How to Make DIY Storage for an Organized Home

How to Make DIY Storage for an Organized Home

How to Make DIY Storage for an Organized Home

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In our home, storage is valuable real estate! Yours may be too! Check out how we used a vintage piece to create DIY storage and organization!  This piece is a game changer for how I store my extra home decor!

If there is an official month for organizing allllll the things, it must be January!  It definitely feels great to clean things out and take a look to see if there are any changes I can make to our organizing systems that could better serve our family and home!

Most of those aren’t super exciting, but one that I’m asked very frequently about is where I store my home decor!

It’s a fair question!  Being a home decor blogger and sharing home decor styling tips and ideas as part of my income, I definitely end up with a lot of home decor pieces and they can’t all be used at the same time!

I love my “job” here and I love decorating.  Keeping my pieces organized, accessible, and cleaned out really helps me to be able to enjoy them more.  It also saves me money because I’m not re-purchasing items that I could just reuse or repurpose!

There’s no denying that I like BIG vintage pieces!  However, storing crates and large bowls and awkward vessels gets tricky!  So, we decided to put one of our vintage furniture pieces to better use and create some DIY storage!

Wait…let’s try that again.

decided that my old store counter could be great for organizing with a simple DIY storage solution.

Robb very kindly did the DIY for me!

There is no manual for these things.  Big, old pieces don’t really come with instruction manuals, especially when creating DIY storage out of our heads!

Robb did a great job at figuring this one out (it was a little more complicated than we originally thought) so I’m going to turn the blog over to him!

We hope that this blog post inspires you to think differently about storage in your home!  There are a lot of out-of-the-box storage solutions and by sharing ours, hopefully it sparks an idea for you too!

And maybe the things Robb learned along the way for our DIY storage can make your project just a little less complicated too!

Soooo, Robb here.

Robyn & I do projects differently.  I like anything with directions.  She likes anything without directions.  So when she asked me to add some old metal casters to a cabinet to help with storage, I didn’t think much of it.  After all, what could go wrong?  It’s just screwing on some wheels, right?

Maybe it should have been easy.  But it wasn’t quite the cakewalk I had planned.

I’ll share my experiences (good & bad), and hopefully you can learn from them the next time you have an “easy” project.  

Prep Work

Prepping for the project wasn’t too bad.  I recruited some little helpers to wipe out the old cabinet, while I started cleaning up the wheels.  Mind you I know next to nothing about cleaning up old casters.

Here’s what I did & it seemed to work pretty well:

  • Sprayed them lightly with WD-40
  • Washed them in soapy water (Don’t tell Robyn I used the kitchen sink!)
  • Sprayed them with a rust preventative.

Next, since it was an older piece, I added some nails at the more rickety areas & clipped off some old exposed ones.

TIP:  Look for a jar of old nails at garage sales or flea markets.  They make for the best repairs on old pieces!

Adding the Casters


With a newer piece of furniture, adding casters could be as simple as screwing them to the bottom.  Not so with this cabinet!  All the angles were a bit off, which I found challenging.

After some thought (and trial & error & error & error!), here is my solufion.  First, I found some wood blocks and screwed them inside the front & back sides of the cabinet to support the casters.

(Real carpenters may want to look away at this point!   It may not be beautiful, but it worked :>)

Once I had measured out the locations, I screwed the casters into a piece of scrap wood. 

TIP Keep a few pieces of spare lumber around.  You never know when it might come in handy.



Did I mention the piece had funny angles?  This meant I couldn’t screw directly into the bottom or sides of the cabinet, so I used a level to make sure the center of the wheels were approximately even with each other.



Then I screwed the caster supports from the side into the wood blocks from the first step & with long screws through the front & back.

Here’s a quick shot of the casters installed.  Not too bad, right?!?




With the casters on, I just had to add a shelf.  Fortunately I had two pieces of old wood I could cut down to size.  I clamped them together & screwed in a couple of scrap pieces to make it stronger.



SOOO…one last thing.  After I set up the cabinet & rolled it back to the couch, it was perfect. For about five seconds.  Then it tilted forward.

I was not thrilled.  Fortunately, the fix was fairly simple (See final tip below!)

TIP:  When adding casters, put them as close the edge as possible for stability!  Anything less can make an older piece tipsy.



Finally, these tools are super helpful when working with older furniture.

  • Impact Driver (Helps with those longer screws.)
  • Clamps (DId I mention I split more than one piece of wood?  Clamps help avoid this!)
  • Old-Nail Nippers
  • Jar of Old Rusty Nails (Value: Priceless!)




He did a great job…both explaining our DIY storage and creating it too!  I hope you’re inspired to take a look around your home and see how you can use your pieces for even more and better organization.

A simple DIY storage solution might be a game changer for you too!

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Baskets & Pillows

Baskets & Pillows

Baskets & Pillows

(Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

Hello Friends!

2022 is here and with it, new trends in home decor. One of the big trends is lots of texture! I wanted to share some finds this week that are simple and affordable, but can accomplish the goal of adding texture.

I like to do this with practical pieces like baskets that can be used for storage or for holding plants. Another one of my favorite ways to add texture is to use throw pillows. I’m sharing all that and more in this week’s Friday Favorites.


Upholstered Natural Wood Accent Chair


This is a beautiful chair that would make a great addition to a family room or even a bedroom. I love the simple design. It’s available from Target as a part of the Magnolia collection.

