Easy Easter Door Decorations and Porch Ideas for Spring

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Create easy Easter door decorations for your front porch with these simple and fun Easter crafts!

I absolutely love the Easter season.  In fact, it is one of my favorite times of the year!  The feeling of hope and renewal are a blessing and being surrounded with signs of hope in nature makes it even more special!  Even though I love using neutral colors in my own home decorating, I do enjoy all of the pretty colors of spring too!  There are so many ways to create fun and easy Easter door decorations to add to your porch decor for the spring and Easter seasons!  I’ve included a few of my favorites in this post.  Plus, I am sharing a few really beautiful and fun Easter crafts that I want to try this year too!

Even though it feels like Easter is a ways away, I wanted to share this post with you early enough for you to gather your supplies and have fun creating.  At the same time, if winter is still visiting where you live, getting busy with some spring and Easter crafts might just be a bright spot in your day!

I went ahead and got my front porch ready for the spring season.  We’ve been having gorgeous South Florida spring weather and the time just seemed right.  I do love pulling in the drive and seeing everything looking fresh and happy for the season!

beautiful spring porch with baskets hanging on the front doors with flowers inside

How can I make my front porch look nice?

There are a few elements that I look for when I am styling my front porch decor.  This, of course, all depends on the size and style of your space, but I think of it in 3 basic areas.  No matter the season, I typically stick with these easy elements for porch decor.

  1. Decorate the front door.
  2. Add simple seating.
  3. Incorporate key accessories.

How to decorate the front porch for Easter and Spring?

Here are a few easy ways you can get your porch spruced up to welcome friends and family for the Easter holidays and throughout the spring season too:

You can shop my favorite spring and Easter decor, curated HERE on my storefront!

​Easy Easter Door Decorations and Porch Ideas for Spring

How to Make Palm Branch Easter Door Decorations

Materials Needed:

  • Palm branches (or artificial flowers)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

I love the Easter season and for our family, it is an important holiday season of celebrating our faith.  What better way to share that than with some DIY wreaths on our front doors?!  This is probably the easiest, most plain wreath you’ll find in Easter door decoration ideas on the internet.  However, I love the simplicity and use of natural elements.  Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of time to create!

Since we have a lot of palm trees surrounding our yard, I snipped fresh greenery for this plain wreath.  However, if you don’t have fresh palm branches available or you want to use this Easter door decoration idea for the whole season, THESE are gorgeous faux leaves that have a very realistic look.  I have some that I use in my own decor and even mix with fresh branches.  They look so real!

First, I took my branches and formed them into a cross shape.  I used one longer branch, about 18-20″ and two small branches, about 7-8″ each.  You can adjust the size to fit whatever space you have.  I thought the oversize look was pretty for more a statement piece since it is such a simple DIY wreath.

Secondly, I used the hot glue gun to secure the branches into the cross shape.  You can also use twine.  Since my branches are fresh, they are pretty large and heavy so I needed the extra security of the hot glue sticks.

Thirdly, I tied a pretty bow in the middle with THIS ribbon.  You can use bright colors, a poufy bow, or whatever style you prefer!  I chose the dusty blue because it blends in with my spring home decor.  Also, I love the vintage vibe and cottage style the ribbon gives with the frayed edge.  My favorite part of these kinds of DIY ideas is that you can really make it your own.  Adding a different color or even different sizes of ribbon would totally change the look of this simple wreath.

Lastly, if you wish, you could add a simple element in the middle of the bow.  I chose to leave mine plain.  However, smaller styrofoam eggs painted in pastel colors or a tiny bouquet of faux florals would be be such a pretty way to finish off this wreath idea!

Finally, simply hang and enjoy!  I keep THESE wreath hangers on my doors year round and the simple style allows me to use them to hang all of my seasonal wreaths!

materials for a palm branch cross
palm branches making a wreath on a black front door with a ribbon tied around it

How to Make Beautiful Easter Door Decorations with Flowers

Materials Needed:

  • Hanging basket
  • Realistic greenery stems- 3 full stems
  • Faux florals

While I love traditional, gorgeous wreaths for any season, sometimes it is fun to switch it up a bit!  I made these hanging flower baskets for my front doors last year and guess what?  I pulled them out of storage, fluffed them up a bit, and they still look fresh and pretty to use again this year!  By investing in some pretty hanging baskets, you can enjoy your own Easter door decorations and easily transition to other seasons as well!

I started with this cute basket.  Wicker and rattan are still trending for 2024, so this was an easy way to bring in a bit of that trend and still keep it a style that goes well with our home!  Plus, I can continue using it all year round by quickly switching out the greenery and florals!

Pro Tip: Invest in quality faux flowers and greenery that you can repurpose and use year after year.  

Mix and match your stems to create new looks for super budget-friendly decor!

Next, I added 3 stems of this faux eucalyptus.  I love how real it looks and the leaves have just the right amount of softness to give them a whimsical, natural look.

Lastly, to add the perfect touch of spring, I added these bunches of peonies.  They have such a great look to them and I love the varied coloration, which makes them look more realistic!  I used two bunches in each basket for a really full look.

Pro Tip: When styling florals, working in odd numbers usually works the best!  

3 eucalyptus stems and 2 bunches of peonies gave me a great odd number of 5 to work with!

If you want to add an Easter-specific touch to these hanging flower baskets, a fun way is to add THESE stems that have colorful eggs.  Or, create your own by painting smaller styrofoam eggs with acrylic paint and hot gluing them to pipe cleaners.  It will make such a fun and colorful wreath for Easter!

