How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops – Easy Tips and Ideas

How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops – Easy Tips and Ideas

How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops – Easy Tips and Ideas

It is tricky to decorate kitchen countertops in inviting ways without feeling cluttered. Follow these simple tips for kitchen counter decorating in my special Simple Decor Series!

Do you struggle to decorate kitchen countertops?  It has been a question that has popped up from a lot of readers.  In fact, I’ve been asked so many times that I decided this post should be part of my blog series, Simple Decorating: Easy Steps to Creating a Home You Love.

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen.  Because of my full-time teaching job and various other specifics of our family schedule, I don’t cook a whole lot during the school year.  And yet, somehow, I STILL spend a lot of time in my kitchen!

However, I view kitchen decorating kind of like bathroom decorating.  While I want it to look pretty, I need it to function incredibly well for my entire family.  At the same time, I also want to make it as easy as possible to clean.  The less clutter, the better.

The real trick…you’ll understand what I mean…is getting everyone else in the family to buy in on the plan, right?!  It isn’t even possible to explain how fast the homework piles and random water bottles with mismatched lids can accumulate unless you’ve been there, done that.  Haha!

I’ll dive more into specifics throughout the post, but here are some frequently asked questions and my answers.

Keep reading to see examples and tips for using these simple kitchen counter decorating ideas!

Custom Kitchen Island with scale & plants in front of electric stove & custom wood hood vent.

How can I decorate my countertops:

  1. Remember the number one rule for kitchen decorating, including decorating kitchen countertops: everything should be functional.  (Okay, at least 95% of it!)
  2. Establish work zones.
  3. Establish zones that can just be pretty.  Depending on the size of your kitchen, this may or may not be possible.  Either way is okay!
  4. Completely clean out and declutter the kitchen.
  5. Deep clean the kitchen.
  6. Slowly add back in items that you love and that serve a specific function too.
  7. Add additional pretty elements that you love.
  8. Edit the decor after a few days so you can see how it all functions for your family.
Looking past the herringbone pattern of the kitchen floor tiles, the vintage farmstyle wood table is set for dinner.

What can I display on my kitchen counters?

Here are 15 items that you can easily use to decorate kitchen countertops in a functional way:

  1. Pretty containers with essential food items.
  2. Vessel to hold kitchen utensils.
  3. Cutting boards.
  4. Fruit.
  5. Coffee bar area.
  6. Tray to group items.
  7. Kitchen textiles.
  8. Pretty dishes.
  9. Cutting boards and bread boards.
  10. Fresh herbs or herb garden.
  11. Fresh plants.
  12. Attractive soap and sink supplies.
  13. Kitchen scale.
  14. Simple, small artwork.
  15. A favorite candle.
Looking past the 12 foot custome Island into the laundry room off the kitchen, with both hinged doors open.

How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops – Easy Tips and Ideas

Robyn enjoys cutting up snacks while a bowl of fresh grapes sits on the white vintage scale.

How do you dress up kitchen countertops?

Here is my number one rule:

When I am going to decorate kitchen countertops, my number one rule is that I don’t put decor in the kitchen that is not also functional.

Confession: Sometimes I break my own rule.  It’s okay.  The point is, that almost all of your kitchen decor has a functional use.

For example, my pretty candle or vintage framed artwork are certainly not “functional” in a kitchen.  My huge scale on the kitchen island is not used for function.  However, literally everything else in the kitchen plays a functional role.  Plus, my scale often holds a functional piece.  That’s close enough, right?!

Pro Tip: Consider making about 90% of your kitchen decor also functional, useful pieces.

At the same time, it is important to choose functional pieces that also blend with the aesthetic of your home and are pleasing to your eye.

Do you need a bowl to hold fruit?  Choose a favorite vintage basket or bowl that you just love!

Do you use cutting boards often in your meal prep?  Incorporate those into a pretty kitchen vignette where they are easy to access.

Is coffee a really important part of your lifestyle?  Invest in a really pretty coffee machine and set up a corner of your kitchen with practical…and beautiful…coffee bar pieces.

What should not be placed on kitchen counters?

Nothing kills a pretty aesthetic like junk.

Pro Tip: Declare the kitchen a junk-free zone.  

For example, my kids have a different place in the dining room where they are to stack homework and paperwork for me to look at.  They know that they are expected to properly take care of lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. so that we do not have a massive accumulation every day of “stuff” all over the kitchen.

Maybe your kitchen does need to be the landing spot; no problem.  Have a designated place in the kitchen where those things go.  For example,  basket for school paperwork and hooks or bins for lunchboxes and water bottles could be helpful.

In general, the point is to not allow your kitchen to become the dump zone for everything and everyone in your home.  It’s easier said than done.  However, it can be done with patience, time, patience, and more patience.

I just kind of jumped over all of the other steps and went straight to the pretty stuff.  Haha!  Let’s take a little step back…

Wicker basket with fresh greeen pears sit on the kitchen island ready for hungry after-school appetites.

Step One to Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Declutter and Deep Clean

The very first thing that I recommend doing is to do a very thorough declutter and deep clean of your kitchen.  Leave no drawer or cabinet shelf unturned.

I get it; it isn’t the fun job.  However, it feels sooooo good to get it done!  Call in some family help on this first step, if at all possible.

Your kitchen will immediately feel more beautiful just by being completely cleaned.  If your family helps, it may help them have a better understanding and appreciation for keeping a clean and organized home.  (That’s always my hope, anyway.  Haha!)

Pro Tip: The feeling of knowing that everything behind closed doors and drawers also looks clean and tidy will free up your mind to be creative when you decorate the visible parts of your kitchen.

At the same time, you may unearth some favorite pieces that you can now display as functional decor.

Over on this post, I share ideas for deep cleaning and decluttering your kitchen.  Even though the post is geared toward preparing your kitchen for the busyness of the holiday season, it definitely applies year round too!

Looking into the kitchen from the family room with heavy chippy white coffee table in the foreground.

Step Two to Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Know Your Kitchen

Before you can know what items to display in your kitchen decorating, you really need to know how your kitchen is going to work for you.

Carefully think through each section of your countertops, the adjoining cabinets, walkway space, and appliances.  Consider the activities that already typically take place in designated zones.

For example, this is small and silly, but I always prep my kids’ school snacks for the week in the exact same place on the kitchen island.  Don’t ask my why, but I guess it’s just part of the routine.  How annoying would it be to have a decor piece there that was always in my way?

Pro Tip: Your kitchen decor is there to make your day more beautiful, not to be in your way.

If you want to get really detailed, take sticky notes and jot down these zones.  Next, place the sticky notes around the kitchen in each zone.  Then, live with it for a couple of regular days.  See if your zoning is accurate or if you need to readjust.

Once you have well-established work zones, you are ready to actually put the right kinds of functional decor in each zone.  You can dress up your kitchen countertops with confidence that your decor will work for you, rather than against you.

Coffee bar set on concrete countertops with vintage drawers in background.

Step Three to Decorate Kitchen Countertops: Slowly Add in Functional Decor

What can I decorate my kitchen with?

While this will vary somewhat from home to home, based on the functions you use the most in your kitchen, there are some basics that most of us probably use.

Start with the Sink Zone.

First, start with your sink area.  What products do you want to have out all of the time?  Then, choose pretty containers to place beside your kitchen sink.  I like to use a small pedestal to keep mine corralled neatly.  A little tray would also work great.