Book Shelf


I think this book shelf would pair beautifully with that chair! The wood is so pretty! I can think of lots of unique ways to style it as well. You can find it here from Target. This is another find from the Magnolia collection.



Here are a bunch of my favorite baskets!

These are all available from Target. I love these new releases that look vintage!

Vintage Baskets

If you want something that’s authentic vintage,  here are some great Etsy finds!

Porcelain Scalloped Edge Bowl


This isn’t a basket, but it’s too cute not to add to this weeks finds!  Bowls like this can be used for so many things! It would look super cute with a plant or to use as a landing place for keys and things. You can find it here from Target.


Throw Pillows


I love using cozy throw pillows to add texture to our home! Here are some great finds that are neutral and would look great in any living room or bedroom! These are all available from Target.

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  

And that’s all!! I hope you find somethings you like! I would love to hear how you will style these things in you home! Hope your summer is going well!











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3 Simple Winter Decor Vignettes You Can Make This Season

3 Simple Winter Decor Vignettes You Can Make This Season

3 Simple Winter Decor Vignettes You Can Make This Season

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

Winter is the perfect season for creating cozy spaces around your home!  Refreshing your decor can be as simple as restyling a vignette!  Check out these 3 easy winter decor vignettes to transform your room!  

Who else is loving all the coziness and warmth of the winter decorating season?  Even though I live in warm, sunny South Florida, I still love creating cozy moments throughout our home during these winter months and transitional time from Christmas to spring!

If you’re hopping over from Just Destiny, welcome!  Such great winter decor inspiration there.  Thanks for visiting my blog today and I hope these simple vignettes spark an idea for how you can create your own cozy moments!

One thing I love about winter decor is how simple it is.  After all the big Christmas displays, there is something so calm and peaceful about a simple winter decor vignette.  You can give an entire room a refresh by restyling one or two vignettes.  How easy is that?!

I think sometimes in decorating we get really caught up in the big transformations, which are so fun, but small, simple refreshes are the reality for most of us and can make our homes feel enjoyable and intentional without taking a lot of time or money!

I recently got our back living room deep cleaned, restyled, and refreshed after the holiday season.  I love the simplicity and fresh look it has. It’s one of my favorite places to spend time in our home and I’m glad it’s cozy and ready to enjoy!

I styled up a few winter decor vignettes in this room and thought it would be fun to share the details of each one with you.  Hopefully it sparks an idea or two, even using things in a different way that you already have around your home!

Winter Decor Vignette #1

Cozy Cloche Styling!

This cozy cloche could not be a more simple winter decor vignette, but it makes the whole room feel peaceful, especially in the evenings!  In general, most any time you group like items together, they make a statement and the same is true for candles!

My first suggestion for any vignette is to start with a base.  It could be a bread board, tray, platter, flat dough bowl, or low basket. I  especially love this vintage French one!  I used these antique, ironstone pill counter trays.

They were a Christmas gift and I love how unique they are!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any online to link for you, but keep an eye out when you’re antiquing!  They seem to be a rare find!  They also fit perfectly under my large cloche!


I grouped my pillar candles together and added a small spring of faux cedar greenery.  Greenery is a staple item for any vignette styling and even just a little touch of it gives a finished look to this candle and cloche styling!

All you need to create this look is to grab a base, candles, and a cloche!  Don’t forget a little touch of greenery too!


Winter Decor Vignette #2

Use the decor triangle!

This vignette is a little more involved since it has a lot more pieces and fills a larger space on this vintage cabinet.  Whether large or small, winter decor vignettes can still follow the decor triangle.

I shared a lot of detail about styling with a decor triangle over on this post.

While your pieces will be different, the general idea is the same for a cozy winter vignette: Winter greenery, vintage books, and an architectural salvage piece!

I have a large space here to fill, so my pieces are oversized.  However, you could create the same look on a smaller scale or whatever fits your space the best!

If you have have any table top trees left from Christmas, this is a great place to use them!  I added one to this old concrete urn.  I think the chippy white garden style makes it less “Christmas” and a more “every day” kind of decor!

If you want to lighten it up, check out this post for all my favorite faux greenery this year!

Vintage books are always great filler for winter decor vignettes.  They help tell the story of long winter evenings, curled by the fire, reading a favorite book…even though you probably won’t be actually reading these old law books!  Haha!

Vintage books add a lot of character and texture to any styling and they are also a great way to bring in a touch of your decor color of choice!  I love the old leather and how it blends with the aesthetic of our home.  Pretty blues, like these, would also be beautiful for winter and could transition into spring!

To finish off this vignette, I added a chippy architectural salvage piece.  Architectural salvage is something I always hunt for when we are on vintage shopping trips (though they are getting harder to find and definitely pricier!)!  It adds so much character to any space and I love that it can blend with almost any kind of design aesthetic too!

I’ve linked a few beautiful pieces for you HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Winter Decor Vignette #3

Elegant and simple.

I love that this vignette uses several of my favorite cozy things for winter decor!  This salvaged column base and cloche are favorite finds that I purchased a few years ago from Olde Tyme Marketplace.

My large flameless candle fits perfectly inside and the cloche finishes the whole thing off.  It’s a combination that I pull out almost every winter now!

I added a couple more of my favorite vintage books to tie all the winter decor vignettes and styling together and a little sprig of winter greenery.

