75 Favorite Thrift Store Home Decor Finds (and how to style them)

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Thrift store home decor is the best way to have fun decorating on a budget! Check out favorite thrifted home decor and easy DIY from 2023!  Keep reading for an inspiring round up from the Thrifting With the Gals and our guest hosts that you’ve enjoyed this year!

It is really impossible to believe that we are in the last month of 2023!  What a fun year it has been of sharing home decor here on the blog!  Each month, I love joining the Thrifting With the Gals and our amazing guest hosts to share our favorite thrift store home decor, styling tips, vintage treasures, and even easy DIY ideas with thrifted items!

Today, we are all sharing your favorite thrift store home decor posts from the year.  You will love each of these inspiring ideas that you can use to create your own thrifted home decor in the New Year!  At the same time, be sure to pin your favorites so you can easily find them when you are ready to refresh your home decor!

How to decorate on a low budget?

If you are reading this blog post, there is a high likelihood that you enjoy decorating and refreshing your home like I do.  However, we all know that home decor can be so expensive!  Being creative with thrift store finds is a really fun way to add to your home decor collection.  I love mixing new finds with thrifted home decor too!

In this post, we are going to share some great ways to decorate your home with some. budget-friendly thrift store home decor!

How do I change my home decor on a budget?

This post is going to show you 75 different thrifted home decor finds and styling tips and ideas.  However, here are a few quick tips to get you started as you think about how you can change or refresh your home decor on a budget.

  1. Be patient in the hunt; the right pieces will be worth the wait!
  2. Invest in neutrals that can be used in different rooms for varied purposes.
  3. Shop your own home to see how you can repurpose what you already have.
  4. Use online resources, like FB Marketplace, to daily search for specific pieces.
  5. Find out when your local thrift stores restock and visit THAT day or as soon as possible for the best finds.
  6. Declutter your own space before starting to fill it with “new” treasures.
  7. Look for the best deals on pieces that need a little love and be willing to put in some elbow grease!

75 Favorite Thrift Store Home Decor Finds (and how to style them)

Upcycle Thrift Store Home Decor for Great Style

How do you decorate your house on a low budget?

If you are looking for ways to save money while decorating the home of your dreams, Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse is sharing 30 Inexpensive Thrift Store Finds and how to transform them into mind-blowing stylish home decor.  I guarantee that within these 30 ideas, you’ll find something that you will want to add to your own home decor!

Rachel’s home is so gorgeous and you’d never know by just looking that her home is filled with amazing thrifted finds that she has turned into beautiful home decor!  Get her ideas HERE!

Use Thrifted Finds to Create a Home Decor Theme

An old drum, trumpet, violin, and vintage high school band photo found at a second-hand shop. That’s how this musical instrument Christmas and winter theme all began.

If you love vintage Christmas decor, don’t miss this post from Ann at Dabbling and Decorating!  This might be one of my favorite Christmas home decor themes of all time!  I think you’ll be inspired by THIS post, like I am!

Build a Collection with Thrift Store Home Decor

Thermos are are fun collection to begin or keep adding to, using in all seasons and styles of homes.  Kristin from White Arrows Home has wonderful vintage collections that she has built from thrifted treasures over the years!  One of my favorite kinds of collections she has are her vintage thermoses.  You’ll love seeing how she styles and displays them.  At the same time, you can get some inspiration for decorating with your own collections!

See Kristin’s thrifted collection HERE!

Use Yard Sale Finds for Low Cost Statement Decor

How do I change my home decor on a budget?

Who looks forward to yard sale season?  Over on THIS post, I am sharing some of my favorite yard sale finds.  I still can’t believe that I found some of these pieces at yard sales!!!  You can see how I style my favorites in our South Florida home.

I hope it gives you some fun inspiration for the next time you head out to hit up yard sales in your community!  Check out these easy ways to decorate with yard sale finds for budget friendly pretty decor!

Use Thrifted Finds for Easy Home Decor DIY

How can I decorate my house without spending money?

Thrift store home decor treasures are the perfect way to have some budget-friendly fun with easy DIY!  Over on THIS post, you will learn How to Make DIY Fridge Magnets With Vintage Plates!  How fun is that?!  My friend Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home gives you a simple, step-by-step tutorial for this adorable home decor DIY!

Get all of the details HERE!

Use Thrifted Find to Create Amazing Vintage Style

Who else loves the antique advertising pots?  I love them but decided it was too expensive of a collector’s item to really build the collection.  However, Cindy from DIY Beautify has a fun and budget-friendly way to get this style in your home!

Over on THIS post, find out how to create antique inspired advertising pots and crocks with packing tape transfers.  At the same time, you can also grab her FREE printable sheet of antique food labels!

Use Thrifted Finds for Practical and Pretty Organization

I don’t know about you, but every January when the Christmas decor comes down, I have a deep need to clean out and reorganize all the things!  Wendy from WM Design House has awesome inspiration for taking thrifted finds and turning them into pretty and practical storage and organization!

On THIS post, discover how apothecary jars can elevate your kitchen space with timeless elegance and practical functionality. These classic vessels go beyond their traditional use, offering various opportunities—from organizing essentials to becoming decorative accents.

Thrift Store Home Decor Can Help Express Your Style

Sometimes you just need those styling touches that aren’t straight out of a big box store, right?!!  Thrifting at thrift shops, vintage stores, and markets are great ways to bring in those unique pieces.  At the same time, you may find common pieces that you turn into extraordinary expressions of your own style!

For example, Cindy from County Road 407 is sharing on THIS post about 13 different ways that she decorates with candles in her home.  You’re definitely going to find some great inspiration here, as I’m sure we all love candles!

Add Vintage Charm with Thrift Store Home Decor

I love all things vintage.  However, sometimes bringing in the vintage charm into our home that I want to can contradict my budget!  Over on THIS post, Renae from Peacock Ridge Farm is sharing ideas and tips to add vintage charm to your home decor.  Of course, some thrifted finds are involved for those budget-friendly home decor touches!

Get all of the details and Renae’s styling ideas HERE!  (At the same time, you might even find ways to restyle something you already have in your home too!)

Use Thrift Store Home Decor to Add Texture and Interest

How can I make my house cozy on a budget?

Depending upon the style of your decor, there are a lot of different kinds of things you can hunt for in thrift stores to add texture and interest to your home.  Kelly from The Tattered Pew is sharing tips and ideas for one of the things that I, personally, LOVE adding to my own home also.

Vintage wicker demijohns can vary in size, style, and definitely price.  However, Kelly is showing some styling tips and inspiration.  If you don’t already have vintage wicker demijohns, THIS post is going to make you want to put them on your own hunting list!

A Holiday Home Tour

How do you decorate your home with thrifted and hand-made pieces?

Joanna over at Joanna Anastasia is passionate about adding thrifted pieces to her decor.  You will love her home tour, which includes one of my favorites – a Santa mug collection!

Hop on over & take a peak around!

Is your brain spinning with fun ideas yet?!  I know mine is!  This is the perfect time to just let your brain get creative because when the Christmas decor comes down in a few weeks, you’re going to want to hop back to the favorites you’ve saved and pinned.

At the same time, January is one of the best months for thrifting.  Since so many, including me, are wanting to declutter before refreshing their own homes, you can score some awesome treasures!

After all, one decorator’s trash is another decorator’s treasure, right?!

Happy Thrifting and Happy Decorating!  Stay tuned for an all new Thrifting With the Gals beginning in January!

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