19 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate for Summer 2023

19 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate for Summer 2023

19 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate for Summer 2023

Check out 19 ways to quickly and easily refresh your home with simple summer decorating ideas! Create beautiful home decor for a summer home!  Keep reading to see how I’m refreshing my home this season and get tips for an easy summer refresh.

The summer season is always so fun.  Being a classroom teacher, I count on the summer months to refresh both my home and my heart.  Of course, enjoying every possible minute with my family is the best part of all!  Today, I am sharing my favorite ways to create simple summer home decorating ideas to help you enjoy your own “summer home”, right where you are!

Let’s chat about a few popular questions that may help you get started with planning your own summer refresh!

How can I make my house feel like summer?

My first step toward a summer refresh is to lighten my color palette.  Even though I use a lot of white furniture year round, I often add a lot of woods and deeper colors in decor, depending on the season.

For the summer, you can create a light, bright, and breezy summer feeling by lightening up the color choices in your home.

Here are a few easy ways to get started with simple summer decorating ideas:

  1. Add light slipcovers over existing furniture.
  2. Mix light colored throw pillows and throw blankets for cozy summer spaces.
  3. Take out some decor, opting for a “less is more” look.
  4. Use this chance to lighten the color on an accent wall.
  5. Paint a piece of furniture with a light color that you can also enjoy year round.
  6. Add more white accessories into your decor: dishes, frames, candle holders, pillows, and vases, to mention a few.  This white footed pedestal bowl is one of my favorite decor pieces and is perfect to use year round for so many things!

How can I make my home beautiful with simple things?

Summer is the ideal season to experiment with a more simple decor style.

First of all, simply using less decor can help any space feel lighter for the summer season.

Secondly, summer is a lovely season to bring in simple, organic elements.  Almost all of my summer decorating includes organic objects such as coral, shells, and palm branches.

I am able to use a lot of my decor staple pieces, like dough bowls and glass cloches.  Then, I can easily add natural, organic summer decor accessories for simple styling!

A beautiful piece of coral resting on functional storage baskets is simple and whispers of a soft, summer style.  At the same time, a big bowl of shells makes an easy statement on a coffee table!

Here are a few ways to incorporate natural elements into simple summer decorating ideas:

  1. Add a collection of shells to a favorite bowl or vase.
  2. Remove a grouping of decor accessories and replace with a single piece of coral or collection of coral for a larger space.
  3. Style a favorite vase with simple palm branches.  (If you don’t have them growing locally, these faux palm branches are lovely!)
  4. Tuck a piece of driftwood or similar style element into a vignette.

How can I decorate my house with little money?

I admit it.  When the new home decor collections come out each season, I LOVE  to look through it all.  It is awfully tempting to buy alllll the things because they are just so pretty!

However, remember the tip above about using less decor?  Unless you are getting rid of a lot of decor and switching styles around (which is completely okay to do if you can), you probably don’t really need to buy all the things.  Adding a couple of fresh pieces to your summer decor collection might be all it takes!

This summer, I challenged myself to decorate for summer with only a few budget-friendly additions!  It’s great for the wallet and fun to do!

Here are a few ways to save money on summer decorating:

  1. Since you are using less decor around your home, trying shopping your own home first! Moving around pieces can help everything feel fresh.  I swapped side tables between the living room and family room and both spaces look completely different without me spending a dime!
  2. Use vessels you already own, such as dough bowls, glass cloches, and candlesticks.  Add simple and natural summer accessories that you can reuse year after year.
  3. Find FREE decor!  I love cutting palm branches from my yard for free.  Forage around your own yard for pretty flowering branches, wildflowers, and greenery to create beautiful arrangements.
  4. Go thrifting for summer accessories!  Over on THIS POST, you can find 34 thrifted decor items that I am currently using in my own summer decor!

How can I decorate my living room in summer?

Our living room and family room spaces are my favorites to decorate for summer.  Since they have more opportunities for playing around with fun decor, I really enjoy it!

Once you have decluttered, simplified, and taken out some decor, it’s time to decorate these living spaces with intentionality for the special summer months!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate in our living room for summer:

  1. Add vintage or vintage-inspired art to a gallery wall.  THIS SET is under $16 and is absolutely stunning.  The prints look like real paintings and are perfectly curated for you!  Easy, convenient, and gorgeous!
  2. Add touches of blue and white!  If you have a neutral base for your year-round decor, it makes it so quick and easy to switch up accessories for a fun and fresh look.  Blue and white can blend with any decor style, from cottage to traditional and coastal to modern.  THESE blue and white striped pillow covers are under $14 for the pair and are a good quality.  They are perfect to layer with your everyday throw pillows too!
  3. Include soft, light-weight throw blankets.  Remember, you don’t need as many layers as you do for the fall and winter.  However, you still want the space to look cozy.  Adding light-weight layers with texture will give you those cozy vibes.  THIS is my very favorite light-weight throw blanket.  I use it all spring, summer, and into the fall!  I have the oatmeal color but there are several pretty colors available.
  4. Use baskets to control the summer clutter.  Yes, summer clutter is a very real thing.  If you’ve got kids around, you know exactly what I’m talking about!  Having everyone home all day, every day is my favorite thing about summer.  At the same time, where on earth does ALL THE STUFF come from?!  Haha!  Woven textures are perfect for simple summer decorating.  However, baskets are also super functional too. I love this divided basket for arts and crafts or even in a kitchen or bathroom!

The number one simple summer decorating idea: Create spaces that are ready for summer living!

Remember that a living room is a space to be lived in.  Yes, you want these spaces to be pretty and feel good.  I know I do for sure!

At the same time, embrace the casualness of summer and create intentional spaces for memory making.  In our back living room, I keep a game board out on the oversized coffee table.  Tucked in a basket on the coffee table are some of our favorite card games, ready for an impromptu family game night.  The space can quickly be cleared for working on a puzzle and chatting about the day.

Dining room tables aren’t too fussy and centerpieces are easy to slide over for watercolor painting on a rainy summer afternoon.  Create spaces where your family can live!

19 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas: How to Decorate for Summer 2023

  1. Add light slipcovers over existing furniture.
  2. Mix light colored throw pillows and throw blankets for cozy summer spaces.
  3. Take out some decor, opting for a “less is more” look.
  4. Use this chance to lighten the color on an accent wall.
  5. Paint a piece of furniture with a light color that you can also enjoy year round.
  6. Add more white accessories into your decor: dishes, frames, candle holders, pillows, and vases, to mention a few.
  7. Add a collection of shells to a favorite bowl or vase.
  8. Remove a grouping of decor accessories and replace with a single piece of coral or collection of coral for a larger space.
  9. Style a favorite vase with simple palm branches.  (If you don’t have them growing locally, these faux palm branches are lovely!)
  10. Tuck a piece of driftwood or similar style element into a vignette.
  11. Shop your own home.
  12. Add simple and natural summer accessories vessels you already own, such as dough bowls and glass cloches.
  13. Find FREE decor to use with simple summer decorating ideas: greenery, shells, and driftwood pieces are a great start.
  14. Go thrifting for summer accessories!
  15. Add blue and white colors.
  16. Use vintage or vintage-inspired coastal art for a gallery wall.
  17. Include light-weight throw blankets and light layers to keep spaces cozy but breezy for summer.
  18. Use baskets for great summer texture AND to control the clutter!
  19. Create intentional spaces for memory making: outdoor dining, a reading nook, a designated game or puzzle table, cleared space stocked with arts and crafts supplies, just to name a few!