Remember?  Every vignette, even winter decor vignettes, need just a touch of greenery to soften the edges and pull it altogether!

Lastly, I added a small pair of vintage brass candlesticks and my very favorite flameless taper candles.

When I tell you I love these taper candles, I REALLY LOVE THEM!  They have the best colored faux flame I’ve found so far, plus, they are on a 4, 6, or 8 hour timer with a quick and convenient remote.  Plus, you can dim them!  They are perfect and I am definitely ordering more sets for myself too!

I think these flameless taper candles are a must-have for cozy winter decor vignettes and you can use them anywhere in your home!

I hope this has given you some fun and cozy ideas for those small, yet impactful, winter decor vignettes around your home!  And there’s more inspiration to be found!

Hop over to Happy Housie for more gorgeous winter decorating ideas!  I love these hops because it gives us all an opportunity to see so many ideas and choose our favorites to blend into our own homes!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
How to Organize a Dining Room in 3 Easy Steps

How to Organize a Dining Room in 3 Easy Steps

How to Organize a Dining Room in 3 Easy Steps

Don’t overlook your dining room in this season of organizing!  You can organize your dining room with some simple and practical steps. Here’s what helps me and hopefully it will help you too!

Who else spends part of January decluttering, cleaning, and organizing all the things?!  That’s definitely the case every January over here!

Fortunately, for me, I took a few Saturdays in the fall and did a ton of cleaning out.  I can’t clean things out without organizing as I go, so I thought this would be a fun time to answer one of the most asked questions:

Where do you store all of your tablescape items?

That’s a fair question!  If you follow me over on Instagram, you know that I do a #tablescapetuesday every week…or almost every week, at least!  It seems like I would definitely have a LOT of tablescape items, right?

Actually, the reality is probably somewhere right down the middle.  I have a lot more table items than a minimalist and a LOT less than a dishes hoarder.  Haha!

Other than my wedding china and a set of dishes from each of my grandma’s, I only have one set of white dishes and a set of ironstone plates, along with hodgepodge ironstone pieces that I’ve picked up along the way.

In my defense, I wouldn’t categorize that as a dishes hoarder, right?!

On the other hand, I have an exceptional amount of napkin rings.  It’s the truth.  I love them and don’t apologize because I use them all!

Keeping an organized dining room is literally crucial to my sanity, especially when I’m setting a new tablescape almost every week!

I’ve had to adjust and switch things around, but I’ve finally figured out some organization that makes sense, is convenient, and WORKS!

Organizing, in general, is a really personal thing.  When I read blog posts or books about organizing, I know in advance that almost none of the exact things are going to work exactly the same in my spaces.

However, it almost always sparks an idea or a different way of thinking that can help me organize my spaces in ways that work for our family.

Every home is different, every layout is different, every lifestyle is different, every collection of items is different…so every organizing will also be different!

My goal today is not that you’ll be able to organize a dining room exactly like mine because we all have different spaces and different needs. Hopefully, however, it will give you a little motivation, inspiration, or a new idea that will help make your dining room even more functional and joyful!

Step One to Organize a Dining Room

Start to organize a dining room by taking everything OUT!

I know that sounds super overwhelming.  It’s my least favorite part.  BUT, there is no way to properly organize a space without knowing exactly what you have.

Even if you think you know, there is something about laying it all out (I use my dining room table) that helps the puzzle pieces fit together a little better for optimal organization.

As you lay things out, group them into sections.  You could group them different ways (and I’ve tried all of them!):

  • Group by season
  • Group by how often you use them
  • Group by type of item
  • Group by style of item

For me, grouping by kind of item has worked the best.  Other than napkin rings, I really don’t have much seasonal tablescape decor.  I do have pieces that I mix and match depending on the seasons!

If you really watch, you’ll notice that I use the same pieces over and over and over, just mixed and styled a little differently to create a variety of looks for each season!


Step Two to Organize a Dining Room

Carefully consider what is going to back into your dining room.

As you’re grouping items, weed out any items that you don’t use or don’t love.

Pieces that you want to keep for sentimental reasons should be stored all together in their own special spot.  For me, the hard-to-reach cabinet over the refrigerator is perfect!

You probably have some kind of storage area in your home where you can keep sentimental, fragile pieces without taking up precious real estate in your most convenient places!

I’m not here to tell you what you should or should not keep.  Goodness knows that most people would take a look at my dining room and tablescape items and say I should get rid of a bunch of it!

I think I get a little bit of leniency since I’m setting so many tables, though, right?!

What I will say is as you organize a dining room, to carefully consider what you put back in your storage.  When I did my big clean out in the fall, I didn’t realize how many of certain items I had.  Since I am never setting the table for 20 people, I kept 12-14 and put the rest in my yard sale pile!

Here are a few things to consider getting rid of:

  • Extra items
  • Pieces that aren’t sentimental, but don’t fit your style any longer
  • Things you can’t remember even using
  • Items you picked up for special events but no longer need
  • Pieces that no longer match your decor
  • Anything that isn’t in good condition (because you won’t end up using it, even if you still like it!)
  • Napkins or towels that are stained or too worn

Step Three to Organize a Dining Room

What works for me won’t work for you!

I could give you tons of links of great organizational tools, drawer organizers, bins, baskets, and totes.  The truth is that they are such a personal preference and a space preference too!

Instead of diving into the details of what divider to use in each drawer, let me give you a few rules of thumb that help me organize a dining room in a tidy, functional, and enjoyable way!

