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Organized kitchen counters are one of the best ways to create a functional kitchen that also feels like the beautiful heart of the home that it should be.  Try these simple ideas for easy kitchen organization to control the kitchen clutter!  Make your kitchen space feel wonderful as well as have ease of use for such a busy room!

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, which sounds lovely.  However, does anyone else find that their kitchen often feels a little more like a dumping ground on a daily basis?  While spaces are certainly meant to be lived in, there is a fine line between “lived in” and just plain messy!  To be honest, whatever your kitchen looks like is totally up to you and if it happens to be messy, that doesn’t bother me at all.  When it comes to my own kitchen, though, I can only live in the dumping ground for so long.  Anyone relate?!  Today, we are going to chat about some simple kitchen countertop organization ideas.  I have found these ideas easy to implement and maintain on a daily basis (or mostly daily, anyway!)

Where do I start decluttering my kitchen?

Since the kitchen is truly the hardest working room in our home, it is also the space that gets messiest the quickest.  (The exception may be the kids’ bathroom, haha!).  At the same time, it is the space that I work in, walk through, and spend hours of time every day.  The clutter can quickly overwhelm me.

To be fully transparent, I feel like I am frequently nagging at everyone to “clean up the kitchen!!!!”  When I start to feel this way, I find it very helpful by clearing the countertop clutter as quickly as possible.  A clean countertop makes everything feel more manageable and under control.

It may be tempting to think that “if I only had a bigger kitchen, I could keep it more organized.”  Actually, though, even a small space with limited cabinet space or a small kitchen counter can be highly functional and beautiful.  This is especially true when you combine the best kitchen counter organization ideas with tools that work specifically for your space.

Where do I start when organizing my kitchen?

There are so many kitchen tools and organizational resources available.  Even though many of them are incredibly clever, you’ll have to do the work to find out what actually fits and functions the best in your unique space.  That being said, there are some basic principles for kitchen countertop organization that I have found very useful in my own home!

Last year, I started a mission to go through our home and invest in smart storage solutions that best fit our specific spaces and needs.  It has been a long, evolving process of which I am still not done.  However, the kitchen was one place I tackled hard.  After living with these organization solutions for awhile, I am able to see what works, what doesn’t work, and what I want to add or tweak.

I say this to encourage you that optimal organization and function likely won’t happen overnight.  Be patient and willing to experiment with possible smart storage solutions.

While I will show you specific tools that are helpful for me, these are just suggestions.  You will want to take the inspiration and research what actually fits and functions the best for your own kitchen.

​How should kitchen counters be organized?

First of all, kitchen countertop organization needs to fit your specific space and lifestyle.  With that in mind, it is helpful to divide a kitchen into zones.  These zones apply to what is inside the cabinets and drawers as well as what is on the kitchen countertop itself.

In fact, the first key to a clean countertop is an organized kitchen cabinet.  If you have smart storage solutions inside your kitchen cabinet, it is likely that you won’t experience as much spillover onto the countertop space.  Everything already has a specific place to be put away!

If you are short on cabinet space, don’t worry.  We will chat about some ways to maximize the storage you have as well as pretty and creative ideas for countertop storage!

What is the best way to organize your kitchen?

That leads me to the thing I think is equally important.  The other key to organizing and maintaining kitchen counter space is to maximize the storage throughout the rest of the kitchen. Cabinet drawers and vertical space in upper cabinets are essential to the best kitchen storage ideas.  When those spaces are functioning best for you, you will be able to more easily enjoy organized kitchen counters as well!

Drawer dividers and drawer organizers are items I’ve invested in that make a real difference in how easy it is to maintain an organized kitchen drawer.  At the same time, there are many options for kitchen cabinet organizers too.  I’ve rounded up some of the best practical options and similar items on my storefront.  You can find my Kitchen Organization and Decor favorites HERE!

How do you declutter kitchen countertops quickly?

Oh goodness, this is a big one for me!  Nothing makes me feel like the house is put together quite like a clean counter top.  Having my kitchen counter space cleared off helps me at least feel like we have a little order around the house!  Some people suggest setting a timer to work by.  However, I find it helpful to just start at one end of the kitchen and work my way around as quickly as possible.  I think of it as just “swiping and going”!  Haha!  I quickly put things back in their proper places or at least put them in the kitchen zone where they belong.

Where do I start when decluttering?

First of all, an easy way quickly declutter countertop space is to tidy it up at least once a day.  Consistently returning things to their proper place and not allowing piles to accumulate will keep your kitchen countertops manageable.

However, we all have times that things pile up before even realize it, right?!  In those times, I find it helpful to take the kitchen one zone at a time.  Then, I put kitchen essentials away, toss or file papers, and return random items to wherever they belong in the house.  Sometimes I make piles for my kids so they can each come and take their own pile to put away!

You could even have wire baskets or containers of some kind to put all of the piles into until they can be returned to the proper places around the house.  That would make for a really quick decluttering of the kitchen and get at least one space tidy and ready to go!

Lastly, I pull out a nicely scented kitchen counter top cleaner and give everything a good scrub down, including the kitchen sink.  Of course, I like to light my favorite candle when I’m done just to make the room feel more cozy and refreshed!

Simple Ideas for Easy Kitchen Countertop Organization

Kitchen Countertop Organization for Everyday Essentials

Even though I love for as much to be hidden away in the kitchen cabinets and drawers as possible, there are some essentials that just make sense to have sitting out on a kitchen countertop space.  Not only are these essentials that you use often and therefore need quick and easy access to, but they can also look nice and double as decorative items.

