23 Best & Easy Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree

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Looking for simple & budget-friendly ways to decorate a Christmas tree? You’ll love these helpful holiday tips and festive tree decor ideas!  Keep reading for simple tips to help you as you create a magical home for your family during this holiday season!

It is hard to believe that it is almost time to get our family tree set up and decorated.  In fact, one of my kids was just commenting the other day that she cannot wait to decorate our family Christmas tree!  We have a lot of fun hanging each ornament and sharing fun stories about memories that some of our ornaments represent.  There are SO many ways to decorate a Christmas tree, though, and I understand how it can start to feel rather overwhelming!

Whether you use a faux tree or a real Christmas tree, decorate with traditional ornaments or choose a fun theme each year, use the classic Christmas colors or color outside the lines, there is a TON of inspiration for you in this post!  I’ve joined with some of my favorite blogging friends and we have 23 of our best tips, ideas, and guidance on easy ways to decorate a Christmas tree.

So, before you deck all of the halls, make sure to read through these posts!  You may just pick up some tips that help infuse the Christmas decorating experience with even more joy and fun than ever before!

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Meet your Christmas Home Decor team!

I’ve had the awesome opportunity to spend time in person with all of these friends and I can guarantee you will enjoy everything they are sharing this holiday season!

White Mantel with gold deer ornament and realistic faux greenery

23 Best & Easy Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Best Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree: Try this 5-step process!

Crafting an eye-catching Christmas tree is easier than you think! This 5-step process from Brendt at She Gave It A Go will show you how to create the perfect look for your gatherings this holiday season.  Keep it simple with these easy steps!

Plus, she is offering bonus pro-tips and a FREE e-book and supply list you won’t want to miss! Ready to get started?  Get this step-by-step process and free e-book HERE!


Gorgeous white Christmas Tree with Gold star & rustic wooden ladder in background.

Best Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget

If you’re looking for ways to decorate your Christmas tree and save money at the same time, check out these 5 Cheap ideas from Rachel at The Pond’s Farmhouse.

She is sharing simple ideas that are sustainable, eco-friendly, as well as budget-friendly decorating options. You’ll be amazed at how stylish and gorgeous the tree looks while also leaving some money in your wallet too!

Rustic white Christmas Tree set in old galvanized over-sized bucket

Best Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Natural Elements

Natural elements not only look gorgeous but can be another way to decorate on a budget too.  Jennifer from Cottage on Bunker Hill has some great tips and ideas for using natural elements with ways to decorate a Christmas tree.

Read THIS post from Jennifer to learn how to decorate a flocked Christmas tree with natural touches like magnolia leaves and hydrangeas and a mix of metallic ornaments to create a snowy winter wonderland!

Flocked Christmas Tree with Brown & Gold ornaments
I love Kim at Cottage In the Mitten and her wonderful Christmas decor.  She shares her favorite trips for a traditional Christmas tree.  

You’ll love the easy checklists & beautiful results.  Check it all out HERE!

Traditionally decorated Christmas Tree with personal & touches & lots of color variety

Best Ways to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree

Is there anything prettier than a flocked Christmas tree?  It adds a whole level of cozy and winter magic to any space.  I love mixing flocked trees in with green trees too.

If you are looking for ways to decorate a snow-like tree this year, my good friend Stacy from Bricks ‘n Blooms shared these festively beautiful decorating ideas.  You can get some gorgeous tips and simple ideas to make tree decorating easier over on THIS post!

Warmly decorated Christmas tree with arched doorway in background.

Best Ways to Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes

I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is a “wrong” way to decorate a Christmas tree.  However, these common 5 mistakes can either make the task a lot more stressful or difficult OR even take the joy right out of the decorating process!

Don’t overlook these 5 important things for Christmas tree decoration ideas to make your tree look like a magazine.  You will want to avoid these common mistakes to make Christmas tree decorating simple, beautiful, and even more fun!  Get my favorite 5 Christmas tree decorating tips on THIS post!




Neutrally decorated Christmas tree with wrapped presents in green & white wrapping paper underneath.

Best Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Neutral Tones

Looking for easy and affordable ways to decorate a neutral Christmas tree?  Neutral definitely doesn’t mean boring and I love these neutral decorating tips!  Check out these 9 budget-friendly ideas from my friend AnnMarie at Simply2Moms!

From using natural materials to DIY ornaments, there are many ways to create a festive and stylish tree without breaking the bank.  Get even more decorating ideas and simple tips on THIS post!

Closeup view of crystal globe & white faux stems tucked into gorgeous green Christmas tree.
I told you there was going to be so much amazing Christmas tree decorating inspiration today!  Even though there are so many ways to decorate a Christmas tree, there are also so many tips and ideas to make it enjoyable and budget-friendly.  I love how each of these ideas can be recreated in our normal, typical homes.  A gorgeous Christmas tree isn’t reserved only for the magazines!

I hope you make amazing memories while decking the halls and decorating your Christmas tree this year!

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