  • Keep the items you use the most often easily accessible.  Store functional items in plain site: Dishcloths rolled in a pretty dough bowl, flatware in a vintage crock, or everyday dishes on open shelves.
  • Store things that you actually use…just not often…in the high cabinets!  This is exactly why I chose kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling!
  • As much as possible, store things in the room you’ll use them in.  For a long time, I used the little apothecary drawers in my music room to house my napkin rings.  It worked, but now that I have drawers in my dining room (check out my apothecary makeover HERE), it is very helpful to have them in the dining room.
  • Use your pretty things!  I love ironstone jelly molds...I don’t know why, I just love them!  I keep one by my sink to hold my dish sponge!  The sponge is an unattractive but needed item.  Housed in my pretty dish keeps it convenient AND looking nice too!

If your dining room is near your kitchen, it is likely an extension of your kitchen storage and organization!  Consider how you can make both spaces more functional by having them work together for optimal organization!

Sometimes my dining room items tend to spill over into the kitchen and a quick reorganization can keep both rooms more tidy and items more easily accessible!

Miscellaneous Tips to Organize a Dining Room

  • Side tip: Don’t overbuy items.  You really and truly don’t need a drawer full of dishcloths and another one for pot holders!  I promise!  Just because it’s a cute dish towel, only purchase it if you need to replace what you already have!
  • Invest in quality items that you truly love!  Rather than buying 5 different sponge holders that you don’t really like, invest in the one thing…for me, the jelly mold…that is functional, interesting, and pretty!

Maybe your dining room and kitchen areas are already super organized.  But maybe, just maybe, you have a few places that you need to do a quick clean out and declutter.  Here’s your motivation and hopefully a few ideas that can help make these important spaces as enjoyable as possible!

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How to Make Beautiful Winter Mantel Decor

How to Make Beautiful Winter Mantel Decor

How to Make Beautiful Winter Mantel Decor

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

Wondering how to decorate after Christmas? Make your winter mantel decor extra cozy with these easy decorating tips. Layers + textures + greens…the perfect combination!  Keep reading for some ideas and inspiration to make your winter mantel special this year!

How do you feel when all the Christmas decor comes down?  Do you fall into the “I miss it so much and don’t want to take it down” group or are you in the “thank goodness the clutter is gone” camp?

Either way, it’s always fun to start the year with fresh style in your home!

After taking down all the Christmas decor and giving a good deep cleaning, I like to pick a focal point in each room to decorate.  That really helps me define the cozy winter look I want for the rest of the room.

Often, the mantel and gallery wall behind our family room sofa is my inspiration wall for our entire living space.  Since our home is pretty open, I love for the living rooms, kitchen, and dining areas to all flow together.

I love how my winter mantel decor turned out this year and especially how I was able to incorporate a few “new” old finds into my styling too!

A fireplace or mantel is often a special feature in a room and how you decorate it can set the tone for your entire home!

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean your winter mantel decor cannot still help you create a cozy space to enjoy the long winter evenings!

Here is the process I went through to create this layered, textured look for my winter mantel decor.

It took me about 30 minutes to collect everything and get it like I want it, but I love how it creates a cozy, yet elegant look, with lots of vintage vibes!

Here is a list of items I used to create this look:

Process to Create Layers for Winter Mantel Decor

The first step for any space I want to restyle is to clear it completely. Think of it as a blank canvas to create your art!  Once the space is completely clear (and cleaned!), I start with my largest items and start layering them in!

I added the largest frames and the mirror as my first layer.  I love the patina on these old frames and I was excited to find them on a recent trip to the Ohio Valley Antique Mall when we went up north for Christmas!

As I started adding the next layer, using the vintage clock face frame, I realized it wasn’t all going to fit.  I removed the second frame and love how now it all fills the space but isn’t too cluttered.

I added the vintage clock frame to tie the mirror and gold frame together.  Using these three pieces as the focal point for my winter mantel decor defined the rest of the mantel space!

With this chippy, vintage backdrop in place, I could start adding the accessories that soften all the edges and make my winter mantel decor feel complete.

I laid vintage books on their side to create a base for this beautiful architectural salvage piece from East End Salvage.  I was thrilled to purchase this from them right before Christmas, with my winter mantel decor specifically in mind!

Raising the salvage piece on books gave some extra layer and also helps the salvage piece to stand out from the mantel and frame.

Tip: Look for ways to add varied dimensions to your styled vignettes.  Vintage books are an easy thing to vary the heights while also adding extra texture and character!

I added thrifted sconces to the right of the frame to balance out and tie in the vintage brass candlesticks in front of the mirror!

Tip: Layer candles in front of mirrors to reflect the light and create an even more cozy glow!  You get double duty from your candles!  I like to use flameless candles on a timer or remote for safety and ease!

To help all of these pieces feel connected and fluid, I layered two faux garlands.  My Norfolk pine garland has been sold out since October (stay tuned; I’ll post it again this summer when they restock!) but this jasmine or rosemary would have a beautiful look for winter!

My favorite faux garland that I use year round is this real touch eucalyptus.  It looks so realistic and is super easy to work with.  I use it for every season and mix it with lots of different seasonal greenery pieces!

The icing on the cake are these little vintage clocks!  I love how they add an extra dimension with unique shape and character and maybe even a little touch of the unexpected!