Here are some ideas for functional decor for your sink area:

Cute Wood pedestal with ironstone vessel holding brush, with neutral colored soap dispenser beside.

Cooking Zone

You will want to think through and carefully consider any decor in your cooking zone.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What items do I use the most?
  • How would it benefit me for these items to be accessible from the countertop?  Does it benefit me enough to have them visible all the time?
  • How much of a mess do I generally make when I cook?
  • Are there kids who will be joining me in my kitchen to cook?  What should or should not be accessible to them?
  • Will I constantly have to move _______ item so I don’t worry about messing it up or getting broken?

In my cooking zones, I like to have very little “decor”.  In fact, I do not have any decor in these zones that are just for decor sake.

Here are some functional decor items that could be useful in the cooking zone:

Payton baking in kitchen with ingredients spread out on kitchen island.
Freshly plated mill cooked in the Ninja Grill, with bread crate in the background.

Fresh Zone

How do you dress up kitchen countertops?

We will call this the “Fresh Zone” because there are several different ways you can approach this part of decorating your kitchen.  Even if you have a small kitchen, reserve a small zone for a pretty spot.

In this pretty spot, consider a vignette including some accessories that make your kitchen feel welcoming, calm, and fresh.  For example, a vase with inexpensive grocery store flowers and a favorite candle are always great options.  Add a pretty dish with freshly washed and rolled up kitchen towels, ready for use, to finish up this pretty space in your kitchen!

To create this cozy spot in your kitchen, try following this formula:

  1. Tray, flat basket, or flat bowl to hold everything.
  2. Taller item, such as a vase or pitcher of flowers
  3. Medium item, such as a seasonal figure (think a cute bunny for spring!)
  4. Smaller item, such as a pretty candle or bowl of fruit

Essentially, you are following the same steps as you would to style an accent table.  You can find my fail-proof formula for coffee table styling over on THIS POST!

Here are some staple items that I use in my fresh zone:

Glass cloche on white bass with white chocolate desserts.  Gray Bunny sits behind it.
Grouping of gray bunnies in vintage crate.

How to decorate a kitchen island countertop?

Decorating a kitchen island countertop is another popular question I often receive.  Depending on the main purpose of your kitchen island, you will want to treat it as one (or possibly more) of your zones.

Do you prep food on your island?  Do you do actual cooking there?  Is it more of an eating area?  Perhaps it is homework and laundry station like it is at our house!

How you decorate and stage your kitchen island will probably partially determine its use too.  I find that have a pretty centerpiece helps define the zones on our kitchen island.

For example, I have a large scale in the middle of our long kitchen island.  This creates a nice statement piece and also allows me to add a pretty vignette on the scale, whether it is a plant, vase of flowers, or even a candle.

On one side of the scale, the island is used more for snack and cold food prep because it is right beside the refrigerator.  On the other side, it is more often used for baking because it is beside the oven.  Having the large scale in the middle allows for a pretty space and also gives definition to the large, otherwise open countertop.

Here are a few tips to decorate a kitchen island:

  • Determine the priority functions.
  • Establish work zones, just as you do for the rest of your kitchen.
  • Incorporate a pretty spot, even if it is simply a small tray, flowers, and candle.
  • Use beautiful accessories for functional purposes, like a pretty vintage basket to hold fruit or an antique scale to hold a potted herb that you use for cooking.
  • Establish “rules” for no-clutter on the kitchen island and set a routine to clear it at the end of each day.  It feels good to start each day with a clean (or at least relatively clean) kitchen!
Vintage heavy white scale with candel and potted plant.

How to decorate a small kitchen?

You may be reading all of this and thinking, “that sounds nice, but my kitchen is small!  What do I do?”  That is a fair question.

However, the principles are the same no matter the size of the kitchen.  I have seen large kitchens that looked cluttered and tiny kitchens that looked beautiful.

Here are a few tips for a small kitchen:

  • Keep gadgets to a minimum.  You probably don’t actually need or use all the small appliances anyway.
  • Weed out extras.  Whether it is extra coffee mugs, dishes, or bulk pantry items, try to keep extras to a minimum.
  • Develop a habit of “a place for everything and everything in its place”.  This is true for any space and any size, but especially necessary in a smaller room!
  • Make room for a pretty spot.  Even if you are working with a kitchen in a studio apartment, have a pretty zone.  That may consist of a small tray with a single bud vase and a petite candle.  You can easily move the tray for food prep.  The pretty zone is needed to make your kitchen feel welcoming and cozy!
  • Make sure that every single item is both functional AND pretty!  If you have minimal amount of dishes, make sure they are beautiful dishes that you really love!  For example, gorgeous kitchen towels hanging on a hook serve as decor and for drying your dishes.  A pretty dispenser for your dish soap serves a very functional purpose but also becomes a beautiful vessel displayed in your kitchen!
Vintage Tray with pretty towels & potted plant.
A pretty view of the kitchen stove with fresh snacks sitting on island.

Now you can decorate kitchen countertops with confidence!

Just remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with how to decorate kitchen countertops or other parts of your kitchen, take it one zone at a time.

Here are the basics to follow:

  1. Remember the number one rule for kitchen decorating: Everything should be functional.
  2. Establish work zones and pretty zones.
  3. Completely clean out and declutter the kitchen.
  4. Deep clean the kitchen.
  5. Slowly add back in items that you love and that serve a specific function too.
  6. Add additional pretty elements that you love.
  7. Edit the decor after a few days so you can see how it all functions for your family.

Decorating doesn’t happen overnight like we see on HGTV or a social media time lapse.  Taking time to curate your decor, experiment with it, and get it “just like you love” takes patience.

Follow the basic steps to decorate your kitchen, fill in with your own unique style, and you’ll end up with a kitchen that truly feels like the heart of your home.

Viewing Kitchen Island from Dining room, complete with white vintage scale and wicker vessel.

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10 Easy Spring DIY Decor Ideas for Your Home

10 Easy Spring DIY Decor Ideas for Your Home

10 Easy Spring DIY Decor Ideas for Your Home

Ready to start planning for spring? You’ll love these easy spring DIY decor ideas. You can prepare now or save ideas to try in the spring!

Spring is *almost* right around the corner!  At least, if you love spring DIY decor ideas, you know it is!  Something about February makes me ready to start prepping for spring.  From spring cleaning to continuing the decluttering and organizing from January to starting DIY projects for my spring home decor…I start getting excited for it all!

(Okay, as excited as you can get about spring cleaning, right?!  But it does feel good to work on it and get it done!)

Today is all about the fun part of getting ready for spring and planning your spring DIY home decor ideas!  I have rounded up a variety of great ideas that I know you will love.  You’ll find everything from easy tips to budget-friendly crafts to styling ideas for spring home decor!

First of all, a huge thank you to Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse for hosting today’s round up!  Rachel is such an inspiration and I love how she connects home decor bloggers so we can share even more beautiful ideas to inspire your own home decor!

Secondly, let’s meet the bloggers who are sharing their ideas with us today.  I have had the honor of spending time, in person, with many of these creative bloggers and they are just wonderful.  Enjoy their spring DIY decor ideas with me today!

What are some DIY crafts for home decor?

