Five Ways to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Restful Retreat

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Raise your hand if you’ve spent more time at home in the past 12 months…a LOT more time, right?  It is hard to believe that we are so close to the year mark of when we all started “staying home.”  After getting my head around that concept, initially, I really took it as a challenge.  After all, who is going to create “home sweet home” if I don’t?  We started taking a look through our home, how we could use space more creatively, how we could love our spaces more, and how we could “vacation at home.”

I am a little late in getting to the master bedroom.  Here we are, almost a year later!  But design takes time and refreshing spaces requires patience! (Note to self here!!!)  I decided that January would be the month for refreshing our master bedroom and our girls’ shared bedroom (stay tuned for kids’ spaces!)

Here are five areas I focus on when planning a bedroom refresh:



Quite simply, I have a hard time relaxing in a disorganized space.  And it is very difficult to make a space feel organized without intentionality in design!  After a few months of hunting, we found an antique cabinet that adds wonderful storage and function.  A little rearranging and reorganizing of our furniture has made the entire room feel clean and fresh.

  • Invest in furniture pieces that provide the storage you need and match the aesthetic of your space.
  • Consider vintage pieces for quality storage that also adds charm and character to your space!
  • Take time to carefully clean out and organize every single drawer, closet, nook and cranny. Uncluttered spaces take less time to maintain and you can enjoy actually resting in your space rather than feeling frustrated or overwhelmed!



Once your space is organized and the overall function is working well for you, you’ll be able to start moving on to the “pretty stuff”!  As you start to think about the visual design of the room, consider the color palette you want to use.  I think a bedroom should be a calm and soothing environment, though different colors will be soothing for different people!

When working on design, in general, I like to use a neutral palette that allows for pops of color or texture.  This is especially helpful if you like to refresh décor for the different seasons!  If you like bold, strong colors, go for it!  Play around with pillows, throws, bedding accessories, books, and lamps until you find the combination that feels cozy to you.  If you like soft, neutral colors, consider adding a variety of textures to make the space feel well-curated and gathered over time.



Since a bed is usually the main statement of a room, I like to start my bedroom design by choosing bedding first.  I look for these things when choosing bedding:

  • Quality: A good set of sheets is worth the investment, though they don’t have to break the bank. Linen is my preferred weave and I am especially obsessed with the French and Belgian linen from Brooklinen.
  • Budget: While focusing on quality, you don’t have to break the bank either! I tend to spend more on my sheets and good duvet, while throw pillows and accessories are often sale finds.  If you’re just doing a small refresh and don’t need to replace everything, consider switching just a quilt at the end of the bed and a throw pillow for an instant update!
  • Style: As in all of my decorating, I like to choose simple, classic pieces for those “investment” items and save the trendy looks for accessories. This is also true with my bedding.  My last duvet cover is one I had used for about seven or eight years!  Choosing a quality piece in a neutral color allowed me to refresh over the years and keep those staple pieces.


When choosing my bedding, I add lots and lots of layers!  The more layers, the more luxury!  I start with sheets, add a quilt or comforter with a simple pattern, top it with a cozy duvet in a solid color, and add a quilt or comforter with texture at the foot of the bed.  I like to add a seasonal throw pillow for the fall and winter and a cozy throw blanket, casually tossed at the foot of the bed invites relaxing in the long winter evenings!

  1. Sheets
  2. Light comforter or quilt
  3. All-season duvet and down insert
  4. Decorative quilt or comforter at the foot of the bed
  5. Toss a cozy throw blanket at the corner

It may sound like it takes a lot of time and effort to make the bed, but we have it down to a quick science!  The coziness and the overall look are worth the couple of extra minutes each day!



Accessories are one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to refresh a space.  But they are also a great opportunity for adding charm, character, and telling a story in the design.  I like to think of things that feel cozy and then add those things to my room…candles, textured blankets, worn, vintage books, soft lamplight, and baskets are my go to items!

Small drawers, jewelry boxes, coin trays, and bowls can add to the aesthetic of the room and also help keep a space tidy.  I like to use vintage items for this purpose and they also add some extra character and charm to my décor.

I am passionate about creating spaces in our home that make it our favorite place to be…a peaceful, cozy, safe retreat.  Home should be a place to refresh and recharge!  I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration for creating that feeling in your own home!



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