I love for decor to tell a story and these little clocks help create that feeling with my winter mantel decor…maybe a nod to a little slower pace, more time at home, and the long, cozy evenings?

Whether its your mantel or a gallery wall or a long console table, I hope this gives you some inspiration to create a focal point that tells a story in your winter decor.  Keep it simple, add lots of textured layers, and a little touch of the unexpected.  It’s a recipe for a cozy styling that you can enjoy all season long!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
Friday Favorites:  Greenery & Containers

Friday Favorites: Greenery & Containers

Friday Favorites: Greenery & Containers

(Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

Hello Friends!

We are slowly moving into 2022 here in South Florida and enjoying changing things around our home. I have been busy restyling our playroom and planning content for the blog for 2022. I have loved hearing your input over on Instagram! I would love to hear your feedback here, too!

Let me know what items you have loved this year and what you want to see more of next year from Friday Favorites in the comments below!

I wanted to try something a little different this week and I have two specific categories to share with you: Greenery and Containers.   These are staples in my decor!  If you are wanting to add a  French farmhouse look to your style, here are two things that can be easily incorporated!



I love all of these pieces!  I have seen all of them in person and love the quality of each of them! I don’t own all of them because of space and I don’t need every piece, but I can highly recommend each one! It’s a great way to add life to your home!

Here are some of my favorites from this group:


Gypsophilia Leaf Potted Tree


I love this beautiful tree! I own this one and it has been a lovely addition to our home decor. I like the look of the full branches and the neutral pot that holds this pretty plant. You can find it here from Target as part of the Hearth and Home Collection.

Rosemary Topiary


Topiaries are fun pieces to style, especially in spring and summer! This rosemary one is no exception and would look lovely in a kitchen or a bathroom. This is another piece from Hearth and Home that you can find here from Target.

Olive/Eucalyptus Leaf With Lavender Wreath


Isn’t this wreath just so pretty?  I have it and love using it in my home! This is another great find from the Hearth and Home collection. Here it is from Target.

Here are some other greenery must-haves:




I use containers all around my home to hold various things. What’s great about containers is they are dual purpose. The right container can add a lot to home decor and can double as storage and organization.

I have included a collage of some of my favorite vintage ones from Etsy. Check them out and see if you can find one that would fit well in your home. I love using vintage containers, and I think you will like them too!

Check them out HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE


I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  

What do you think of this week’s Friday Favorites? Do you like me sharing a group of items? I would love to hear your feedback! Hope you are enjoying the new year!











(Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
The Best 9 Cozy Winter Decor Finds You’ll Love

The Best 9 Cozy Winter Decor Finds You’ll Love

The Best 9 Cozy Winter Decor Finds You’ll Love

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

It’s time to get our homes all cozy for the winter season! I’m sharing my top 9 must-have cozy winter decor finds that I’m using around my home and LOVING this year!

Are you the kind of person who dreads taking down the Christmas decor because it feels empty and “blah”?  Or are you the one who loves a clean slate for the New Year?

I’m kind of both!  I love a good refresh and getting things sparkly clean around our home, but I miss all the cozy vibes that Christmas decor adds to our home!

As I am cleaning up Christmas and refreshing our home for the New Year and for winter, there are some must-have items that I love to use to help keep some of those cozy vibes, without feeling “Christmas-y”.

Here are my top 13 cozy winter decor finds and stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to see how I’m using them!  You can get some cozy tips over on this post to get you started!

Cozy Winter Decor #1

I can’t get enough of these!

When these launched with the Christmas decor, they just started jumping in my cart every time I went to the store.  But not for Christmas decor!  My immediate thought was how pretty these would be for some cozy winter decor looks!

I’ve ended up using the two different heights to hold fairy lights, coffee bar supplies, little vases with greenery, and still have more things I want to try!

Tip: Try styling them with vintage books to give a variety of heights!

Cozy Vintage Texture

Cozy Winter Decor Find #2

Something that I always keep my eye out for at vintage shops are great vintage pillows and pillow covers.  I love the patina and texture they give and there is something about the thickness that just feels like extra cozy winter decor.  I leave most of mine out all year round, so they are great investments.  I especially love how they blend with my winter decor for an extra cozy look.

I like to use a lot of neutrals, whites, and creams for winter and the vintage colors and textures really pop!

Tip: Add just one or two with regular, neutral pillows to really transform your look and get that vintage cozy look!

You Can’t Have Cozy Winter Decor Without These!

Add a cozy glow to your winter evenings!

No, really.  You NEED these to bring all the cozy winter glow to your spaces.  I use my battery-operated taper candles all fall and winter and they are the perfect cozy winter decor find.  If you’re missing all the Christmas lights, these are a perfect way to bring back a bit of that glow!

I use them on tablescapes, for mantel decor, on console and side tables, and even in the kitchen!  I have several different kinds but I really love the realistic looking wick that these have!  You can also choose them in white or ivory, depending on your decor.

Tip: Invest in a few sets.  I promise you’ll want to use them everywhere!

Impossible to NOT include this cozy find:

No big surprise with this cozy winter decor find, but honestly, one or two of these throws can make an entire sofa or corner chair feel so cozy this season!  I’ve collected several different ones over the years and I’ll link up a few current favorites available this year:

One of my favorite vintage finds for winter:

You see me use them all the time!