Keep reading for all the details on these beautiful DIY spring home decor ideas:

  1. How to transform a thrifted lamp
  2. How to use organic materials to make a spring wreath
  3. Tips to use a basket to make a spring floral arrangement
  4. How to make a spring wreath with DIY terra cotta pots
  5. Pro tips for spring flower arranging
  6. Use old rusty bed springs for creative spring home decor
  7. How to save money on spring flower bouquets and arrangements
  8. Use a vintage frame to create a bird-themed spring wreath
  9. How to make a high end dupe for this beautiful spring bunny decor
  10. Beautiful grocery store flower arrangements with vintage vessels

How can I decorate my house in the spring?

Isn’t spring home decorating so fun?  There are so many different styles and ways that you can decorate.  What I love about this spring DIY home decor round up is that you’re going to find inspiration for such a wide variety of spring decor.

Some of my favorite ways to to decorate in the spring season are found within this round up, with ideas for:

  • Garden themes
  • Cottage style
  • Lightening home decor
  • Adding spring color
  • Using seasonal and holiday accents
  • Simplifying decor

When should I switch from winter to spring decor?

As with any seasonal transition, I think this really depends on what you decide you want to do for your own home.  However, even if you’re not ready to decorate for spring in February, it is definitely the perfect time to start thinking about and planning your spring decor.

Especially if you love creating some fun DIY home decor for spring, you’re going to want to start gathering supplies and having fun creating!

We are excited to share this post with some of our favorite spring DIY home decorating ideas to inspire you as you begin your own spring decor plans.  Who knows?  Maybe one of these pretty projects will inspire your whole spring home decor look this year!

Let’s check them all out!

10 Easy Spring DIY Decor Ideas for Your Home

1. Spring DIY Decor Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Wreath

Spring is the perfect season to get creative with a wreath for your door or to hang inside your home.  Regina from Saved From Salvage has such a fun idea with vintage inspiration.

On THIS post, see how she took a vintage frame and turned it into the cutest spring wreath with a birds nest and pussy willow.

I love that you could have fun thrifting for the perfect frame for this DIY spring home decor idea too.  Budget-friendly wreaths are always a great idea!

2. Spring DIY Decor Ideas for Bunnies and Rabbits

Can you even have spring decor without adding a cute bunny?  I can’t wait to try this spring DIY home decor idea from Jen at Midwest Life and Style.  

If you love the high end look of the Pottery Barn Essex Bunny, don’t miss this budget-friendly dupe.  Plus, you can have some DIY fun in the process too!

Get the look for less! Learn how to make a DIY dupe of the popular Pottery Barn Essex Easter bunny statue for a fraction of the price over on THIS post!

3. Transform a room with a DIY lamp for spring!

Lamps are such a fun way to change up your home decor accessories for spring.  However, they can get pricey!  Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse has such a fun idea to transform the decor in your room with a super budget-friendly spring DIY!

See how easy it is to transform a $1.00 thrift store lamp into a current home decor trend. This napkin decoupage tutorial can be used on vases, bowls, etc.

Get all the details on this DIY HERE and then try it on some other thrifted finds too!

4. Spring DIY Decor Idea for an Easy Wreath

Using organic, natural materials is trending for this year and this easy DIY spring wreath is a great way to have some crafting fun!  Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill is sharing a great tutorial for this unique wreath.

On THIS post, you can get all the details to create your rustic and natural Spring wreath.  Jen shares how to use a variety of organic materials to create a unique look for your front door this season,

5. Create a gorgeous floral arrangement in a basket this spring…and learn tips to keep flowers looking fresh too!

I always love using baskets in my decor and I think they are going to be a staple in my spring decor again this year.  So, I was especially excited to read this great idea and tutorial from Kelly at The Tattered Pew for using a basket to create a beautiful flower arrangement for spring!

Is there anything better than flowers for spring DIY decor, after all?!

On THIS post, Kelly also shares tips for keeping your flowers fresh (yay for keeping those blooms looking great and stretching the budget too!)!  You’ll love reading the details HERE!

6. Create a budget-friendly spring wreath!

Who loves a pretty cottage gardening style for spring decor?  Me!!!  Cindy from DIY Beautify created the cutest spring wreath with a garden look.  I especially love the vintage vibe and budget-friendly part of this fun DIY.

This DIY terracotta pot wreath is filled with painted and aged pots and oozes French cottage charm. It’s filled with succulents, moss and flowers from the dollar store for an inexpensive Spring wreath.  Get all the details and easy tutorial on THIS post!

7. Get creative with spring DIY table decorations!

I love a pretty tablescape or easy DIY I can make to add to my regular table decor for spring.  Michele from Vintage Home Designs has the cutest tutorial for DIY spring egg place cards. These stamped egg place cards are the perfect addition to any spring tablescape.

At the same time, you could use this idea to create some other pretty decor to use around your home.  For example, add an inspirational word instead of a name and fill a bowl for unique spring decor for your home.  I think it would be such a cute way to style a dough bowl for spring!

Get Michele’s tutorial on THIS post!

8. Use these tips to create amazing spring DIY decor with fresh flowers!

Nothing says hello spring like a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers!  Stacy from Bricks ‘n Blooms always has amazing tips for flowers and plants.  In THIS post, she is sharing tips and tricks to style your fresh flowers like a pro!

So if you are ready to give winter the boot, let’s head to the grocery store or local florist to pick up some fresh flowers to enjoy in our home. Learn how to easily arrange flowers with these simple tips.

9. Turn trash into treasure for a fun spring DIY decor idea!

Who doesn’t love a good trash to treasure idea?!  Wendy from WM Design House is sharing some really fun spring DIY decor ideas over on THIS post.

If you’ve never used old bed springs for a project,  you’re going to want to after reading this post.  There are so many fun ways you can use these old, rusty pieces in your spring home decorating!

Find 10 ways to style old rusty bed springs in your spring decor on THIS post!

10. Save money on spring DIY decor by using inexpensive grocery store flowers!

Flowers are definitely one of my favorite ways to add instant spring vibes in any room of our home.  Over on THIS favorite post, I’m sharing my favorite ways to arrange and style fresh flowers in our home.

At the same time, you can use these tips and ideas for faux flowers and fresh or faux greenery too.  There are so many ways to incorporate florals into your spring home decor in budget-friendly ways.

Get my favorite spring DIY flower decorating ideas HERE!

When should I start decorating for spring?

Well, the great news is that there is no right or wrong answer.  It is YOUR home, after all!  However, I find that when I start to think about decorating my home for spring, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes things that I want to accomplish first.

January and February are those perfect months for me to work through my lists of decluttering, reorganizing, and deep cleaning.

However, don’t be surprised if you start seeing some little touches and hints of spring popping into my decor in the next couple of weeks.  We are having amazing weather here; remember, it’s spring weather in South Florida now!  It always puts me in the mood to start slowly transitioning from winter to spring decor.

Below, I’ve linked some of my spring decor series to help you get started with your spring decor planning.

If you enjoy doing some DIY for your home decor, this post is perfectly timed to help you with your preparations too!  Make sure to visit each of these bloggers, enjoy their spring DIY decor ideas, and check out their other home decor inspiration too!

Other frequently asked spring decor questions: Find these helpful blog posts.

How do you decorate for spring?

How do you style a spring house?

It’s all in the details!  Check out these posts with ideas for vignettes around your spring home decor:

How can I spruce up my house for spring?

Start preparing for the spring season with some easy tips and ideas to get started:

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Friday Favorites-Vintage Spring

Friday Favorites-Vintage Spring

Friday Favorites-Vintage Spring

Hello Friends!

