21 Simple Fall DIY Projects and How You Can Make Them

21 Simple Fall DIY Projects and How You Can Make Them

21 Simple Fall DIY Projects and How You Can Make Them

Fall is the perfect time to get creative! Check out these 21 simple, fall DIY projects, complete with all you need to easily make them yourself!

There is something about the fall season that brings out the creativity in me and I imagine it does for you too!  Whether it’s a little craft project with the kids or just restyling my pumpkins for the 10th time, it is just good for the soul to get creative sometimes!

I don’t always have time for the big DIY projects, though.  As wonderful as they are, a simple, afternoon project usually brings me just as much (or more!) joy!

Today, I am rounding up 21 fall DIY projects and ideas.  I challenge you to pick one and give it a try this week!

21 Simple Fall DIY Projects 

I challenge you to pick one and try it this week!

Fall DIY Project #1: Chalk paint your pumpkins and update the stems

Who else has faux pumpkins laying around from years gone by?  Maybe they are scratched or chipped.  Or maybe they don’t fit your color scheme anymore.

Check out this great idea to use chalk paint on your pumpkins!  And then update them with a real pumpkin stem too!  A super fun and lovely fall DIY project!

Fall DIY Project #2: Grab some blocks from the Dollar Tree and a little paint!

I love a good Dollar Tree project and this one would be really fun with kids too!  I know my little guy, especially, would love making pumpkins with tumbling tower blocks!  I love that you can paint these or even leave them as the wood color for a more modern twist!

Fall DIY Project #3: How to Make a Dried Orange Wreath

Making a dried orange wreath is definitely on my list of things I want to do.  I love that this could be used through the Christmas season and for winter decor also!  Cloches and Lavender has a great tutorial so you can make your own dried orange wreath for a fall DIY project!

Fall Decorating Idea #4: How to get that magazine-worthy look for your front porch

Now, this doesn’t work for me because real pumpkins just don’t last long enough in my South Florida weather!  And I definitely don’t have enough faux pumpkins.  But if you live where pumpkins don’t turn to carriages at midnight, definitely check out this post!

Great tips for getting that perfect front porch styling with pumpkins this season!

Fall DIY Project #5: How to Get an Aged Zinc Look

This looks so fun to try and I love that you could use the same concepts for any item and any season!  But if you want a little modern or industrial farmhouse vibe in your fall decor, definitely give this a try!  Such an interesting process!

Fall DIY Project #6: A Simple Pumpkin Sign Refresh

Who has a tired fall sign laying around?  My friend Kimberley from Farmhouse to Florida shared a super quick way to update your sign!  I love inexpensive and quick ways to refresh pieces I already own.  And it helps the budget too!

You may even find a sign at a thrift store or yard sale that you could revamp a little!

Fall Project #7: Fairy Tale Sweater Pumpkin DIY

Simply adorable!  What to do with that favorite sweater that got a hole or looks a little too worn?  Here you go!

This would be a perfect fall DIY project for a girls’ night in craft party!

Fall Project #8: Easy DIY Muted Faux Fall Foliage

This is a brilliant idea and also a way to get kids involved if you want to.  Or just enjoy some time with a Hallmark movie and a little paint, all by yourself!

I’ve always had a hard time finding faux fall leaves that blend with my decor.  My friend Juliet has solved that problem for good!  This is a don’t miss post!

Fall DIY Project #9: How to Make a Container Garden for Fall

Who says container gardens are only for the spring time?  I love this fresh (literally!) approach to fall decor.  Bringing in fresh elements are always a perfect way to add life to any space!

Fall DIY Project #10: How to Warm Up Your Fall Table with Pumpkins and Mums

My friend Kim from Shiplap and Shells is sharing some quick tips for styling those pretty pumpkins and mums on your fall table!  I love that this makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving but also a pretty way to enjoy nature, indoors, through the whole season!

While you’re over there, don’t miss Kim’s fall garden tour too.  It’s truly stunning!

Fall DIY Project #11: How to Make Unique Pumpkin Place Card Holders

You know I love good tablescape and these DIY pumpkin place card holders would take “cute” to a whole new level!  I want to make them for our classroom’s Thanksgiving feast this year!

This is a great fall DIY project to involved the kids too!

Fall DIY Project #12: Cookie Jar Pumpkin or Planter

Does anyone have a hard time staying out of the pumpkin spice cookies this time of year?  They are my very favorites and it is entirely possible that I have a box hidden from my kids.  Shhhhh.

Speaking of cookies, how fun is this DIY fall project?  I also think it would be so pretty as a vase for fresh fall-colored flowers!

Fall DIY Project #13: How to Stencil an Uneven Surface

If you’re reading my blog, there is a good chance you love old stuff too!  And if you love old stuff, there is a good chance you’ve struggled with uneven surfaces!

Check out this great tutorial on using stencils on uneven surfaces.  I love a good trash to treasure post!

Fall Decorating Idea #14: How to Decorate with Amber Bottles

Amber colored bottles are a perfect way to bring some rich, warm tones into your fall decor.  I love that they can be used all over your home and you can often find them at flea markets for a great price too!

Check out these simple ways to use amber bottles to bring all the warm vibes this fall!

Fall Decorating Idea #15: 12 Ways to Decorate a Faux Pumpkin

There are so many ways to repurpose those old faux pumpkins!  Click on over to find 12 ways you can easily decorate your faux pumpkins this year!

And a great idea to save in case you find faux pumpkins on the end-of-season clearance or even at the thrift store!

Fall Decor Project #16: Ways to Decorate with White Pumpkins

Even the most enthusiastic among us might need a little break from a messy fall DIY project. Time to do something simple, pull out those white pumpkins and give them a little restyle to continue enjoying throughout the season!

My friend Ann has such amazing style and I love her ideas for decorating with white pumpkins this season!

Fall DIY Project #17: An Easy Way to Bleach Pinecones

This fall DIY project was on my list for last year and I never got it done. I definitely want to get it done this year!  What a perfect way to bring in those warm wood tones for the fall and winter, but with a little bit of a twist.

And I love that this would be a free fall DIY project for me!  We have plenty of pinecones laying around our yard!

Fall DIY Project #18:  How to Customize Pumpkins Using the Hydro Drip Technique

Sound fun?!  I thought so!  This would definitely be something my kids would get on board with for a weekend afternoon craft time too!


Fall Decorating Idea #19: Handmade Ceramic Bowls for Rustic Autumn

I love the look of hand thrown pottery!  And this idea for using a mix of pieces is perfect for a Friendsgiving Soup Dinner too!  Click over to see the details.

I love this concept.  You could put your own twist on it with thrifted dishes and cups too!

Fall DIY Project #20: Glam Pumpkins Fall Tablescape

There are soooo many ways to get creative with pumpkins, right?  This idea for glam pumpkins would make a really fun fall DIY project and I think it would be the cutest for a girls’ night in!

Fall Decorating Idea #21: How to Make Beautiful Fall Table Decorations

There are crafty DIY projects that are so fun. And then there are fall DIY project ideas that help you turn all of that into beauty!  I love these tips from my friend Renae.

She gives some great ideas for putting it all together to create absolutely stunning fall table decor.  This has me feeling all the Thanksgiving vibes!  Definitely a “don’t miss” post!

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5 Easy Ways to Style a Cloche for Fall Decorating

5 Easy Ways to Style a Cloche for Fall Decorating

5 Easy Ways to Style a Cloche for Fall Decorating

Looking for ways to style a cloche in your fall decorating? Check out these 3 easy ideas to decorate with vintage cloches and how to use them in your home decor!

I absolutely love using vintage cloches in my decor.  And I absolutely love fall decorating!  It’s no surprise, then, that I love to style a cloche for fall.

It’s one of the top things people ask me about, looking for ideas!  Today, I’m excited to share 3 really simple ways to style a cloche in your fall decorating!

Over the years, I have collected different sizes and styles of cloches from thrift stores, yard sales, vintage markets, antique malls, and flea markets.  I love finding architectural salvage bases to use with them, though there are lots of different things (easier to find, too!) that you can use for styling your cloche.

Whether using a single cloche or a grouping of them, a cloche can add extra texture and dimension to your vignette.

You’ll probably read this again throughout the post, as it’s one of my favorite reasons to use a cloche in my decor.  A cloche is a perfect way to make a single item or collection of items, even a small one, into a significant and substantial part of your decor.

It is a little like Beauty and the Beast with the red rose in the west wing…

See what I mean?!

I won’t be styling up roses in my cloches for fall decor, but I will show you a few ideas for turning a single item into something extra special.

Cloches come in all shapes and sizes and don’t discount the small ones!  They can be a lot of fun to style too!

Let’s start with this little cutie and some ideas for styling the small cloches:

How to Style a Cloche with a Single Item

Turn a single item into a stand-alone statement piece.

No matter whether you’re styling a small or large cloche, you can use it to make a single item feel significant.

This little cloche is the perfect way to style a simple, seasonal element.  For fall, I added a small, faux pumpkin.  At Christmas, it would be sweet with a little brass deer, special ornament, or even a little Christmas tree!

Under this large cloche, I styled a vintage quail for the fall season. I  love using vintage quail in the fall and the rust/orange tones of this one, add a nice touch of fall color.


Instead of using just the quail by itself, I cut a small piece of a dead banana leaf and laid underneath it.  I love the look of the dried leaves for even more fall texture and color.

You could use a corn husk or dried fall leaves to get the same effect!


How to Style a Cloche with a Candle

Add a cozy glow in a stylish way.

No matter the season, a battery operated pillar candle is always one of my favorite things to add under a cloche.  I love the warm glow it adds to make my spaces feel cozy.

It is also a super simple way to style the cloche while allowing the actual cloche and base to be the statement piece.  This works really well both for smaller cloches like this one (under $6, by the way!) or larger ones like this.

Battery operated candles can range greatly in price.  I prefer to invest in quality ones that have a more realistic look, like this one.  However, there are a lot of more budget-friendly ones available, especially if you want to purchase several at once.  I also like this set!

Use a Cloche to Feature a Collection

Dust off those favorite collections and make them a statement piece!

A cloche is a great way to feature a favorite collection, whether it is seasonal or something you leave out year round.

I love this large mortar and pestle and especially love it filled with this collection of miniature pestles that I purchased from The Cotton Shed.


To make it stand out and become more of a conversation piece, I added it to an architectural salvage base and placed a large cloche over it.  I love how it became a statement piece rather than a pretty piece sitting on a shelf!


When you’re getting ready to style a cloche for either seasonal or every day decor, look around and find a collection that you could feature!

For Christmas, I think a bowl of special ornaments would sparkle under a cloche!  A stack of special dishes become a statement when paired with a cloche.  You could also style a collection of dried gourds or gathered pinecones to bring in a touch of nature and style your cloche for the fall season.


Use Vintage Books to Style a Cloche

Pair favorite objects with vintage books to style a more substantial cloche.

You all know I love using vintage books in my decor.  I have a big shelf full of books that I’ve collected for the sole purpose of decorating!

I always keep an eye out for vintage books with great color for the seasons, interesting titles, or textured patina.  I have a whole blog post about different ways that I decorate with vintage books!  You can find it here.

Books are great to use under cloches.  You can put a stack of books by itself or stand them up, leaning against one side of the cloche.

Vintage books are a good way to make a small item, such as this little pair of vintage brass quail, have a more substantial look.  I stacked three books with the brown and rust fall colors, added my vintage quail on top, and covered it with a large cloche.

Style a Cloche Over a Vignette

Make your vignette a statement piece by placing a cloche over it!

Of course, unless you have a giant cloche, any vignette underneath it is going to be relatively small.  This is why this is my favorite tip of the day!

Small vignettes are so fun to create but they often do not fill the space, especially on a larger console or dining table.  Rather than adding more small things to the vignette (which can start getting cluttered), consider placing your smaller vignette under a large cloche!

To create this look, I used a small ironstone tureen.  I found mine very inexpensively at a little antique mall, I think because it was missing the lid.  Keep an eye out for pieces like this at thrift stores and yard sales too!

I tucked a little sprig of faux eucalyptus (this is my favorite because it is so realistic and inexpensive) and a small dried gourd.  

Tip: Tilt the gourd a little to give it a more casual, natural look!

To complete my vignette, I used a tiny mortar and a tiny gourd.  I love how this repeats the look of the tureen and gourd, but with a smaller scale to add extra dimension while keeping a simplistic look.

Quick Tip: I highly recommend getting a bag of these mini gourds!  I use them on place settings, piled in a small dough bowl, or individually like I did with the mortar.  So many fun uses for them!  They are inexpensive and can be used year after year!

Where can I buy a cloche?

That’s a great question!

All of my cloches have been found at thrift stores, yard sales, vintage shops, antique malls, and flea markets!  They are gold for vintage shop owners and dealers, so keep an eye out at those local shops!  (Plus, I love supporting a small business!)


The prices will vary greatly, depending on the size, style, and whether it is new or vintage.  Older cloches with the thicker glass are typically more expensive (though I think they are great investment pieces because you can use them year round.)

I also think cloche prices are little bit in the eye of the beholder.  One cloche could be extremely pricey from one vendor and very reasonable from the next.  Just keep your eyes open and hunt for them.  But if you find one you love at a decent price, grab it!  They can be hard to come by!

The price can also really depend on the base or if the cloche comes with a base at all.  I’ve gotten really luck to find some great architectural salvage bases and some great cloches, but only a couple have been sets purchased together from Olde Tyme Marketplace!

I have also found great little dome cloches at the thrift store.  They are ones that likely were over a clock at some point.  You may even find a clock or collectible that comes with a cloche for a great price.  Just use the cloche part and toss the rest, if you don’t care for it!

What about the base?

Also a great question!

I have found all of my bases at vintage shops, flea markets, and antique malls.  You’re much less likely to find a great salvage piece at a thrift store, but you never know!  I definitely always look, just in case.

