Simple Tips for Decorating with Cozy Fall Kitchen Decor

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Get the heart of your home ready for the fall season with cozy fall kitchen decor ideas.  Find easy fall decorations and simple styling tips for kitchen fall decor here!  Keep reading to see how I’m sharing my favorite ways to prepare my own kitchen with fall decor ideas!


If you spend as much time in your kitchen as I do, you would probably agree that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.  When the cozy autumn season rolls around, why not bring some simple fall touches with some fall kitchen decor too?!  While you’re cozying up the rest of your home this time of year, don’t forget about your kitchen too!

Admittedly, my fall kitchen decorations are minimal and intentionally so.  After all, the kitchen is not only a place where we spend a lot of time.  We also work hard in this room.

I am a big fan of working to create spaces that feel cozy and inviting.  At the same time, I need these spaces to function super well for me and my family too.

On my early fall home tour, (you can see it HERE), I shared the dining room that is open to the kitchen.  However, I didn’t get to the actual kitchen.  Since then, I’ve also added more seasonal decor.

So, come join me to chat about some super easy elegant fall kitchen ideas to create a great spot for gathering with your family!

Payton mixing up dough in a bowl next to a pumpkin

What are the colors for fall kitchens?

Before we dive into the how of kitchen fall decor, we will answer a couple of important questions about the what of fall kitchen decorations.

When it comes to fall decorations, I think it’s much more about creating a feeling than using certain decor.  Warm fall colors and earth tones along with nostalgic scents that remind us of pumpkin patch days and bonfire evenings combine perfectly with wood and woven textures.

Whether you use a more traditional orange color scheme or bring out some of the other natural colors of fall, such as brown shades and terra cotta, starting with a base of neutral colors will allow you to add whatever fall accents you love!

For my kitchen, I enjoy a few well-placed, simple fall touches to add to the regular everyday items in our kitchen.  If you want to go all out with fall colors, go for it!  It is definitely that time of year and the kitchen is a great place to have fun with color.

However, you may find that little touches are just enough to make your kitchen inviting while still being uncluttered enough to meet the everyday needs.

Let’s chat about some specific areas of your kitchen where you can ideally add these fall accents and colors!

one bright orange pumpkin with a smaller white pumpkin on top

​How do I style my kitchen in the fall?

One of the very best ways to decorate for the autumn season is to bring in natural elements.

A great way to figure out what natural elements to use is to take a walk outside or visit the seasonal produce section of your grocery store.  Favorite fall events like apple picking and visiting the pumpkin patch will give you even more inspiration.

A super easy way is to just put down your phone and watch out the window when you’re riding in the car!  My family can testify that we’ve made more than one stop to forage natural elements from the side of the road!

A couple of years ago, I got to go apple picking for the very first time.  Growing up in Kansas and then moving to Florida, apple picking isn’t something I’ve ever lived close enough to make a yearly tradition.  It was not only such a fun and memorable time with our family, but it just brought together all of the “good vibes” of the season.

Crisp fall air, laughter of families enjoying the day, warm colors and fresh scents, tastes of apple, cider, and pumpkin…quite simply, perfection!

Not only are natural elements fun ways to bring a fall look into your home, but they also bring the outdoors in and provide a true feeling of the season through color, texture, and imperfect style.

Here are some ideas of organic elements to bring into your kitchen fall decor:

view of a kitchen with fall touches including a fall wreath, dried palm fronds in a woven vase, and touches of gold

Simple Tips for Decorating with Cozy Fall Kitchen Decor

Tips for Cozy Fall Kitchen Decor Around the Table

​Everyday family dinners are a priority for our little family.  Even though they aren’t usually happening in any kind of glamorous setting, the concept of gathering, even for that brief time, is really important to us.  However, if we happen to eat around a pretty table, that is icing on the cake!

No matter the season, I try to always keep a pretty centerpiece and seasonal linens on hand.  Even if your fall table setting consists of a pretty table runner, a fall centerpiece, and some cozy, battery-operated candles, the intentionality is important.

Plus, it just makes your entire kitchen space look more clean and inviting!

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t put something on the kitchen or dining room table, my kids will.  And their additions usually look more like stacks of old school papers and backpacks.  Neither inviting nor clean and definitely not cozy!!!

How can I decorate my fall table?

My go-to fall centerpiece for our kitchen table is a large vintage vessel filled with dried gourds and foraged natural stems from my yard.  It is quick and easy to put together.  At the same time, it adds those warm fall colors and natural elements that I love to use in my fall theme.