I am thinking about Spring and all the wonderful things it brings with it! I am excited to add light neutrals and greenery to my home to welcome the new season very soon. Hope you enjoy this list of finds! 

Hand-Woven Wicker Garden Cloche

 I am obsessed with these woven cloches! They add a simple, earthy texture to everyday decor. You can style them with garden favorites for early spring or use year round with seasonal decor (can you already imagine them with some summer sea shells tucked around?) I’m super excited about them and you’ll be seeing them around my home a lot.

Find them here from Amazon.

For now, with winter still here, I’ll style them with battery-operated white pillar candles on a timer.   These are my favorite white pillar candles to use year-round. They are on a timer,  have a realistic flicker, and beautiful wax finish! 

Faux Greenery

I love faux greenery stems/branches. These look so realistic and they are easy to style. I  love the whimsical style of these ones!
Find it here from Amazon

Large Pedestal Bowl

Perfect large pedestal bowl that would be useful for so many things!  Use it for fruit display in the kitchen. Or you could even style it with the woven cloche or put fresh flowers or plants in it.
Find your own to style here from Amazon



Tall Mirror

 This is a fresh take on a classic piece and style. I ordered this mirror for our girls’ room and it looks perfect!  The narrower size makes it easy to decorate in lots of places

You can get it here 

Cream and Tan Cotton Double Cloth Cover brass bunny dish with lid; cutest little accent piece for a vignette, set on a shelf, use for functional storage in a bathroom or on a night stand or dresser

Grab it here from Amazon

Neutral Sand Colored Rug

Start lightening up areas in your home by refreshing basics like rugs. This neutral sand-colored rug has a great vintage pattern, soft colors, and great reviews. It comes in lots of sizes.

Find it here from Amazon

Wicker Lamp

I am obsessed with this lamp and trying to find all the places to add it to our home. It’s a great price! It goes with lots of decor styles. It’s a nice size and can be used year-round.

Available here.

Framed Fruit Print

A pretty, fresh, and inexpensive print with a high-end look This is great for shelves in the kitchen or dining room. One way to style it would be to simply lean it against the backsplash on the kitchen counter. Bonus: It’s under $20!!!

It’s available here from Target

Woven Bench

A gorgeous way to add really functional storage in any room! It has storage and can double as a coffee table. You can use it in a bedroom, entryway, mudroom, play room. You could also put two end-to-end for a long hallway or entryway or the foot of a king-sized bed for even more storage. So many options! 

These are available on Amazon.


Chippy Vintage Corbels

 chippy vintage corbels add so much character and texture to any room. You could use them together or split them up to add decor to more than one space. 

Find it here

Plant Terrianium 

Use to propagate plants, display and arrange flowers, or fresh greenery stems. Use year-round with seasonal stems, fresh or faux. You will want to add this to your spring decor. 

Find it here on Amazon


Pretty Art 

Really pretty art that can work for year-round! Love this for the earliest hints of spring and lightening up decor around the home! This one comes in different sizes. It’s soft and neutral and perfect for spring. 

Available here 


I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  











(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
How to Arrange Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers with Vintage Vessels

How to Arrange Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers with Vintage Vessels

How to Arrange Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers with Vintage Vessels

Looking for ideas to freshen up your home and save money too?  Check out these easy DIY ideas for arranging inexpensive grocery store flowers with favorite vintage vessels!  You’re going to add pretty touches around your home in no time with these budget-friendly and simple ideas!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, pretty flowers are probably on your mind too!  But here’s the real question…would you rather receive an expensive, already-made arrangement or a bouquet with which you can inexpensively arrange grocery store flowers in your favorite vintage vessel…or maybe splurge on a pretty vase that you can keep and enjoy?!

You probably already guessed my answer!

It’s the perfect excuse to pull out some favorite vintage vessels and take some time to be creative!  Plus, I love that some fresh flowers sprinkled throughout our home gives us a little touch of that early spring decor too!

If your answer was to create your own unique flower arrangements with budget-friendly grocery store flowers too, then you’re in luck today.  I’m sharing my favorite simple tips throughout this post.  

At the same time, you’ll also find ideas that you can use throughout the spring season too!

Is it cheaper to make your own flower arrangements?

I give a 500% YES answer to this question!  If you go to a grocery store that carries a nice selection of cut flowers, you should be able to put together a lovely arrangement for much less money than you’d spend at a florist.

For me, the real cost is in the vessels I use.  Over time, I have invested in vintage and new vessels that I truly love.  Even though they may not have been cheap, they pay for themselves many times over in the long run.

Plus, the combination of pretty flowers and an amazing vessel or container can create a true statement piece that adds to the character and warmth of your home.

Pro Tip: When you find vases, containers, or vessels that you really love, they are usually worth your investment.  

You can use them for many years and throughout every season.

At the same time, you may come across your favorite piece ever for a great deal at a thrift store or flea market.  I’m always keeping an eye out for pretty vessels and containers for floral arranging!

How do you make a flower arrangement on a budget? 

Use grocery store flowers!

We are going to look at some of these ideas in more detail in this post, but here are some general ideas to consider for arranging inexpensive grocery store flowers:

  1. Use a small bowl to create a low, table top arrangement.
  2. Cut fresh greenery from your yard to save on the arrangement cost.
  3. Thrift for pretty vessels and containers for flowers.
  4. Make a statement arrangement by choosing a vessel with a lot of patina and character.
  5. Break up a bouquet to make several smaller arrangements.  Grouped together, they can make a big statement or add simple, subtle touches throughout a room.
  6. Incorporate fresh fruit or other fresh produce.
  7. Create a beautiful arrangement with just greenery (this could be a totally free option!)
  8. Make pretty arrangements using only the cheap filler flowers, also referred to as stock bunches.
  9. Cut bare branches from the yard and add in the center to create height for a larger arrangement.
  10. Mix realistic faux flowers and fresh greenery to create an arrangement that will trick everyone!

What are some key tips when arranging flowers?

  1. Remember to cut the stems at an angle.  (My Memaw said to always cut them under running water, so I do!)
  2. Clip off greenery that will be below the water line in the vase.
  3. Refresh the water often, daily if needed.  This also depends on the kind of florals you are using.
  4. Use fresh, local flowers when possible.
  5. Consider the balance and height rule.  The best arrangements are usually when the flower height is one and a half times the height of the container.  However, I don’t always follow this.  For example, you’ll see an arrangement in this post where I did exactly the opposite.  (Obviously, I think it worked. Haha!)

How to Arrange Inexpensive Grocery Store Flowers with Vintage Vessels

Grocery Store Flowers Idea #1:

Make Beautiful Grocery Store Flower Arrangements with Small Bowls.

My current obsession with vintage ironstone jelly molds made me want to see how I could create a small flower arrangement with some Trader Joe’s roses and my newest jelly mold find!

At the same time, you could easily use any favorite, smaller-sized bowl or dish that you already have on hand!

Also, while the roses were a great price for the bouquet, you could make a similar low, tabletop arrangement with a bowl and other stems that have a more open bloom.  For example, hydrangeas or sunflowers work great in a bowl like this too.

Pro Tip: Before going to buy flowers, decide what bowl you want to use.  Take it with you to the store so you can see how many flowers you need.

If you don’t want to take the actual bowl, at least have a pretty good idea of the size.