I am linking a few architectural salvage bases available online:


You can also find some new cloche and base sets here and here.  These would mix beautifully into any style of decor, including vintage and farmhouse!

This trio of glass cloche and wooden bases makes a nice set and would be a really pretty vignette too!

Last but not least, this dome cloche is a great height and inexpensive!  Pair it with a vintage bread board or old book as a base!

I can’t find a base!  What now?

Another great question!

A cloche doesn’t have to go on a vintage, chippy, architectural salvage base!  You can put a cloche on anything!  Try a large old book, a vintage bread board (this is my favorite!) or a stack of thrifted books that you deconstruct!

If you are styling your cloche on a pretty table, it is perfectly fine for the tabletop to be your base also.  The important thing is to have fun and be creative as you style a cloche for your home!

I hope this gives you some ideas or inspiration to refresh your cloche for the fall season.  And if you don’t have a cloche, try some of these vignette ideas on a vintage base…even an old book!  Have fun and enjoy your home!

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5 Useful Fall Cleaning Tips That Will Really Make You Holiday Ready

5 Useful Fall Cleaning Tips That Will Really Make You Holiday Ready

5 Useful Fall Cleaning Tips That Will Really Make You Holiday Ready

​Time to get ready for the holiday season? Check out these 5 fall cleaning tips to help you prepare for the busy (and most wonderful) seasons coming up!

Right around the beginning of October, I start to feel the urge to do some cleaning out and cleaning up!  Perhaps it’s the little break in the weather or perhaps it’s the knowledge that my favorite seasons are (literally) on my doorstep.  And I want to be ready!

All of the fun and special holidays that are coming up in these next few months are much more enjoyable to me if I’ve prepared ahead of time.

And a big part of that preparation is having my house in order!

Ideally, this would happen in the summer when we are a little less busy or after the holiday rush.  But it’s just simply too hot in the summer and after the holidays just leaves me a little overwhelmed.

So October it is!  Hopefully, we will find a weekend this month to do a big yard sale, but if not, at least all of those treasures will be packed away, set aside, out of my house, and ready for a winter yard sale.

January and February are the BEST yard sale months in South Florida!!!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself just a bit!  Let’s back up to the actual fall cleaning tips and the 5 “must-do” things on my list to help me get my house holiday!


Fall Cleaning Tip #1

Clear the clutter.

If I only get one thing done off the list during October, it’s this one: Clear the clutter.

There is nothing more overwhelming in my house than pulling out all the seasonal decor for fall and Christmas, then the gifts, then all the new things, etc., etc., etc.  But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if I’ve gotten rid of the old, tired, broken way ahead of time!

There are a few key areas where I try to make sure and clear the clutter during my fall cleaning.

#1: Toys

Who can relate here?  Now maybe you don’t have kids at home anymore and this will be a quick step for you to move past.  However, consider entertainment items as toys too.  Puzzles, games, magazines, books….it all counts!

When my kids were really little, I tackled this step solo.  I mean, for real.  It is impossible to get rid of any toys with your kids around!  Right?!

Now that they are a little older, they are great to help me get the job done quickly.  They go through all of the playroom drawers, toy closet, and bookshelves.  We sort the toys into four areas:

  • Broken/stained/discard
  • Sentimental to be neatly stored in the attic
  • Toys that are still played with to be reorganized and put away
  • Toys that are no longer played with to be put in the yard sale or consignment pile

#2: Kitchen

I want to be able to really enjoy our kitchen for the holidays!  Lots of backing, entertaining, present-wrapping, as well as everyday life will be happening in this space!  I go through these areas and clear the clutter:

  • Dishes or serving pieces that I don’t use
  • Pantry
  • Any odds and ends that have stacked up (I try to not have a junk drawer for this very reason, but there are inevitably little things that have gotten tucked here and there!)
  • Quickly reorganize any areas that have gotten messy

#3: Office

Now, we don’t technically have an actual home office.  That means that we have to be extra intentional about keeping the spaces where we use and store home office types of things clean, neat, and organized!

I try to routinely go through these spaces and before the craziness of the holiday season hits is definitely a time that I want to set aside to reorganize!  As I’m tidying these spots, I also make note of supplies that I need to stock up on, such as tape, scissors, craft supplies, paper, stamps, and envelopes.

Fall Cleaning Tip #2

Clear the closets.

Cleaning out closets is one of my least favorite things to do.  But it’s also a really important one, so I’ve included it in my fall cleaning tips list!  

I really do make an effort to keep things organized as we go.  If I can reasonably stay on top of things through the year, these cleaning out times can be fairly quick and a little less painful!

I start with my kids’ closets because those are the ones that need done the most often.  I try to follow this formula, at least roughly, to help me stay organized.

  • Summer clothing items: keep, toss, consign/yard sale.  Since we are at the end of that season, I have a pretty good idea if there is an item that they can use again or pass down, or if it needs to be gotten rid of entirely.
  • Go through fall/winter clothing items to see what can still be used.  Make lists of essentials that need to be purchased.
  • Pull out bins of “hand-me-down” shoes and clothing to see what could be used this season.
  • Overall, tidy the closets.  (In other words, get all the stuff that doesn’t belong in the closet but has somehow gotten pushed in the corner OUTTA THERE!)

I also have my kids go through their pjs, socks, and other items.  We like to use over-the-door organizers to save space in their closets.

Rather than typical dresser drawers, Harrison uses these and it has worked really well for him.  It’s a lot easier for him to keep them tidy on his own!

I do a quick clean out of the following closets as well:

  • Game/puzzle closet (make space for new games at Christmas!)
  • Linen closet (make note of anything that needs refreshed or replaced)
  • Cleaning/laundry closet (generally just a quick tidying of this spot)
  • Coat closet (the dreaded job of making everyone try on the coats and jackets to see what still fits and what needs replaced)
  • In general, remove things that are out of place, tidy, straighten, and refresh these spots!

Fall cleaning tips wouldn’t be complete without some organizing tools!

We use over-the-door organizers in several of these closets as well.  This one works great for small games and card games.  I like this one for the linen closet because I can roll up individual items in the pockets rather than worry about stacks on a shelf (which seem to always get messy!)

Fall Cleaning Tip #3

Clear the storage.

Ugh.  This is so not my favorite one.  And to be honest, it’s the one we have the hardest time with.  Our attic has a lot of storage possibilities but we have a long way to go before we’ve really utilized them well.  Time and money!

Hopefully over this next year, we will be able to finish laying the rest of the attic flooring and that will help us to be able to spread things out into definitive zones.  Once that is done, we will be able to more easily accomplish this fall cleaning tip!

In the meantime, we pulled out almost everything from the attic and resorted, reorganized, and recategorized.  As we did this, we pulled out things that we know we don’t need to keep anymore.  It is a huge goal of ours to keep the attic space more manageable!

One thing that I do each season to help me keep my decor organized is to completely empty the bins.  If I didn’t use it to decorate for the season, it goes into a “get rid of” pile.  Of course, there are random things that I know I will use or have sentimental value.  But for the most part, I get really picky about this.

It helps me keep seasonal decor in check and under control!

As I store away and get out seasonal items, we try to keep them neatly packed and sorted.  We have transitioned all of our bins to these, as they are super heavy-duty and stack nicely.  My husband isn’t a picky guy, but it does make him very happy when the bins stack neatly and don’t slip and slide all over the place!

Favorite storage totes: HERE!

Fall Cleaning Tip #4

Deep clean each space.

If I had my way, my whole house would be deep cleaned every week.  What can I say?  A clean house makes me feel good!

Since that simply cannot happen, I try to make sure that it happens at least each season.  As I change and refresh decor, I give a good deep cleaning to those spaces and it helps me break the tasks down too!

I also try to make sure the following gets done:

  • Wipe out drawers/cabinets
  • Clean all baseboards
  • Clean all plantation shutters
  • Move and dust all surfaces
  • Mop/vacuum under all furniture

I also like to deep clean all of my rugs.  This year, I got the new Hoover Dual Spin Pet Carpet Cleaner.  It does an amazing job and I know I’ll be using it a lot to keep my rugs looking fresh and clean.  Even though it says for pets, it works fabulously for people messes too!😉. It’s definitely a deep cleaning tool that I am glad I added to my arsenal and highly recommend!

Fall Cleaning Tip #5

Refresh the essentials.

I used to always refresh all of my essentials in January because that just seems to be when the retail cycle reminds us to do so!  I definitely do a lot of restocking then and we always need it after the busy holiday season beforehand.

However, I like to do a quick refresh and stock up in the fall as well.  The busy days from November-December just seem easier when we have what we need, already on hand, and conveniently organized!

It is also a good chance to buy some of my favorites in fall and winter scents.  I grab a few extra of these hand soaps and dish soap, along with a fresh supply of cleaning towels.  I also pick up a bottle of this cleaning spray for those quick touch ups.  It makes everything smell good and “fall fresh”!

Maybe the most important of all of my fall cleaning tips is to remind you to pick up a favorite fall candle!  At the end of the day, whether I accomplish my whole list or make my list to try again the next day, I can make myself and our whole home feel and smell extra cozy with a good candle!

This is my favorite fall candle and I always stock up on an extra one too!

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October Favorites

October Favorites

October Favorites

Hello Friends!

I hope October is treating you well and you are enjoying fall! Our family had the best time in the New England states and loved all the fall activities.

We are back in South Florida where it is just a little warmer than those northern states. I have added lots of falls touches around our home to make it feel like fall even with the eighty-degree temps outside. Here are some of my favorite fall item shares for this week:


Vintage Copper Pumpkin


This is so cute! Halloween is right around the corner and this jack-o-lantern piece is the perfect decor touch! The color is so pretty and the design is so fun! You can find it here on Etsy.

Antique Wooden Bakers Rack


This piece is just beautiful! Wow! I would love to see one of you get it! It has lots of potential and I love that it is an actual vintage find. This is an investment piece that you can use year-round, but it would be especially fun for fall. You can get it here from Etsy.

Pumpkin Candles


These are so pretty! I love the look of them. Such a good little piece to add in for fall decor. The colors are beautiful and the shimmer detail is so lovely. This is a find from Anthropologie and you can find it here.

“Hey Pumpkin” Door Mat


Everyone has been sharing the cutest fall porch decor all over Instagram. If you are wanting to up your porch decor game, this is the perfect option! How cute is this? Love it! You can find it here from Etsy.

Card Catalog


Love, love, love this piece! How fun is it? So much character in this authentic vintage find! This could be so cute styled for fall and could be used in other seasons as well. You can grab it here from Etsy.


Vintage Column Pieces


These are fun vintage pieces with lots of texture and character. I love architecture salvage pieces and these ones are just so good! I think they would look great styled on a shelf with other vintage pieces. You can find them here on Etsy.

French Antique Confit Bowl


This bowl would be so cute on a kitchen counter or island filled with apples or mini pumpkins. It is french vintage and handmade, with a glazed finish. Talk about a unique got-to-have-it piece! Grab it here from Etsy.


Table Runner


This table runner is so cute! It is a tartan plaid with beautiful fall colors. I love using runners to add texture to a tablescape and this is perfect! You can find it here from Target. It’s part of the magnolia collection.


Napkin Rings


Speaking of tablescapes, here are some lovely napkin rings! They are a beautiful brassy copper! This is another item from Magnolia. Here is where you can find them from Target.


Fall Napkins


Another good Target find and the perfect napkins for a fall table. These are such a pretty color that they call pumpkin brown. They would match well with the table runner. You can find them here at Target


Vintage Wood Cutting Boards


Cutting boards are so versatile and can be used in so many ways in home decor. I love arranging them on shelves or using them to elevate and add texture to a table. These ones are real vintage and so beautiful! Find them here on Etsy.


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And that’s all!! I hope you find somethings you like! I would love to hear how you will style these things in you home! Hope your summer is going well!











3 Easy Ways You Can Decorate With Pumpkins

3 Easy Ways You Can Decorate With Pumpkins

3 Easy Ways You Can Decorate With Pumpkins

There are so many fun ways to decorate with pumpkins and I’m sharing 3 of my favorite ways for the season. Quick and easy, as well as budget-friendly!

Someone really needs to save me from myself during pumpkin season.  Or not!

I mean, I’m not sad about all the pumpkins that have made their way into our house so far, not to mention all the pumpkin flavored goodies!

My favorites are the pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin spice yogurt cookies, pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin Oreos, pumpkin bread…you get the idea!

Funny thing is, I am not a huge fan of the pumpkin flavors in the spring or summer.  It’s just something about fall that just makes them so perfect.


I guess that’s one reason that I think of fall decor as a “feeling”.  How else could we even pretend to have fall in Florida if we didn’t approach it as a feeling instead of the weather?!


While you’re never going to find my front porch piled with fresh pumpkins or pretty fall-colored leaves crunching under your feet in my yard, we work extra hard to bring the fall feeling indoors anyway!

I have some favorite “go-to” decorating tips that I use when decorating with pumpkins.


Disclaimer: They aren’t fancy or over-the-top.  Just quick, simple ways to tuck fresh pumpkins around my house without my husband realizing I got another one at the grocery store.  Ha!

(Come on, you do the same thing, right?  There’s no way I’m alone in this!)


Unless, of course, you have an awesome husband that goes pumpkin diving on a date night.  What can I say?  He’s pretty great!


So, here we go!  Let’s get to decorating with pumpkins and bringing in all the fall feelings into our homes!


How to Decorate with Pumpkins

Quick and easy ways that will make everyone think you spent a long time on your decor!

The common theme between all of my favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins is using vintage vessels!  I love investing in beautiful, vintage pieces that I can use for everything from serving food to holding plants and from styling with fresh flowers or candles to decorating with pumpkins!

I shared a lot of tips about how to hunt for vintage items over on this post and this post too!

How to Decorate with a Pumpkin Stack


What’s better than one pumpkin?  A stack, of course!

A pumpkin stack is a quick and easy way to add height to a vignette or create a statement piece.  Sometimes I simply stack the pumpkins.

