Simple Ideas for Spring Kitchen Table Decor Centerpieces

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Bring spring into your kitchen and dining space with simple table decorations, gorgeous centerpiece ideas, and spring tablescapes.  These easy ideas are time and budget-friendly while bringing beautiful spring decor into your home for a fresh look!

Now that Easter is over, how do you decorate?  It is a question my readers have asked and maybe you’re also wondering when to take down the Easter decor, what to put in its place, and how to continue bringing the beautiful, natural elements of the spring season into your home.  Let’s start in a room where many of us spend a lot of time: the kitchen!  Whether it’s a simple vase of fresh flowers from the grocery store or an artfully styled centerpiece, spring kitchen table decor is the perfect way to add some cheer while giving your kitchen a quick refresh.  

I love the spring season and I love coming up with table decor ideas so for this post, I put together 5 spring kitchen table decor ideas that you can use in your kitchen or even in your spring dining room for a more casual style.  You will notice that I mix and match a lot of pieces, reusing some, and also mixing new and vintage favorites.  I like to think of a table setting as a blank canvas.  While spring table decorations can certainly have a very bright color palette, I chose to stick with a more subtle and neutral color scheme to tie into the aesthetic of the rest of our home.

However, you could easily substitute spring flowers and table linens for your spring kitchen table decor that is as bright or neutral as you want it to be!  To create these simple centerpiece ideas for my spring dining table (which is kind of the same as my kitchen table because the rooms are all one!), I shopped my stash of favorite decorative objects, table linens, and a combination of faux flowers and fresh flowers that I picked up at Trader Joe.

While I’ve had some pieces for many years and others are vintage, I’ll link everything I can for you in case you need to add some pieces to create the look you want for your own table centerpiece and spring kitchen table decor!

So, let’s start styling, shall we?!

large cement bunny next to a mortar and pestle

​How to decorate a table for spring?

Here are the main elements I try to add to my dining room table for spring tablescapes and table centerpiece ideas:

  • Soft texture: Tablecloth, table runner, placemats, napkins
  • Woven texture: Some kind of woven texture, whether it’s a basket or tray for the centerpiece, woven placemats, or a basket used to serve food
  • Color palette: Neutral earth tones with hints of natural elements for the spring season
  • A touch of gold: Antiqued gold or vintage brass is perfect for any elegant spring centerpiece
  • Natural elements: Fresh or faux branches, greenery, and/or a floral arrangement with faux or fresh blooms

Simple Ideas for Spring Kitchen Table Decor Centerpieces

Thrifted Garden Spring Kitchen Table Decor Centerpiece


I love using vintage or vintage style garden decor during this time of year.  Especially when Easter falls early in the spring season and I want to keep a spring look throughout our home while not being so “Easter-ish” with bunnies and Easter eggs, vintage garden style is a great way to decorate with a casual, cottage look.

Some of my favorite decorative items to use are terra cotta pots, garden statues, and fresh plants!  You can combine any of these elements in the center of the table with spring colored table linens or just simple white table runners for a more neutral look.  The terra cotta takes on such a pretty earth tone and pairs perfectly with neutral decor in the home.

With the concrete bunny figurine, this is a great Easter centerpiece as well.  Then, you could just transition it right into a vintage spring style depending on how you decorate around the rest of the room.

First, I started with an extra large antique European bread board and two layered terra cotta saucers.  I thrifted these saucers off of Facebook Marketplace a few years ago, complete with natural patina from sitting outside in the garden!  Next, I tucked in a vintage concrete bunny figurine.  Even though mine is vintage, you could use THIS one or THIS one to get the spring, “non-Easter” look for a bunny garden statue.

Thirdly, I added a variety of small terra cotta pots.  Almost all of these were also thrifted!  I love using thrifted ones because they often already have the natural patina that comes over time, sitting outside in the sunshine, rain, and garden environment.  The patina also brings in some different colors and shades to the terra cotta. I stacked some pots while I laid others on their side for a natural look.

​To soften up the entire centerpiece and bring in different textures, I added two different kinds of fresh plants.  Lastly, I tucked a thrifted copper watering can and vintage mortar and pestle to balance the white of the potted plant and tie in with the mortar and pestle collection featured on the dining room shelves behind the table.