Do you have some simple summer decorating ideas ready to go now?

Summer is the perfect season to take a casual, fun approach to your home decor.  Keep it light, bright, playful, and most of all, functional for your family.

A “less is more” approach can be helpful.  At the same time, create cozy spaces for your family to enjoy together on summer evenings!

Use colors that bring sense of calm and relaxation to help your home take on a “summer vacation house” feeling.

Most of all, keep it simple and allow your focus to be on the people in your home, first and foremost!

Happy Summer Decorating!

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Friday Favorites- Summer Travel Must Haves

Friday Favorites- Summer Travel Must Haves

Friday Favorites- Summer Travel Must Haves

Hello Friends!

We are headed out on our family vacation and couldn’t be more excited! I have complied a list of my favorite trip essentials and wanted to share them all with you! Are you going anywhere this summer? What do you prefer: a road trip or plane travel? 

Packing Cubes

 It is so important to me to stay organized on a family trip. These packing cubes are perfect! We have several sets and they are the best!

Available here from Amazon

Tote Bag

Tote bags are so nice when traveling! This is a fun tote bag for all the things! 

You can get it here 

Toiletry Bag

This is the best toiletry bag!  I love mine and we purchased a second one for the girls to use. I highly recommend this! 

Find it here from Amazon.


Stanley Travel Water

I love these pretty travel water bottles! They are perfect to tuck in a bag and carry for the day! This is Stanley brand and is small and light. 

Find it here from Amazon

Hardshell Suitcase Set

This is a beautiful suitcase set! It has good organization compartments, easy to use, and it has good spinner wheels! 

Find it here



Travel Humidifier

This travel humidifier is so nice! Motel rooms can be dry and stuffy. This humidifier is perfect! 

It’s available here

Travel Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a great travel essential oil diffuser. We will be using it for our summer road trip, RV, and hotel rooms. 

This is available here


Rechargeable Personal Fan

This is such a cool little rechargeable personal fan! This is perfect for days when you are exploring outdoors! Or at summer camp. 

Find it here!

Travel Bottles

I love these pretty travel bottles we ordered this year! Perfect for all your toiletries! They have leak-proof design and a nice little case. 

Find them here!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
49+ Unique Ideas for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer (2023)

49+ Unique Ideas for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer (2023)

49+ Unique Ideas for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer (2023)

It’s the little things! Make it the best parenting summer ever with these tips for structure and activities to do with kids in the summer!

My husband and I have talked about this so many times…we had tons of fun together before we ever had kids, we are enjoying our family now, and there are a million and one things we want to enjoy together when we are older and don’t have kids at home anymore!  Summer breaks and vacations apply to ALL SEASONS of life!  In the meantime, I hope these tips and ideas are helpful for activities to do with kids in the summer!

FYI: While this post is geared toward my current season of life, I think it applies to really young families as well as empty-nesters!  There are so many ways to enjoy every season of life. 

I will start this whole blog post by saying that I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS AND I AM NOT A PARENTING PRO!!!

Actually, very, very, very far from it.

As I was sitting with my summer calendar, thinking about my family and what I desire this summer to look like, I decided to write a blog post.  I can’t be the only mom who looks at 10-12 weeks of summer, sometimes thinking it sounds like forever and mostly thinking that it’s going to fly by so fast.

How can I ever make the most of it?

Most summers, we plan for a big vacation, along with the occasional family reunion and kids’ church camp.  This summer, we do have a big family adventure planned and we are all very excited to do a big RV road trip!  Also, our summer church youth camp is always a priority for our family.

However, some summers we have smaller trips throughout the year, leaving a lot of the summer wide open.

Then, this year, there is the added dimension that our oldest is taking her first missions trip.  It is a big reminder that after just a few more summers, she will be off to college and her life is going to expand so much!

That left me thinking that I want to be extra intentional about our long summer days.  Maybe I’m the only one, but it can be easy to fall into a trap of just floating through each day, only for them to disappear in a blink!

For our family, it has been an intensely busy school year and I am welcoming the thought of slow, even sometimes lazy, summer days.

I can already tell you that there won’t be enough of them!  Haha!

I am also welcoming the thought of special, intentional time as a family…right at home.

Who better to tell me what our family summer should look like other than my own kids?

How do I entertain my kids all summer?

Ask them to make some lists and help you out!  You can even set a budget, time limits for activities, or other age-appropriate boundaries to help kids have realistic expectations.

Here are my kids’ top 5 requests:

Harrison, Age 9

  • Bowling
  • Family game night
  • Summer camp
  • Pool day
  • Go to the library

Addy, Age 13

  • Go to the Beach
  • Go School shopping
  • Swim in the pool
  • Family game night
  • Eat homemade Ice Cream

Payton, Age 15

  • Have friends over
  • Go bowling
  • Picnic at the park
  • Outdoor movie night
  • Family weekend getaway

What are good summer activities for kids?

Here are some other ideas we came up!  Maybe these can offer some inspiration for your family as you create your own summer bucket list!

  • Weekly service project
  • Volunteer (older kids) for a local VBS or organization
  • Miniature golfing
  • Enjoy smores with friends
  • Board game tournament
  • Make handmade cards to send to friends or family
  • Have a lemonade stand
  • Clean out toys and have a garage sale; put the funds toward a family trip or activity
  • Visit a local museum
  • Pick up fresh craft supplies at the dollar store
  • Make an old-fashioned slip-n-slide with the hose!
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Host a bingo night with friends
  • Learn to play a new song on an instrument
  • Pick a kids’ space that needs a refresh and work on it together
  • Have a lego masters competition
  • Learn a new skill and practice it consistently
  • Take an online painting class together as a family
  • Work on a home improvement project together as a family; teach the kids new skills as you go
  • Choose a historical documentary series (age-appropriate) to watch
  • Start a family or friends book club for the summer
  • Memorize Scripture verses together as a family- turn it into a fun game
  • Make a scavenger hunt inside or outside (or both!)
  • “Make your own pizza” night
  • Make a photo book or scrapbook of vacation memories
  • Enjoy a one-on-one “date” with each child
  • Visit a state or national park within easy driving distance
  • Attend a budget-friendly local community theater musical or concert
  • Build an epic blanket fort!
  • Buy a new game and learn it together as a family
  • Get a big puzzle for everyone to work on throughout the summer; leave in a common gathering space
  • Choose a classic chapter book and read a few pages each night
  • Set random acts of kindness goals for everyone in the family to do each week
  • Watch old family videos together

Tips for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer (2023)

Tips for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer

#1: Outdoor Time and Activities

Here in Florida, it truly gets too hot sometimes to play outside.  Thankfully, we have a pool and when that gets too hot (because sometimes the water legit gets uncomfortably warm!), we head to the beach.  My goal is to have one beach day each week and some time in the pool several times a week, even if it’s just for a short swim, a little sunshine, and good exercise!

Tips for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer #2: Mystery Mondays


Our family used to do this every Monday.  Robb and I would decide on an activity for the evening, even if it was really short and simple.  As the kids have gotten older, homework, tutoring, and extra-curricular activities have really gotten in the way.  I want to bring this back for the summer months when we don’t have all those distractions!