Another really fun way to make the table a focal point of your fall decor is with pumpkin stacks!  We love going “pumpkin diving” at our Trader Joe’s for the most unique and pretty pumpkins.  Why are they always at the bottom of the bin, though?  It’s such a mystery!

Anyway, creating pumpkin stacks mixed with dried fall stems is another great way to add decor to a simple fall kitchen.

Since I do not have corn stalks readily available, I use dried banana branches.  They give the same shape and idea as corn stalks and they are free from my own yard!

Corn stalks and corn husks are perfect filler pieces for fall.  Tuck them into fresh or faux arrangements or around gourds and pumpkins for extra texture in a fall centerpiece.

Of course, under any centerpiece, I love to add some kind of seasonal linens.  THIS gingham table runner is my current favorite because I can use it year round.  It is also super budget-friendly, under $10, so I don’t worry about it being too precious or expensive with kids around!

large wooden trough full of gourds, dried leaves, and faux fall stems
stacked pumpkins of different shapes and sizes stacked along the middle of a long white table with candlesticks

​2. How to Decorate Kitchen Counters for the Fall

Decorating a kitchen countertop with seasonal elements is a perfect way to bring some simple touches of fall into your kitchen.  However, since you likely use your kitchen countertops on a daily basis, it is a great idea to keep the fall decorations minimal while still making a cozy statement with them too.

​A rustic wooden tray, a wooden dough bowl, or a copper bowl filled with seasonal produce are all great options for fall kitchen decorations.  In fact, the easiest way to add simple touches of fall into your kitchen is to use everyday items in a pretty way.

For example, pretty tea towels or kitchen towels rolled and placed neatly in a cute little dough bowl by the sink are both convenient as well as adding warm fall colors to your space.

Everyday dishes stacked on a rustic wooden tray along with a jar of flatware is easy to move to the kitchen table for family dinner.  Frequently used utensils can be a pretty pitcher with fall colors.  At the same time, it looks pretty on your kitchen island countertop too!

How can I make my kitchen counter look nice?

Of course, not everything you use for decor has to be functional.  A kitchen island countertop is a perfect place for a vessel and tall fall stems or even branches from your own yard!  Fall DIY decorations can be so fun and creating pretty arrangements with foraged stems and branches makes for beautiful fall kitchen decoration.

On my kitchen island, I have a large vintage scale.  It’s the perfect spot for seasonal vignettes.  Sometimes I use only white pumpkins but this year, I combined white pumpkins with these pretty terra cotta colored heirloom pumpkins from the grocery store.

I love how they immediately added a pretty look for the new season!  Fall decorating really can embrace the simple things better than any other season, I think!

Lastly, I always keep a favorite seasonal candle on hand.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate a clean kitchen!  Or, to turn the kitchen lights off, make the kitchen smell good, and at least pretend it’s really clean! Haha!

On THIS blog post, I shared a lot of detailed ideas about decorating a kitchen countertop or kitchen island.  You can check that out for even more ideas and a lot of examples for both functional and decorative accents in a kitchen!

white pumpkin and terracotta-colored pumpkin stacked on top of a white vintage scale

3. How to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets with Fall Kitchen Decor

How do you decorate the top of kitchen cabinets?

Since I had our cabinets designed to go to the ceiling, I get to skip this part of decorating my kitchen with seasonal decor!  However, whenever I am asked about how to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets, I say to stick with these basics:

  1. Use large, carefully placed objects
  2. Pick no more than 3 kinds of items to display (wooden bowls, baskets, and crocks would be my 3 top choices)
  3. Add simple, seasonal elements (large faux pumpkins, organic fall stems or branches)
  4. Avoid small objects
  5. Avoid “lining up” objects and opt instead for groupings

How to decorate kitchen counter for fall

Under the cabinets, the space is definitely precious.  Am I right?!  Again, I prefer to keep seasonal decor to a minimum and focus on a few well-placed items to make the kitchen feel cozy for the fall season.

My favorite thing I added this year under my kitchen cabinets is THIS candle lamp warmer.  It has a dimmer and is on a timer.  I have mine set for a couple of hours in the evening.

It makes our entire kitchen and living space smell amazing.  At the same time, it adds a really soft and cozy glow.  You could have the timer set for longer and use it as a night light in the kitchen too!

A seasonal vignette in a corner could consist of a tray or stacked breadboards with glass jars of seasonal treats.  Or, if you want to get away from the sweets, style a simple arrangement of mini pumpkins in a dough bowl to set under the kitchen cabinets.

Here are the items I currently have sitting under my own kitchen cabinets:

Depending on the season, I also sometimes add a piece of seasonal art leaning against the backsplash or a pedestal with a cloche to hold seasonal goodies (especially wonderful around Christmas or when we are going to have guests!)

