Beautiful Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Cloth Decoration and Table Decor

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The most beautiful table setting for Thanksgiving, or any season, begins with the table cloth decoration ideas.  Join me to chat about how to create gorgeous table decorations for your dining table with creative table cloth ideas and other tablescape decor!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving and all that it represents.  Even though we always have some Christmas decorations started (because I love Christmas too!), I still enjoy getting our home ready for Thanksgiving.  Since the dinner table is the real star of the show on Thanksgiving Day, we are going to go over many table decoration ideas you can use.  Of course, every gorgeous table setting starts with the table cloth decoration!

Even though this post is geared toward Thanksgiving, you can use almost any of these Thanksgiving tablecloths, table runners, and table linens for multiple seasons, holidays, and special occasions.  I am a big fan of pieces that can multi-purpose around our home!

I also want to share some of my favorite ways to create Thanksgiving table decoration ideas beyond the table linens.

No matter how simple or elegant your dining room will be for the holiday, all of the decorations should work together to create an inviting, unique style that fits your home and family.

You can create beautiful table decoration ideas in an inexpensive way that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, either.  We will chat about some budget-friendly decor for your next gathering too!

Finally, we will look at some cozy home decor that you can use to making both the living room and dining area inviting for your family and friends.

What do you put on a Thanksgiving dinner table?

For my Thanksgiving dinner table, I always start with my Thanksgiving tablecloths.  However, I don’t actually have table linens that are just for Thanksgiving.  Almost all of the ones I’ll share today are a great way to take you right into the Christmas and winter season too!

After my table linens, I like to focus on these elements for creating beautiful table decor:

  1. What goes in the center of the table
  2. Seasonal color
  3. Variety of textures
  4. Place setting
  5. Place cards
  6. Cozy elements

You can shop my favorite fall table decor essentials HERE!

Beautiful Ideas for Thanksgiving Table Cloth Decoration and Table Decor


How to Decorate a Table for Thanksgiving

Starting with the table cloth decoration and beyond!

Before you begin any kind of decor, you need to carefully think through the needs and style for your specific space:

  1. Do you need casual table settings or something more for formal occasions?  Thanksgiving dinner can be anywhere between the two!
  2. What type of table do you have or will you be using for the dinner?
  3. Who is going to be eating around your table and what will make them feel the most welcome?
  4. Do you want more of a party theme or will you go for the classic look of a traditional Thanksgiving?  Or somewhere in between?
  5. What colors and style do you want to focus on?  Thanksgiving decor can be done in a variety of colors.  It can also include different ways of styling, from fun decoration to a more elegant style.
  6. What style will your dinner be?  Will the food be potluck style, served on a buffet (that’s what we always do!)?  Or do you want the traditional turkey in the center of the table, ready to be carved, with favorite dishes surrounding it?

How to Decorate a Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

Next, you need to establish a budget.  The food comes first, so make sure you’ve got that covered.

Then, make a checklist or gather items that you already have and can use.  Investing in pieces that can be used for many different occasions and holidays can really save a lot of money in the long run.

​Especially if you are on a smaller budget, check out the dollar store!  Even this year, my store has so many great options to create a beautiful table without breaking the bank.

​Here are a few other budget-friendly tips for tablescapes:

  1. Be creative with your tablecloth decoration.  A kraft paper tablecloth or wrapping paper as a great table runner can be unique and beautiful.
  2. There is nothing wrong with paper plates!  In fact, especially if you have a large gathering, your guests will appreciate it too!
  3. For the “real deal”, invest in pretty white linens and white plates that you can use year round for every holiday.  Just add a pop of color by swapping out the seasonal accents!
  4. Instead of table cloth decoration, try a table runner.  They are a great alternative as they are usually less expensive and you can still get the look.  THIS simple runner is one that I use year round and it’s under $10!  For a large table, just order two of them and it is still less than most table cloth decoration!
  5. Make your own DIY place card holders and napkin rings.  Check out THIS post for specifics and tutorials!
  6. Shop the produce section at the grocery store for seasonal decor.  You can also get fresh flowers from the grocery store and arrange them yourself!  Check out THIS post for easy flower arranging tips!
  7. Instead of a big flower arrangement, put a single flower in several thrifted bottles.  Spread them down the table for an inexpensive centerpiece!

How to Choose Colors for Thanksgiving Table Cloth Decoration

What colors for Thanksgiving tables?