(I speak from experience because I did NOT decide ahead of time.  Haha!  In full transparency, I would love this arrangement more if I would have had about 4-5 more rose stems!)

How do you arrange roses in a grocery store?

Step One for grocery store flowers:

I used clear scotch tape to create a grid across my ironstone.  Since I was using smaller roses, I made the grid pretty tight.  If you are using larger blooms, make the grid squares larger so there is enough room for the blooms to open after a day or so

Pro Tip: This tape technique also works great for large arrangements in wide vessels, such as a crock, wide glass hurricane, or bucket..

Step Two for grocery store flowers:

I added water after creating my grid.  Trust me; you’ll save yourself a mess. 😉 I did fill my jelly mold pretty full since my flower stems will be so short.  You’ll want to add water each day, too, so the cut flowers are getting enough water!

Especially since the bowl is short and the rose stems had to be cut short, they drink up the water very quickly.  Try setting an alarm to help you remember to add water.  Your roses can last for quite a few days if you keep the water fresh!

Step Three for grocery store flowers:

The next step is the fun part!  I clipped my flowers to about 4 inch stems.  Short enough to fit in my ironstone dish but long enough to support the bloom.  Then just fill each grid square with a single flower!  So simple but looks so pretty!

Pro Tip: Measure the height of your bowl so you know how short to cut the stems.  If they are too short, the stem won’t support the weight of the bloom.  So, make them as long as possible.

(In full disclosure, I would have loved to have 3 more roses, but I made do with what I had and spaced them out just a tad.  It still worked great and made a really pretty little arrangement.)

This ironstone jelly mold rose arrangement is perfect to set on a stack of coffee table books and enjoy for this Valentine’s season (or anytime!).

You could also create several of them, using different dishes and bowls, to create a unique table centerpiece!

Grocery Store Flowers Idea #2:

How to make grocery store flowers look expensive?

Arrange inexpensive flowers in an amazing vintage vessel or pretty vase to create a statement piece on a budget.



This chippy bucket is undoubtedly one of my favorite home decor accessories!  Best I understand, it is a vintage wooden sap bucket and the dealer I purchased it from got it from France.

Vintage + chippy + French is a pretty exciting find!

Even though this bucket isn’t French, I love the color and patina!

You can find some other pretty, vintage bucket with lots of patina:

This bucket is also one of my favorite vessels for flowers.

Pro Tip: My favorite trick for using unique vessels…especially ones that don’t hold water…is to put a jar or vase of water inside the vessel.  

An inexpensive carafe and slender decanter happen to fit perfectly in this chippy bucket.  Since they are tall and slender, it’s a great fit.

Most vintage vessels, buckets, and containers no longer hold water very well.  However, you can still use these amazing old pieces to create incredibly unique and beautiful arrangements.

Pro Tip: Watch at thrift stores for slender, plain vases that might fit down inside your vintage vessels.  

They don’t even have to be pretty vases.  Remember, you’re just putting it down inside of your favorite vessel to hold the water!

You could use a narrow drinking glass or plastic cup from the dollar store.  Whatever fits the dimensions of your vessel the best and holds water will be perfect!  Once you find just the right insert for your vintage vessel, you’re ready to go!

Step One:

I put my eucalyptus in first, making sure that it casually hangs out around all sides of my bucket.  I purposely don’t make it too “perfect” or “matchy” so that it has a casual, easy look.

Step Two:

Step two is super simple!  Just put your hydrangeas, or bloom of choice, in the middle!  I prefer to have an odd number of flowers, but one of my hydrangeas was a dud and didn’t make it.

How do you make supermarket flowers look nice?

Pro Tip: In general, follow the rule of odd numbers when arranging flowers.  For example, 3 or 5 stems usually makes a better arrangement than 2 or 4.

(Which leads me to ask…why can’t I buy a bouquet of 9 roses instead of 12?!  Haha!)

For my simple arrangement here, I had to be content with 2 stems.  Since there are two “vases” in this bucket and it has the oval shape, I just added the two and we will pretend it was intended that way all along!  I still think it looks pretty and I enjoyed this bouquet for a full week!

Grocery Store Flowers Idea #3:

Remember, pretty grocery store flower arrangements can be really simple and still amazingly beautiful!

I don’t think I could even come up with enough to write to create a step-by-step tutorial of these arrangements.  They are just that simple!  However, I still wanted to include it for two reasons:

Pro Tip: Simple and subtle is almost always a fail-proof look for natural beauty in flower arranging.  Don’t overthink it!

First of all, I love old vintage bottles.  What’s not to love, right?!

In the fall, I love to use amber bottles.  Then, when spring and summer roll around, these bottles with a tint of blue and green, mixed with clear ones, are my favorites!  I often style them on my dining room shelves with nothing in them at all!

The little touch of cool colors are so pretty.  Again, simple and subtle is the goal here!

Pro Tip: If you don’t care for the red seal on the clear bottles, either add a dab of white paint or pull that red seal off.  You don’t need the seal to use these for florals!

Find some great bottles for flower arranging:

Bottles on a budget:

Secondly, vintage bottles make even the super inexpensive stock flowers, wild flowers, or even carnations, look special!

Pro Tip: Sometimes, I just put a single greenery stem if I don’t have flowers!

You don’t need any expensive or fancy blooms for this arrangement!

The third reason that I like to use bottles for arrangements is that I can use them in different ways.

Pro Tip: Move your flower arrangements around your home to create different refreshing views.

First, I can group them all together for a statement centerpiece.  Lined up down the middle of a spring tablescape, they make a simple and lovely statement.

Secondly, I can sprinkle them throughout a space to give a fresh touch all around while still having a cohesive look to my decor!  For example, I could add a bottle to each of the accent tables around our living space for instantaneous freshness!

I combined them in the dining room for a a pretty, early spring tablescape.  

Then, I moved them to my bedroom to freshen up the night stands!  

Pro Tip: Bottles of flowers give you flexibility for using them in a lot of fun and pretty ways!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to take an inexpensive bouquet of grocery store flowers, pull out a favorite vintage vessel, and create some unique flower arrangements for your own home!

It’s the perfect way to freshen up your space and even give it a touch of Valentine’s Day in a little different way!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  











(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
How to Decorate a Coffee Table in 4 Easy, Budget-Friendly Steps

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in 4 Easy, Budget-Friendly Steps

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in 4 Easy, Budget-Friendly Steps

Check out my four, fail-proof, simple steps to decorate a coffee table like a pro! These easy tips work no matter the season or decor style!

Have you ever wanted to switch up your décor…without changing the entire room?  Or have you ever tried to decorate something and just got so frustrated that you gave up and left it the same…again?  I have felt this way more than once when I set out to decorate a coffee table.

I hope you answered yes so I’m not alone in this!!!

How do I make my room feel refreshed?

Especially in our fast-paced culture with the world at our fingertips, we can easily catch the feeling that we should always be making big changes, doing the next best thing, renovating, improving, even house shopping every few years…you name it.  While I love a good project, I am a huge fan of small, simple changes that help us continue loving our own homes, as imperfect as they are.

If you’ve been around for awhile, you have probably heard me talk about this before.  If you are new, (welcome!) and hopefully you’ll quickly find out that I am really passionate about HOME.  But if you’re at all like me, I can get a little tired of looking at the same thing over and over.  Before I know it, I can have myself talked into “maybe we should just look for a “better” home”, when all I really need is to just fall in love again with the home I have.