It is an awesome idea to decorate a kitchen for fall.  If you stick with the principles of combining everyday basics with pretty functional items and a few curated decor accents, you will have a gorgeous and inviting kitchen to enjoy for the fall season!

4. How to Decorate Open Shelves with Fall Kitchen Decor

​Since our kitchen and dining space are open to one another, I enjoy styling the open shelves of the apothecary cabinet for the seasons.  If your open shelves are for functional purposes, like keeping everyday dishes and glassware, you’ll want to focus on simply adding a few little fall accents.

A well-placed pumpkin or faux fall stem tucked in a pitcher will give you a fall season feeling.  At the same time, you won’t lose any function for the open shelves.

My open shelves are purely decorative so my favorite way to decorate them is with vintage collections.  For fall, I styled some of my stoneware and crocks along with vintage mortars and pestles.

Adding some mounted antlers and old bread boards gave some extra height and dimension.  In some of the crocks, I added some bunches of corn stalks.  Wheat stalks would also work perfectly for some natural elements on open shelves.

Other ides for open shelves in a kitchen include:

Over on THIS blog post, I assembled all of my favorite tips and ideas for styling shelves. As part of my Simple Decor blog series, you can find many more details and examples to inspire you as you decorate open shelves in a kitchen!

5. How to Decorate a Stove with Kitchen Fall Decor

How to decorate behind a stove?

The stove area is another opportunity for adding some simple touches for the seasons.  However, as with the rest of your kitchen, you’ll want to keep this decor minimal and simple.  At the same time, I try to stick with things that are either functional or easy to clean!

Leaning against my backsplash, I love to lean a few of my favorite vintage bread boards or cutting boards.  They add some simple styling and the wood ties with with the warm fall colors.

If you have a pretty wooden cutting board that you use frequently, this is a great place to store it right out in the open!

Over my stove, I sometimes add a seasonal wreath to the oven hood.  It is a quick and easy way to decorate and the perfect spot for adding some fall color!

I added THIS fall wreath because I love the natural color and texture.  Even though it is pampas grass, it is faux so it doesn’t shed.  I also have and love this fall colored eucalyptus wreath and this corn husk fall wreath.  They can add so much texture and fall color to any room!

pampas grass wreath hanging on a wooden hood above stove

6. How to Make a Kitchen Cozy with Fall Kitchen Decor

Fall coziness shouldn’t be limited to a cozy chair in a corner with a stack of books or favorite Netflix show.  I mean, how many of us would actually get to enjoy very much fall coziness if that were the case?!

You can bring fall coziness right into your kitchen too.  I shared my candle warmer lamp earlier in this post.  It is the perfect cozy accent because of the soft light.  Plus, I get to use my favorite fall-scented candle and it makes our whole kitchen and living area smell sooooo good.  My kids were the first to comment on how much they loved it too!

You can shop my favorite fall-scented candle HERE and our candle warmer lamp HERE!

Under cabinet lighting is another way to make a kitchen feel cozy.  THIS is a really great option because they are battery-operated and quick and easy to install!

I also love adding some fall-scented dish soap and hand soap to our kitchen.  This Mrs. Meyers Pumpkin Spice is amazing!  I used it last year and loved it.  This year, I added THIS Mrs. Meyers dish soap to my sink area and it smells amazing too!

side view of a living room styled with terracotta colored pumpkins, a dough bowl with gourds inside, and a cozy white armchair

7. How to Make Fall Kitchen Decor

My favorite fall DIY decorations for the kitchen are simple arrangements I put together to use on the kitchen island.  I love how they add height and texture with natural elements.

Organic elements like pampas grass, branches, fall florals, faux berries, and dried stems are an easy way to add simple touches of fall to a kitchen.

My other favorite fall DIY decorations are these concrete pumpkins.  Several years ago, we made concrete pumpkin vases and also concrete pumpkin candle holders.  

They are so fun to use because you can show the jack-o-lantern face if you want and then just turn them around for Thanksgiving too!  They are perfect for a centerpiece on a kitchen table or kitchen island countertop.  The candleholders are really fun to use on a fall tablescape too!

You can get the full tutorial HERE!

How to Decorate Indoors for Fall

There are so many fun ways to decorate during this time of year!  I’ll link some of my favorite fall decorating posts here with ideas for decorating both indoors and outdoors too!

family room styled for fall with gourds, an antique gold mirror, and cozy fall colored pillows
As you work to make the heart of your home a cozy and inviting place for the autumn season, I hope these ideas give you some inspiration and even a different way to think about your decor.  Thanks for joining me today!  Happy fall!
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