Here are some ideas we have enjoyed for our Mystery Mondays:

  • Picnic at the park
  • Local restaurant
  • Trip for ice cream cones or a 99 cent Frosty at Wendy’s
  • Game of Uno
  • Look at “old” family pictures or videos together
  • Shopping trip at the Dollar Spot

Tips for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer #3: Create Family Routines and Clear Expectations


Daily Routine

Overall, our family tends to thrive under some reasonable structure.  One of our children, in particular, has some unique challenges and having routine is super important.

Honestly, I thrive the most with some routine as well, so I’ll be sitting down with our family and discussing some specific routines that we all agree upon for the summer, with lots of room for flexibility and adjusting depending on what we are doing for the day!

What can kids do when bored at home in summer?

Call me old-fashioned, but I usually have a mental list ready to go for a quick answer to this question in the summer!  If my kids are bored, they know they are always welcome to jump in and be a helper around our home.  That knowledge has pretty much ended the “I’m so bored” game for our family!  Haha!

However, it is important as a parent to know that boredom is actually a very healthy thing for children sometimes.  Part of their growth and development is to figure out ways to entertain themselves.

Here are a few ways you can help with summer boredom:

  1. Have a “boredom” box for younger children with clearance finds, thrifted, or inexpensive “new” items.
  2. Create a bin of all the odds and ends from the school year’s projects.  This is great for free art time!
  3. Create a routine; this really helps with boredom overall!
  4. Make a list of practical life skills that your children need to develop, age-appropriately, of course.  For example, practice sewing on a button, making a sandwich, folding laundry, washing the car, following a recipe, or organizing a shelf.  Younger children (preschool) can really benefit from practical life skills like buttoning, zipping, folding washcloths, putting away non-breakable dishes, pouring or spooning beans from one bowl to another, or even sorting items into like kinds.
  5. There’s always chores!!!  Let’s take a look at why chores are so beneficial for children and how to NOT view them as punishment or a negative thing.

Chores and Children

Chores are also something that we implement in our family.  It is my opinion that I am not raising just children, but also raising them to be adults who love God, show kindness to others, and have a strong work ethic.  We feel that all begins at home, so mixed into our summer fun are regular chores as well.  Chores are an excellent way for children to learn not only how to work, but also teamwork, time management, and the value of doing a job right the first time.  Important stuff!!!

Tips for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer #4: Create Intentional Personal Time and Space


I doubt I’m the only parent who starts to feel like my kids are breathing down my neck sometimes!  And you know what?  They can feel the same about their parents and siblings.

Two of my children really do well (just like their mother!) with having some quiet time each day to spend by themselves.  As part of our daily routines, we will pencil in a little time each day where everyone can just do their own thing without feeling guilty or selfish or unkind.  I think it will be valuable for the kids just as much as it will be for Robb and myself!  We did this, though not routinely, during lock-down times and it was really helpful for all of us!



Moms, I think it is really important that we set aside some intentional time, guilt-free, to just be.  This is something that I have NOT made a priority over the years.  My “quiet time” most often becomes “getting as many things done around the house as I can while everyone is occupied” time.  I am not proposing laziness, but rather a healthy balance of work, play, and rest. 

​Tips for Activities to Do With Kids in the Summer #5: Schedule Several Weekend/Day Trips


There are SO MANY THINGS TO DO IN FLORIDA that we have never explored!  Summer can be an awesome time to explore around your local and state areas.  Granted, Florida is a really big state, but there are so many things within two hours of here that we always say we will do “someday.”  I plan for this summer to be our “someday” and fit in a few of those!

Perhaps your time or budget doesn’t allow for a big, fancy vacation.  That’s okay!  Make it a family challenge to find as many free adventures as you can around your area!

On the way to the beach where our family likes to go, there is a tiny museum.  I always think it looks so cute and even the kids have commented that we should stop “someday.”  I’m determined that we are going to stop there this summer!

Perhaps you don’t have vacation time to take the typical week-long vacation.  That’s okay too!  You might be surprised at what an amazing staycation your family can enjoy from Friday at 5:00 p.m. to Sunday evening, even just staying right at home!  Plan some fun games, activities, get special snacks and groceries ahead of time, and enjoy swimsuits and pjs all weekend long!  (This is on my summer bucket list too!)

So there it is…

It’s not profound or fancy.  But the longer I am a wife, mom, and teacher, the more I am becoming aware that many memories are built on the simple things.  That saying “Enjoy the Little Things” sounds so cliché, but there is a lot of depth to it that I am looking forward to intentionally exploring this summer!

For more ideas of family-friendly activities, games, and toys, you can shop my storefront HERE!

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P.S.  I hope there has been a little something in this post that can be helpful to you during this summer season!  I am also linking up some favorite toys, activities, and games that our family enjoys, in case you need to refresh your supply this weekend like I did!

And someone follow up with me on August 1st and make sure we made it to that tiny museum!

(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
Friday Favorites- Coastal Summer

Friday Favorites- Coastal Summer

Friday Favorites- Coastal Summer

Hello Friends!

This week I have a list of coastal-inspired summer decor. I love the light ocean blue and whites mixed with the ratan and wicker textures. Let me know which pieces you like the best and what you will be adding to your home.

Blue Linen Pillow Covers

These pillow covers are so pretty! I love changing out pillow covers to give my decor a seasonal refresh and these ones are perfect for that! 

Available here from Amazon

Boat Sculpture

This boat sculpture is amazing! I love the way it looks and it would be perfect to style on shelves for summer! 

You can get it here 

Wicker Storage Trunk

I love using functional decor pieces like this. This trunk is so cute! I love the look of it! Perfect for a summer refresh and perfect to store all kinds of summer gear. 

Find it here from Amazon.


Blue Stripe Chair

This chair is so classy and simple! I love the stripes! It’s the perfect coastal vibe!

Find it here from Amazon

Faux Coral

 This is very realistic faux coral! It’s the perfect touch for the seaside look. 

Find it here



Artificial Maple Tree

This is such a pretty artificial maple tree! I love the look of this! Perfect for summer! 

It’s available here

Ceramic Lamp with Woven Shade

This lamp is so cute! I love the woven texture! 

This is available here


Painted Beach Artwork

 This is a gorgeous piece of painted beach artwork! It’s so peaceful and so pretty! I love the big size as well! 

Find this artwork here!

Jute Placemats

 Jute placemats are perfect to add texture to a summer tablescape! 

Find them here!

Blue Checked Dishes 

I love these blue-checked dishes! They are made from melamine so they are chip resistant. They would be perfect for indoor/outdoor dining or picnics.

Find them here!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
21 Ways How to Decorate with Summer Coastal Style: Summer Home Tour

21 Ways How to Decorate with Summer Coastal Style: Summer Home Tour

21 Ways How to Decorate with Summer Coastal Style: Summer Home Tour

Are you looking to refresh your home for summer? Try these easy ways to decorate with summer coastal style with casual vintage inspired decor!  Keep reading for my Summer 2023 Home Tour and see how I switched things up this year!  Hint: I did not purchase anything new!

I love decorating for all of the seasons.  Each one just has its own special feeling and flair, doesn’t it?  There are several reasons why I love to decorate with summer coastal style around our home each year.

First of all, we live in Florida!  Is there any other way to decorate for summer other than some easy coastal touches?!  At least it means the sand we track in from the beach kind of goes with whole look.  Haha!

Secondly, I love the light and airy feeling our home gets when I decorate with summer coastal style.  It is fun to try and make our home feel like our own little summer vacation home, even though we live here year round!