In addition to fresh greenery, you could also add different colors of flowers for more colorful tablescapes or add simple white flowers in small vases for a floral accent that still keeps the neutral color scheme.

closeup of a bread board with terracotta saucers and pots as well as a cement bunny on top
terracotta saucers and pots styled with a concrete bunny and pothos plant
Robyn adding greenery to the vignette
closeup of various sizes of terracotta pots with a plant next to it
beautiful centerpiece with a bread board underneath terracotta pots and trays with greenery and a cement bunny

​Faux Spring Flower Arrangement Kitchen Table Centerpiece


Sometimes you just need a simple spring flower arrangement to be the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen table.  I remind myself to not overlook the beauty of the simple and easy floral centerpieces for everyday enjoyment.

One of my favorite kitchen table centerpieces this season has been a big floral arrangement of these gorgeous faux hydrangeas.  Even though they are faux stems, they look unbelievably like fresh blooms straight from the florist!  They come in other spring pastel colors but I do enjoy the simplicity of the white blooms.

To give them vintage character, I used an extra large wooden vessel that I got at an antique mall.  Combined with two stems of my favorite faux greenery for spring, it makes an easy and pretty arrangement.

For even more of a spring look in the dining area, I combined it with THIS pretty table runner.  Even though it is full of spring pastel colors, it still has a soft and gentle look so it blends beautifully with the more neutral color scheme of our dining area.  It is also very budget-friendly, so I don’t mind leaving it out for every day use too!

closeup of faux hydrangeas
large wooden vessel with a beautiful arrangement of faux hydrangeas and greenery
hydrangeas in a wooden vase with faux greenery

Vintage Dough Bowl Spring Kitchen Table Decor Centerpiece


If you’ve been part of the Robyn’s French Nest community for very long at all, you know I love wooden dough bowls!  They are one of my favorite decorative objects to use for table decor ideas, whether it is a dinner table, coffee table, or console table.

This dough bowl centerpiece transitioned perfectly from an Easter table decoration in the kitchen to a spring centerpiece.  I left the simple white ceramic bunny figurine for spring.  However, if you want even more of a non-Easter look, you could replace it with a little bird figurine, a cute twig nest with eggs, or some spring blooms.

To create this spring kitchen table decor centerpiece, I started by lining my wooden dough bowl with saran wrap.  Since I used fresh plants and needed to water them, I wanted to have a bit of a barrier to protect the dough bowl.

materials for the vignette laid out on a wooden table
materials for vignette layed out on table

​​Secondly, I created a faux base with kraft paper.  You could also use floral foam.  However, I had the kraft paper on hand and it is a little easier to shape into a more irregular shape.

Next, I added fresh plants around the entire perimeter of the bowl.  I chose some inexpensive little baby plants in two different styles and alternated them.  The small leaves and whimsical movement of the dainty plants added a fun look to this dough bowl arrangement!

Fourthly, I covered any parts of the kraft paper that could still be seen with green moss.  There are a lot of options out there.  However, I love THIS real moss.  I’ve found this particular kind to be easy to work with, last for years, and have a great natural look.

Kraft paper and seran wrap in the wooden bowl
large wooden bowl with greenery inside
closeup of moss in the bowl

Once everything in the bowl was completely green with plants or moss, I rested a cute ceramic bunny figurine in the middle.  Again, you could use any kind of spring figurine.  A vintage brass swan, a cute duck decoy, or a bird figurine would be beautiful for spring.  You could also simply tuck in some faux floral blooms.  In fact, three of my favorite hydrangeas would be perfect!  Simply pull the flower head off of the stem and arrange 3 to 5 of the pretty blooms around the dough bowl arrangement.

If you wanted to add a bit of a cozy element, you could also use battery-operated small votive candles.  Because of the moss, greenery, and styling of the dough bowl, I wouldn’t try to light candles.  However, the battery-operated candles look so realistic that you could probably have a few people questioning why you’re burning candles SO close to the moss and plants!  Haha!