​For example, pretty cooking utensils resting in pretty utensil holders is the perfect functional decor in your cooking zone.  I like to keep my wooden spoons in a vintage ironstone pitcher by the stove.  To add another layer, I rest the pitcher on a stack of antique French cutting boards.  Even though I don’t actually use these boards often, they look appropriate in a kitchen space.

Here are some other ideas you could utilize for functional decor with everyday essentials:

Pro Tip:  Invest in containers and everyday essentials that decorate your kitchen as well as organize it!

Kitchen Countertop Organization for Kitchen Appliances

One thing that was really important to me when we purchased and renovated our home was to try and get most, if not all, of our small appliances behind closed doors.  This had never been an option for me in any of our prior homes and I’m definitely not saying you can’t have an organized, pretty kitchen with small appliances sitting out.

At the same time, this is definitely a personal preference.  For example, if I used our stand mixer really often, I would not want to lug it in and out of the cabinet.  In that case, it would come in handy that it is a pretty white stand mixer that could blend nicely with our kitchen.

Pro Tip:  Invest in small appliances that can blend in and add to the aesthetic of your kitchen rather than be the focal point.

The other thing to remember is that you may not actually need all of the small appliances you have.  If you are working on reorganizing and decluttering your kitchen, small appliances are a great place to start.  While there are small appliances that I would sometimes use if I had, I don’t need them.  So, storing them and taking up valuable real estate in my kitchen storage is not a priority!

Of course, a coffee maker is a necessity!  However, unless you specifically need a coffee machine and a single coffee maker or coffee pot, consider condensing in that category.

Air fryers are a trending favorite and many people use theirs often.  Look around your storage options, whether it is the bottom of a pantry or a large kitchen drawer.  Is there a place where you can store your air fryer when it is not in use?  If not, invest in a pretty one that blends in with the overall look of your kitchen style!

Pro Tip:  Carefully consider the small appliances you need and actually use.  See where you can minimize the need to keep extras or unused items.

Kitchen Countertop Organization for Cooking Ingredients

Whenever you wish to organize your kitchen, the spice rack, drawer, or cabinet likely deserves some attention.  Probably all of us accumulate odds and ends that we purchased for a single recipe but has long expired or we just don’t use it.  Decluttering your spices is a great way to regain some control of the kitchen clutter!

You may wish to keep your most-used ingredients within easy reach on the kitchen countertop space.  If you have enough space, this is another great way to add functional decor to your kitchen.  Pretty spice jars or decorative dispensers for olive oil or cooking oils can work perfectly into a kitchen vignette.

Pro Tip:  Combine a great cutting board with a couple of cooking oils in labeled glass dispensers by the kitchen stove for food preparation.  Add a pretty spoon rest within easy reach.  Finally, tuck in a small candle for a cozy kitchen vignette!

​Countertop Organization for the Kitchen Sink Area

I doubt I am the only one who feels like that my kitchen sink can barely stay clean for a full 5 minutes!  This kitchen zone is one that works hard for the entire family many times everyday.

A quick and easy way to make the entire kitchen feel decluttered and cozy is to take time to wash the dirty dishes or load them in the dishwasher and clean the sink!  Even if I only have a few minutes, this is a guaranteed way to make my kitchen look a lot more fresh.

​Incorporating kitchen countertop organization and storage ideas by the sink is a great way to keep frequently used items within easy reach and double as kitchen decor too.  Consider a decorative drying rack or one that collapses so you can easily put it away when it’s not in use.  A vintage ironstone dish or marble tray makes the perfect place to corral other smaller items by the sink, such as dish soap and hand soap.

By my sink, I keep a small cake pedestal to hold my counter top spray, dish soap, hand soap, and a vintage ironstone jelly mold for my sponge and dish brush.  Using pretty items to hold the essentials just makes it all look better!

If you need to keep your paper towels out on the kitchen counter, invest in a quality paper towel holder that blends with the aesthetic and style of your kitchen.  However, if it is possible to tuck your paper towels inside a cabinet or under the sink, that can help eliminate some countertop clutter!

Kitchen Countertop Storage Ideas

What about those items that really are just so much more convenient to have out on the counter?  Let’s chat about some kitchen countertop storage ideas!

Unless you are a true minimalist, you probably like to have at least a little bit out on your kitchen countertops to give your kitchen a cozy, lived-in style.  In general, I like to think of my kitchen decor as at least 75% functional.  However, I want 100% of it to look pretty and feel cozy too!

Here are some of my favorite decorative items you can use for functional purposes:

​Kitchen Countertop Decorative Items

Using great containers and pretty organizers on the kitchen countertop can help control the kitchen clutter.  However, I also like to add that extra touch to make my kitchen feel and look pretty.  While I am not a minimalist (at all), the kitchen is one space where less really is more in your decorating.  Some simple touches and kitchen countertop organization with everyday items can go along way to maintaining a clutter-free kitchen that is a cozy heart of the home!

These are some of my favorite small items to use around my kitchen:

As you are perhaps using this time to do some decluttering and cleaning around your own home, I hope you’ll join me in the mission to make our homes places that feel like havens for our families.

Working to create spaces that are peaceful…even in the kitchen…shows your love for your family and your care over them.  

At the same time, you can regain or maintain a little sanity as a home manager by working in a space that functions well while also looking pretty and cozy!

You can shop my kitchen organization and decor favorites, conveniently curated on my storefront, HERE!

I hope these simple suggestions for kitchen countertop organization give you inspiration on the mission to declutter our kitchen countertops…and keep them that way (at least most of the time!)

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