Guess what?  You can decorate with summer coastal style no matter where you live!  It’s fun, easy and I’ll share some simple ideas you can incorporate into your own summer home too.

Welcome to my Summer Home Tour!

Before I dive into all the details about how you can easily create a simple, coastal style for your home, let me first welcome you to my summer home tour!  Hosted by my good friend, Kelly, from The Tattered Pew, I am joining 30+ friends this week to share all of our favorite summer inspiration with you!

If you’re hopping over from Open Doors, Open Hearts, thanks for joining me!  I love every detail of her home tour.  What a perfect space to relax in the summertime!

Every day this week, new home tours will be featured, and you’ll love following along with each one.  It is the perfect space to gather all of your favorite summer inspiration (don’t forget to pin them!) and create your own, unique summer home style!

What are the elements of coastal decor?

There are a lot of different ways to decorate with coastal style.  However, my favorite approach is simple, casual, light, and breezy! Here are some basics that I bring in every summer to help create our summer home story:

How do you decorate in coastal style?

Coastal style has come along way since the early 2000s, I have to say.  While you can still go into big-box home decor stores and find aisles full of shell-covered pillow covers and beach reproduction signs, there are some more subtle coastal trends that I personally really enjoy!

For example, I have traded out most of my regular home decor store-bought coastal accents for pieces of vintage coral from antique shops and sea fans from my local beach shop.

Reproduction signs have been replaced with pretty vintage or vintage-inspired sea scapes.  At the same time, they are styled with carefully curated collections of pieces that tell a tale of a lazy, summer beach day!

Things we use, such as straw hats and beach bags, are hung as decor (and convenient to grab when headed out the door).  Simple, neutral throw pillows and light-weight gauzy blankets add just the right cozy touches for summer movie nights without looking too heavy or cluttered.

Less is more is so accurate for this light, airy, coastal look!  A few simple touches, added to a soft, neutral color palette, will give you just what you need to decorate with summer coastal style.


How to Decorate with Summer Coastal Style: Summer Home Tour

How to Decorate for Summer: Tip #1

If for no other season or reason, summer is the perfect time to declutter and enjoy a simple style.  Now, I am far from a minimalist in my decorating.  Actually, a minimalist style just wouldn’t work for our home (and my favorite collections) very well at all.  However, summer is the season where I dial it way back.  “Less is more” is a good rule of thumb for summer decorating, no matter what style you take on.

If you haven’t already done a thorough declutter as part of your spring cleaning, summer is the perfect time to do so!  Host a community yard sale or bless your local thrift store.  However you go about clearing out some of the clutter, this is the time to get it done!

Trust me: your fall and Christmas decor-loving-self will thank you later!  Haha!

Pro Tip:  Enjoy a lighter, more breezy look for summer by using less decor over all.  Leave more “white space” and create statement and focal points with your very favorite pieces!

How to Decorate for Summer Tip #2: Declutter!

Part of the appeal of the light, coastal style is a space that is more free of some of the fuss and “extra” that other seasons tend to have.

Pro Tip:  After I decorate with summer coastal style in a space, I often live with it for a few days, then come back and edit.  Sometimes, I’ll add something in.  However, most often, I’ll take away a little piece here or there.  

You don’t have to go full on “minimalist” to achieve this look.  By grouping items together in collections, you can feature a lot of your favorites in a less-cluttered style.

Let’s take a look at a few spaces where I’ve actually used a lot of decor pieces, but they definitely feel more light and airy than other seasons.

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #3: Incorporate coastal colors

We love going to the beach in the summer.  Yes, we actually live where a lot of people vacation!

One of my favorite things about the beach is the soothing sound of the waves and the calming aesthetic of the natural colors.  The pretty blue sky against the cool tones of the ocean pair perfectly with the tan and white sand.  At the same time, earth toned shells scatter beautifully along the shore, giving texture and character.

You can decorate with summer coastal style by bringing that aesthetic into your home too!  Light blues, crisp whites, and earth tones are the perfect combination for easy coastal decorating.

One of my favorite things about the styling in my dining room are the whites and tan colors of my vintage pieces.  The neutrals turn the light blue and green of these vintage bottles and sea glass into statement touches, even though they are so simple!

You can add some coastal colors with easy accents, such as:

How to Decorate for Summer Tip #4: Use baskets and woven textures.

Even if you’re not going for a coastal look, baskets and woven elements add wonderful texture to summer decorating!  At the same time, baskets are great for organization and can help with some of that decluttering from Tip #2!

On the coffee table, I use these stacked baskets to keep family card games convenient for some quick summer evening fun!

Here are some great options for adding woven texture into your summer decor:

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #5: Hang up some straw hats!

In our family room, I had fun hanging a collection of thrifted straw hats on my gallery wall, paired with a cute straw bag too.  There is something about hanging simple, every day objects as a collection that turns them into art!

Plus, this was super budget-friendly as all of the hats were thrifted.  Most of them were under $3.00!

While collections are great, you can also toss a single hat over the corner of a chair or bedpost for a super quick and simple coastal touch.  Even if you didn’t just come from the beach, your home will have that relaxed feeling!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #6: Add tropical greenery.

How do I make my house look coastal?

Another super easy way to add a breezy look to your summer coastal decorating is to incorporate some palm branches.  Actually, I take out some of my other greenery (remember that decluttering of Tip #2!) and replace it with simple palm branches.

That is easy enough for me to do and it’s also completely FREE, as we have a lot of palm trees in our yard!  However, if you do not live in a tropical state, try THESE budget-friendly and beautiful faux palm branches for a low-maintenance and easy style!

You can also just drop by for a glass of lemonade and a chat.  I’ll be happy to cut a few branches for you for free!  Add them to a vase of water and they will stay looking beautiful for weeks!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #7: Tuck in a piece of coral.

How to decorate your house in coastal style?

One of the most obvious ways to decorate with a summer coastal style is to add found objects, like coral and shells.  I am separating shells from coral, however, as coral can really make such a gorgeous statement on its own.

If you find real coral in a substantial size, you are likely to pay a good investment price for it.  My husband bought this huge piece for me from an antique store for Mother’s Day one year and it is such a special piece.

Instead of switching out a lot of decor in the music room, I simply took out a couple of spring accessories, added this large coral, and a couple of other small pieces of coral.  With very little effort, the entire room immediately took on a relaxed and elegant coastal style that I love and enjoy!

Pro Tip:  Real coral is typically more of an investment but it is so gorgeous and you don’t need a lot to make a beautiful coastal statement in any room!


How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #8: Add a bowl of sea shells!

You can quickly and simply add a coastal touch to any space by adding a pretty bowl of sea shells!  Perhaps you have some shells from a favorite beach trip tucked away somewhere.  Summer is the perfect time to pull those out.  Then, put them in a bowl or bottle and add to a summer vignette!

I had a lot of fun with our shell and driftwood collections on my coffee table.  However, even though we have SO MANY, it still wasn’t enough to fill this huge antique trencher.  So, here’s what I did:

How to create a coastal centerpiece:

You can get a big bag of really pretty assorted shells HERE!

These small driftwood pieces are great budget-friendly filler too!

You can shop a variety of gorgeous wooden vessels, perfect for your own summer centerpiece, on my storefront HERE!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #9: Incorporate ocean-inspired art.