It’s true; I have a big collection of vintage brass candlesticks.  In my defense, I do actually use them all!  Not always at the same time, but I definitely have before.  No matter the season, bringing in a mix of finishes can really add a curated look to your decor.

For a cozy winter decor look, I especially love to use vintage brass.  While my favorite is the brushed, matte finish, it still has just the faintest hint of reflection for my candles and fairy lights that I like to put around our home in the winter.  Bouncing that light around helps create the coziest glow!

I think almost every single one of my brass candlesticks has been thrifted or found at a flea market, so keep an eye out for them year-round! If you need a few to style up this winter, I’m linking up some beautiful vintage options for you here:

A Cozy Winter Decor Must-Have

Don’t pack up quite all of the “Christmas” greenery yet!

For seasonal decor, I love to take my cues from nature!  (Disclaimer: I live in Florida, so I have to take my cues a bit from my northern friends’ weather!  Ha!)

Through January and February, the greens you’ll see in most places are winter greens, such as pine, cedar, and juniper.

Sound familiar?

If you’re wanting to take down the Christmas garlands, this faux rosemary garland could be a great replacement for winter too!

Use texture to add a cozy look!

Something I am currently loving, no matter the season, are baskets.  I especially love these big vintage basket trunks.  They are perfect for some extra storage and organization, but they just add a ton of texture to any space.  I use them for small coffee tables and side tables, or stack them to fill a corner!  (Maybe that empty corner where the Christmas tree was???)

They are definitely investment pieces, but the ones I’ve been able to find have truly transformed the look of my spaces!

Tip: If a large basket isn’t in the budget right now, add some smaller baskets around your home to hold plants and extra throw blankets!

It’s fair to say I’m obsessed with this cozy winter decor find!

You’re getting the theme by now, right?  I asked for several of these house candles for Christmas gifts…not to use for Christmas decor at all but for my cozy winter decor!  I love the mix of the gold, copper, and white/silver finishes along with the different sizes.  They smell amazing and I love that I can use them long after the candles are burned down.

Can’t you just picture them with pretty flowers or small greenery stems too?!

I can’t get enough of these!

Technically not winter, but oh-so-cozy!

Can a chippy corbel or salvage trim piece be considered cozy?  100%!!!

Lots of soft textures are perfect to give those cozy feelings, but you need a mix of textures and finishes to create the whole look.  Chippy salvage pieces are my favorite to use year round!  For a cozy winter decor look, I especially love how these old pieces help tell a decor story and add so much character to any space!


I’ll link up a few favorites that I found online for you:


I hope these favorite winter decor finds inspire you as you create your cozy haven this season!  Winter decor doesn’t have to feel blah or boring or uninspired!  Take all the things that feel good to you and mix them together to create a cozy winter home!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  











*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

Friday Favorites for the New Year

Friday Favorites for the New Year

Friday Favorites for the New Year

Hello Friends!

Can you believe that 2022 starts tomorrow? I am excited about a new year and excited to share all the things we have planned for the blog! 

This week, I wanted to share some cozy winter decor. This is my round-up of cozy neutral winter things to add to your home decor collection.

White Decorative Votive Candle Holders


These are so beautiful! It’s a perfect amount of shimmer and neutral for winter decor. If you’re missing glittery Christmas decor, these are a great addition to add some sparkle to winter decor. You can find them here from Pottery Barn.

Faux Fur Rug


This faux fur rug is so very cozy and warm! It would be perfect to add to a bedroom or the living room for a winter look! It’s a part of the Magnolia Homes collection and you can find it here from Target.

Neutral Colored Books


I love using books in my home decor. This set is just the perfect stack for your winter decor! I love the distressed look of this set! Find this on Etsy.

Antique Salvage Piece


I love this beautiful antique salvage piece I found from Etsy! Vintage Salvage pieces like this are perfect for adding to a shelf or styling in so many ways! It’s a great way to use a small piece to add a vintage vibe to your decor! You can get it here.

Decorative House Candles


I just love these little house candles from Anthropologie. They are so cute and fun! Anthropologie’s website says these are a popular item, so if you like these as much as I do, grab them quickly! You can get them here.


Tasseled Cushion Cover


This pillow cover is so cozy! I love the white color. It has an adorable design and tassels. You can find it here from H&M.

Lumbar Cushion Cover


Here is another great option, but for a lumbar pillow. Super cute design with these adorable tassels! I love H&M home decor and these pillow covers are no exception. You can find this one here.

French Basket


This is a beautiful French basket! If you have all lots of cozy blankets for winter, you need a place to store them! This french grape gathering basket is perfect! You can find it here from Etsy.

Vintage Bread Boards


Breadboards are a favorite vintage decor item of mine. They work well to layer in the kitchen or style on a tablescape. They add such a cozy, vintage element! These are some really nice ones you can buy here on Etsy.

White Arm Chair


How lovely is this chair? It’s a beautifully upholstered armchair from Target.  I like the cozy white color! It can be found here from Target.

Cream Throw Blanket


What is better than a soft blanket? This looks like the perfect throw blanket to wrap on the couch in! It’s a pretty cream color that will go well with winter neutrals. You can find it here from Target.

Potted Faux Juniper Tree


Who says trees are only for Christmas? I love the look of this little pre-lit tree from Pottery Barn. It’s in this adorable clay pot and would be perfect on an end table or countertop. You can find it here from Pottery Barn.

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  

What are you adding to your decor for winter? Are you sticking with a neutral color palette? Or something a bit different? What from this list are you bringing home with you?