But my favorite way to decorate with pumpkins in a stack is to add some fresh greenery, corn husks, or dried branches.

Since I don’t live near any corn fields, I have to get a little creative!  I was looking out my window one day, trying to think of some fall decorating ideas, and realized that the dead banana branch, hanging straight down from my tree, had a bit of a resemblance to a corn stalk!

See what I mean?  I promptly cut some pieces and I use them all around our house, tucked into fall arrangements and vignettes.

I also added them between the pumpkins on my pumpkin stack and I kinda love it!  I love how it has a lot of texture, is a little unique, and how the natural colors give that fall feeling.

Here’s how you can decorate with pumpkins and get this look:

  • Start with a base.  I used a vintage bread board and it makes it easy to scoot the pumpkin stack around on the table.
  • Next, add your largest pumpkin.  I like to use a mix of fall colors.  It helps to find a pumpkin that has a short stem!
  • Add a couple stems of your cornstalk or husks, going in two directions.
  • Add the middle pumpkin.  (Preferably, I have 3 sizes of pumpkins.  I am still looking for the perfect “small” pumpkin for the top!)
  • Add a couple more stems of your cornstalk, going in different directions than the bottom ones.
  • Add the top pumpkin!  I try to find one for the top that has a pretty stem. Sometimes, I just have to go with what I can find!

You can substitute different things for the cornstalks.  These dried stems would be beautiful!  You can also cut branches from your yard for another free decor option!

I like to set a pumpkin stack in the middle of my kitchen island, off-centered on a console table, or as a centerpiece on my table!  You can also build a pumpkin stack on top of a large planter or urn to create a topiary-style look!

Easiest Way EVER to Decorate with Pumpkins

Seriously, the easiest thing, but it is my very favorite!

You can use a variety of things for this styling:

  • Ironstone pot (here, here, and here)
  • Soup tureen (here or here)
  • Vintage French tian bowl (here or here)
  • Any kind of round bowl, dish, or planter!

My vintage French tian bowl is one of my favorite pieces and definitely a favorite thing to use when I decorate with pumpkins!

This is literally one of most simple ways you can decorate!  Here are the two quick steps:

Step One

Place a favorite fall wreath at the top of your bowl.  The tian bowl works so well for this because of the wide mouth.  A pretty piece of pottery or crockery bowl could work great too!

I also love this wreath and it would be so pretty with the pumpkin and bowl!

Step Two

Simply place your pumpkin on the top!  I like to tilt it just a little for more dimension.

This makes the perfect centerpiece for a dining table or console table.  I styled mine on the little vintage French champagne crate that we use for a coffee table in the music room!

How to Create a Pumpkin Vignette

The fun part about this is that your pumpkin vignette will look totally different than mine!  

To start, you need to gather three different bowls/dishes/planters.  You want three different widths and preferably a little different heights too.  While you’re at it, grab a big, vintage bread board for the base!

I used a tarnished silver dish that I found on a thrifting trip, an ironstone soup tureen, and a mini ironstone bowl from an antique mall.

I foraged some little clips of dead branches and leaves from around my yard and also mixed in some faux greenery that I’ve had for many years.  I like using a mixture for this so that there is more variation in the overall arrangement.

I put 2-3 clippings in each vessel, making sure they point out different directions.  It helps to make sure you view this from both the side and the top as you’re working!

Lastly, simply add your pumpkins.  You could do all white for a really clean, neutral look.  I mixed in some of these heirloom pumpkins to add a touch of fall color.

I used a mini faux pumpkin in my smallest bowl.  Consider this “permission granted” to mix your faux and fresh pumpkins!  This arrangement would also look great with all faux pumpkins, especially if you want it to be sure and last the whole season.

When I use faux pumpkins, I like to get them as realistic as possible.  That usually means spending more, but considering you can use them for many years, I consider it a good investment!  I especially love this one that came out this year!

You could also mix pumpkins and dried gourds in an arrangement like this for even more texture and interest!  This huge gourd  would be so pretty mixed with pumpkins!

I hope this gives you some fun ways to look around your home or thrift for some fun vessels, grab another pumpkin at the grocery store, clip some stems from your yard, and get to styling!  I’d love for you to share your finished pumpkin pictures with me over on my Instagram messages too!

If you’re looking for even more ideas for styling your tables this fall, make sure to grab my e-book for only $4.95.  I shared my favorite 5 fall tablescapes, complete with planning guides and lists of everything you need!

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Falling for October

Falling for October

Falling for October

Hello Friends!

            Happy October! I cannot believe we are entering the last three months of the year! It’s such a fun time decorating for holidays and cozy seasons.

October kicks off with all the fall activities and Halloween. This week I am sharing more fall favorites with lots of neutral and warm tones. I love how all of this looks together, but there are some great stand-alone pieces as well. Happy shopping!


Mini White Husk Pumpkins


These little guys are just my favorite! How adorable! I love the texture of the painted husk and they are just the right size for adding everywhere and anywhere! You can find them here on Etsy.

Vintage Champagne Crate


This is just a beautiful vintage find! So many of you ask where I get my vintage pieces and Etsy is a great place to find things like this. I just had to share this vintage treasure and I hope one of you grabs it! You can find it here on Etsy.


Gold Pumpkin


This is a great Target find! It’s the perfect thing to add a pop of sparkle and really give that whole Haloween feel without being too dramatic. I love using simple things like this sweet pumpkin. You can find it here from Target!


Plaid Throw Blanket


Fall is here and so is plaid! I love this pattern and color. This looks like such a cozy blanket and would be the perfect fall touch for any space! You can find it here from Target.

Bubble Plant Pot


This is a fun piece! I love the unique look! It’s a great piece to add texture and neutral tones. You can find it here from H&M.


Green Ash Leaf Spray


This greenery is perfect for fall! It’s just the right color and style to add to fall floral arrangements. I love using greenery year-round. This is just perfect fall greenery!  You can find it here from Etsy.

Round Placemats


These are so nice for fall tablescapes!  I am always on the lookout for good things to add to my tablescape element collection. These are available from H&M and I would recommend you grab them!


Muslin Plaid Bedspread


I love this pretty blanket! The pattern is so lovely and the texture is so cozy. I really like the neutral colors, but the print is so perfect for fall! You can find it here from H&M.


Pumpkin Clove Candle


I bet this will make your whole house smell so lovely! It’s just gorgeous. This is a find from Anthropologie. I would go get this one for sure! You can find it here.


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That is all for this week friends! I hope you enjoy this list and find some things to make your house feel like a home. Fall is such a cozy season and a great time to focus on crafting a comfy space.

Let me know what you pick up from this week’s list of favorite things! Hope you have a lovely weekend!











Simple Fall Decor Tour to See Our Grateful Home

Simple Fall Decor Tour to See Our Grateful Home

Simple Fall Decor Tour to See Our Grateful Home

Welcome to our home! Come on in to see our fall decor tour, gather inspiration for your own home this season, with a theme of gratefulness. ​

Welcome to our fall home!  Wouldn’t it be so fun if we could gather around the table with pumpkin muffins and sip hot apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes together?

But since that isn’t possible, I hope you’ll come on in and enjoy a tour of our home.  It is feeling a little more cozy as I add things to each room and the warmth of some fall colors helps it feel festive for the season…even while the green palm trees sway outside!

“And let there be for every pulse a Thanksgiving and for every breath a song.”

-Konrad von Gesner

I am excited to be joining some blogging friends this week to share our home tours.  I love that each one is so different and unique, yet all help us feel all the good vibes of fall!  If you’re hopping over from Leen at Sand Dollar Lane, welcome!  I am so glad you are here!

If you are a subscriber, welcome back!  I hope you’ll hop on through the blogs and gather lots of inspiration today!

So, grab your favorite fall drink and come on in!  Let’s pretend that you just pulled in my drive and I’m waiting for you on the front porch!

Fall Decor Tour: Entryway

Cubbies.  Little pumpkins.  Fall scarf.  Leaf garland.

Our entryway is small but so fun to decorate!  I added a few adorable concrete pumpkins from @something.gray.  You can also see how I did a fun cement pumpkin DIY (hyperlink to diy post) and make your own!

I love the texture and interest that my vintage sheet music leaf garland, also from @something.gray, adds to the space.  I added some dried gourds, a fall scarf, and vintage books in brown tones to add touches of fall color.

The dried branches are free decor from my yard.  I love the pretty, soft green that these oak leaves become and how they give the feeling of early fall.

I wanted the overall look in the entryway to be simple, yet welcoming.  I used fall texture, color, and layers of pieces with patina to add to the casual feeling of this space.

Decor Tip:

Don’t be afraid to use large pieces in small spaces.  Do invest in pieces that make a great backdrop for your decor.  With this cubby, I can quickly and easily switch small items to give it a brand new look!


Fall Decor Tour: Music Room

Dried branches.  Layered neutral pieces.  Pops of fall color.

This long apothecary in the music room is one of my very favorite places to decorate.  The apothecary itself is a vintage piece and the mirror above is the door frame of an 1890’s farmhouse that we had turned into a huge mirror.  You can see how we turned these vintage sconces into functioning lights here.

Investing in pieces that create a great backdrop for decorating, no matter the season, is something I always try to do in our home!

I added some favorite vintage pieces to this space, including books, architectural salvage, small apothecary drawers, and a mirror and sign.  I love mixing the old and new and these marble candlesticks work beautifully with my vintage decor.  Plus, they are super budget-friendly too!

To add a statement fall color to this room, I used some inexpensive pillow covers.  For under $7 each, they are the perfect way to add some fall color and a cozy texture.  Simply mix them with your existing neutral pillows  and immediately transform your space!

Decor Tip:

Invest in quality down pillow inserts.  With seasonal changes, simply switch out the covers!  This saves time, lots of storage space, and money too.  You can find lots of options for budget-friendly pillow covers.

Here are four seasonal favorites:

Fall Decor Tour: Kitchen

Pumpkins. Seasonal produce.  Fall wreath.

While I love to add a touch of fall or seasonal decor to every room in our home, the kitchen is one space where I take it easy and enjoy the most simple additions.

In any room, you can use just a few simple things to make a seasonal statement.  While I love to go all out in some spaces, I can’t imagine the amount of storage, not to mention budget, to totally transform each room, each season.

Our kitchen is a busy, busy place!  For seasonal decor, it’s a room where I don’t spend much money and focus on just a couple of statement items.

I love hanging a wreath on our oven hood.  It adds instant fall color to the room and helps it tie in with the family room on one side and the dining room on the other side.  I’ve had this one for awhile but I’ll link some other pretty ones for you here and here!

I added seasonal produce to the kitchen island to complete my fall kitchen decor!  A pretty, fresh pumpkin on my big scale, some crisp apples in my vintage French proofing basket, and some pretty fall flowers!

Decor Tip:

In high traffic areas, keep decor simple and functional.  In my kitchen, two simple additions transformed it into a warm, fall kitchen without taking up counter space or interfering with the function in any way.

I like keeping a scale on my kitchen island because it feels like a natural spot for a scale to go!  Plus, it gives me a great spot to quickly and easily switch a simple, seasonal element.  For fall, I added a pretty fresh pumpkin.  You can find a great faux one HERE too.

One last kitchen “must have” is a good candle!  This is my favorite one for the fall season!  If you add nothing else, add a great fall candle to any room to get all the good, fall vibes!

Fall Decor Tour: Family Room

Neutral layers. Woven texture. Worn patinas.

I will probably switch up this gallery wall and mantel decor one more time before the end of fall, but I have loved this light, neutral approach to fall decor this year.

I used vintage signs and architectural salvage as the statement pieces for my gallery wall.  You can get all the details of my fall gallery wall here, as well as some simple tips for creating your own gallery wall!

To break up the hard textures of the signs and salvage, I added some woven wall baskets from Farmhouse Frocks.  I filled them with some faux greenery and dried gourds.  I love how they soften each end of the gallery wall, as well as adding lots of great texture.

You can find some other really pretty wall baskets HERE and HERE!

Since I wanted the focal point to be this beautiful architectural piece and vintage signs, I kept my mantel styling simple.  I added some vintage crocks and stoneware, a small salvage piece, vintage books, and brass candlesticks.

Even though it’s fall, I left this sweet pothos plant for a touch of green.  I will probably move that when I style my mantel for late fall, though!

You can find my favorite fall mantel ideas on this post!

While some mantel stylings lend themselves to a symmetrical design, such as a sign in the middle and matching candlesticks or lanterns on each side (nothing wrong with that!), I had fun playing around with a more asymmetrical design.  By using a mixture of neutral items, I was able to get the curated, vintage look that I was going for!

There is something about worn patina that lends itself to the fall season so well.  Maybe it’s the color, but I also think the worn texture gives an extra cozy feeling too!

For pillows in this space, I kept all my neutral pillows and added just two seasonal ones.  I love the very subtle fall color and texture of this one.  It gave just that touch of color I wanted to add to an otherwise neutral space.

I also added this pumpkin pillow for a fun touch!  My kids love it and I’ll admit, it’s been tossed around the house a few times too!  With a super active seven-year-old boy and a daughter that loves volleyball…can we even be surprised?!

Decor Tip:

Don’t be afraid to play around with symmetrical and asymmetrical design.  In this space, I created some symmetry with matching wall baskets.  For asymmetry, I purposely hung two signs on one side and a mixture of vintage art and textile on the other side.  By not making the match, exactly, I achieved a more curated look.

Everything doesn’t have to match!  You can achieve a beautiful look by collecting pieces you love over time and mixing them together.  I generally choose mostly neutral items, which allows me to use them season after season, in a lot of different ways!

I hope you’ve felt welcomed into our home today and that you leave feeling inspired to create that fall feeling of gratefulness in your own home!  To me, fall decor is all about creating a feeling…warm, inviting, and cozy!

“It’s up to us to choose contentment and thankfulness now – and to stop imagining that we have to have everything perfect before we’ll be happy.”