One of my favorite ways to switch up decor for any season is by changing out my art and gallery walls.  Even though art can get a little pricey, I absolutely love these vintage-inspired prints for under $16.  They look like real paintings and are easy to switch out for seasons.  Plus, they don’t take up storage space!

For under $20, you can have a whole new seasonal gallery wall every season!  I seriously cannot get over how gorgeous they look.  A set of 5 prints that look vintage for under $20?  You can’t beat it!!!  I love to pair mine with thrifted frames for super budget-friendly wall art!

I also love to pick up vintage art at markets, yard sales, and thrift shops.  This painting that I used on my summer mantel was only $25 at an outdoor market!  You just never know what you might find!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #10: Decorate with beach-inspired signs.

Can you mix coastal and modern decor?

My answer (just my humble opinion), is YES!  Coastal accents can work with any kind of decor, from vintage to cottage and from traditional to modern.  Coastal accessories are perfect even with casual boho styles and farmhouse decor!

I added these gorgeous pieces from one of my favorite small businesses, Joyfully Said, to my dining room.  I love how the modern style of the painting is softened with the light wood.  The wood blends perfectly with my vintage European pieces.  The “You, Me, & the Sea” adds a fun, playful touch, which I definitely love for the summer!

I chose to use the light woods and sea glass colors for my Joyfully Said pieces.  However, they have a variety of wood stains, font colors, and even sizes of art.  Plus, you can use my coupon code: FRENCHNEST for some summer savings!

They have several different options in their summer collection that will add just the right amount of coastal style to your summer home!  Shop my favorites HERE!

How to Decorate for Summer Tip #11: Incorporate some pieces with patina.

What style goes with coastal?

I think you can mix coastal accents with almost any home decor style.  However, my favorite kind of coastal looks definitely have some weathered patina mixed in.

Even if your weathered wood is weathered from sitting on a farm in the midwest, you can mix it with some coastal accents.  All of a sudden, it takes on the look of wood that has been weathered by the sea salt of the ocean over many years.

See how you can use your decor pieces to create a home decor story?!?

I love bringing in some of my favorite architectural salvage pieces to add to coastal-inspired vignettes around our home.  This cabinet vignette, for example, only has one thing that is specific to the coastal style: the coral candle holder.  However, the mix of rattan, weathered wood, palm branches, and coastal hues all play a part to help tell a coastal home decor story.

Pro Tip: Mix elements to create a coastal style without being overly thematic with your decor.


How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #12: Simplify by decorating with what you use.

Okay, in full disclosure, I don’t like wearing hats and I usually use a different bag for the beach.  However, you can achieve that casual, coastal style by decorating with beautiful items that are functional too!  (Even if you don’t actually use them.  Haha!)

I added my favorite French market bag and a cute hat to the small wall in our entryway.  They are convenient to grab on the way out the door.  At the same time, the woven style and overall look are a perfect complement to a relaxed, vintage coastal decor style.

A summer home is all about simplicity.  You want to keep your decor simple so you have more time for creating special summer memories.  Combining function with decor is a great way to get that simplified look that works so well with a summer coastal decor style.


How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #13: Decorate with stripe patterns.

Summer and stripes just go hand in hand!  Whether it’s on my favorite linen summer dress, a casual pillow, a light-weight throw blanket, or a comfy beach towel, you’ll find stripes in almost any coastal style!

You can add a quick coastal vibe to any room by adding a stripe pattern!

Here are a few favorites to add stripes:


How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #14: Use jute accents.

I love using jute accents around our home.  Actually, I keep jute rugs in more than one room year round.  During the spring and summer, I especially love adding some small jute accents, like pillow covers, placemats, and even table runners.

Even though I have had these square jute placemats for at least 5 years, they are still some of my favorites.  They are still available for purchase HERE!

Paired with these non-breakable, casual light blue gingham dishes in my dining room, they add a pretty layer with more texture to this everyday summer tablescape.

Jute is easy to maintain and I love that it adds so much texture while still being low-maintenance and easy to style!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #15: Add driftwood accessories!

Adding texture is a perfect way to bring in those coastal vibes for summer.  After all, the beach is certainly full of amazing texture, right?!  Consider adding some simple driftwood pieces to summer vignettes around your home.

As with the coral, you don’t need a lot in order to make a statement.  A couple of key pieces can bring in a subtle coastal style without feeling like you’re in Key West!  Haha!

A small driftwood piece looks pretty tucked in beside a plant and candle or combined with shells in a bowl.  I enjoyed styling mine in this big trencher on the coffee table.

At the same time, you can use this inexpensive driftwood filler for any bowl or vase around your home!

How to Decorate for Summer Tip #16: Add flowers!

Flowers are always in style!  Summer is a perfect time to enjoy a fresh bouquet of flowers on a coffee table, nightstand, or even by the kitchen sink!

I especially love to use my vintage vessels to hold pretty flowers.  Over on THIS post, you can find my favorite tips for styling inexpensive grocery store flowers!

On THIS post, I share 3 simple and easy ways to arrange my favorite summertime flowers!

While I love fresh flowers, I don’t always have time or remember to grab some at the grocery store.  However, my favorite faux peonies look so realistic!  I love the white flowers combined with the coastal blue of these pretty vases!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #17: Create coastal vignettes.

You can give any space a simple coastal look without redecorating the whole room!  In fact, one of my favorite ways to decorate for different seasons and holidays is by creating vignettes throughout the room.

Simply switching a vignette on a coffee table or side table can make your whole living room feel fresh!  At the same time, a new centerpiece on the dining room table or summer coastal art hung on a gallery wall can transform the room!

Here are a few posts to help you decorate this vignette spaces:

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #18: Decorate with summer book titles!

I love using vintage books to decorate our home.  Thrifted books can be great to add a touch of seasonal color to a room.  However, I also love to look for book titles that help tell my home decor story.

Next time you’re out thrifting, check out the book section!  You may come across some books that add those coastal hues.  At the same time, titles that have “ocean, sea, beach, vacation, or coast” could be wonderful details to add to your space!

Over on THIS post, I share all of my favorite ways to decorate with thrifted books!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #19: Use linen fabrics.

When you’re thinking about the texture you want to bring into your space for summer decorating, make sure to include some linen!  I love wearing linen in the summer and I also love decorating with it!

Linen pillows, tablecloths, table runners, and even throw blankets are perfect ways to bring this lovely texture into your home.

I lightened up the layers in my master bedroom for the summer.  This gorgeous linen duvet from Simple Opulence is perfect for the foot of my bed.  It adds a cozy and comfy look while still being light and airy.  At the same time, I am enjoying the softness of these neutral colors too!

I also layered this super soft gauzy coverlet for some neutral pattern and my favorite gauzy throw blanket.

Even though it’s hot outside, the air conditioning is definitely running in our Florida home and I love getting cozy for a good summer movie night!

How to Decorate for Summer Tip #20: Decorate with travel collections.

Do you have a favorite collection from summer vacations?  If your kids have loaded their beach bags with shells from a trip, this is the perfect season to put those to good use!

Even though my kids are older kids now, they still love to bring home pretty shells and add to our ever growing collection!

Perhaps you collect something that you’ve picked up throughout vacation or summer travels.  Favorite old bottles, postcards, or souvenirs can become a fun conversation piece to enjoy as part of your casual, relaxed summer home style!

How to Decorate With Summer Coastal Style Tip #21: Add beach decor outdoors too!

