3 Simple Winter Decor Vignettes You Can Make This Season

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Winter is the perfect season for creating cozy spaces around your home!  Refreshing your decor can be as simple as restyling a vignette!  Check out these 3 easy winter decor vignettes to transform your room!  

Who else is loving all the coziness and warmth of the winter decorating season?  Even though I live in warm, sunny South Florida, I still love creating cozy moments throughout our home during these winter months and transitional time from Christmas to spring!

If you’re hopping over from Just Destiny, welcome!  Such great winter decor inspiration there.  Thanks for visiting my blog today and I hope these simple vignettes spark an idea for how you can create your own cozy moments!

One thing I love about winter decor is how simple it is.  After all the big Christmas displays, there is something so calm and peaceful about a simple winter decor vignette.  You can give an entire room a refresh by restyling one or two vignettes.  How easy is that?!

I think sometimes in decorating we get really caught up in the big transformations, which are so fun, but small, simple refreshes are the reality for most of us and can make our homes feel enjoyable and intentional without taking a lot of time or money!

I recently got our back living room deep cleaned, restyled, and refreshed after the holiday season.  I love the simplicity and fresh look it has. It’s one of my favorite places to spend time in our home and I’m glad it’s cozy and ready to enjoy!

I styled up a few winter decor vignettes in this room and thought it would be fun to share the details of each one with you.  Hopefully it sparks an idea or two, even using things in a different way that you already have around your home!

Winter Decor Vignette #1

Cozy Cloche Styling!

This cozy cloche could not be a more simple winter decor vignette, but it makes the whole room feel peaceful, especially in the evenings!  In general, most any time you group like items together, they make a statement and the same is true for candles!

My first suggestion for any vignette is to start with a base.  It could be a bread board, tray, platter, flat dough bowl, or low basket. I  especially love this vintage French one!  I used these antique, ironstone pill counter trays.

They were a Christmas gift and I love how unique they are!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any online to link for you, but keep an eye out when you’re antiquing!  They seem to be a rare find!  They also fit perfectly under my large cloche!


I grouped my pillar candles together and added a small spring of faux cedar greenery.  Greenery is a staple item for any vignette styling and even just a little touch of it gives a finished look to this candle and cloche styling!

All you need to create this look is to grab a base, candles, and a cloche!  Don’t forget a little touch of greenery too!


Winter Decor Vignette #2

Use the decor triangle!

This vignette is a little more involved since it has a lot more pieces and fills a larger space on this vintage cabinet.  Whether large or small, winter decor vignettes can still follow the decor triangle.

I shared a lot of detail about styling with a decor triangle over on this post.

While your pieces will be different, the general idea is the same for a cozy winter vignette: Winter greenery, vintage books, and an architectural salvage piece!

I have a large space here to fill, so my pieces are oversized.  However, you could create the same look on a smaller scale or whatever fits your space the best!

If you have have any table top trees left from Christmas, this is a great place to use them!  I added one to this old concrete urn.  I think the chippy white garden style makes it less “Christmas” and a more “every day” kind of decor!

If you want to lighten it up, check out this post for all my favorite faux greenery this year!

Vintage books are always great filler for winter decor vignettes.  They help tell the story of long winter evenings, curled by the fire, reading a favorite book…even though you probably won’t be actually reading these old law books!  Haha!

Vintage books add a lot of character and texture to any styling and they are also a great way to bring in a touch of your decor color of choice!  I love the old leather and how it blends with the aesthetic of our home.  Pretty blues, like these, would also be beautiful for winter and could transition into spring!

To finish off this vignette, I added a chippy architectural salvage piece.  Architectural salvage is something I always hunt for when we are on vintage shopping trips (though they are getting harder to find and definitely pricier!)!  It adds so much character to any space and I love that it can blend with almost any kind of design aesthetic too!

I’ve linked a few beautiful pieces for you HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Winter Decor Vignette #3

Elegant and simple.

I love that this vignette uses several of my favorite cozy things for winter decor!  This salvaged column base and cloche are favorite finds that I purchased a few years ago from Olde Tyme Marketplace.

My large flameless candle fits perfectly inside and the cloche finishes the whole thing off.  It’s a combination that I pull out almost every winter now!

I added a couple more of my favorite vintage books to tie all the winter decor vignettes and styling together and a little sprig of winter greenery.

Remember?  Every vignette, even winter decor vignettes, need just a touch of greenery to soften the edges and pull it altogether!

Lastly, I added a small pair of vintage brass candlesticks and my very favorite flameless taper candles.

When I tell you I love these taper candles, I REALLY LOVE THEM!  They have the best colored faux flame I’ve found so far, plus, they are on a 4, 6, or 8 hour timer with a quick and convenient remote.  Plus, you can dim them!  They are perfect and I am definitely ordering more sets for myself too!

I think these flameless taper candles are a must-have for cozy winter decor vignettes and you can use them anywhere in your home!

I hope this has given you some fun and cozy ideas for those small, yet impactful, winter decor vignettes around your home!  And there’s more inspiration to be found!

Hop over to Happy Housie for more gorgeous winter decorating ideas!  I love these hops because it gives us all an opportunity to see so many ideas and choose our favorites to blend into our own homes!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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