-Joanna Gaines

There is a lot more fall inspiration to be had today!  I invite you to hop on over to Lynne at My Family Thyme.  You’re going to love her beautiful blog and fall home tour today!

 And then, make sure to check out all of the blogs in this home tour!  They are linked at the end of this post for your convenience.

You will have no lack of inspiration, with each one so beautiful, unique, and inviting!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away

In my classroom, filled with little people and big personalities, we just ended a unit in Bible about Noah and the Ark.  As I prepared to teach the unit, I decided to really give some thought as to why I think this unit is important for preschoolers. 

The obvious answer is that it’s pretty fun!  What 3-year-old doesn’t love animals, rainbows, and the “Rain, rain, go away” rhyme?

The more complex answer is that, besides being part of the Bible, it is inherently a story of obedience.


Obedience is a tough one to tackle.  For starters, our culture tends to lean more and more toward the sentiment of “do whatever makes you happy” rather than “do whatever is right.”  Secondly, obedience isn’t always fun.  Am I right?

I remember when one of our girls (okay, the one who makes all the yummy pastries!) got in trouble at school for the very first time.  She was a happy 4-year-old, full of life, but mostly well-behaved and she certainly knew that our expectation was that she listen to her teachers.

On one particularly rainy, South Florida day, her teacher greeted me at the door at dismissal time. She oh-so-kindly let me know that my child would not be receiving her little green day medal because she disobeyed.

Of course, I was appalled.  (You know how it is, especially with the first child.  You just so badly want to believe that your child is perfect?!). “What happened?”, I asked?

Come to find out, the rain puddles were just too tempting and too exciting on the walk back from lunch.  I had to hide my smile. 

Tell me what 4-year-old doesn’t love rain puddles?

We went home with a reminder to always obey the teacher.  And a wet, muddy, adorable little not-so-white ruffled sock and a dirty Mary Jane shoe.

The point?  Obeying was not the fun thing.  Stomping in the puddle brought immediate joy and giggles.

As I’ve been teaching about Noah over the past couple of weeks, it has made me reflect on a couple of things:

  1. What. A.  Mess.  To put it mildly, building the ark was complicated, disheartening, humiliating at times.  Once in the ark, it must have felt so dark.  Damp.  Dirty.  Noisy.  No fun at all.
  2. It was a loooooong time. Noah was waiting with no end in sight.  To our knowledge, he had no idea how long it would take for all of that water to dissipate or how long before he and his family could set their feet on dry land.

I’m a schedule kind of person.  I also know I can endure things better when I know how long the waiting will be.

Noah had no idea. 

What he did know, and what we now know is this:

“Noah did everything the Lord commanded of him.”

Genesis 7:5

I’ve always been a fairly obedient person.  I don’t like to be in trouble, I like to follow the rules.  I don’t consider it my calling in life to be the one who “shakes things up.”

Obeying…in the waiting…is a whole different ballgame. 

Having faith to obey in the waiting isn’t easy. 

Having hope while obeying in the waiting and being content at the same time are equally difficult.

But as I’ve told the story of Noah and the Ark to my little class, I have been reminded over and over of the significance of obedience.  Noah’s obedience and God’s faithfulness to keep His promises literally changed the world.

Obedience isn’t always easy but it is always worth it.  Integrity and doing the right thing…”even when no one is watching”, as our kids say…is always worth it.

You may be in a season where obedience is easy.  But you may find yourself in a season where obedience is complicated and disheartening, just as Noah was.  It may be a time that is full of questions and even frustrations.

Whatever your ark is in this season of life, I pray that you and I build, wait, hope, and trust with unwavering confidence.  Content in His faithfulness.

“But this I call to mind and therefore I have hope.  The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.  His mercies never come to an end.  They are new every morning.  Great is Your faithfulness.”

Lamentations 3:21-23

Much love from our nest.











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The Best, Extra Delicious, and Simple Fall Pasta Salad

The Best, Extra Delicious, and Simple Fall Pasta Salad

The Best, Extra Delicious, and Simple Fall Pasta Salad

Looking for a unique, fall side dish? Check out this simple and super yummy fall pasta salad, with cranberries, turkey, and harvest favorites!

If you’re hopping over from Michele at Vintage Home Designs, welcome!  That side dish looked so good and by the end of the blog hop today, you’ll have everything you need for a delicious harvest dinner!

Today, I’m sharing another side dish that will complement your harvest dinner…and use for the next day’s lunch as well!

I have to be super honest.

See that clean kitchen?  That’s how I love it.  It’s not that I just hate cooking, but it definitely isn’t my favorite thing!  I’d much rather get creative with my tablescape and then sit and enjoy someone else’s gift of yummy food.

Want to know something else about me?

I almost never use a recipe.  My daughter loves them, which is probably why she is such a great baker…and I am not!  Ha!

I would much rather just toss a few things together and experiment.  And most of the time, it turns out okay.

Once in awhile, it turns out GREAT!

The “once in a while’s” deserve to be celebrated and shared, right?

So today, let me introduce to you a super simple (I even cheated on some ingredients) fall pasta salad, featuring fall harvest favorites like cranberries, turkey, and apples!

What is a fall pasta salad?

I just made that up.


It is really just a fancy way of saying “here’s how you can use some Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and turn them into yummy lunches!”  Or use up some of the apples from the weekend apple picking trip.  Or just treat yourself to a little different flavor, all mixed into one delicious, fall pasta salad!

Fall Pasta Salad Ingredients:

and you can get creative with these too!

  • Favorite pasta (I love using the larger noodles, such as penne or bowtie pasta for a side dish.)
  • Turkey (I cheated and used good deli meat, but you could also use some baked turkey and just cut it into chunks)
  • Dried cranberries
  • Chopped apples (I cheated here too, and bought a bag of the pre-peeled ones!)
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • Bleu cheese yogurt dressing (I love the Boathouse brand for the low calories and flavorful consistency.)
  • Almond slices (I bought a bag of salad topper almonds for this.)

Recipe for Fall Pasta Salad

Time: 15 prep (+ time for pasta to cook and completely cool)

The most time consuming part is waiting for the pasta to cook and then cooling it completely.  If you planned ahead, this would be great to do the night before.  After cooking and draining the bowtie pasta, I allowed it to cool in the refrigerator for about two hours (it may not take that long, that was just the time between picking up the kids from school and finishing after school activities and homework!)


Once the pasta is cooked, simply add your ingredients.  I used good turkey from the deli section of my grocery store.  You could also set aside some pieces of turkey (even freeze them!) when you bake it the next time.  That would be delicious also.

To save time, I also used the pre-peeled apples from my produce section.  If you peel and slice the apples yourself, make sure to add those right before serving so they don’t turn brown.  I cut the apples into 1/4″ chunks and mixed in with the turkey and pasta.


I added dried cranberries and sliced almonds from the salad toppings section and mixed those in with my pasta.  I love how the almonds and crisp apples add some texture and a little crunch to the salad!  The last thing I added, before the dressing, was crumbled feta cheese.  You could also substitute this with gorgonzola or goat cheese.  Either would be delicious!

Lastly, I mixed in my dressing.  I used the low-calorie Boathouse brand yogurt dressing.  My store has several choices and I went with the bleu cheese since it is my favorite.  The creamy mixture is perfect for a pasta salad!


Bleu cheese is a stronger flavor, so that would be one thing to definitely tweak based on your preferred taste.

You could also create your own dressing mixture with mayo and plain Greek yogurt.  I don’t typically keep the plain Greek yogurt on hand, so it actually saved me time and money to just use the pre-made yogurt dressing.  Again, that is just up to your personal taste!


I mix the dressing in last.  Then, I cover it and let it chill in the refrigerator or serve immediately!

It’s a quick and easy way to add a side dish, while still incorporating some of those fun fall flavors!


Pasta salads are filling but they can also be reasonably healthy depending on how you dress them up!  By using mostly low-calorie additions, particularly a low-calorie dressing, you can have a great side dish that doesn’t use up the entire calorie bank!  Save some of those for dessert!!!

I also love that a pasta salad allows you to be creative with healthy, gluten-free options and also with fun flavors!

To create your own pasta salad, simple add the following:

  • Choice of pasta
  • Choice of protein, vegetable, and other complementary flavors
  • Choice of dressing: A yogurt or mayo base is good for a creamy consistency or use a vinaigrette for a lighter base)
  • Enjoy!

Next, I invite you to hop over to my friend Rachel from Rachel Pond’s Farmhouse.  Rachel’s dessert is going to have you ready for some fall baking!  

And, you’re in for a treat today, with a lot more fall recipe inspiration from some amazing friends.  You’ll have everything you need to create a delicious harvest-themed dinner!  I love each of these ladies so much and am always inspired by them!  You won’t want to miss their fall recipes today!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  












Vintage Fall

Vintage Fall

Vintage Fall

Hello Friends!

September is flying by! Here we are just a few days out from October! We just celebrated the first day of fall, but I know many of us have been celebrating for the past couple weeks!

Fall is such a fun season and a wonderful time of year! I love finding cozy things to add to my home and bringing in all the warm tone decor to add to my neutrals.

Fake Rusted Eucalyptus Wreath


I love this pretty wreath. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite faux plants and I love this rust-colored version. Such a great fall piece. You can find it here from Target. It’s actually from the Magnolia collection.

It also works great with a bread bowl.  See how I styled my wreath HERE.

Striped Neutral Pillow


This design is so perfect for fall. I love the plaid look, but it remains classy with the simplistic design and neutral tones. This is a great pillow to add to your couch for a subtle fall touch. You can buy it here from Target.

Old World Post Office Boxes


I love this piece from Etsy. It’s authentic vintage and the perfect piece of furniture to add to a vintage collection. I love the colors and design! It would make a great side table! You can find it here on Etsy.

Vintage Sign


How cute is this vintage sign? I love it! I use vintage signs all over my house. They are one of my favortie things to find and use in my decor. This one says “Rooms for Rent” in the best vintage font! This would be perfect for a gallery wall or bedroom decor. You can find it here from Etsy.

Antique Merchant Scale


I have a similar scale in my kitchen and it is so fun! You can see example of how i have decorated it on my Instagram. This is a really nice vintage scale that you don’t want to miss! I love the gold and white. Grab it here from Etsy.


Plaid Throw Blanket


Fall is here and so is plaid! I love this pattern and color. This looks like such a cozy blanket and would be the perfect fall touch for any space! You can find it here from Target.

Terracotta Colored Faux Dried Eucalytpus


More Eucalyptus to use in your fall decor! I love this pretty fall foliage! This is such an easy way to make your home feel more like fall! You can find it here from AFloral.


Jack-o’-lantern Gourd


How fun is this? What a cute way to add a touch of Halloween decor to your home! It’s cute and has a vintage look to it. You can find it here from Etsy.


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That is all for this week friends! I hope you enjoy this list and find some things to make your house feel like a home. Fall is such a cozy season and a great time to focus on crafting a comfy space.

Let me know what you pick up from this week’s list of favorite things! Hope you have a lovely weekend!











How to Create a Beautiful Harvest Tablescape

How to Create a Beautiful Harvest Tablescape

How to Create a Beautiful Harvest Tablescape

Looking for simple, yet beautiful ideas to celebrate the harvest season? Check out this fall tablescape for ideas to create your own spread this season.

“The heat of autumn is different than the heat of summer. One ripens apples and the other turns them to cider.”

-Jane Hirschfield

While it is still so warm here in Florida, (let’s just say, apples would go straight to cider here!  Ha!) I love to look for ways to bring the feeling of fall into our home!  What a pleasure today to join with some blogging friends this week for a monthly supper club!

Today, we will get to enjoy the harvest-themed tables that these amazing friends create.  And I say amazing because each of these friends always inspire me!

If you’re hopping over from Vintage Home Designs, just wow.  Michele is absolutely amazing and I am always inspired by her.  I love following her on Instagram too!

When you hear the word “harvest”, what do you think of?

For me, it takes me back home to my growing up years in Kansas.  I guess at the time, I was just used to the harvest season.  While our family did not farm, most of our community did.  Even our mid-week services at church were scheduled around the harvest hours.  

It wasn’t until years later, after moving to Florida for college and then settling down here, did I realize that I missed that natural break in the life cycle of our small town, one that ushered in the fall season (and lots of small town football games too!)

Alas, we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto!  No clicking of the ruby red slippers here.

Even though Florida doesn’t have quite the same organic fall feeling, we do our best to celebrate the season.  It takes a little “thinking outside the box” and creativity, along with some iced pumpkin spice lattes, but we get the job done!  I love the fall season so we crank down the A/C, light a fall candle, and enjoy it!

For my harvest-themed tablescape today, I decided to go with a more simple look.  I pulled together some fun items, mixing the old and new, neutrals and dashes of fall color, to create an everyday style.  Everything except the actual dishes could actually stay for everyday decor!

 I find that when my table looks pretty, even if it’s just a simple linen and centerpiece, it is less likely to get piled with “stuff”.  Can I get an amen from all the moms out there?!  Ha!

So, let’s get to styling!


How to Create a Harvest Tablescape

simple. everyday. style.


Tablecloth for Harvest Tablescape


I love getting creative with my table linens.  Some of my favorite things to use are vintage grain sacks as runners, fall scarves under centerpieces, and vintage tablecloths.  Another fun thing to use for tablecloths are light throw blankets!

I used this throw blanket from Flower and Home Marketplace as a tablecloth and I love it! It’s lightweight enough to lay smoothly on the table and I love the neutral color with the fun touch of fall hues too!




Table linens are a great way to get creative with your table.  They are easy to store, can be found inexpensively, and can be used over and over!  I use many of the same items for tablescapes and just by mixing and matching, can get a lot of different looks with the same pieces!




One thing that can always be tricky for table linens is worrying about spills.  First of all, this stain remover spray is the BEST!  Secondly, I rarely (as in, never) buy really expensive table linens.  While the vintage grain sacks are a bit more of an investment, they are small and only under the centerpiece.

