5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for Spring

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It’s time to decorate your kitchen for spring!  Check out 5 easy ways that I use functional items to make our kitchen pretty for the season!  Kitchen decor can be very simple and still create a beautiful and welcoming space to gather in the spring!

No matter the season, our kitchen is quite literally the grand central station of our home.  Everything gets done there, including laundry, homework, school projects, crafts, sitting to chat, and even some cooking and eating! ????

Since we spend SO much time in this space, I keep the kitchen decor mostly functional and love to give it just a few seasonal touches.  If you’re looking to decorate your kitchen for spring, too, hopefully these easy ideas can help you out this season!

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen for Spring

1. Choose functional items that are pretty.

No matter the season, I like to use functional items in my kitchen that are also pretty.  You can decorate your kitchen simply by making sure your everyday essentials are pieces that you LOVE!

Here are a few ways that I use functional pieces that double as decor:

  1. Sink decor: By my kitchen sink, I keep a pretty pedestal to hold my dish soap and hand soap.  I use a vintage ironstone jelly mold to make my scrub brush and sponge have a tidy, pretty appearance, even though those things themselves aren’t all that beautiful!  The ironstone is easy to wash and I don’t get marks on my countertops!

2.  I try keep fresh fruit on hand for convenient, healthy snacks!  This is a great opportunity to use a pretty vintage piece in a functional way that doubles as decor.  Here are a few favorites:

3. I like to keep a few wooden utensils that I use often near the stove.  I’ve found that I really don’t need 10 wooden spoons and a drawer full of cooking utensils.  Over time, I’ve started investing in quality, pretty ones that look nice sitting out and aren’t cluttered!

I keep mine in a pretty jar, layered with a stack of small cutting boards (also functional!) and my spoon rest, which is also used often and is pretty too!  A vintage crock also works great for utensils and a brings a vintage vibe to decorate your kitchen.

2. Decorate your kitchen with a few well-placed seasonal accents!

You can decorate your kitchen for any season with just a few simple, well-placed seasonal accent pieces!  A little vintage pitcher of tulips by the sink or vintage bucket of greenery in the middle of the island can go a long way in welcoming the spring season while not being in the way of necessary kitchen function.

Of course, not every single thing in the kitchen has to be functional!  I do love to add in a couple of seasonal accessories, like this rabbit (these are my favorite!) beside my ironstone berry dish, loaded with grapes.  (They last for about a day around here!)

3. Replace linens as you work on spring cleaning!

By the time spring rolls around, some of my dish cloths, tea towels, and pot holders are definitely ready to be replaced!  These are certainly essentials for the kitchen and freshening up those essentials just makes a whole space feel so much better and brighter!

You know you’re an adult when new kitchen linens make you happy, right?!  So roll them up and place them in a basket or bowl while they still look pretty!  All of the little details really add up to make your kitchen feel and look ready for a new spring season!

You can find some other pretty spring kitchen linens here:

4. Add plants to decorate your kitchen!

I chatted about this a little bit, but even a little bit of greenery can really make your kitchen come to life for spring.  Whether it is a faux plant tucked into a vintage container or a fresh plant sitting by the sink, it will add a welcoming look to your spring kitchen!

Here are a few faux options that I either have or have seen in person and love:

5. A space is only as pretty as it smells!

That’s my motto, anyway!  You’ll often find a candle burning in our kitchen, no matter the season.  This is my favorite one and of course, scents are a personal preference.  Find one you love and keep your kitchen smelling inviting, as well as looking pretty!

I also like to get seasonal scents for my dish soap and hand soap.  These are my favorite for the spring season!

I have had so many requests for spring kitchen styling ideas, so I hope this sparks an idea or two for you.  Kitchens are a space where we spend SO much time and I think it’s important for these essential spaces to feel and look pretty too.  Spring is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for and my kitchen is no exception!  Have fun with it and enjoy!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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