Don’t forget about the exterior of your home too!  To add a coastal look to the outside of our home, I kept it simple with striped outdoor pillows, some jute accents, a pretty umbrella, and weather-resistant outdoor lanterns!

Pro Tip: These outdoor battery operated candles make a summer night look so relaxing and cozy!

Are you ready for summer?

Now is the time to start planning, gathering your favorite summer styles, simplifying, and preparing your home for a wonderful summer season!

As a mom, these coming weeks are sacred family time and I am so excited to have our summer home ready to make as many wonderful summer memories as we possibly can!

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Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas for Summer Under Five Dollars

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas for Summer Under Five Dollars

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas for Summer Under Five Dollars

I love decorating for the summer patriotic holidays!  Now is the best time to get your simple patriotic decorating ideas ready for summer! Enjoy my patriotic decor tips, all quick and under five dollars!

With the end of the school year and the flurry of activities that always accompanies this month, Memorial Day has a way of sneaking up on me!  Can anyone relate?!  If so, I’ve got some quick and simple patriotic decorating ideas that you can use all summer.  Best part?  They are super budget-friendly and under $5.00!  

While I love to decorate for summer, I don’t leave the patriotic décor out for the entire summer.  At the same time, I enjoy finding ways to simply add it to my summer décor without having to redo every vignette and gallery wall. 

Since I prefer some subtle touches, this style of decorating lends itself to being simple and easy.  To me, that is perfect for the laid-back summer months!

When should you decorate for summer?

I anyone out there scrambling a little as we get ready for this summer?  Or maybe you just really love to decorate too?  If so, I thought I would share my favorite ways to add some simple patriotic decorating ideas for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!  Plus, they are all budget-friendly!

I usually start decorating for summer in May or right after Mother’s Day.  Since we live in Florida, I love breaking out the box of sea shells and coral to get me started.  Even if you don’t live near a beach, summer is a fun time to add just a touch of that coastal vibe.

Ideally, I love to have our “summer home” ready so when we get home from school on that last day of school, we can immediately jump into summer mode!

You can find all of my favorite summer décor ideas HERE. We don’t actually have a separate summer house.  However, I love trying to be creative and make our home feel different and special for the summer season.  It is really fun to try and create our own summer retreat!

Pro Tip: Think of your ideal summer vacation home or resort and look for ways to implement that feeling throughout your home.


How can I decorate my house in summer?

There are so many great ways to decorate for summer.  However, my favorite way to decorate is to try and turn our home into our own little summer retreat.  At the same time, keep things simple, uncomplicated, and easy to maintain.

I bring these main elements into my summer décor:

However, if your summer decorating is a little behind schedule, don’t worry!  You can still use these following quick and simple patriotic decor tips to bring that patriotic feeling into your home for the patriotic holidays!

When should I start decorating for 4th of July?

I like to put my patriotic decor out right before Memorial Day and leave it through the 4th of July.  Then, I remove the simple patriotic touches and enjoy “regular” summer decor for July and August!

However, it is not uncommon to leave patriotic touches out for the entire summer.  At the same time, you may add some simple touches for Memorial Day and again for the 4th of July, rather than leaving them out for the month of June.

In fact, this post will help you get set up for the patriotic holidays in a matter of minutes!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas for Summer Under Five Dollars​

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #1:

​How to Make a Flag Bouquet

I like to pick up these packs of flags at the dollar store or dollar spot.  This year, I’ve had a harder time finding the wooden sticks, which I personally prefer, so I linked a great pack of them HERE!  However, you can sometimes find them at the grocery store, so keep an eye out!  In addition, they are really inexpensive.

So with your five dollars (or $8 if you get the big pack!) , you can create a few flag bouquets!

Pro Tip: I usually iron them, then gently roll them up and let go.  That gives them a slightly “unfurled” affect at the ends!


To create your flag bouquet, simple gather a handful of small flags (I prefer an odd number) and place them in a favorite jar, vase, bottle, or pitcher.

Here are some favorite vessels that would work perfectly for a flag bouquet:

You can add a jar of flags to almost any side table, mantel, or vignette for a patriotic touch.  Also, you can try creating a collection of flag bouquets in mismatched  ironstone pitchers or old jars for more of a vintage inspired statement!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #2:

How to Make Flag Bottles

This idea certainly isn’t original with me and I’ve seen it all over the place.  However, sometimes the most simple ideas are the ones I forget about!

Another favorite way to use flags in my Memorial Day or Fourth of July décor is to line up some old bottles and put a single flag in each one.  I especially love how they look with this mix of old bottles.  I also love these budget-friendly, vintage-inspired blue bottles!

Some of them have that light blue tint that adds even a little more pop of summer color!

A row of bottles and flags makes the perfect mantel or shelf décor!  You can even line them up for a super quick, simple, and inexpensive centerpiece!

Any kind of bottle will work for this, whether they are old milk-style bottles, vintage European bottles, or even old soda bottles!

Also check out these vintage-inspired bottles:

Pro Tip: This is a great time to use those old Coke and Pepsi bottles from the dusty corner shelf of the antique mall!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #3:

How to Make a Patriotic Arrangement With Plants

How can I decorate my house for 4th of July?

One of the most quick and simple ways to add some patriotic touches to your décor for the holiday is to grab those dollar store flags and stick them in some of the plants around your home!  I even do this outside, adding them to pots and baskets of plants and flowers!

This is a great way to get a lot of “bang for your buck”, as you are using your existing décor and turning it into a holiday statement piece with the flag!

THIS COASTAL PLANTER is a truly gorgeous way to add a plant and flag for a more summery look!

If you need a fast centerpiece, gather a few plants from around your home.  Arrange them on your table and stick a flag in each one!  It will look like you put a lot of thought and intentionality into the design!

You just can’t go wrong with pretty greenery and a festive flag!



I add flags to plants on my coffee and side tables, kitchen island, mantel, and console tables.  Even 2 or 3 flags added to plants in each room will add a festive vibe…and it will only cost you a couple of dollars!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Ideas #4:

How to Make Easy Patriotic Floral or Greenery Arrangements

If you’ve been following along with me for very long at all, you know I am pretty unlikely to have bright flowers inside our home.  Okay…on the exterior too.  We just planted rows of white Vinca.  However, I actually do get colored flowers on rare occasions, but Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are not those times.

I love to make more of a subtle statement with an arrangement of white flowers and then…you guessed it…stick in a flag or two from my Amazon haul!

Once the holiday is over, I can pull the flags out, put them in a drawer for the next season, and still enjoy the bright, white flowers with my summer décor!

That being said, you can get really creative with colored flowers for the summer holidays!  For example, sunflowers with flags in the bouquet make a bold, summer farmhouse statement.

For a more elegant approach, a woven vase of red roses can add a pretty statement to your patriotic décor!

If you have wildflowers in your area, consider vintage jars (or THESE for a more budget-friendly style) of pretty wild flowers lining the table.  Next, just add a simple flag to each one!

How can I decorate without spending a lot of money?

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually (actually, I don’t think I ever have) spent a lot of money on flowers for Memorial Day or Fourth of July décor!

Since I already have some coastal vibes in my summer décor, I like to cut some fresh palm branches and put them in a pitcher or vase, then adding a flag for a patriotic touch.  I like to get a few of the larger flags to use in my tall pitchers and vases.

At the same time, just a pretty pitcher, full of greenery from your yard and a big flag makes a beautiful statement.  You could add this to an entryway table, kitchen island, or dining table.

