison: Mommy’s baby who is growing too quickly!  Lego expert and Daddy’s right-hand man for projects!  He’s already learned the art of charming the ladies!

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