Let me know in the comments below! Have a great week and a happy New Year!!







Your Top Ten Favorite Home Decor Styling Tips of 2021

Your Top Ten Favorite Home Decor Styling Tips of 2021

Your Top Ten Favorite Home Decor Styling Tips of 2021

Home decor styling tips are one of my favorite things to share!  Apparently they are one of your favorite things too!  Check out the top 10 favorite decor styling tips from YOU…my blog readers…in 2021!

They say “once a teacher, always a teacher”, so I guess it’s the teaching part of me that comes out in these home decor styling tips blog posts!  They are so fun to share and it was really fun to see which kinds of these posts were the most helpful to you in 2021!

As you read through these ideas, I hope they spark excitement and creativity for you as you start thinking about your home in 2022!

How do you want your home to look?  What kinds of changes or updates do you hope to make?  Most importantly, how do you want your home to feel?

Sometimes the best inspiration, for me at least, comes from the most simple of ideas.  While there are as many ways to decorate as there are individuals, these top ten home decor styling tips blog posts are a look inside my brain and how I think about my decor!

I can’t wait to hear how they inspire you, make you think differently about your own home decor, help you use what you already have in a new way, and what you’ll style first in 2022!

Make sure you read to the end for a special treat today!  KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms, Leslie from My 100 Year Old Home, Courtney from French Country Cottage, and Janine from Happy Happy Nester are all sharing the top ten of their favorite genre of posts today too!

It is so fun to see each blogger’s speciality and what your favorites have been this year!


Ahhh!  Side tables!  Every month, I love to ask my community what they would like to see my style for that particular month or season.  Without fail, I get requests for side tables!

While they can feel a little tricky, there are some quick and easy steps you can follow to knock it out of the park each time!

This particular blog post focuses on fall decor, but the decor concepts apply to every season!  Just substitute those fall colors and objects for whatever season you’re in…I’m thinking some cedar greenery, creamy pottery, and candles for winter!


Who doesn’t need a restful retreat to start the New Year?!  Refreshing mine is definitely on the agenda for January!  I shared my favorite tips for creating a cozy and restful master bedroom over on this post!

You can take the same general principles and apply them to any corner of your home that you want to make feel extra cozy this winter too!


If you were to ask me for one thing that is a must-have for home decor styling tips, it would be vintage books!  Okay, maybe a toss up between beautiful greenery and vintage books.

Regardless, they are a must-have!  I have a whole shelf in my decor storage of vintage books to use for different seasons, ranging in various sizes, styles, and colors.  They are so fun to use and I shared my favorite tips for using books in your decor here!

Tip: Thrift stores and flea markets are the places to be!


I used to say that I couldn’t really afford…or shouldn’t splurge…on fresh flowers for our home, unless it was a really special occasion.  I’ve changed my mind!

Over on this post, I shared budget-friendly ways to make simple grocery store flowers look and feel special!  It’s amazing how a simple pitcher of flowers can transform a room!

I hope this post inspires you to make fresh flowers and greenery a routine as you seek to make your home the most special place to be!


If you follow along with me on Instagram, you know I love to have fun decorating with cloches!  In fact, they are one of my favorite things to decorate with!  I shared some home decor styling tips for cloches more than once during 2021, and this post with spring cloche ideas has some basic principles you can follow no matter the season!

There is something about a cloche that makes a simple object or collection suddenly take on more importance.  That simple object can become a statement piece just by styling it under a cloche!

If you don’t have a cloche, you can use some of these same decor ideas to create small vignettes around your home too!


Mantels (or mantles…either spelling is actually correct!) are another popular request for home decor styling tips!  If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration, you are in luck!  I’ll be sharing more winter mantel ideas next week (stay tuned!). You can also find mantel styling ideas HERE, HERE, and HERE!

As you can see, it was a popular topic and top request in 2021!  I hope that doesn’t change because there are so many fun ways you can style your mantel and it is one of my favorite things to decorate!


Gallery walls can feel like an overwhelming decorating chore.  I’m the oddball here, though, and absolutely love them!  In fact, the big gallery wall in our family room often inspires the look I’ll use for our entire home each season!  Not always, but often it is the first thing I decorate!

Yesterday, I shared one of my top ten blog posts of the year was 3 Easy Steps for Styling Gallery Walls.  I have another blog post from 2021 for gallery walls and you can find more home decor styling tips to help you turn it from a chore into a fun, artistic endeavor!

If you don’t have a rotating gallery wall, you need one!  They are so fun!


I thought it was so fun that this blog post was a popular one, especially because I had a lot of fun writing it!  I think all of us can get hung up in decorating our homes by focusing on the big things.

In reality, time, budget, and space may not allow for big changes.  I know that is definitely the case around here!  You can make a huge difference in your decor, though, by following these home decor styling tips for small vignettes.

You know how they say to enjoy the little things in life?  That includes the little things in your decor too!

I hope this post gives you some inspiration!


Remember how I just said to enjoy the small things in decorating?  Giving your coffee table a little refresh is the perfect opportunity to do just that!  I shared some of my favorite home decor styling tips for coffee tables over on this post and I loved hearing from so many friends, both on the blog and Instagram, how it inspired you to make some small but impactful changes that you really enjoyed!

That’s what decorating your home is all about!!!  Check out my fail-proof formula for decorating a coffee table over on this post!