I also like to add this kind of piece to the middle of our BBQ buffet table for a festive look!

Simple Patriotic Decorating Idea #5:

A few other easy favorite decorating ideas

For some simple patriotic decorating ideas, try some of these budget-friendly ideas:

  1. Get double duty from your food by displaying it in fun, patriotic ways.  THIS easy patriotic salad is a fun example!
  2. Add patriotic tableware to your party display.  Since you need to purchase these things anyway, just get flag-related party goods and skip decorating your home altogether!  The party decor will be enough on its own!
  3. Cut a small flag off of the stick and attach it to a jar with ribbon or decoupage.  This can make a fun vase or candle holder.  For a safe (and cooler) holiday, use THESE battery-operated votive candles.  They look incredibly realistic!
  4. Get creative with some easy and fun patriotic craft ideas, such as paper chains or a cute banner!

The greenery definitely helps with the budget-friendly décor, but whether you treat yourself to some flowers or just free greenery from your yard, a nice arrangement with a larger flag will definitely make a statement in your home for the holiday!

All that’s left is for you to grab  a pack of flags and place them around your home!

If you’re looking for more summer decorating favorites, I’d love for you to check out my storefront!  I have added some gorgeous pieces there in a range of budgets and styles.  You may find just the perfect piece to inspire your summer decor!  You can find my storefront HERE!

I hope this has sparked an idea or two…or maybe reminded you that simple décor shouldn’t be underrated!  Have a safe, fun, and happy holiday!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

Friday Favorites- Patriotic Decor

Friday Favorites- Patriotic Decor

Friday Favorites- Patriotic Decor

Hello Friends!

Today is the last day of school and we are so happy it is summer! I have been slowly changing the home decor to reflect the season and I am ready to bring out the patriotic touches! I love this list of summer finds!

Faux Palm Branches

Add summer greenery to your holiday flowers to give an extra fun and summery touch! These are under $10 and they are great quality! They look really nice!

Available here from Amazon

Patriotic Bunting

These beautiful buntings would work great for outdoor or indoor. There are different sizes available. They are made of a nice heavy canvas.

You can get it here 

Gingham Door Mat

Layer this red gingham under a doormat for a fun approach to the summer holidays!

Find it here from Amazon.


Welcome Mat 

This would be perfect to layer with the red gingham mat for a subtle and unique red, white, and blue look for the summer!

Find it here from Amazon

Red, White, and Blue Scarf

This 30 foot scarf is perfect for a fence, front porch, or cut into smaller pieces to use throughout an indoor space for party decor.

Find it here



Blue Glass Bubble Vase

This light blue glass vase is so very pretty! It’s bubble texture is perfect for centerpieces!

It’s available here from Amazon

Blue Stripe Pillow Covers

I really like these blue stripe pillow covers! And a set of two under $16 is such a deal for something that is such nice quality.

These are available here


Faux Geraniums

Add some faux geraniums to outdoor pots or cute planters indoors for a quick and easy touch of festive red. There are really great reviews on these!

Find them here!

Blue and White Kitchen Towels

Keep these on hand for summer holiday entertaining. They could even be used as casual napkins or placemats.

Find them here!

Blue Linen Table Runner

This is a beautiful blue linen striped table runner and it would be perfect to use all summer!

Find it here!

Patriotic Flag

 This flag is a fun way to add some blue and white to your decor! I love the coastal cottage style with some vintage-inspired flair!

Find them here!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

How to Decorate for Summer: 34 Ideas to Thrift for Summer Decor

How to Decorate for Summer: 34 Ideas to Thrift for Summer Decor

How to Decorate for Summer: 34 Ideas to Thrift for Summer Decor

Summer can be overlooked as a decor season, yet it is one of my favorites!  Check out 34 things that I always look for when I thrift for summer home decor!​

Do you love to go thrifting?  I think it’s kind of one of those things that you either just absolutely love to do or you just really don’t enjoy it at all.  Both are fine and you can have amazing home decor either way!  For me, though, half of the fun is the hunt!

I admit it.  I get ridiculously excited over a great thrifted find!  You too?!

Seasonal decor, in my opinion, is a great thing to hunt for in thrift stores, vintage markets, flea markets, and those kind of second-hand places.  I am happy to invest in pieces that I know I can and will use year-round.  When it comes to decor that is only going to be out for a short season, I love to get a great deal.

I have been able to thrift for summer decor over the years with some luck and there are several things that I always watch for now.  Let’s check them out and see if we can add anything to YOUR thrift store hunting list!

Thrifting with the Gals

Before I dive into my favorite summer thrifted finds, let me introduce you to my monthly blog, Thrifting with the Gals!  I love joining with vintage and thrift-loving friends from around the country to share our favorite decor ideas.  Of course, we are all using thrifted and vintage finds!

If you’re not following each of these amazing bloggers, you’ll want to start NOW!  They have incredible finds every month and we love sharing together!

Now, who’s ready to thrift for your summer decor with me?!

How can I decorate my living room in summer?

Thrifted finds are perfect for summer decorating.  Often, they have a casual look that can fit nicely into your summer vibe.

Here are some of my favorite categories of items to thrift for summer decorating:

  1. straw hats
  2. coastal inspired pieces
  3. shells
  4. baskets
  5. art
  6. books
  7. free objects from nature
  8. colored glass
  9. architectural salvage
  10. patriotic decor

Throughout this post, I’ll share specific ideas for each category and help you build your own summer decor shopping list!

34 Affordable Items You’ll Want to Thrift for Summer Decor

How to decorate on a budget?

Go thrifting!  Let’s look at some great ideas for 10 categories of items.  Then you can build your summer thrifting list for home decor!

How to decorate a room for summer?

Living in Florida, it’s just about a given that I would add some vintage coastal to my decor for summer.  Even though coastal decor can sometimes get a less-than reputation for being a little cheesy, there are great ways to incorporate even subtle touches into summer decorating.  However, you probably do not want to break the bank on shells, right?

Thrifting Tip #1: Add some thrifted shells!  

This will surprise you, but my best thrifted shells are not from Florida at all.  In fact, I found the best thrifted ones off the beaten path in South Carolina.  They were laying outside the antique shop on a weather-beaten table, covered in layers of dirt, and cost me $2-6 dollars each…for BIG ones!  Without a doubt, a great thrifted find.

You may have to pay more than that, but watch for shells year-round at thrift stores, yard sales, and the dusty antique mall corners!  Even if your summer decor style isn’t coastal, a pretty dough bowl with sea shells or a simple conch shell resting atop a stack of vintage books can give just the perfect, casual summer vibe without shouting “beach house”!  (Though I happen to think that is perfectly fun also!)

One of my favorite summer thrifted finds is a huge planter that is shaped and textured like a shell.  I think it was $6 at the thrift shop and it makes such a fun statement for a simple coffee table arrangement!

Thrift for Summer Decor #2: Baskets

I hope you don’t get tired of my thrifted baskets but they are just so fun.  Open-air vintage markets this spring held some lucky finds for me and I added several baskets to my collection of spring and summer decor.  If you want to thrift for summer decor, baskets are a perfect start!

Plus, they are perfect to tuck away the summer clutter and keep your home as low-maintenance as possible for the summer months.  Baskets make for quick clean up at the end of a long summer day.  After that, you can just enjoy more time relaxing and making memories with your family!

Thrift for Summer Decor #3: Art

This is one of my favorites. However, if you are a true art collector or really know your art, you may scroll down to #4.  Haha!