Otherwise, unless you have budget money to throw away, there are so many great, inexpensive table linen options out there!  You don’t have to blow your budget on linens that you’ll only be stressed about even using!  This throw blanket is a really great idea because you can wash it and then toss it over a bench or chair.  I love multi-functional decor!


Place Settings for a Harvest Tablescape

My place settings are very simple for this harvest tablescape!  I used my basket chargers as a base.  These are a little investment, but I’ve had them for years.  They are easy to clean and add so much texture to the table!  I love that they can be used for all four seasons too.

Next, I added my everyday white dishes.  I got these 18 years ago from a clearance sale.  I was out shopping for my bridal registry and we stumbled across these. I’m so glad my mom encouraged me to get several sets (they were 75 or 80% off!).  I found similar ones here and then I love the texture on these.

My best tip for tablescape styling is to invest in a set of simple white dishes.  I use them all the time!

I added some vintage wooden bowls for some extra texture and fall tones.  These are also great for year-round use, though there is something about wood tones that I especially love in the fall season!

A mini dried gourd finished off these place setting layers.  They are inexpensive and a great way to add a seasonal element that is easily removed when it’s time to fill the bowls and plates with yummy food!  You can also store them to use year after year!

I always get questions about this stemware.  I purchased it many years ago, (maybe 14-15 years?) from the Southern Living at Home parties.  Does anyone remember those?  So super fun.  I wish companies would do that again!  Anyway…

I did find some really pretty stemware and linked it here and here for you!

Just as with dishes, I do not keep lots of sets of flatware either.  I prefer to have a couple sets that I use often!  This set of gold flatware is relatively inexpensive but I love how it complements my fall and winter tablescapes so well.  There is something about the warmth of antiqued or aged brass that blends so beautifully with the warm fall tones.

I looked at a lot of different sets of gold flatware and eventually chose this set because of how it so closely ties in with my vintage brass pieces!

I also use this matte black flatware set  often and love it for a more casual look!

On most of my tablescapes, I use inexpensive shop rags for my napkins.  I love the vintage vibe and for under $3 a pack, I don’t have to worry about stains!  They would have worked beautifully with this casual harvest tablescape.  I ended up choosing these simple cream napkins.  I’ve had them for a long time, but you can get a similar look here.

They are great quality for a super reasonable price and are definitely on my shopping list this fall too!

For napkin rings, I used these beautiful, handmade leaves with our family’s names.  These were a kind gift from @newmarketfarmhouse and you can order your own here!  I absolutely love them.  Small businesses are my favorite to support and I love quality, thoughtful work like these!

They would also be so pretty to attach to hostess gifts for Thanksgiving or during the fall season!

How to Create a Centerpiece for a Harvest Tablescape


Tip: don’t overthink it.


To me, the nature of harvest is very organic and casual, nothing too “perfect”.  I started with this beautiful basket from Flower and Home Marketplace.  It comes as a nesting set of two, and the smaller one is just the perfect size for a unique centerpiece!

I added some weeds (yay for free decor!) from our yard.  And yes, those are actual weeds.  Most of the time, they are a nuisance, but I have to say, they worked pretty well for some fresh greenery for my table!

I mixed in some dried gourds and some clippings from a dead banana branch (also free decor from my yard!). Did you think they were corn stalk pieces?!  My kids did…and they were trying to figure out where I found cornstalks this early in the season! Ha!!

I added these vintage-inspired wood and metal candlesticks, also from Flower and Home Marketplace.  I love the varying heights and how they are sturdy but still have that imperfect, vintage patina.

Anytime I want to add some extra height or texture to my tablescape, I incorporate vintage bread boards. I  especially love the vintage French wash boards, as they are narrow and work perfectly down the center of the table.  They add a subtle touch of that European vintage look for extra depth as well.  Tablescapes really are all in the details!

No fall tablescape would be complete without some pumpkins, right?  I added in a couple of fresh pumpkins from Trader Joe’s.  While there is nothing wrong with lining pumpkins up down the middle of the table, I do love turning them a little on their side and mixing in the dried dipper gourds or seasonal produce like butternut squash.  The shapes work well together and create a really casual, yet curated, look!

When creating your harvest tablescape centerpiece, you really can’t go wrong with fresh seasonal items, a touch of fresh greenery, wood and white tones, and some texture (like a basket or dough bowl).

Most of all, I hope you just enjoy creating.  You hear me say it all the time and I shared some of the “why” over on my ebook blog post, but home really is for YOU and YOUR family.  It is always worth taking time to make it feel special, intentional, and full of love.

What better way to celebrate harvest than sitting around the table with the few people who are the most special to you?  I can’t think of anything more important.

Next, I invite you to hop over to my friend Rachel from Rachel Pond’s Farmhouse.  Rachel has a beautiful, authentic farmhouse style that is so welcoming.  And, you’re in for a treat today, with a lot more tablescape inspiration from some amazing friends.  I love each of these ladies so much and am always inspired by them!  You won’t want to miss their tips and ideas for creating the perfect fall harvest tablescape this season!


While you’re gathering fall table inspiration for your harvest gathering, make sure to check out the other blogs who are sharing today too!







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How to Make Easy DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders

How to Make Easy DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders

How to Make Easy DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders

Looking for a fun DIY project this fall? Check out my easy DIY pumpkin candle holders, perfect for styling your table for the fall season!

Fall decor is just so fun!  And something about the fall season makes me want to try some DIY projects!  If you’re hopping over from my friend, Kimberly, at From Farmhouse to Florida, welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here!  Her fall DIY is on my list to try now too!

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms is hosting an epic Fall DIY blog hop and you’re going to get enough ideas today to last you for the whole season!  KariAnne shares fabulous home decor styling tips, DIY, shopping guides, and everything in between.  I love subscribing to her blog…and I’m always entertained too!

Maybe it is just that we are home more in the fall and the weekends aren’t quite as crammed with activities, but I always get in the mood to try some DIY projects when fall rolls around.

Concrete is such a fun trend in home decor right now.  We have had concrete countertops and polished concrete floors in parts of our home for years and I love them.  When the design trend started for cement accessories, I was all in!

My friend Toni from @toni_marianna shared a really fun concrete pumpkin last year!  She made a large one that she used as a planter.  I loved it so much and went looking for my own pumpkin form so we could give it a try.

I came across these $1 jack-o-lantern buckets and thought they would be so cute!  I don’t really decorate for Halloween, but what’s not to love about a friendly, concrete jack-o-lantern face?!  

We made some planters with the large trick-or-treat buckets and I enjoyed them all fall!  Face showing around Halloween and just turned them around to a regular pumpkin for the rest of the fall season!

I was in the store one day and saw the miniature jack-o-lantern buckets.  So super cute!  I immediately knew they would be the cutest pumpkin candle holders.  I absolutely love them.  Again, I love that I can use the face side or if I want a plain pumpkin, just turn them around!

Robb made several for me in an afternoon and I had fun styling them.  This is an inexpensive, easy fall afternoon DIY project!


Here’s how to do it:

DIY Pumpkin Candle Holders

Simple, budget-friendly, and oh-so-cute!

For this DIY, the material list is pretty short:

  • Small plastic pumpkin
  • Concrete mix
  • Cement trowel (or something to stir & scoop the concrete)
  • Utility knife
  • Duct tape
  • Taper candle


We found that cutting the pumpkin before we started worked best.  Start just below the rim and cut in a straight line to the bottom.  Do this a second time on the opposite side of the rim.  This will make taking the plastic off the hardened concrete a breeze.  

Once you have made your two cuts, wrap masking tape around the pumpkin to hold it firm:

Once you mix up a small batch of concrete, just scoop it into the pumpkin form.  We found a rounded edge trowel worked really well.  

While the concrete is still wet, set your candle.  Make sure it’s straight and in deep enough.  In a couple hours or so, the concrete will be firm enough to remove the candle.  We found it helpful to twist the candle slightly as we removed it from the concrete.

Once the concrete sets hard (we waited overnight), your new candle holder is ready for the big reveal!  Just take off the tape and gently remove the orange plastic form & enjoy!

How to Style Your DIY Pumpkin Candle Holder

So many possibilities!

I love using candles throughout our home and even more so in the fall and winter months!  These DIY pumpkins add a nice touch of fall in a neutral way and I love how they even add some unexpected texture to fall decor.

I had fun styling my concrete pumpkin candle holders on a couple of fun fall tablescapes!

They would also be so cute sitting on cubbies or shelves.  You could tweak the DIY a bit by adding a real stem in the hole where the candle goes.

I love using vintage books to create a variety of height when I’m styling items that are the same, such as a grouping of these DIY pumpkin candle holders!  Vintage books are one thing I always thrift for and one of my “must-have” thrifted fall decor items!

You could also style these DIY pumpkin candle holders on a mantel!  It would be a perfect place to use some battery-operated taper candles.  You can find one of my favorites HERE.  It would also be a fun way to add some not-so-scary Halloween decor in a more simple and neutral way!

You can find some of my favorite fall mantel styling ideas over on this post and then go ahead and add this fun DIY to my list of mantel favorites too!

My favorite way to use these DIY pumpkins is to dress up my table!  I love that they add a fun factor, while still being cute and classy!

Tip: Keep a collection of taper candles that have burned to varying heights.  When styling candle holders that are the same height, you can add more interest and a curated look by having different heights of candles.  You can find my favorite smokeless, dripless taper candles HERE.

When I’m finished using them on my table, I carefully place them in a drawer and use over and over.  I love having the look of the ones that have already burned part of the way!

How to Adapt This DIY for Pumpkin Planters

The candle holders are cute, but what about those planters?

To create DIY pumpkin planters, you need to tweak just two materials. Instead of the miniature jack-o-lantern buckets, you’ll want to purchase the large trick-or-treat size.  You can usually find these in the seasonal aisles at Walmart, or conveniently order one here.

You also want to pick up a large, plastic cup from the Dollar Tree.  Mine came in packs of two, which was great since I was making multiple planters.  The large cup becomes your vase inside the concrete pumpkin.  It is easy to add fresh flowers or add dirt and plant a small plant.

Process for Creating DIY Pumpkin Planter


Making a planter is very similar to the candle holder with two changes:  Just plan on more concrete & a plastic cup for a vase.


  • Cut the pumpkin just below the rim to the bottom on two sides.
  • Tape the pumpkin with a duct tape “belt”.  A couple times around works fine.
  • Fill the pumpkin about 2/3rds full of cement
  • Take your plastic cup “flower vase” and gently twist it into the concrete until the concrete & cup lid are even with the pumpkin rim.
  • It’s helpful at this point to add a heavy weight to the cup, since the concrete tends to move your vase as it dries.
  • Let the concrete harden over night
  • Remove the tape & orange plastic, and your new planter is ready for action!

You can use this planter indoors or outdoors.  I enjoy them both places!  They make a really cute table centerpiece, filled with fresh flowers.  Or create a grouping of them with potted mums for your porch steps!

Concrete is a really fun material to work with.  I love the neutral color and the great texture that it adds to decor.  If you’re looking for more fun DIY projects, check out these DIY chargers that we made!  They were super inexpensive, but definitely took a little bit to figure out the best process.  You can cut out all the guess work and make them with these simple, step-by-step instructions!

I featured these DIY chargers in my fall tablescape ebook.  For $4.95, you get 5 Fall Tablescape ideas complete with guides for everything you need.  I included some fun planning pages to help you get and stay organized for your fall gatherings too!  You can purchase the ebook HERE. 

I hope you’ll share with me if you make a version of this DIY!  It was fun to share the process with you.

For more DIY inspiration, head over to Laura from Decor to Adore. It’s such a fun season and I love seeing everyone’s DIY projects!

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Weeds Into Flowers

Weeds Into Flowers

Weeds Into Flowers

It’s the Robyn’s French Nest version of “lemons into lemonade”….

This really all came about a few days ago when I was working on a tablescape.  My plan was to take a lovely trip to Trader Joe’s for some flowers and fresh greenery.  My reality was too little time and too little energy to make the trip.  That left me looking around for something to put down the middle of my table.

In the trees by our driveway (the ones that I often cut branches from to use in my décor), there is some kind of invasive weed growing.  I actually spent far too long on Google trying to determine what kind it is and still couldn’t figure it out.

All I know is that it’s taking over the tree and we really need to clean it out soon!

In the meantime, I thought I would give it a try as fresh greenery for my tablescape!  The long, vine-like branches are pretty perfect for casually draping around the centerpiece and they still looked good the next day, too!  I love using fresh greenery but some kinds wilt so quickly!

(In other words, this might end up being a repeat experiment!)

As I was working with my centerpiece and tablescape, I had to kind of smile.  This wouldn’t be the first time I used weeds on my table. 

I remember a dinner party I had at Christmas one year.  I used some branches from the pepper berry trees (they get red berries in the Florida winter months and are perfect for Christmas décor!). I got a little teasing at that dinner for putting weeds on the table.

On this day, it also made me smile because it’s really a perfect analogy.  The landscapers really hate these weeds and invasive plants.  I, in my need for a long, vine-like branch, found them incredibly useful and even pretty!  (Granted, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!)

You and I are a little like weeds.  Imperfect, flawed creations who, by nature, won’t be viewed by everyone as pretty or even useful. 

Just this week, I had to apologize for a grouchy attitude, get myself to bed a little early, take some deep breaths in moments of frustration, put my chin up and smile when I didn’t feel good, and wish I could do a few things over again.

You too?  I’m so glad I’m not alone.

I am quite certain that I was not always lovely in the eyes of my family this week.  More like a weed at moments, to be honest.  Thankfully, they love me very much and are very forgiving.

But if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will.  Someone, somewhere, sometime will let you know that you aren’t their “cup of tea.”  More like a weed.  It’s certainly happened to me!  In our humanness, we cannot be all things to all people at all times.

And it is okay to be okay with that.  In fact, it’s important to be okay with that.

But sometimes, life can sting.  Whether by nature or as a result of our own humanness, we will undoubtedly feel “less than” sometimes.  More like a weed.