It’s kind of like marriage…dating your spouse is a real thing!  We are coming up on our 18th wedding anniversary and I’m pretty sure that my hubby “gets tired of seeing the same thing” sometimes.  But you stick with it…you find ways to continue falling in love…right?

But I digress.  Haha!

How can I update my house without spending any money?

So what does that have to do with coffee table styling?  Well, sometimes just a simple switch of your coffee table arrangement can help the entire room feel fresh, give you something new to look at, and you might just love that room again!

While I am also a big fan of the concept that home décor should be whatever YOU want it to be for YOUR home, I also understand that sometimes we want to refresh things a little but feel stuck.  My goal for this blog post is to give you the basic tips and ideas for coffee table styling…some rules of thumb, so to speak…and then let you fill in the blanks with what makes you smile!

So let’s get started!


Four Essential Elements of Coffee Table Styling

What should I decorate my coffee table with?

  • Base
  • Tall item
  • Medium item
  • Shorter object

Let’s break this down into details so that you can start hunting for pieces that will definitely work for your coffee table vignette!


How do I style my coffee table like a pro?

I am going to get really specific with each step.  Hopefully, by the end of the post, you’ll have so many ideas you can use to decorate a coffee table, no matter the season.

Here are the basics we will consider in this post:

  1. Start with a base.
  2. Add the tallest item, scaled correctly to your specific space.
  3. Add a medium item.
  4. Use a seasonal item for the 3rd element.
  5. Include greenery or florals.
  6. Use commonality in some accessories for a cohesive look.
  7. Use layers to create a curated style.


We will also answer these common questions and more:

  • What do you decorate a coffee table with?
  • What do you put on a decorative tray on a coffee table?
  • How can I decorate my table cheaply?
  • What can I put on my coffee table as a centerpiece?
  • What should you display on a coffee table?
  • How do I choose the right decorations?
  • Where can I find home decor deals?


How to Decorate a Coffee Table Like a Pro in 4 Easy, Budget-Friendly Steps


How to Decorate a Coffee Table Essential #1: Choose a base


Essential #1: How do I make my coffee table look nice?

First, you need to choose a base to decorate a coffee table.  To me, it’s the first essential thing and I really just can’t seem to put together any coffee table decor without a base!  The base corrals the decor accessories and makes it all look more cohesive.

There are a number of different items that make a great base to decorate a coffee table vignette.  I’ll list my favorites below.  My coffee tables are both quite large, but you’ll want to choose a scale that feels right for your coffee table.

Pro Tip: I like to think of my base as being about one third to one half of the table size.


What should I put on my table decor?

Having a base for your vignette helps any décor for your coffee table to feel grounded and intentional.  I also love the practical reasons of making it easier to move around for cleaning and especially to slide it over for playing family games!

Pro Tip: Your home décor should always feel like it enhances your family life, not be in the way of it.

I listed several great options for coffee table decor bases.  However, my favorite bases for coffee table vignette styling are vintage cutting boards.

I love that they add a lot of character and patina to my décor.  They are also flat, easy to maneuver, and easy to store.  You can even store them in plain sight by stacking them, leaning them in a corner, or against your kitchen backsplash!


How do I choose a base to decorate a coffee table?

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your coffee table vignette base is to choose something that contrasts with your coffee table.

If you have a wood-toned coffee table, consider a base that is either an opposite, yet complementary, wood tone or perhaps white or metal. 

My family room coffee table is wood with chippy white paint, so with a table like that, you can really use woods or whites!

Pro Tip: The important thing is to have a bit of contrast so that it doesn’t seem like you were trying too hard to make them “match”.


How do I choose the right decorations?

Most of all, have fun with your coffee table vignette base!

Pro Tip: Consider investing in a vintage piece that you really love.

This will be a piece you can be used year-round in your décor.  It’s a great chance to add character, interest, texture, and even history to your home decor.

By doing this, you’re sure to love the styling much more for a longer period of time, have less “extra décor” to store away, and can easily switch the smaller décor items that go on the base.


Decorate a Coffee Table Styling Essential #2: Tallest item

What should you display on a coffee table?

Next, you will choose the tallest item to decorate your coffee table.

Lanterns, buckets/planters, vintage pitchers, and tall vases are all natural choices for the first item you’ll choose for your coffee table vignette.  Depending on how you use the space, you’ll want to determine the height for your tallest item.

If you have a TV on the opposite wall, for example, you’ll want to make sure you don’t block the view.  Play around with some different options to settle on a final scale, as the tallest item sets the scale for the rest of your coffee table vignette.


What can I put on my coffee table as a centerpiece?

Pro Tip: You are going to want to focus on three things: a tall item, a medium item, and a smaller item. Each of these accessories will be scaled to fit your coffee table and the layout of your room.

In our back living room, there is no TV and there are not chairs directly opposite the coffee table.  This gives me a lot of freedom with the height of my vignette.  I love making a dramatic statement with these kinds of vignettes, so taller branches, such as these palm branches, are really fun for that. 

You could even consider if there are ways to rearrange your furniture to give you more freedom with your vignettes.  But if not, don’t worry!  There are lots of fun ways to style smaller vignettes! 

Pro Tip: Focus on lots of texture and layers for a curated look or simple, clean lines for a more minimalist look!

I often use my taller item to hold some kind of greenery  (These tall branches are a favorite of mine!)  Greenery (or flowers) is a key essential for me in a coffee table vignette.   It brings a lot of life to the vignette as well as adding an additional texture.  You can use real or faux (another favorite here!).

If you choose to put greenery in your tallest item, have some fun with the vessel.

Pro Tip: Invest in vintage vessels or pretty vases that you can use year round.

A great pottery piece, cloche and wooden base, or pretty pot with a tall plant can be another way to add character and interest to your vignette.

Additionally, a simple switch of flowers or greenery can help your vignette transition from season to season…or just switch things up for the fun of it!

Pro Tip: Simply change the florals or greenery in your vessel to change the entire look of the coffee table!

Decorate a Coffee Table Styling Essential #3: Add a medium sized accessory

What do you put on a decorative tray on a coffee table?

Candlesticks, cloche, pot with plant, ironstone compote, lantern, jar, or vase…they all make great medium items for your vignette.  Often, my tall and medium items might be a tiered pair of something, like candlesticks or lanterns.

Pro Tip: If you have two items that you want to use together but they are the same height, put one on a stack of vintage books  to create your tall and medium items. 

The books will add even more of a layered, curated look to your vignette, as well as more texture!


A large book, like this vintage dictionary, standing up also makes a great medium item.  I often use some of my larger books to create the medium item in my grouping.

Books go with any style, despite the season, and add a lot of texture and character to a vignette.

Also, you can do this with nice coffee table books or picture books.  It is a great way to add a personal element to your coffee table vignette!

Smaller architectural items can make perfect medium items for coffee table styling!  Actually, a chippy corbel can be great for your tall item too!

I often use architectural salvage pieces for my vignette base.  Then, I like to layer a salvage piece on my base for extra texture.  You can even use an architectural salvage base to add height to a smaller item in order to make it your medium item!

Pro Tip: Stacking elements like salvage or books adds a lot of character and interest to your vignette.

Decorate a Coffee Table Styling Essential #4: Add the smallest item

What should I decorate my coffee table with?

