Simple Water Bottle Storage Ideas for an Organized Kitchen

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Control the kitchen chaos with smart water bottle storage ideas!  Check out these organization ideas that are practical for the entire family and easy to maintain over time!

Tupperware, water bottles, and lids for both.  Who agrees they are the very worst part of trying to have organized kitchen cabinets or drawers?  They are also the things that seem to multiply and divide more quickly than Einstein could do in his head.  You know I’m right!!!  So, today’s blog post is a very practical one that will make me feel a lot better about my kitchen.  In order to share a whole post with you about our water bottle storage solution, I had to first have a perfect solution!  Haha!  Let’s get started: we are chatting today all about water bottle storage ideas with an organized space that can work for the entire family!

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How do you organize water bottles?

The million dollar question!  I definitely do not claim to have all of the expert advice.  However, I have tried quite a few different ways and storage solutions to this kitchen clutter problem.  I am delighted to say that I have finally landed on a water bottle storage solution that holds our large collection in a relatively small storage space.  Plus, it seems to be working over the length of almost a year for the kids’ water bottles too!  Whether or not our creative water bottle storage ideas could be maintained by the kids was the real key for me!

Here are a few things we’ve tried to store water bottles:

  • Standing bottles up in a deep kitchen drawer
  • Laying bottles on their side in a shallow drawer
  • Putting water bottles upside down on a peg system inside of a deep kitchen drawer
  • Lining bottles up on a cabinet shelf or pantry shelf
  • Plastic water bottle rack on pull-out drawers
  • Bamboo water bottle rack on pull-out drawers

Keep reading to see what ended up being the better solution for us and why!

a wooden drawer pulled out to show various types of water bottles in different organizers

Simple Water Bottle Storage Ideas for an Organized Kitchen

1. Water Bottle Storage Ideas Step One: Declutter

How do you organize water bottles in the kitchen?

First things first.  To really do the job in the best way, the first thing I needed to do was declutter our water bottle collection.  The water bottles were simply taking up too much space in all of the different places I tried to store them.  Besides, every family member doesn’t need a full collection of their own, right?!

Before I could figure out the best space-saving option for our water bottle collection, we had to declutter.

  • 1.  Start by setting out every single water bottle, lid, straw, and accessory.
  • 2. Match the lids, straws, and accessories to every water bottle.
  • 3. Toss anything that is missing parts or broken.
  • 4.  Determine the right size and number of water bottles for each family member
  • 5. Have each family member choose a favorite water bottle and the reusable bottles they want to keep (based on the pre-determined number)
  • 6. Donate or toss any extra water bottles
pile of different kinds of water bottles with various types of lids

2. Water Bottle Storage Ideas Step Two: Deep clean

While the cabinet shelf, kitchen drawer, pull-out drawers, etc. are empty, it is the best time to deep clean!  Give those empty spaces a good scrub down now while it is convenient.

These spaces that get daily use can fill up with smudges, crumbs, and foreign objects so fast!

I know it brings much satisfaction to have a blank, CLEAN slate ready to be organized!

a view of a cleaned out shelf with a storage shelf sitting on it

3. Water Bottle Storage Ideas Step Three: Assess needs, measure, and research

Step three is probably the most difficult step and one that will take extra time.  However, it will be worth doing the job right when you have extra space and easy access to all of the water bottles!

I started by determining what space in the kitchen would be the best option for a water bottle storage system.  After some re-arranging, I realized that the pull-out drawers would provide a more simple solution than the deep drawer we used previously.  At the same time, it would be more convenient for every member of the family.

Pro Tip: Since water bottles are items that everyone uses, make sure to organize them in a way where everyone can be successful in maintaining the new storage system!

I carefully measured the pull-out drawers, including easy clearance space at the top and side.  Next, I started researching options.

First, I tried THIS plastic water bottle holder.  We loved it because it can hold water bottles of different sizes.  It also holds lots of water bottles!  However, we discovered that because the back was open, water bottles could slide off and fall behind the pull-out drawers.  When this happened, the drawers couldn’t be closed properly and became frustrating.

If we were using this plastic water bottle organizer on cabinet shelves or on a pantry shelf, it would be a perfect storage container.  The only reason it wasn’t the best water bottle storage solution for us was because the bottles could fall back behind the pull-out drawer.

I went back to step three to do some more research.  Then, I found THIS bamboo water bottle organizer and for us, it makes the best water bottle storage ideas.  Since all of our drawer dividers are also bamboo, I like how the organizer now has a cohesive style.  More importantly, it has a back which prevents water bottles from sliding off and blocking the drawer from closing.

Since we have a nice amount of vertical space (INSERT INCHES), I was able to stack two of the sturdy stackable water bottle storage rack.

Pro Tip:  The best water bottle storage hack is the one that actually works for you!  

Everyone has different kinds of spaces and needs.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great organization ideas out there that can easily store a lot of water bottles!

Here are some creative ways to store various sizes of water bottles, including reusable water bottles and plastic water bottles:

The best ways to organize your home are likely going to be a combination of inspiration you gather, the research you do, and necessity.  They say necessity is the mother of invention, right?!  However, any of the ideas I’ve listed throughout this post could be great options for water bottle organizers, depending on your specific needs and kitchen space.

a tape measure being used to measure the height of the shelf
image of water bottles on a white metal organizer shelf

4. Water Bottle Storage Ideas Step Four: Install storage system

As I said, choosing the best system is the hardest part.  Then, it is exciting to install your new water bottle storage solution!  I have two tips here that may be a little unexpected.  However, I have found them to be valuable.

First of all, you may need to explain and teach your new organization ideas to everyone else living in the home.  Hopefully they will jump on board when they see how nice it looks and that the simple solution gives them easy access to their own reusable bottles.  Then, give everyone time to adjust to the expectation of maintaining the newly organized space.

Secondly, even a great idea can end up being flawed or not working out.  Don’t be afraid to pivot and try something different.  After awhile, we all got frustrated with water bottles sliding off behind the pull-out drawers and then the cabinet door wouldn’t close properly.

Fortunately, there are really budget-friendly solutions out there so we just tried something else!  The bamboo organizer is working our great for us now!

image of various water bottles on a bamboo shelf with ridges to keep water bottles still
view of a bamboo water bottle holder in a drawer
a metal lid organizer shown with a lid on it

Are you ready to organize?!

Wow!  A whole post on water bottle holders?!  Yep!  Because we all have them, use them, and need a great solution that places them in easy reach.

I often say that even though my focus here at Robyn’s French Nest is home decor, a home needs to first be functional.  Little things that make our homes run more smoothly, like organized cabinet space, make our homes also feel more inviting.  It is a lot more fun to decorate a home that feels clean, fresh, and tidy before any decor even comes into the picture!

You can shop all of my favorite kitchen organizers, storage solutions, and decor, conveniently curated on my storefront, HERE!

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for a great solution in your own kitchen.  Most of all, I hope it inspires you to address even one storage system that can help your entire home feel more cozy and welcoming for you and your whole family!

beautiful neutral kitchen with a wooden stove hood and a long gorgeous island

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