I am 100% honest that the only real thing I know about art is that I just know what I like when I see it!

Whether on a gallery wall, leaning against the wall on a mantel, or tucked into a vignette on a shelf, art is a wonderful thing that you can thrift for summer decor!  I definitely don’t want to spend a lot of money on art that is going to switched around.  The great news is that you can thrift for summer decor by watching the art section in thrift stores and looking for cute, small art pieces in vintage and antique shops too.

I always flip through the crates of art at flea markets and have found some really wonderful pieces that way.  It is fairly common to find old prints or even paintings of the ocean or sketches of sailboats.  Tuck one of these into your regular decor for an instant summer vibe!

Thrift for Summer Decor #4: Books

You didn’t possibly think I would make it through a post about how to thrift for summer decor without including books, right?!  Books are a perfect way to add simple seasonal touches.  They can also add seasonal color to your decor!  I love using blues in the summer, so I am always watching for pretty, faded blue books.

Another idea to thrift for summer decor is to watch for book titles that have to do with summer, the ocean or sea, or boats.  I picked up this book of ship sketches for a few dollars at a vintage market.  Just layering that title into my decor gives an instant summer vibe, however, still in a subtle way.

How do you make decor look expensive on a budget?

Seasonal objects are so fun, yet something that I try to catch a good deal on whenever possible!  Thrift stores, flea markets, and vintage finds are a perfect place to look for great deals and thrift for summer decor.  

Thrifted Summer Decor #5: Free items from nature!

I shared with you about my inexpensive thrifted seashells.  However, I also have a lot of shells that the kids have collected over the years, totally free!

Look around and use free decor from nature whenever you can!  It’s great because it’s free but it’s also Mother Nature’s seasonal decor, which is always the best inspiration.  For example, I love to bring in fresh branches from our palm trees.  After all, it is the one season where my trees actually are the right season for the rest of the country!

Here are a few free items you may find in the summer:

  • shells
  • driftwood
  • wildflowers
  • palm branches
  • tree branches
  • pretty rocks
  • What other ideas can you add?!


Thrifted Summer Decor #6: Straw Hats

I admit it; I’m on a bit of a straw hat kick right now.  However, they are easy to store and easy to find at thrift shops.  I recently picked up a few more at a vendor market, all for such great deals!  Whether you add a straw hat to a peg rail or add a collection of them to a wall, they help tell the story of casual summer days, just in from the beach or fun outing at the lake.  That sounds like a lovely summer story to me!

Next time you’re out to thrift for summer decor, keep an eye out for a cute hat or two.  You’ll have so much fun adding them into your summer decor!

Thrift for Summer Decor #7: Glass

This may sound like an odd item to include in my top 7 things to thrift for summer decor, but when I look back at some of my favorite summer decor, there are always thrifted glass elements.  For example, vintage bottles with hues of blue and green add just a touch of that light, summer vibe.  Glass cloches are perfect to cover a favorite shell or collection of shells from a beach trip.  At the same time, old apothecary bottles make the perfect vase for a freshly cut palm branch or bright summer flowers.

All of these items I mentioned are ones I’ve found at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, and vendor markets!  Almost all of them have been significantly budget-friendly (though a few of my cloches have been investment pieces because I used them year round).  However, one of my favorite cloches was a yard sale find for $1!

Glass is a great way to bring in a light and bright look to your decor.  If it is thrifted, even better, because I don’t worry too much about the late night hide and seek games that could knock something over!

Thrift for Summer Decor #8: Coastal inspired items

Nothing says summer decor like a few touches of coastal charm!  Remember, you don’t have to go full-blown nautical in order to achieve a subtle nod to summer days at the beach!  In fact, the trend is strong right now to include objects that represent the coastal look without being too themed.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for thrifted coastal objects:

  • brass figures such as boats, shells, and swans
  • straw hats
  • seascape art
  • seashells
  • old oars
  • baskets
  • picnic items
  • straw bags or cute beach bags
  • sea sponges
  • pieces of coral
  • sailboat art
  • items made with driftwood
  • items with a cane or rattan finish


Thrift for Summer Decor #9: Architectural Salvage

You all already know how much I love architectural salvage, right?!  I definitely use it year round.  However, in the summer, I love to pull out some of my favorite pieces with blue and gray tones or chippy paint.

These simple touches of color help tell the story of summer beach days throughout our home!

I love these old hotel ledger pages I found at an outdoor market.  Using some $6 architectural salvage pieces, I made DIY poster holders!  Get my simple tutorial HERE!

Then, watch for some small architectural salvage pieces to make your own seasonal DIY picture holders!  You could even display favorite photographs from your summer travels!


Thrift for Summer Decor #10: Patriotic Decor

Summer is the perfect time to pull out the red, white, and blue decor!  I love finding holiday decor when thrifting.  Since I don’t leave my patriotic decor out for the entire summer, I get especially excited to find great deals on pieces I can mix into my summer decor.

I picked up these old flags when visiting family in Alaska.  They have 49 stars, which makes them a fun piece of history.  Plus, they were only $6 each!

Here are a few ideas to look for when thrifting that you can use for patriotic decor:

  • flags
  • red gingham textiles
  • blue or red striped fabrics, like tablecloths or pillow covers
  • red or blue dishes
  • red or blue pottery
  • twinkling lights (perfect for a July 4th party!)
  • patriotic serving dishes for entertaining
  • star baskets (I feel like I see these often!)
  • Americana signs
  • vintage pictures of Presidents or historical figures
  • Presidential silhouettes
  • vintage military photographs



How can I decorate my house on a budget?

Now you know the answer!  It’s time to go thrifting, hit up those summer flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, auctions, and vintage markets!

So…are you ready to go thrifting?!  If you’re like me, that is a big yes, always! I hope this gives you a few ideas to add to your thrifting list and even better, to shop your own home as you create some really simple styles for your summer decor!

Have fun and happy thrifting!!!

Next, I want you to hop over and visit these blogging friends.  You’ll love what they’ve found to share this month, their decor tips, and DIY ideas too!

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Friday Favorites-Transition to Summer

Friday Favorites-Transition to Summer

Friday Favorites-Transition to Summer

Hello Friends!

School is quickly coming to a close and I am switching my décor up for summer. I love these finds that are very French, vintage inspired. Hope you find something you like!  

Vintage Inspired Art

This is beautiful and under $16 dollars! For this vintage-inspired art, you can’t beat the price!

You can get it here 

Faux Palm Branches

Add them to a favorite vase or vessel for an instant summer home resort feeling!

Available here from Amazon

Trio of Vases

 Bring in the cool coastal colors with this vase trio. I love the vintage-inspiration and easy-to-style set!

Find it here from Amazon.


Rattan Wrapped Mango Wood Decorative Chain 

I like to add rattan and wicker accessories for summer. These are perfect to style with any coffee table vignette!

Find it here from Amazon

Jute Rug

Bring in jute elements for a casual summer home style. This rug is the perfect touch. 

Find it here



Gourd Shaped Rattan Table Lamp

 Add natural elements with neutral colors to create a backdrop for pops of favorite summer accents. This lamp is so cute and the perfect accent! 

Grab it here from Amazon!

Summer Throw Pillows

Add casual, comfy, and cozy style with this curated set of throw pillows. They are vintage-inspired and the adorable patterns are summer home perfection!

It’s available here from Amazon