As you can see, there are different ways to tweak this dough bowl centerpiece a little bit for everyday enjoyment or even a special occasion (For a big impact, tuck cute wooden numbers into the top for a special birthday or anniversary!)  You can really adjust it to make it fit the style and color scheme of your home and also use many things that you already have.  Always remember to shop your own home first!

a large wooden bowl holding greenery with a white bunny on top
adorable white bunny on top of a wooden bowl with greenery and small white flowers
small white flowers, greenery, and moss all in a large wooden bowl with a white bunny

Breakfast-Ready Spring Kitchen Table Decor Centerpiece

Admittedly, I’m really not a breakfast person.  I don’t usually love eating it and I definitely do not love fixing it.  However, the idea of a cup of coffee, a slice of sourdough bread, and some jam to start the morning is a winner to me!  A spring kitchen table decor centerpiece doesn’t always have to be just for decor.  You can incorporate everyday function right into your decor too!


I started by adding THIS casual table runner.  It is under $10 and I use it year round.  Actually, I have two of them and sometimes use both so the runner goes over each end of the table.  Next, I added an extra long woven tray.  Mine is no longer available but you can find a similar one HERE.

For a spring touch, I added a vintage fruit basket to one side of the tray.  You could use any basket that you already own and simply add the greenery and faux hydrangeas (or other flowers you may already have!). As I mentioned before, these faux hydrangeas are so incredibly realistic.  I just can’t get over how much I love them!

On the other side of the tray, I added a large mortar and pestle.  You could use any pretty bowl.  Then, I rolled up my linen napkins to give them a casual style.  You could also use a colorful napkin style to add a pop of fun color or pattern.  A stack of saucers is ready for a quick breakfast or snack with a cute jam jar on top.

Finally, I added my favorite vintage-style glass mugs.  They are stackable, making them perfect for a functional vignette.  Since I love to add all the yummy things to my coffee, I included these super cute gold stirring spoons.  They are a staple in my coffee bar drawer because they are great to have on hand and always look pretty too!  Plus, they are really inexpensive!

Vintage Floral Basket Spring Kitchen Table Decor Centerpiece

I don’t know how to name this centerpiece because, really, it is just a collection of things I love in neutral tones and pretty textures!  However, even my husband said he loved this one the best!  While I cannot link all of the vintage pieces here, hopefully seeing the pictures gives you some inspiration for pulling some favorites from your decor stash to use on your spring kitchen table decor.  You can also add items to your vintage and antique hunting list!

Materials (that I used):

After adding my favorite checked table runner, I added the star of the centerpiece, which is this gorgeous forsythia wreath.  For some reason, I am super particular about wreaths and I have a hard time finding ones that I love.  However, I can honestly say that this is one of my most favorite wreaths EVER!  It’s so gorgeous and you can fluff it out to be very large.  Would you use a wreath for a centerpiece?!  Try it sometime!  You can shop more spring wreaths HERE on my storefront.

Next, I added a large basket in the middle and filled it with thrifted terra cotta pots.  I always check for planters and pots at thrift stores because you can usually get them for super cheap.  The best thing is they often already have a great patina from years of being outside!

On one side of the large basket, I added two vintage demijohns.  I love how the woven texture creates a vignette of 3 basket-style pieces without matching exactly.  They also have 3 different heights which is key to creating a great vignette.

On the other side of the large basket, I mixed two vintage brass candle holders with a new one.  I love the simple Audubon touch of the new candle holder and how well the color and style blend with my vintage candle sticks.  Lastly, I added my favorite battery-operated taper candles.  During the spring and summer, I don’t use as many candles.  However, I still love to have a bit of a cozy glow here and there in the evenings.  These battery-operated candles are on a timer so you can have them simply flicker on whenever the sun starts to go down.  They look very realistic and are so pretty!

large basket filled with terracotta pots styled beside demijohns and gold candlesticks

Happy Spring!

I hope this post gives you inspiration for an easy way to add beauty to your everyday kitchen table with a spring centerpiece.  You may even find that you can mix and match some of my favorite table decor ideas to create a spring kitchen table decor centerpiece that is unique to your own dining area or kitchen!

Most of all, I hope you find joy in creating a pretty little moment in your home this week!​

faux hydrangeas arranged in a wooden basket

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