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January feels like it should be this slow, cozy, calm month after the holiday rush.  Yikes…not for our crew!  We celebrated Harrison’s 10th birthday this week and Payton’s 16th birthday is today!  (Give them birthday wishes!!!)  So it’s been another busy one around here…

I hope you enjoy the Notes From Our Nest this week!

Around Our Nest:

  • Our kids enjoyed Spirit Week at school.  Cue all of the odd outfits, props, accessories!  They have so much fun but I don’t mind to get back to uniforms this coming week.  Just sayin’.
  • Our girls attended a weekend Youth Retreat with our church youth group.  Florida IS the sunshine state.  However, central Florida can really dip in temperatures.  Their temps out there camping went below 40, I believe.  I think they will be happy for their warm and cozy beds tonight!!!
  • While the girls were away, my guys and I spent a lot of the weekend cleaning out and reorganizing the garage. It really has never been done since our huge renovation.  So, we took advantage of a cool and sunny winter Saturday.  We all still love each other; enough said?!?!  Who can relate to strongly disliking this needed job?!
  • I also cleaned out Harrison’s closet.  Seriously, can the moms of boys tell me how this is supposed to work?  His new jeans that I got at Thanksgiving are way too small already.  How can this even happen so fast?!
  • As you can see, we’ve been living the exciting life over here.  Haha!  Seriously, though, I’m thankful for time we could set aside to work on these projects.  It helps clear the mental clutter as well as the physical clutter!

Around the ‘Gram This Week:

  • It was kitchen week around Instagram this week, at least for Robyn’s French Nest!  I love doing this each year because it kind of forces my hand to do some cleaning out, decluttering, and reorganizing.  I added some awesome new organizers that I’m loving and did just some simple little refreshes for decor.  Catch the tour HERE!
  • I also shared a close up still picture on THIS post so you can see the details of my dining room shelf styling.  I am loving the winter whites, soft glow, and simple styling.  Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your own shelves this season!
  • Stories have been hopping with some sales as well as answering questions from you all!  I try very hard to get to my Instagram DM’s, so if you have a question, send it there and I’ll try to answer you!

Around the Blog This Week:

  • This week has been all about kitchens & easy ways to organize & beautify!  A well organized space just makes me happy…. and of course keeps me more productive.  Catch my simples ideas for kitchn countertop organization HERE!
  • Then, how many of you have open shelves in your kitchen or dining room?  I enjoy the challenge of keeping mine freshly decorated.  HERE is how I’m doing that this season!
  • For inexpensive ways to update your kitchen organization & decor, look no further than this week’s Friday Favorites.  These finds are game changers!
  • Last but not least, I share how I fixed one of my constant headaches!  If you too struggle with your family’s water bottles, check out this easy solution. It was just really SO SIMPLE!
Coverpage for the Vintage Hunting on the World's Longest Yard Sale Blog post
Coverpage for the Vintage Hunting on the World's Longest Yard Sale Blog post
Coverpage for the Vintage Hunting on the World's Longest Yard Sale Blog post

Around the Storefront This Week:

I’ve been organizing here and there, adding some new organizers that work better for us.  There have also been some great sales and then fun finds to use in winter decorating!

Here are some of the top sellers over on my storefront this week:

  1. Aren’t these candles the best?
  2. These cup & mug hooks have revolutionized my shelf space.  And they’re on over 40% right now!
  3. I have several of these in my attic right now. They make linen storage soooo easy!
  4. I LOVE these faux pine branches!
  5. And last but not least, this eucalyptus greenery can be found year round in my house!

You can check this list on my storefront.  I update it daily with favorite deals that I think you’ll love too!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

As always, I love to share some inspiration from some of my favorites!  Check out these posts for more inspiration for YOUR nest!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Kim at Shiplap & Shells share about a topic many of you would be interested in: How to force flowering branches to bloom indoors.  I LOVE her tips!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

I LOVE Heid’s decor over at Eleanor Rose Home.  This week she shares how she adds cottagecore to her kitchen vibe.  I love it & you will too!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

You need to see Renae’s elegant tablescape this week.  She shoes a bumblebee theme & it’s just darling!

See all the details HERE!

Thanks for being here!  I always say, I’m so blessed with such a wonderful community here at Robyn’s French Nest.  I appreciate each of you so much!

I hope you have a really great week (maybe a little less crazy than ours will be) and I can’t wait to see you around the nest this week for all the fun coming up!


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