At some point, we are going to be tempted to feel like we are not enough.  Like we can’t measure up.  Like we can’t get it right.  More like a weed.

But remember my tablescape weeds?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And you and I are being held by God.

Not like a weed, at all, rather as a treasure, created in His image, created for on purpose for His purpose, and covered by Grace.  More like a flower.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, with lovingkindness I have drawn you.”

-Jeremiah 31:3


“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.”

-Isaiah 43:1


“For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.”

-Ephesians 2:10

“The Lord your God is with you He is mighty enough to save you.  He will take great delight in you.  With His love, He will calm all your fears.  He will sing with joy because of you.”

-Zephaniah 3:17

In the eye of the only Beholder who really matters, YOU matter.  Not a weed, but a precious flower, created with intentional purpose, molded in love, and nurtured in grace.

Next time you head out to cut some flowers or greenery for your table, don’t overlook the weeds.

Much love from our nest.











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17 Beautiful Fall Decor Favorites for Your Home

17 Beautiful Fall Decor Favorites for Your Home

17 Beautiful Fall Decor Favorites for Your Home

Looking for fall decor ideas? Check out my top 17 favorites this season and ideas for styling them around your home!

Fall Decor….

Is it your favorite?  My favorite always seems to be whatever I’m doing at the moment, so for the moment, fall decor is my favorite too!  For most of my friends who enjoy decorating, fall decor is highly anticipated, planned for, and enjoyed to the fullest!

Even though I live in South Florida, where the autumn season really doesn’t feel like “fall” until December and the leaves never change color…I have a lot of fun pretending!  You’d never know, based on the interior of our home, that green palm trees are swaying outside.  That’s my goal anyway!

If you love fall decor, too, this post is for you!  I’m rounding up my top 17 favorite things to decorate with this season and I also rounded up some fall inspiration with crafts, DIY, flowers, and allllllll the things!

Let’s get started!

17 Fall Decor Favorites


I love this list so much and hope it inspires you, even to think differently about the decor you already have and how you can use it in a fun way this season!

In super random order, here are my favorites this season!  Some I own, some I’m dreaming of, some I have similar pieces, and some for just the pure beauty of them!

No matter how many fall stems I own, it seems that they all get used through the season and for under $3, this acorn stem will go with any fall decor.  I love how the neutral tone allows it to complement non-traditional fall decor as well as the classic fall hues of orange, gold, and rust!

I love having a supply of little stems to tuck around my pumpkins or gourds and I also mix stems like these with fresh flowers!  It’s a great way to make your fresh flowers go a little further too!

Dried gourds are definitely a favorite for fall decor.  Last year, I found a gigantic one at an antique shop.  It was part of their decor but thankfully they let me purchase it because I just LOVE it!  It’s so fun to style in a basket or just set on a console table.

I found one large gourd online, so check it out here!  It won’t last long, so if you’ve been on the hunt, grab it quickly!

If that one is a little too large for your space, don’t worry!  I love these small and medium-sized dried gourds too.  They are perfect for place settings, or piling in a large dough bowl for a coffee table arrangement!  I styled a bunch of them in a DIY centerpiece too.  

I love having decor that has the natural, organic look, like dried gourds do, but can be used year after year.  Saves money on so many real pumpkins that sometimes rot too soon and get tossed anyway!

Okay, this bread board is at the top of my wish list!  I especially love it for the fall season.  Something about bread and wood tones and vintage inspiration just feel like fall to me.  Maybe it’s reminiscent of a soup supper on a crisp fall day?

Anyway, I saw this at my Anthropologie store the other day and fell in love.  I haven’t splurged…yet…but I might!  I love the size, wood color, chunky thickness, and overall look.  It would be pretty all by itself or even paired with a simple vase and fall candle!

I found the “real deal” vintage online too and it is also so beautiful.  I’ve seen them for much higher prices than this, so I thought this was actually a decent deal!

You know how much I love setting a pretty table!  If you haven’t grabbed my new e-book, you can still order it here!  I am so excited about it and had so much fun putting it together!

I have been eyeing this table runner for some new fall tablescapes too.  For $12.99, what’s not to love?  I haven’t been able to find neutral table runners that still have the timeless pumpkin pattern, so I thought this one was really sweet!  It would make a great base for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece too!

I told you there would be some dreamy pieces that make my top 15 list!  I have such an obsession with drawers and cubbies.  I love the look and history of them, but I also love how functional this antique apothecary can be in your home.

Antique, one-of-a-kind pieces that function well in my home are ones that we invest in as we can!  I’m always on the hunt for them.  Even though this one is out of my budget, I love the inspiration of the wood patina.  You can tell it’s been aged to perfection over time!  My favorite kind of piece!

I’ve had so much fun with this scarf; it almost deserves a whole blog post itself!  You can see how I styled it with a favorite antique dough bowl here.  Even though we will only have one or two days here in Florida that’s cold enough to actually wear the scarf, I still have fun with it!

Here are a few ideas for your favorite fall scarf:

  • Style it as a light throw blanket
  • Toss over a bench in the entryway or bedroom
  • Use as a table runner or tablecloth

I can’t even tell you exactly what it is that I love so much about these vintage brass quail. I’ve never considered myself an avid bird-watcher!  And yet, I have a drawer full of different sizes of vintage quail.

What can I say?

They are a perfect size to add to fall vignettes and I do love how they add a touch of the unexpected, as well as bringing a unique shape to fall decor vignettes!  Vintage brass quail are relatively inexpensive, easy to tuck away between seasons, and just fun!

I include vintage books in every single season because I use them year round!  Vintage books are such an easy addition to decor and they can add so much texture, color, character, and history to your spaces.

 I style them not only on shelves, but on mantels, centerpieces, coffee tables, console tables, and even tablescapes.   You can see a few of my favorite ways to decorate with vintage books here.

In the fall season, I love to pull out books with leather covers and tattered spines that let you know they were well-used and well-loved!  This set of vintage books is perfect for the fall season, but could be used year-round too!

I am always up for a good vintage find and my pottery pieces from the World’s Longest Yard Sale are definitely favorites.  While they can be used year-round, there is something about old pottery and crock pieces that feel especially right for the fall decor season.

I love the neutral colors with so much texture and shape.  Each one is unique, yet together, they make such a pretty collection.

I found this vintage French stoneware piece online and love every, single thing about it!  Perfect to add a touch of fall color and would be the best vase for your fall flowers too!

Every cozy fall space has a great throw blanket mixed into the fall decor!  This is one of my favorite colors for fall and this throw has the perfect light-weight texture to make it cozy, even on the warmer fall days.  A big throw blanket like this will make a statement with your fall decor while also being super cozy and functional for those Friday movie nights!

I was lucky to find a vintage European grain bin for a really reasonable price at one of my favorite shops, Rehab Vintage Market.  I haven’t been able to find another one until I stumbled upon this recently online.  

While it is an investment piece, the substantial size, unique shape, and rarity make it a special find!  I just had to include it in case anyone is on the hunt for something really unique!

I filled mine with dried branches (free!) and dried gourds for a statement centerpiece and I love it so much.  I use it year-round, so you’re investing in a piece that you can use season after season.  And goodness!  It is so fun to style too!

Vintage stoneware bottles are one of my very, very favorite things to use in my fall decor!  I love them grouped together, filled with fall stems or flowers, or even used with taper candles!

While I use mine throughout the year, the terra cotta coloring of these make them perfect to mix with my fall decor!  I also have several white ones that I enjoy using and I especially love mixing the two together!  They are easy to add to centerpieces to get a unique, curated look!

The idea of butter churns in decor feels a little 90’s country, right?  But wait until you see these gorgeous European vintage ones!  I never knew I needed these for flowers and branches but I absolutely love them and they are so fun to style!

I love the wood tone of the European butter churns.  There is something so distinctive and beautiful about those vintage European pieces!  They are worth every penny and will be fun to style for every season!

I added a glass pitcher down inside of mine to hold water for fresh flowers and I also used free cut branches from my yard! They are definitely a new favorite!

Every good vintage styling for fall decor needs a few amber bottles!  Of course, I love the apothecary bottles like these, but keep an eye out at flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops!  This is the time of year when you can find some beautiful amber bottles.

I love to put taper candles in the wider mouth ones or put little fall flower stems in different sized bottles!

You can get an immediate collection for your fall styling HERE!

At the end of the day, you just can’t beat a cute kitchen towel to add some fall decor to your kitchen!  I love the colors of these and I’ve been using them on tablescapes, draped in a basket to hold seasonal fruit, and hanging by my kitchen sink for everyday use too!

I love this flour sack towel and the budget-friendly price makes it a perfect add-on item for your fall decor!

Can you even have fall decor without pumpkins?  I do use a lot of dried gourds, but fall decor really begins when I break out my little stash of small, faux, white pumpkins.  I love using these to style dough bowls, add to shelves, and tuck into vintage cubbies!

Grab a couple of sets; I promise you’ll use them!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  












Vintage Fall Favorites

Vintage Fall Favorites

Vintage Fall Favorites

Hello Friends!

            Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend! We made it through another week of school and it’s nice to have a few days off.

The weekend is a great time to update seasonal decor and to do some shopping. Hopefully this list of some of my favorite things will help you do both! Lots of lovely vintage neutrals here and some fun fall accents!


Vintage Ironstone Pot


I love the look of this piece! It’s a true vintage and a one-of-a-kind find! Such a cute addition to a fall look this season. You can get it here from Etsy.

Cotton Table Runner


I love this table runner! What a gorgeous fall print in lovely neutral colors. You can find it here at H&M.

Vintage Carved Bread Board


I love bread boards and use them all over my house in many different ways. Finding good vintage ones can be a challenge. Here is a great one from Etsy! I love the detailing on it and think it would be beautiful with fall decor.

Vintage Real Estate Sign


This is such a cool sign!  You guys always love my vintage sign finds I use in my home decor, so I had to share this one! It has a great look to it!  You can find it here from Etsy.

Antique Bread & Cake Tin


This tin is so fun! It’s authentic vintage and a unique piece that I love. You can grab it here from Etsy.

Cream Pampas Bush


How lovely is this floral piece? It would add an elegant flare to your fall florals or would look great as a stand alone piece in a vintage vessel. You can find this one here from Ashland.

Pumpkin Trio Pick


This is a cute fun element to add to fall florals! I love these sweet little pumpkins! Such a great fall touch! This is another find from Ashland. You can get it here!


Faux Pumpkin


Pumpkins! The decor staple of fall! This is a great faux pumpkin, and  I love the color. I would love to see how you would decorate with it! It’s a great size and oh so pretty!  You can find it here from Pottery Barn.



Chippy White Wood Pedestal


This piece is so pretty! I think it would look adorable with a pumpkin on top and would be so lovely as a tablescape centerpiece or a fall styled shelf. Grab it here from Etsy.


Vintage French Shutters


I know these are huge investment pieces, butThey are beautiful!! I love the color of the wood and the fact that they are authentic vintage! These are just so lovely!! You can find them here on Etsy.



I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  

And that’s all!! I hope you find somethings you like! I would love to hear how you will style these things in you home! Hope your summer is going well!









5 Simple and Beautiful Fall Tablescapes for Grateful Living

5 Simple and Beautiful Fall Tablescapes for Grateful Living

5 Simple and Beautiful Fall Tablescapes for Grateful Living

Check out these 5 fall tablescape ideas in ebook form, along with guides for creating your own! Fall tables are a beautiful way to decorate your home for the season!

I am so excited to finally share my first E-Book with you!  Of course, it’s all about one of my favorite things…tablescapes!  Let me give you a little back story on how this all happened…

Why a Book About Fall Tablescapes?

Probably not the simple answer you’d expect!


2020 brought the realization that we were going to be home a lot more.  It also brought about a lot of built up nerves and tension, even when we thought we were doing “okay”.  I quickly realized that a creative outlet was going to be one of the best things I could do.  I decided to come up with something that I could redecorate every week.

My husband is forever grateful that it wasn’t moving furniture or hanging a new gallery wall, though we’ve done plenty of that too.  Haha!

Being home more meant that our little family got in a better habit of sitting around the table for dinner.  Maybe your family always does that perfectly, but our schedules haven’t always catered to that as much as we would like.

So I decided that I would redo my table every week.  I went out on a limb and decided that I would do it for one year, though I didn’t actually tell anyone that.

And so, #tablescapetuesday was born over on my Instagram.  And when the one year mark was up, I had an overwhelming response when I suggested that I might choose a different weekly decor theme.

While I wasn’t expecting that kind of response, I didn’t mind either.  I think of my table as a blank canvas each week.  An opportunity to create, whether simple or fancy, elaborate or plain.

It has become a fun opportunity to think outside the box (setting 45 tablescapes in a year will do that to you)!  It would be an expensive endeavor, except I quickly decided that other than the occasional purchase of grocery store flowers or seasonal produce, I would be creative with what I already have.  I do love to thrift for fun items that I could use on my tablescapes too!

As we neared the fall season this year, I was looking back at some of my fall tablescapes and remembering how much fun I had with them.  The idea formed to create a guide to help YOU create your own version of some of my favorite fall tablescapes.

In my first E-Book, “5 Fall Tablescapes”, you’ll find detailed pictures (because I’m a visual person and I think most creatives are!).  You’ll also find some checklists and planning guides to help you plan your tablescapes.  Print these out as many times as you’d like or laminate and keep handy for your gatherings and dinner parties.

You can print your E-book at home or your local office supply store, or simply save it to your mobile device for quick access and reference.  This could come especially handy when you are out thrifting or shopping yourself!

Do I think everyone needs to reset their table every, single week?  Of course not!  But you know what?  Find an area of your home that YOU enjoy decorating.  Restyle it, redecorate it, experiment with it, have fun with it.  And do it often!

Creating is good for your heart and mind.  It is a good thing to love home and an even better thing to enjoy being in your home!

I found my table to be a natural space for me to create, as it is a place that evolves often.  It also was an easy space to experiment in inexpensive ways.