Wow!  You all love dough bowls!  I mean, really love dough bowls!!!!!!. I shouldn’t be surprised, because this is always another top request for home decor styling tips.  And I love that you ask because they are so fun to decorate!

You can catch some of my favorite dough bowl styling ideas HERE and HERE.  You can also watch a fun video HERE!  This was, by far, my most watched video of all time!  Just substitute the objects for whatever season you’re styling for!

And stay tuned for some winter dough bowl styling coming up in January too!  What do you put in your dough bowl for winter?!

See why I love sharing home decor styling tips so much?  Whether you’re doing an entire room refresh or looking for just little ways to make a corner feel loved and intentional, I hope these Top Ten Home Decor Styling Tips give you some inspiration and a boost of creativity for 2022!

No matter the season, how new or old your home may be, how large or small your square footage or budget, HOME should be the most special place of all.  It should be the place where you and your family retreat, relax, refresh, and make the best memories together.

Don’t miss the Top Ten Favorites from KariAnne, Leslie, Courtney, and Janine!  It has been so fun partnering together with these talented bloggers for loads and loads of inspiration this week!

Tip: If all the inspiration feels like you don’t know where to start first, start with one small spot, like a coffee table or a simple DIY.  I promise it will get all the creative juices flowing and next thing you know, you’ll be incorporating your favorites from all the inspiration you’ve been gathering!

Here are More Top Ten Posts From my Favorite Bloggers!

Robyns Frenchnest

Your Top Ten Home Decor Styling Tips of 2021

Happy Happy Nester

Top Recipe for 2021

My 100 Year Old Home

My Top Ten Table Setting Ideas in 2021


Top Ten Home Decor Hacks

French Country Cottage

Top Entertaining Ideas and Table Settings 2021

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  












6 Easy New Year’s Eve Ideas You Can Quickly Create

6 Easy New Year’s Eve Ideas You Can Quickly Create

6 Easy New Year’s Eve Ideas You Can Quickly Create

Looking for some easy New Year’s Eve ideas? We’ve got you covered! Check out these 6 fun and easy ways to ring in a festive and beautiful New Year’s!​

I know some people go all out for New Year’s Eve and ring in the New Year with lots of sparkle and festive events!

Can I be honest?

I’m not one of those people.  Haha!

In full transparency, by the time Christmas is over and we get the beautiful aftermath cleaned up from my favorite holiday, I don’t have a whole lot left in me to create a ton of decor or festive looks.

But, as my kids are starting to get older and really get into the “staying up past midnight” thing, I am having fun making more of an effort!

Even a simple centerpiece and a few inexpensive New Year’s paper decor pieces can make all the difference!  You can get all the details for my New Year’s Eve centerpiece over on THIS POST!

If you’re looking for easy New Year’s Eve ideas too, you are in luck today!  I am excited to share 5 more wonderful…yet simple…ideas you can try for a fun and festive New Year’s!

Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Idea?  Yes, please!

This is so super cute!

New Year’s Eve is all about the food, am I right?!  Aliya from Open Doors Open Hearts shared such fun kid-friendly charcuterie board ideas over on this post.  Such yummy ideas and best of all, they are already kid-approved!!!

I have had the privilege of spending time with Aliya in person and her heart is truly for her family and home.  I love that this comes out, even in a post about charcuterie boards!  You’re going to love these ideas and you’ll love Aliya too!

Easy New Year’s Eve Ideas Using Vintage Clocks

This is so super cute!

Oh my goodness!  My vintage-loving heart can’t help but be obsessed with these fun and easy New Year’s Eve ideas from Vintage Home Designs!  

Michelle has me wanting to spend the year looking for cute clock faces at thrift stores and flea markets so I can recreate my own version of this!  For this year, just gather all the clocks you can find and use them to help you create a really fun New Year’s look.  You’re going to love Michelle’s tree and tablescape idea for New Year’s Eve!

A Low-Key New Year’s Eve?  Sounds Cozy!

Jennifer at Cottage on Bunker Hill has the right idea!  She is sharing some low-key New Year’s Eve ideas that will definitely get you in the festive spirit, but in a relaxing and cozy way!

Make sure to check out her table too.  I love how she mixes the fun party decorations with her beautiful vintage pieces.  Vintage collections are meant to be used and Jennifer’s blog is a great example of incorporating vintage into everyday life.

And…this idea has me thinking about upcoming kiddos’ birthdayin January!  You could do something like this for any party or fun event!

Easy New Year’s Eve Ideas to Try at Home!

These all look so fun and you can enjoy them long past New Year’s, too!

I love following my friend Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse!  She always has such fun ideas to share and this list of amazing New Year’s Eve ideas to try at home this year!  Everything from yummy food ideas to decor to relaxing activities and games, Rachel’s got you covered over on this post!  If you’re spending New Year’s Eve at home, this is the perfect post for you!

An Easy Centerpiece for New Years!

Shannon from My Little White Barn is a joy to follow!  I love how her centerpiece for New Years uses bargain deals and family art for maximum impact.

Be sure to check her out for great ideas throughout the year.  You won’t be disappointed!

I hope this round up of easy New Year’s Eve ideas will help you have a stress-free and fun holiday with your family and friends!  And if you’re headed to bed at 9:00 p.m. in your coziest pj’s, say a prayer for me.  Haha!  I’ll be trying to party (with a smile) with these teens and tweens!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!