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It has been a fun week around our nest!  Even though it is a busy time of year for us, there are so many things to be thankful for and we got to have some extra fun this week!

I hope you enjoy the Notes From Our Nest this week!

Around Our Nest:

  • First of all, we got our big 10-year-old guy fully celebrated this week!  His party needed to be delayed due to scheduling but we had so much fun with the Dude Perfect theme.  If you’re not familiar with Dude Perfect, look them up on YouTube.  Great, wholesome fun!  We especially had fun using the Cricut to make some personalized decor and party favors since there isn’t a whole lot out there for purchase with that theme.  I’ll share a reel next week to show you how it all turned out!
  • We finished up a really fun project in our game room that I can’t wait to share soon.  The kids are already having so much fun with it and we are one step closer to reaching my vision for the space!
  • Vintage goodies are priced and ready for market!  If you are a local friend, make sure to come to Rehab Vintage Market next Saturday!  We’ve got some great pieces and good prices for you!
  • My front porch feels so happy and fresh!  Thanks for helping me decide on new pots out there!

Around the ‘Gram This Week:

  • I had fun sharing some peeks at early spring decor this week!  Over on THIS post, I shared a picture of how the music room turned out.  It’s simple but I’m loving it.  Hopefully it gives you some ideas of how you can start transitioning to spring without bringing out all of the spring colors and bunnies quite yet!
  • On THIS reel, I shared ideas for entryway table decor.  I love this cabinet we got last summer and even though our entryway is super small, it is so fun to decorate!  Check it out and let me know which one is your favorite styling!
  • Then, over on THIS post I shared our front porch refresh!  I am so happy with the new plants and the beautiful pots you all helped me choose!  I went ahead and pulled my outdoor bunnies out of storage too…they are just too cute and I couldn’t wait!  Haha!

Around the Blog This Week:

  • Spring is hopping up on the blog and I’m having fun with it!  Over on THIS blog post, I shared tips and decorating ideas for entryway spaces.  From choosing the best piece of furniture for your space to creating an entryway even if you don’t have a separate space, this post shares a step-by-step process to make your entryway warm and welcoming!
  • Over on THIS blog post, it’s the first official Easter post of the year!  I started with my porch for Easter this year, so I’m sharing some ideas you can use for easy porch decor and style for Easter and the entire spring season!
  • Friday Favorites are always fun and this one has just a tiny hint of Easter.  Most of all, it’s just fresh and happy and full of pieces I love! Check them out HERE!
Coverpage for the Vintage Hunting on the World's Longest Yard Sale Blog post
Coverpage for the Vintage Hunting on the World's Longest Yard Sale Blog post

Around the Storefront This Week:

Spring is definitely popping up and it must be on your minds too as you start to think and plan for the upcoming season!  There have been some good sales on some of my favorites this week.  Make sure to follow along in my Instagram stories as I share those daily!

Here are some of the top sellers over on my storefront this week:

  1. These olive branches are sooo pretty!
  2. Did I mention I love these gray rabbits??
  3. And this moss….it can go ANYWHERE for spring!
  4. So maybe I can’t keep actual flowers alive, but these faux flowers are just stunning!
  5. And while we’re talking about flowers, these hydrangeas still blow me away!  They are soooo realistic!

You can check this list on my storefront.  I update it daily with favorite deals that I think you’ll love too!

Coming Up This Week Around the Nest:

I love this season and am looking forward to hopefully getting these things ready to share this week!  Here are a few things coming up this week:

  1. Per your votes, I’m going to be sharing some easy place setting ideas for Easter tables.  Easter is only a month away so it’s the perfect time to start planning!
  2. Birthday party fun and how we used the Cricut to make some really cute personalized decor and party favors!
  3. How to use vintage pieces to decorate for Easter
  4. Easter mantel decorating ideas
  5. Hopefully finish my spring gallery wall to share with you!
  6. Plant our annual Resurrection Garden!


Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

As always, I love to share some inspiration from some of my favorites!  Check out these posts for more inspiration for YOUR nest!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

I would have LOVED to visit this MASSIVE flower show with Kim this week!   Take a few minutes to walk along with her as she shars all the beautiful details!  

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

For an amazing Easter DIY, look no further than today’s post from Heidi at Eleanor Rose Home.  It’s just stunning!!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

I have a soft sport for Peter Rabbit/garden centerpiece styling.  You will, too, after you see Renae’s post today!  Check it all out HERE!

Thanks for being here!  I always say, I’m so blessed with such a wonderful community here at Robyn’s French Nest.  I appreciate each of you so much!

I hope you have a really great week (maybe a little less crazy than ours will be) and I can’t wait to see you around the nest this week for all the fun coming up!


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