I like to think of the smallest item as my “seasonal” touch, whether it’s a piece of coral for summer, a little pumpkin in the fall, a reindeer figure in the winter, or a cute cement bunny in the spring!  Keeping those seasonal items in smaller sizes can be super helpful with your storage.

How to update table decor in one minute:

Additionally, if you have a coffee table vignette that you love and don’t want to change, just switch out that seasonal item and you have a brand new look in 1 minute’s time!  Simple, easy, budget-friendly, and time-conscious too!

Here are some ideas of seasonal items to switch out:


Other non-seasonal items that work great for the small item can include:


These are just a few of MANY, many possibilities!  Get creative with your smallest item and look around your vintage collections to see what you could use!

How can I decorate my table cheaply?

If you decide to do a little shopping for this smaller item, there is good news!  You can usually switch out these smaller pieces for budget-friendly accessories, especially if you’re doing so with seasonal items.


(That’s not to say that you might spend more on a pretty vintage clock or ironstone jelly mold than you do on your tall and medium items combined.  I consider these items great investments because I can use them year round and switch them around in different areas of my home.)

My main point is that to change your vignette, you don’t always have to change all of the essentials at once!  Remember…we are looking for simple, easy changes that make you smile when you walk through the room!

Pro Tip: You can change the entire look of the room by swapping out just one or two things on your coffee table.


Other Tips to Consider When Styling Your Coffee Table Decor:

Use Greenery in Your Coffee Table Décor

Almost every coffee table vignette I create will have some kind of greenery or flowers mixed in!  Whether fresh or faux, I think they add so much life to the vignette. 

Greenery also helps to soften the edges of your coffee table vignette pieces and help everything blend in.  You can find a couple of my favorite faux greenery HERE and HERE.


Where can I find home decor deals?

I get most of my vintage pieces from favorite vintage shops and vintage markets.  However, I can often find some of the smaller decor items, especially, at thrift stores and flea markets.

Also, don’t discount the big box chain stores for cute pieces as well.  While much of my decor is vintage, I definitely mix in new pieces as well.  Seasonal decor is something I specifically shop for at places like Walmart, Target, and Homegoods.

This picture is from a favorite antiquing and thrifting haul.  You can find my favorite tips for vintage hunting HERE.



How to get a cohesive look when you decorate a coffee table:

This is not a hard and fast rule because if it were, I break it often!  However, I do like to keep some common elements in each vignette.

For example, in this vignette with the zinc basket, you’ll find several common elements.

  1. The two bases I layer have a similar wood tone.
  2. The bucket with the olive tree is zinc, tying in with the zinc basket.
  3. While the book is a stand-alone element, the blue-gray tones of the cover and the tan tones of the pages flow nicely with the wood cutting boards and zinc pieces.
  4. The sponge is another unique element, though it’s coloring has a common color tone to the bread boards.

Pro Tip: If you’re not loving a decor vignette, step back and consider the details.  

Just because each piece is beautiful does not necessarily mean that they are tied together with common elements.  The details matter a lot!



For example, in this spring/summer vignette, you see different elements.  However, the colors tie them together.

Pro Tip: You could find common elements through material, texture, color, and pattern.


Use layers to add texture when you decorate a coffee table:

Layer, layer, layer!  Layering is a great way to add texture and character to your coffee table vignette.

For example, let’s look again at this summer vignette I created for our back living room.  I could have used the zinc basket as my base and put all of the same tall, medium and small items.  However, I used an extra-large bread board under the basket and a small bread board inside the basket.

Essentially stacking three bases for my vignette, I was able to bring in a contrasting tone (since the coffee table has a zinc top).  Also, I added a color that would connect with the book pages and sponge, and add some extra patina.  Then, because of the location of this vignette, I don’t have to worry too much about height.  So, I could add those layers with no concern of hindering the view.

Pro Tip: Look for ways to layer multiples of an item so the vignette looks layered, yet still uncluttered and cohesive.

Consider layering some of these kinds of vintage items when you decorate a coffee table:

However, even on a space where you need to keep a lower height and a direct line of sight to another piece of furniture or TV, you can add layers with thin things such as:

Are you ready to decorate a coffee table?

The answer is YES!  This post has the tools you need to confidently decorate and style your coffee table.  You will get more comfortable and creative the more you do it, so grab a few favorite items and experiment!

As I was writing the post over time, I reminded myself of some ways that I have enjoyed decorating my coffee table and want to try these ideas again too!

Remember to save this post so you can easily refer back to it when you’re in a decorating rut.  

What Do I Do Next?


Create!   Go have fun with your décor!

Experiment!  Gather many more items than you could possibly use and try lots of options until you find the one that makes you smile!  Walk away if you get frustrated and come back to it later (works like a charm!)

I hope this has given you lots of ideas to work with simple vignettes throughout your home!  There are so many fun ways to decorate and the possibilities are truly limitless!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  











(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)
How to Decorate with Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor

How to Decorate with Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor

Check out these five tips for using neutral colors for Valentine’s Day decor. Help make your home a sweet haven as we celebrate this fun and cozy holiday in simple and elegant ways that aren’t cheesy!


Actually, I am not sure why I haven’t always decorated for Valentine’s Day at home.  It could be that I’ve been a room mom at my children’s school for years.  Then, technically, I’ve been doing a lot of Valentine’s decorating!  Just not at home!

I do love this fun holiday and we always try to do something special with our kiddos too.  Family is so important and more than ever, I’ll take every opportunity to celebrate us!

Of course, my husband knows that my ideal Valentine’s Date won’t be a pricey restaurant.  Instead, I’ll take a day of antiquing over any expensive gift or meal!  Who’s with me on that?!


A couple of years ago, I decided that I was going to look for some ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day décor in simple, budget-friendly ways.  After all, this décor will only be up for a couple of weeks before I start making some transitions to early spring.

At the same time, I don’t see any reason to break the bank for a holiday that is celebrated with hearts, flowers, chocolate, and candles!

What are the three colors of Valentine’s Day?

Even though Valentine’s Day is traditionally decorated with red, pink, and white, those colors really just don’t go with the aesthetic of our home.  In fact, other than some blush pink accessories in my girls’ room and red accents in Harrison’s room, we just really don’t use those colors at all!

White, however, is my favorite.  Since it is still one of the Valentine’s Day colors, I try to capitalize on that and use it as a base for neutral Valentine’s Day decor.

I also wanted to make my touches, using neutral colors for Valentine’s Day, with subtle things that would complement our home’s décor, rather than requiring full-scale redecorating!  (Especially since Valentine’s Day is kind of a one-day or maybe week-long holiday rather than a whole season.)

Since I have a neutral color palette throughout our home, I decided to take on the challenge of using neutral colors for Valentine’s Day décor.  That being said, I think you could use these same ideas and tweak them to include the traditional reds and pinks for fun!


Here are five ways I incorporated simple, neutral colors for Valentine’s Day décor into our home:

How to Decorate with Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor

Using Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor #1:

How to make simple Valentine decorations?

Even though hearts may seem like a really obvious decor choice for Valentine’s Day, I just had to include it!  I love the instant touch of Valentine’s Day that a garland of hearts brings!  Check out these three different garlands we created.  All of these are ideas that you can easily turn into a fun and simple DIY project for the Valentine’s holiday.

At the same time, you may love using the traditional Valentine’s colors.  If so, you could easily substitute those for the neutral colors I decorated with.