Whatever you decorate, whatever you create, do it for YOU!  I hope this E-Book provides a lot of inspiration, but I also hope you’ll tweak the ideas, use what you have on hand, and most of all, have fun!

Home really is a wonderful place to be!  And home is the most wonderful place for us to express and enjoy creativity!

You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”

-Maya Angelou

Most of all, I hope that the simple act of creating…within your own home…renews a sense of passion for your most important place.  There is no better place to pour your time, attention, and love.  Setting a table is a simple act, but done with love, becomes a service to your family.  It creates a place where each person feels thought of and special.  It is an intentional way to say, “Welcome!  I’m glad you’re here.”

So, thank YOU for being here, for reading my rambling thoughts about why this little book matters to me.  Thank you for following along and being part of my community.  I hope you leave this space everyday feeling hopeful, inspired, and grateful.

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  












Click Below to Download “5 Fall Tablescapes”!


Beautiful Fall Dough Bowl Decor in 3 Minute Styles

Beautiful Fall Dough Bowl Decor in 3 Minute Styles

Beautiful Fall Dough Bowl Decor in 3 Minute Styles

Fall dough bowl styling can be so fun! Check out 3 simple ways to easily style different sized dough bowls, all in under 3 minutes!

Are you having fun with your fall decor?  I know sometimes, even when I want to have fun decorating, I’m a little short on time.  Since dough bowl styling is one of my top requested things to share, I want to show you a few simple ways to style your fall dough bowl.  And guess what?  Each of these styling ideas can happen in 3 minutes or less!

It may take you a few minutes longer to gather your supplies, but if you’re short on those, don’t worry!  I’ll link up everything you need for each style too.

Let’s have some fun styling and enjoy a few minutes together with fall decorating!

Why do I love styling dough bowls?

I am so glad you asked!

First of all, I just love old stuff!  But you already know that, of course!  There is something unique about the wood patina of dough bowls. I  think it is just because of how they have been used so much over the course of time that gives them beautiful color and texture.

I also love that dough bowls have such history.  It seems as though you can really imagine someone using this, many, many years ago, and you get to still enjoy it today.

I should also add that I use the term “dough bowl” loosely.  While some of my bowls were actually dough bowls, there are some styles of grain bins, troughs, cooking bowls, mixing bowls, and a variety of other uses that may be lumped together as “dough bowls.”

No matter it’s actual original use, I just love using large wooden vessels as decor around my home!

Where do I use dough bowls (wooden vessels) in my decor?


Also a great question!  And the answer is simple: Everywhere!

I use dough bowls and wooden vessels throughout our entire home.  I have a small one on my bathroom counter to hold pretty soaps; that’s really my only “decor” in the master bathroom!

My kitchen island almost always has a bowl or basket to hold fruit and seasonal items.  Long dough bowls can make great table centerpieces and also work beautifully on console and entryway tables.

A small bowl can be a great plant or candle holder for a side table or night stand too!

An oversized trough, grain bin, or dough bowl can look great leaning in a corner or resting on the bottom shelf of an entryway table.

Dough bowls look beautiful empty or filled and are a perfect way to add texture, warm wood tones, and character to your decor!

Are dough bowls only for farmhouse style?


Also a great question!  While you can often find them in farmhouse decor, they are frequently used in vintage decor, country decor, and even modern decor!  Adding some organic wood tones is a popular trend in the more modern farmhouse style and dough bowls are a perfect way to get that look.

Does my dough bowl have to be antique to look good?


Definitely not!  While I am always partial to true vintage pieces, there are great reproductions available.  You can find them anywhere from big box home stores to flea markets!

And remember…if you love it, that’s all that matters!

Let’s get to styling those wooden vessels!


Fall Dough Bowl: Abundance


Materials Needed: Large wooden vessel, mixture of dried gourds, faux fall stems, fall scarf

I have hard this large dough bowl for many years.  My parents purchased it at an antique mall for my Christmas gift years ago and it is a staple in my decor.

I like to use it different places, but you can typically find it on the vintage apothecary cabinet that sits under our TV.  It is perfect for adding decor that sits low and doesn’t block the view.

Very, very important for my football-loving family.  Anyone relate?!

Here are the quick and simple steps you can follow to recreate this look:

  • Choose a larger-sized wooden vessel.  I particularly love the look of this one and this one.
  • Place fall scarf in the base of your vessel.  Let it drape over the edges in a few places, with enough gathered places to get that casual, “effortless” look.
  • Add faux fall stems like this to get some great texture and fall eucalyptus stems for a touch of fall color.  These more traditional fall leaf stems would also be beautiful!
  • Next, add dried gourds or pumpkins.  I love the unique and varying shapes of the dried gourds, as well as the color.  Add some large ones, as well as some small/medium sized ones.  I like to add some of the dipper gourds for extra texture and shape variation.  I love how the tops curl around!  Gourds are also great to use in fall decor because they are relatively inexpensive and you can store them away to use year after year.  You get the same natural, organic look as real pumpkins, but save a lot of money on all the pumpkins that get tossed at the end of the season! (Or in my case, here in Florida, often rot too quickly!)

Fall Dough Bowl: Simplicity


Materials Needed: Small dough bowl, faux greenery stem, small faux pumpkins


Consider this your reminder that fall decor can be the most beautiful in its simplicity!  Is there really anything better than a vintage bowl full of white pumpkins?!

I picked up this vintage bowl on the World’s Longest Yard Sale.  What an interesting vendor and interesting stop!  He drove a hard bargain, but I just couldn’t pass up a stack of these antique bowls.  The unique wood coloring of the European vintage pieces is always a favorite for me and I love the imperfection of this one!

Even if your decor style is less “chippy” and even more of a modern style, embrace the imperfections of these old pieces.  A repair or patch on an antique dough bowl, or in this case, a broken spot, just adds to the authenticity and history of the piece!  When I am buying new pieces that are made to look old, I still look for the one that has the most “imperfections”!

Here is the process I used to style this smaller fall dough bowl:

  • Lay a faux greenery or fall stem in the bottom of the bowl.  I love the look of this one or this one (and they can be used year round!)  Slightly bend the stem so that it lays smoothly against the curve of the bowl.  For interest, allow the greenery to be at one side of the bowl!
  • Here’s why this fall dough bowl styling is so quick and simple!  Just place your small, faux (or real) pumpkins around the bowl.  Consider placing them with the stems going different directions, some on their sides, etc., for a casual look.  Depending on the size of your bowl, these faux pumpkins have a great look!  For that price, grab two bundles so you can use them on shelves, arrangements, and mantels too!  For a little larger pumpkins, I love the look of these and they come in both white and the more traditional fall colors too.  Can’t beat $5!

Fall Dough Bowl: Harvest


Materials Needed: Round dough bowl, fresh or faux stems, oversized gourd


I’ll be the first to admit.  This is the largest dried gourd I’ve ever found and I just had to have it.  I found this really large one online.  You could get the same look with a large pumpkin in your choice of fall colors too!

Let me tell you about this dough bowl, first, though!

This is the first dough bowl I ever purchased!  About 16 years ago, we were so blessed to get to take a trip to Italy.  I didn’t know a lot about antiques, just that I loved them.  We stopped in a little antique shop in Rome and I fell in love with this huge, round dough bowl.

It *just* fit in our suitcase and we lugged it around through the rest of Italy and part of Switzerland before it finally made it’s way to our tiny little home in Florida!  I really didn’t even have a table big enough to style it at that time!

I just loved it and to this day, it’s still a favorite to decorate with!

When you find those “must have” pieces, it is worth investing, if you’re able to.  There have definitely been many, many pieces that I’ve had to pass up, but I am always grateful for those special pieces that I can use year-round, no matter the design trend or style!

You may not have a round dough bowl this large and that is perfectly fine!  I just got lucky enough to end up with a huge round dough bowl and a huge round dried gourd!  You can get the same look with a much smaller bowl and gourd too!

Here’s the process I used to get this look:

  • Cut some branches from my yard.  Cornstalk pieces (or dead banana branches like this) also work great.  You can use leafy faux fall stems like this too!
  • Lay the branches around the base of the bowl, taking care to not make it too symmetrical.  We are going for more of a casual, organic look!
  • Lastly, place your large pumpkin or gourd in the middle.  You can even consider doing a stack of pumpkins or gourds!  I love how this arrangement looked last year!
  • For a finishing touch, place a few textured gourds or pumpkins around the base and tuck in more greenery or leaves until you get the fullness you want.
  • Investing in some realistic faux pumpkins is another great way to have decor that you can use year after year!

Needing a dough bowl?


Here are a few favorites that I rounded up for you!

This larger dough bowl has just the right amount of imperfections to make it absolutely perfect!  Whether empty or filled with one of the 3 minute arrangements above, it would add so much character to any coffee table or dining table!

This small bowl is definitely not small on interest!  I love the patina and it would be the perfect base for a fall candle or bowl of fall vase filler!

This long bowl makes a perfect centerpiece!  Use the code ROBYNSFRENCHNEST for 10% off too!  Simply place a few stems and line up some mini pumpkins and votive candles for a simple centerpiece!

This gigantic trough is definitely an investment piece, but I just had to include it.  I love the size and the styling possibilities would be so fun!  I have a similar one that I found at Rehab Vintage Market. I  love decorating with it and it makes such a statement!

I hope this gives you a few ideas of ways to get your home ready for fall…even on a busy day or when you have a few minutes to do something creative!  Being creative, even if it’s only for a short time, is good for your heart and mind!

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  











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“It’s Too Hard”

“It’s Too Hard”

“It’s Too Hard”

Oh, the stories from the preschool classroom!  Kids really do say the cutest things.  I’ve been hearing one comment a lot this week from a particular student.  For privacy, I’ll just call this student “Cutie Pie”!

Cutie Pie is in a little habit of declaring, “It’s too hard!”

I say a habit, because Cutie Pie has a bright, young mind and is capable of things beyond what is even considered age-appropriate. 

But I get it.  Totally.  Sometimes things just seem a little too hard for the moment.  Sometimes we just don’t WANT to do them, either, right?

My response to Cutie Pie is usually, “It’s okay, you can do hard things too” and then just be available for when Cutie Pie actually needs a little help or direction.  I want Cutie Pie to learn.  And learning doesn’t really come from the easy things.

As so often happens, (probably because I spend a good portion of my week with 3-year-olds), I felt a little check this week.  I will admit, I’ve been grumbling a bit of late to God.  “It’s too hard!”

Anyone else?  Surely I’m not alone in this.

And the grumbling seems silly when I stop and think about it.  I had to give myself the same talk that I did my son a couple weeks ago, on a particularly frustrating day, which he proclaimed to be a “hard day”.

Blessings abound.  I have a family who loves me, a comfortable home, a teaching job that allows me to be close to my children, more than enough food to eat, and so many “wants” too.  We don’t really know what hard is; I get that.

But days…or weeks…or seasons do come that seem especially hard.  We all have hard days, ranging from “I stubbed my toe” hard to soul-crushing hard.

I read this passage from Ann Voskamp a few years ago and it has stuck with me.  I wanted to share the entirety with you because it resonated deeply with me and still does:

“You have enough of Me and courage

to do this hard thing.

You have enough of Me and strength

to not give up.

You have enough of Me and love

to keep on going.

You have enough of Me and peace

to know that you are carried.

You have enough of Me

to simply rest.

You have enough of Me

and I am enough.

You are enough – because the great I AM is

In you, and with you, and for you.

And that alone is

completely enough.

Ann Voskamp

Philippians 4:13 is well-loved, often quoted, and you likely have it memorized too:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Sometimes…maybe often times lately…everything around us just feels too hard and we need a reminder that His grace is enough and His love is enough.

In the daily routines and mundane parts of life, I find myself sometimes just needing a reminder that God loves me.  And He loves you.  And He is enough.

I don’t know what your hard thing is this week.  You may not even know what your hard thing will be.  While I may think I know what my hard thing will be, I’ve lived long enough to know that the unexpected happens.  (Robb so kindly reminded me this week about how many decades old I am.  Of course, he hit the big 4-0 this year, so I can still hang that over his head for awhile. Haha!)

But in all seriousness, life happens and hard things come.  Some happen simply because we live in a fallen world.  Some hard things are allowed to come in to our lives to help us learn!

As you go through your week, I hope you remember that with God, you have what it takes.  And just like Cutie Pie, you can do hard things too.

I’d love to know how I can pray for you this week.  I welcome you to leave your prayer request in the comments.  Let’s pray for and encourage one another this week!

Much love from our nest.














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3 Really Unique Things to Add to Your Fall Mantel

3 Really Unique Things to Add to Your Fall Mantel

3 Really Unique Things to Add to Your Fall Mantel

Looking to freshen up your fall mantel? Check out three of my favorite unique things to bring texture and character to your fall mantel decor!

Mantel…mantle…I discussed the history of it HERE.  But no matter how you spell it, they are FUN to decorate!

And if you don’t have a mantel, don’t worry!  You can take these same ideas and use them for different spaces, such as bookshelves or entryway tables.

Fall is an especially fun time to decorate.  Believe it or not, I only have a couple bins of fall decor and part of that is party things for the kiddos that I’ve used for school events over the years.  One thing I love about fall is that the colors lend themselves so easily to mixing in the old and new, blending in the vintage patinas I love, and finishing it all off with natural elements.

While there are about as many ways to decorate a mantel as there are mantels in the world, I like to think of each styling as an opportunity to create something fun and different.  I like to think outside the box a little for my mantel styling but there are literally so many great ideas out there.  In the comments, be sure to leave your favorite thing to use on your fall mantel and we can all inspire each other!



Here are a few of my favorites:

3 Unique Decor Things to Style Your Fall Mantel

#1: Try stoneware on your fall mantel

Last week, I shared crocks and stoneware for my Friday Favorites.  You can catch a tour of some of my favorite pieces on my Instagram highlights too.