Here are some other options for hanging baskets:  

You can use these year round and easily swap out your greenery and faux flowers for each season!

rectangular baskets with faux flowers ready to be styled on a front porch
flowers in rectangular basket on front door
double black doors with rectangular woven baskets holding flowers inside

How to Make a Colorful Egg Wreath for Easter Door Decorations

If you are part of my Robyn’s French Nest community, you know I really love neutral colors for my home.  However, when it comes to my classroom, I love bringing in all of the fun and bright colors of the spring season.  I wanted to get a cute wreath for the wooden playhouse in my classroom.  However, they were proving to cost more than I wanted to spend!  When I saw the wire wreath form and colorful eggs at my Dollar Tree, I decided to just make my own!  You could also choose softer colored eggs and make a pastel wreath instead.

Materials Needed:

First, I used the hot glue gun to cover the wire wreath form with faux leaves.  I didn’t worry too much about making this part “perfect”, as it will be covered by the eggs.  However, I just didn’t want wire peeking through between the curves of the plastic eggs.

Secondly, I used the hot glue gun to secure some faux moss around the wire wreath form.  I didn’t cover the whole thing, but just added some here and there for a natural element.

Thirdly, I used the hot glue gun to start attaching the plastic Easter eggs around the wire wreath form.  I chose to put them right next to each other in a tight pattern.  However, you could design this part however you wanted for your own Easter door decorations.

Lastly, I added a small Welcome sign, similar to THIS.  It is such a cute and colorful decoration for my spring and Easter classroom!

cute egg wreath hanging on a black door

More DIY Easter Door Decorations You’ll Love

I’ve rounded up a few more ideas for DIY Easter decorations that I found inspiring and want to try!  Since I love them so much, I think you will too!

Easter Front Porch Decor Decorations: Tips and Ideas

Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse is the queen of great DIY ideas!  I love all of her Easter decorating tips.  Over on THIS blog post, she shares her front porch, ready for the Easter season.

One of my favorite things on this blog post are the DIY decoupage Easter eggs Rachel made.  If you have old plastic eggs laying around, this is your chance to make them beautiful!

Plus, you could even use your DIY decoupage plastic Easter eggs to make a gorgeous Easter wreath too!  Just grab a wire wreath form.  The first thing to do is to cover the wire with faux leaves or even paper leaves.  Secondly, use the hot glue gun to attach the colorful eggs in a circular pattern all around the round wreath!  For an extra plush look, tuck green moss around the cracks and crevices between the colorful eggs.  Hang and enjoy!

Best of all?  Rachel is sharing her favorite tips for decorating your front porch on a budget by repurposing decor you’ve already had.  Check it out HERE!

beautiful home styled with vintage decor and a sweet dog sitting on the rug

How to Make Easy Floral Easter Door Decorations

If you are looking for an easy tutorial for a floral wreath, don’t miss THIS post, also from Rachel at The Pond’s Farmhouse.  While she shares exactly what you need to make this garden-inspired Easter wreath, you can also tweak the colors to make it fit your own Easter door decorations.

All of the supplies are available at the Dollar Tree or craft store, so it is a budget-friendly Easter bunny wreath that will be so much fun to put together for your entrance door!

Get more of Rachel’s creative ideas for DIY Easter decorations on THIS post!

beautiful small spring wreath hanging on a shutter

How to Make Non-Traditional Spring and Easter Door Decorations with Florals

My friend Renae from Peacock Ridge Farm has such an elegant style with beautifully creative ideas also!  Over on THIS blog post, she shares a really great way to make an alternative to a traditional spring or Easter wreath for the entrance door.  Instead, she starts with an umbrella!  Isn’t that a great idea?!

Next, add faux florals, pretty ribbon, and you’re done!  However, you’ll want to read this post to see the best way Renae arranges the greenery and flowers.  This is such a fun idea that you can use for Easter and carry throughout the spring season too.

Get Renae’s tutorial HERE!

gorgeous arrangement of flowers hanging on the front door

How to Make a DIY Easter Candy Jar

Okay, so this fun DIY isn’t for the front door.  However, I just had to include it because it looks so fun.  Plus, it’s a good use of simple craft supplies and doesn’t take much time or money to create.  Also, you can use it as decor at place settings for an Easter brunch, in a vignette on an accent table, or style in the kitchen for spring too!

My friend Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home has a gorgeous cottage style home that is so welcoming and cozy.  She shares really great Easter crafts and this is one of my favorites!  In fact, I plan to make my own version of these DIY Easter candy jars for some gifts this year!  These candy jars would also be the perfect addition, tucked into an Easter basket, for something extra special!

Get Heidi’s easy tutorial for DIY Easter candy jars HERE!  You’ll love this one too!

cute metal ducks on little lids for jars

Are you inspired to start creating?!  I wanted to share this post while there is still plenty of time for you to gather your supplies and have some fun creating your own Easter door decorations!  

In the comments, I’d love to hear what you plan to make this year!

You can browse some of my favorite Easter decorations, curated on my storefront, found HERE!

Most of all, I hope you find time during this upcoming season to reflect on the goodness and love of God.  Easter is such a beautiful reminder of the hope of our faith in Him!

wide view of a beautiful spring porch with rocking chairs and spring throw pillows and faux flowers in wicker baskets on the front door
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