After determining the style and budget, the next thing to do is choose a color scheme.  The decor and table linens you have on hand may just make the decision for you!  However, you can’t go wrong with neutral tones as a base for any season and holiday.

In fact, most of my main table decor is made of neutral tones.  Why?  As I mentioned in the budget-friendly tips, it is a lot easier and less expensive to swap out seasonal accents.

THIS inexpensive table runner is absolutely gorgeous and comes in a lot of different colors.  I have the ivory and light brown (sand) both and I use them often!

The other bonus is I don’t have to store as much seasonal tableware and table linens either.

For fall and Thanksgiving, add pops of color with orange, rust, terra cotta, sage green tones, and browns.  You can also add some of the dusty blue or blush colors that are so popular right now too!

​In general, save the floral patterns and colorful tablecloth options for the spring.  However, there are truly so many amazing ways to decorate.  So, if you want to have some fun with a lot of color and florals, then go for it!  If you stay within those main fall and Thanksgiving colors, you can’t go wrong!

How to Create an Easy and Versatile Thanksgiving Centerpiece

What do you put in the middle of the table for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving centerpieces are so fun to put together.  Since we always have way more food than what can fit on the table, we serve it up buffet style on the kitchen island.  What I especially love about this is that I get to just decorate the entire middle of the table!

Depending on the size of the table, you will want to scale your centerpiece accordingly.  However, no matter the size of the table, creating a centerpiece that runs the full table, long way, is always a great idea!

One easy way to create a cozy Thanksgiving centerpiece is to spread brass candlesticks down the table.  Usually, I use an odd number of candlesticks. Then, I add realistic flameless taper candles on a timer.

Next, I fill in the length of the centerpiece with a mixture of greenery.  My all-time favorite is mixing THIS Norfolk pine and THIS realistic eucalyptus.  Both of them look so real and are gorgeous mixed together.

Even though the Norfolk pine may be considered a winter greenery, think about the outdoors in November.  What trees are green?  The pine and cedar trees!

Quick tip:  This Norfolk pine price gets better and better the more you order.  If you are purchasing garlands for mantels, stairways, etc., include a few more to use on your tables.  I love to layer them for a more full and abundant look for Thanksgiving!

Lastly, I add in my seasonal elements.  With this simple and neutral base, I can swap out different kinds of seasonal decor.

Here are my very favorites for the finishing touches:

Keep “simple” in mind for your Thanksgiving table cloth decor and accents!

How to decorate a simple Thanksgiving table?

The beauty of Thanksgiving table decorations is that truly, simple is beautiful.  The natural elements of fall are gorgeous on their own and you don’t have to add a lot of “fluff” to make it feel organic with natural beauty.

Simple is always a good idea for Thanksgiving.  Keep in mind, you can have a lush and abundant Thanksgiving tablescape while still having a simple way to decorate!

A really simple way to decorate a Thanksgiving table is to combine natural elements with a neutral and elegant Thanksgiving tablecloth.

Next, the warmth of some brass or copper colored accents, such as candlesticks, are easy to decorate with and take your decor to the next level while still being simple.

Finally, the best part is that many of these neutral elements can take you right on to the next event…Christmas!  Just swap out those pumpkins for a different look and you’ll be set!

How should I decorate my house for Thanksgiving?

Here are just a few easy ideas:

How do I make my house cozy for Thanksgiving?

Autumn + Thanksgiving = Cozy!  Right?!  There is something so wonderful about enjoying a Thanksgiving feast and then settling in to watch a football game, Hallmark Christmas movie, or playing family games that just makes the day so perfect.

Our homes can set the stage or environment for all those wonderful, cozy feelings for our family and friends.  

Candles are my favorite way to add a cozy glow and feeling in our home.  I like to use the battery-operated taper candles, like I mentioned for the table.  However, I also use them on my mantel and sofa table too!

I love this set of gold/amber glass pillar candles, also battery-operated and on a timer too.  They look so realistic and definitely add a cozy glow.  However, I must warn you…you’ll want two sets at least!  They are just so pretty!

With Thanksgiving approaching, I hope this post gives you some inspiration and even new ways of thinking about your table decoration ideas and cozy fall decor.  There are so many great things about Thanksgiving and home decor is certainly a fun part of it.

However, the real starting point for Thanksgiving begins in the heart, I think.  Gratefulness for our many, many blessings and a heart of thankfulness for His goodness!

Then, this gratefulness permeates our home with joy and sets the stage for the best Thanksgiving ever!

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