I always love finding and using great vintage pieces.  When I came across a set of vintage crocks and pottery pieces on the World’s Longest Yard Sale, they were just too good of a deal to pass up.  I love how they all looked together and there is something about the warm, earthy tones of old pottery that blends beautifully with the fall color tones.

When I hear “vintage crock”, I tend to think of the really huge ones (which are also fantastic for fall and winter decor) but definitely do not work on a mantel.  They can be beautiful for a hearth but the small ones can add a lot of texture and dimension to the mantelpiece as well!

Working with the decor triangle concept of decorating in three’s, I used three of the pottery pieces on my fall mantel this year.  I used some vintage books to vary the height of two of them at one end and used the third one as a book end on the other side of the mantel.


Mixed with more traditional elements, such as brass candlesticks, the vintage crocks and pottery pieces can really add extra depth and character to the mantel styling without being overwhelming.  Since they are most often found in neutral tones, they can easily complement a range of fall color palettes.


If you do not have a mantel to style, try using some crocks, stoneware, or pottery on a bookshelf.  They are usually heavy enough to make great bookends and can add a unique shape to an otherwise boxy space.

Check out this post for more shelf styling ideas for fall too!


I left my crocks empty, but they can be a great opportunity to put a cute fall stem too!

The great news this fall is that vintage-style pottery and crocks are trending.  If you don’t have vintage ones, you’re in luck!  There are some really budget friendly ones available. I  particularly love the pretty fall tones of THIS ONE and the neutral color of THIS ONE can blend anywhere and be used year round!

Also keep an eye out at thrift stores and flea markets.  You may find a great piece!  If you don’t like the color, try painting it for an afternoon DIY!

#2: Try dried gourds on your fall mantel


They are my favorite natural element to use in my fall decor!

It’s true.  I have two big trash bags full of them that I store carefully in the attic and if I find more that I love this fall, I’ll have no shame in adding a third bag!  There are so many fun ways to style them all around your home for a really natural look.

I also love that dried gourds add a great touch of fall color and patina without being too “perfect”.

While I love using real pumpkins, they can get expensive and dried gourds are a great option instead of having real pumpkins coming out my ears (and out of my wallet) when it comes time for fall decorating!

There are different kinds of dried gourds and lots of different sizes (which is why I like to have lots of options…haha!)  They look pretty laying in a bowl or basket or used on tablescapes.  I created a DIY centerpiece and used several of my large gourds and dipper gourds like THESE and THESE!


For a fall mantel, I like to use some of the medium and small gourds to set on or beside a stack of vintage books, line them up as a focal point, or tuck into an arrangement like I did with my French lavabo last fall!


No matter how you style dried gourds on your fall mantel, it will be beautiful!  That’s what I love about using them; you can style them elaborately or simply and they are beautiful.  Dried gourds are a perfect way to get a soft, organic look for your fall decor.

#3 Try adding some brass quail on your mantel.


Why?  Let me try to explain!

So I actually did a google search to try and get some kind of scientific reason why I think of quail as a fall bird.  No luck. Haha!

I guess the main reason is because I grew up in Kansas and the quail hunting season always started right before Thanksgiving.  What can I say?!

The more decor-related reason must be due to the soft, neutral colors and warm tones of feathers.

Too much of a stretch?!

Just trust me.

The cute, little brass quail will bring a lovely combination of vintage, nature, and metallic element that will blend beautifully with fall decor!

They make the perfect “shelf sitters” and I love to set them on or beside a vintage book, nestled with some brass candlesticks, or tucked under a cloche.  A vintage brass quail is a great item for a fall mantel because it can be that “unexpected” structural element that really completes a mantel vignette!

I hunt for quail a little differently than some of my fellow Kansans on Thanksgiving weekend.  I look for them at antique malls, flea markets, and thrift stores. I rounded up some really beautiful ones for you online too, and you can find them HERE and HERE!  I especially love that cute family of four!

Now it’s YOUR turn!  I’d love to hear your favorite things to use on your fall mantel.  There are so many wonderful options out there: fall garlands and stems, vintage books, vintage art, signs, baskets, mirrors…the list could go on and on!

What’s your favorite OR what would you like to try differently this year?

I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  















All the Cozy Fall Feels

All the Cozy Fall Feels

All the Cozy Fall Feels

Hello Friends!

​            I hope you had a wonderful week! Now that Labor Day is past, each day feels more and more like pumpkin season! Are you getting invites to fall events yet? Have you pulled out the boots and sweaters?

Here in South Florida, it is still so very warm!  So, since it doesn’t feel like fall outside, I am trying to make it look like fall inside our home. I have been adding simple things here and there. This week’s Friday Favorites is all about little things to make your decor feel cozy and like fall!


Cotton Throw Blanket


I have shared this before, but it’s worth sharing again. How cozy is this blanket? So, so nice! I love the warm neutral color and the tassel details. An easy way to add some fall warmth to your living room or bedroom.

Chippy Vintage Corbel


I love using corbels for any season, but there is something about vintage and fall that just seems to belong together! I love this corbel from Etsy with lovely chippy paint. If you have followed me for very long at all, you know pieces like this are some of my favorites and I have lots of styling tips shared here on the blog and my Instagram page. How would you style this one?

Vintage French Stoneware Bottles


Again, vintage and fall just feel like the perfect pair! I love the look of these stoneware bottles! So many options for styling these in your home! How beautiful they would look grouped together on a fall mantel or used as a centerpiece for a fall tablescape! The possibilities are endless! You can find them here on Etsy.

Antique French Wicker Jugs


I love these! They are just so beautiful! I think these would be so pretty as a fall accent to a kitchen or dining room. They are vintage and available here on Etsy. Let me know if you are the lucky person to take these beauties home!

Antique French Cider Jug


This jug is so beautiful! I love that is a cider jug! Nothing says fall more than a yummy cup of apple cider! This jug has a beautiful rust color that would be a perfect addition to a neutral color pallet. You can find it here on Etsy.


French Stoneware Pot


Another lovely piece of french stoneware. I just love these pieces! This one could be used as a vase for some lovely fall flowers. This is also another authentic vintage piece you can find right here on Etsy.

Fall Flowers

There are some truly lovely options for fall florals. Here are some of my favorites!


Fall Eucalyptus Leaves


These are so very lovely! I love the color of these and think they would add a lot to any fall space! You can find them here.


Acorn & Pinecone Pick


Another great fall floral piece! Acorns and pinecones- need I say more? These are an obvious fall decor staple!


Melaleuca Leaf Bundle


These are just gorgeous! I love how full this is! I can’t help but picture this in some of the french stoneware shared early in this post. Do yourself a favor and get some of these fall flowers and some french stoneware. I can guarantee you will love the look!


I’d love for you to follow me on social media!  You can find my home decor inspiration on Instagram, Pinterestand Facebook!  

I am so excited to hear about what you are doing for fall decor! Please share in the comments below.

Also, tell me, what will you be getting from this list?  Are you adding French stoneware to your Etsy cart? What about that cozy throw blanket from Target? Let me know and when you get your items, tell me what you think and how you used them in your home!

Happy Weekend!









7 Ways to Make Your Fall Flowers Amazing

7 Ways to Make Your Fall Flowers Amazing

7 Ways to Make Your Fall Flowers Amazing

Check out some of my favorite ways to create fall flower and non-flower arrangements that you can enjoy all season long! Easy DIY arrangements for every budget!

Spring and summer lend themselves to pretty bouquets of flowers and fresh arrangements that keep our homes smelling and feeling special for the whole season.  I love to continue using fresh flowers and arrangements throughout the fall season too!

Fall flowers are a perfect way to add organic color and texture to your decor.

I also love how a simple jar of fall flowers and a few real pumpkins can make my whole room feel decorated for fall…and neither have to be stored away!

Let’s chat for a couple minutes, though, about how we can get the look and feel of fresh fall flower arrangements on a budget!  And how we can style them in unique ways to make a statement in decor.  After all, if you’re going to buy fresh flowers, let’s get the most bang for your buck!

I also have a few favorites for non-flower fall arrangements…and they may just be my favorites!

Let’s get started!

Tip #1 for Fall Flowers

Put them in a bucket!

Too simple?  I’d beg to argue that there is no such thing as too simple, and yet, sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones I forget about!

Mums are a super cost-friendly way to bring fall flowers in and around your home and enjoy them for the whole season.

(As long as you remember to keep them watered and out of the direct sun. 🙈 I totally failed my mums after a few weeks last year!)

If you have a sunny spot indoors (or time to take your mums out to get a little sun), they can be a great option for decorating inside.  Most commonly, mums make great additions to porch and patio decor for the fall season!

My favorite way to style them is to set them in a beat-up, galvanized bucket.  I love the casual look it gives them and the bucket makes a great piece for creating a farmhouse-style fall vignette too!

Like I said, it’s super simple, but it’s a fail-proof way to create an inviting look to your fall entry or table, as well as adding some color with the fall flowers.  Next time you’re near your favorite grocery or nursery, grab a few mums in your favorite fall colors.

Take it from the non-pro…just remember to water them. 😂

Tip #2 for Fall Flowers:

Add eucalyptus.

Another simple tip, but it’s one of my favorite cost-saving ideas for fall flowers.  Particularly in the fall, I love the look of dried eucalyptus.  I have found that the silver dollar eucalyptus seems to dry the prettiest, so when I find it at my Trader Joe’s, I stock up on several bunches.

I style the eucalyptus with my fresh fall flowers and enjoy.  Then, when the flowers have wilted, I very gently pull out the flowers.  Without messing with the arrangement, I add fresh water and replace the wilted flowers with fresh ones.

I can usually get 2 or 3 arrangements out of that bunch of eucalyptus, saving myself several dollars each time and that just means more flowers!  It’s a win-win!

You’re sure to have a crumbled leaf here and there, but as long as you’re careful when you replace the flowers, you should be able to reuse the eucalyptus at least once!

I love how the dried look of the leaves adds to the beauty of the fall flowers…and adds a few dollars to my wallet too!

There are some great options available for faux eucalyptus too.  This garland is my absolute favorite, especially for fall tablescapes.  The smaller, matching eucalyptus stems are ones that I use year round and they mix beautifully with fall flowers too!

For some extra fall color, there are beautiful options available with colored eucalyptus too.  I especially love the color of these and the style of these.  I absolutely love how thick and pretty these dried stems are too.

And for some fall color on your table or mantel, this eucalyptus garland is gorgeous and budget-friendly.  I’ve seen it in person and love it!

The key to remember with colored fall stems is that you don’t need a huge amount of them to really make a pretty statement!  Pick up a few favorites and enjoy all season long!

Tip #3 for Fall Flowers:

Cut a cornstalk.

Or a dead banana tree branch.  Haha!

True story:   I was doing some fall decorating and clipped a few pieces off of a banana tree branch from our yard (thank goodness my husband doesn’t clear those out too often!).  I tucked a few pieces into a big basket with some gourds.  Afterward, I asked Harrison if he knew what those were.

“It’s those things off of corn, you know, from a field.”


If my 7-year-old thought my dead banana branch passed as a cornstalk, that’s enough for me!

But maybe you’re lucky and have real cornstalks available!  Use them!

They make great filler in any arrangement and add a ton of texture too.  My favorite way to use them is to clip small pieces and tuck around pumpkins or gourds.

It would even be worth asking for free clippings at the pumpkin patch.  All those little pieces that break off?  They will look great in your fall arrangements!  You can mix them with fall flowers, berries, or just leave them as is.

I took several clippings (from a dead banana branch, of course) and stuck them down into a big ironstone chamber pot.  I added some berries and dried branches for a unique (and completely FREE) fall arrangement.  Best part?  All of it was already “dead” so I enjoyed it for a few weeks before it got too crumbly from getting moved around!

Tip #4 for Fall Flowers:

Add dried seed pods.

No matter the season or style of arrangement, I always look for ways to add a little extra texture.  Especially with fall flowers, dried seed pods are a great way to get texture, unique size and shape, as well as the earthy fall colors.

I found several bunches of dried seed pods at Trader Joe’s and will used them all season long!  I tried storing them with my fall decor and just pulled them out…they still look amazing!

I am excited that those few dollars I spent will be something that I can use in my fall flowers all season, once again.

To style dried pods in an arrangement, I first arrange my greenery and flowers.  I use the dried seed pods to fill in all the gaps, with some shorter stems at the base of my arrangement and a couple of taller ones in the middle.

This is another great way to save money on your fall flowers!  It doesn’t take as many flowers to create a pretty arrangement when you have the added seed pods for filler, color, and shape.

Tip #5 for Fall Arrangements:

Add dried gourds to your centerpiece.

You’ve probably been seeing the dried gourds appearing around my home.  Partly because I live in South Florida, and, let’s be honest, there aren’t really pumpkin farms down here.  Haha!  I love using real pumpkins and they just don’t start arriving down here until much later.  Gourds are my way to start bringing in that fall color and seasonal element.

Plus, they can be used year after year!  I store mine…wait for it….

in a trash bag in the attic.  The first year I did that, I was crossing my fingers that they would survive the heat.  But they did great and I love pulling them out each year.

Whether large or small, gourds are a great way to add texture, shape, and color to your fall arrangements.  One of my favorite ways to use them is in centerpiece arrangements, like this DIY centerpiece.

Gourds are a great alternative to flowers because you can mix them with real or faux greenery.  I have used this garland down the middle of the table, layered with dried gourds, and it looks so pretty!  For my DIY centerpiece, I used branches from my yard, which makes a great free option!

I think these preserved stems would be gorgeous tucked around gourds in a basket or dough bowl too!

Dried gourds can be found at vintage shops, flea markets, and some antique malls.  I also found some great ones online and will link them for you:

  • Dipper gourds: Add a lot of unique shape and texture.
  • Mini gourds are great for place settings or laying in an ironstone bowl.
  • Cheese gourds have a “pumpkin” look to them and are perfect for adding extra texture.  Get one or two to mix with your other dried gourds for a really organ