Neutral colored vintage grain sack hearts from Penny and Ivy

Emily is so incredibly talented!  You may remember the miniature stockings I had in our entryway at Christmas that I purchased from Penny and Ivy!  Her work is impeccable.  I especially love how this heart garland adds such a classy touch to our vintage living room!

At the same time, the neutral colors complement our home while still being festive.  Plus, the vintage French postal bag fabric is the perfect addition to our vintage home decor pieces!

You could create your own fabric hearts by taking vintage fabric (maybe even a grain sack!), cutting out simple heart shapes, and gluing or sewing them to twine.  They are so easy and such a pretty way to decorate with neutral colors for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Kraft paper sweetheart notes garland

What can I do for Valentine’s Day cheap?

You can find the tutorial for this garland here.  My kids love to do arts and crafts so this was a fun way to incorporate them into the process.  I smile every time I walk past their sweet notes.  Each child wrote something they love about each member of our family and we strung them together on the mantel!

Also, you could create a similar idea for friends, a significant other, or additional family members that you want to celebrate.

This simple DIY costs almost nothing.  However, the kind and loving thoughts are priceless!

By using neutral colored pencils, we kept a simple look.  At the same time, there is no doubt that this mantel is ready for Valentine’s Day!

DIY White Yarn Heart Garland

You can find the tutorial for this garland here!  I hung this garland across the large mirror in our music room, mixed with my winter greenery.

It is just another fun way to add some neutral colors for Valentine’s Day to a space for a simple look!  I love the texture of the yarn and how the white hearts go with the white furniture and chunky white throw pillows in this room.

Again, you could tweak either of these simple DIY heart garlands to make it fit the colors you want to use in your own decorating!

Using Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor #2:

What is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day?  Flowers, of course!

No matter the season, flower are one of my favorite ways to quickly freshen up any space.  One quick trip to my Trader Joe’s and about $20 gave me enough flowers to sprinkle through our living spaces.  I really enjoy them during these weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day!

Keeping with the neutral colors for Valentine’s Day, I chose white stock flowers that will last all week, some white tulips, eucalyptus greenery, and little filler flowers.

I made several small arrangements that I can add to our living room, kitchen, music room, and my nightstand!

A small jar of flowers adds instant life to a room and speaks of your thoughtful way to make the holiday special for the most important people in your world…your family!

How do you dress a table for Valentine’s?

Another fun thing about creating several small arrangements is that I can move them around and even bring them all to the dining room for a Valentine’s Day tablescape!

You can find easy ideas for a sweet Valentine’s Day breakfast table on THIS POST.

On THIS POST, there are 7 ideas for some pretty Valentine’s Day tablescapes too!


What can I do for Valentine’s Day cheap?

If over-priced flowers aren’t in the budget, no worries!  A sweet plant in a pretty pot will save you some money but it definitely won’t lack an expression of love!

This is also a great time to invest in a new fresh plant or two and add to your kitchen sink or table!  It’s a simple, thoughtful touch that adds a bright, fresh look to your space.  I like to put my fresh plants in vintage containers for a little extra character!

What are cute ideas for Valentine’s Day?

I think a sweet, little plant is a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day because it will last long past the one week mark.  Also, a gift that someone can enjoy nurturing and brings life to their space is always a great idea, right?!  Consider a cute plant for a co-worker, teacher, employee/er, or friend!

Using Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor #3:

Cute signs!

One particular Valentine’s Day season, I was particularly lucky!  My husband surprised me with this incredible vintage Whitman’s Chocolates sign that I admired at an antiques show we visited.

I am not an easy one to surprise, so he really got me!  However, I love the way the green pops against my woods and whites, while still blending in with the neutral décor.

A vintage sign for Valentine’s Day may not be something you can just snap your fingers and find.  However, you can add it to your vintage hunting list and look throughout the year!

Vintage chocolates boxes and little vintage candy signs can be spotted around flea markets, both in person and online, so keep your eyes open!

What are cute ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Little signs are another fun and cute idea, both to decorate with and also to give as a gift for Valentine’s Day.  You can often find sweet signs about love, family, or Scripture.

Consider picking up a small one to add to a favorite Valentine’s vignette!  You could also take card stock and print one online or try your hand at writing your favorite verse in calligraphy!

Here are a few favorite verses that I love for the Valentine’s season:

  • “Love is patient, love is kind.” I Corinthians 13:4
  • “Love…it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”  I Corinthians 13:7
  • “We love because He first loved us.”  I John 4:19
  • “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  Jeremiah 31:3
  • “There is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear.”  I John 4:18

Using Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor #4:

Bring out the chocolates!

You really can’t have Valentine’s Day without some candy, right?  I picked up a few bags of yummy chocolate, in neutral colored wrappers, of course.  Next, I added them to vintage bowls on the coffee table and in the kitchen!

This is proving to be tempting for our whole family.  However, we decided on a little rule that each person can have one a day for the week!  After all, a little chocolate is good for you, right?!

It is a simple way to add some fun and festivity to your home for the season.

Adding the chocolates to my vintage, wooden bowls makes them feel a little more special.  I love being able to actually use my vintage items.  Plus, my family is enjoying it too!


Using Neutral Colors for Valentine’s Day Decor #5:

Candles, of course!

Nothing sets a romantic, cozy atmosphere like candles!  I use battery-operated ones all through the winter.  It makes me feel cozy when they flicker on each day around dusk and we get to enjoy them during the long, winter evenings.

I also keep my favorite candles on hand and you can find one lit in our kitchen or on the coffee table most evenings!  This candle also makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day too!

For me, celebrating love and family is all about creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.  I want our family to feel like home is really a great, big, cozy hug.  No matter what is happening in the world, we have each other and our home is a haven.

What does that have to do with candles?  Well, it’s all about a cozy feeling and peaceful environment.  Candles are a simple, but impactful, way to get that in your home!


Here are a few ways to add candles:

  1. Add a jar candle to a dough bowl with a simple, green wreath or clips of fresh greenery from your yard.
  2. Fill a bowl with small rocks or sand and add taper candles, like I did here! You can even use my favorite taper battery operated ones for something that just flickers on each evening and is a little more safe to have on all the time.  These pillar candles are a great price and look nice also!
  3. Use a dough bowl or tray and add a few pillar candles. This makes a quick and simple centerpiece, or use it like I did on my coffee table!  I added a few little sprigs of faux greenery to soften the edges and give it more life.  You can find 3 winter centerpiece ideas over on this post!

Other favorite battery-operated, realistic candles on timers:

How can I decorate for Valentine’s Day in a way that isn’t really cheesy?

Well, I hope this gives you a few more ideas that you can easily incorporate into your existing decor, using neutral colors for Valentine’s Day!  Even if you’re decorating at the last minute like I usually do, these simple ideas are budget-friendly and subtle.

To me, the key for Valentine’s Day decor that isn’t really cheesy is to keep it simple and subtle.  Gentle hints of the holiday will go a long way!

At the same time, you don’t have to spend a ton of time crafting, decorating, redecorating, and cleaning up afterward.  It really can be simple and elegant!


So you can see that our Valentine’s Day décor isn’t flashy and we won’t be winning any party décor awards!  But it feels calm, peaceful, and loving…with a little splash of fun and festivity!

If you don’t usually decorate for Valentine’s Day, I hope this inspires you to pick up a bag of chocolates or bundle of flowers on your next grocery store run.  It takes the smallest, most simple things to create a thoughtful and loving home.

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