5 Easy Ways to Decorate with Thrifted Baskets

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Do you love thrifting? I love to decorate with thrifted baskets! Check out these 5 easy and beautiful ways to style them in your own home too!  Keep reading to see what all of the Thrifting with the Gals friends are sharing from their thrifting adventures too!

Have you ever been strolling through the thrift store when, all of a sudden, your eyes land on something with the perfect size, shape, color, texture, pattern, or style that you’re looking for?!  It doesn’t happen to me all the time, but when it does, it is just so exciting!  At the same time, it gives me extra motivation for the next time I get to look for a thrifted item too!

If you’ve been following along here for even a little bit, you know our home is full of thrifted treasures and to be honest, thrifting, going to markets, and that type of thing are one of my top ways to relax and unwind!

For those who also love thrifting, you’re in luck!  It is #thriftingwiththegals day, which means I’m joining up with some of my thrifting buddies to share our thrifted finds, DIYs, and styles around our home.

Today, I want to share one of my favorite things to thrift for: baskets!  I have so many but really and truly, I love and use them.  Therefore, baskets remain on my list of favorites to watch for when I’m out and about!  Especially during the spring and summer months, it’s one of the best ways to add seasonal texture around our home.

There are many, MANY ways to use and style baskets, so today, let’s chat about 5 super easy ways that I’m using this season!

After that, keep reading to see all the ways that these thrifting friends style up their fun finds too!

5 Easy Ways to Decorate with Thrifted Baskets

1. Decorate with thrifted baskets by using them for storage

Storing needed items in plain sight is always a good idea and I love when I can provide storage and decorate with thrifted baskets at the same time!  Budget-friendly ways to help our home function better are a win-win for me!

Whether it is a small basket in the kitchen to store and display fruit or a large basket that holds photo albums and doubles as furniture, I love them.  These are both real-life examples that I am currently using in our home!

Tip: Maximize your storage and help your home be more clutter-free by using baskets to corral frequently used items!  Watch for pretty baskets at thrift stores that can provide open and closed storage for your home.  If you see one you love, grab it!  I can almost guarantee you’ll find a great use for it!

2. Decorate with thrifted baskets by using them as risers and pedestals!

Especially during the spring and summer months, I love to use baskets as risers around our home.  For example, when decorating a long console table, I like to make sure I have a variety of heights so that the styling is interesting and has character.  In addition, baskets are a perfect way to give some extra texture to a space while also providing a variety of heights.

I stacked these thrifted baskets to give this small vignette of a book, brass candlesticks, and vintage clock some height and substance!

Tip: When styling a vignette, make sure you have a variety of heights.  Baskets are a great item to add height while also adding a lot of texture to a vignette.

3. Decorate with thrifted baskets by having them double as a side table or coffee table!

If you’ve followed along with our home for long at all, you know I like big decor!  Big cabinets, big mirrors, big, well, mostly everything!  

Baskets are no exception!  I have been fortunate to find several big baskets at vintage and flea market events and they make amazing furniture pieces!  

For example, this old shipping basket was a fun find from a friend who was getting rid of it.  It is the perfect small-scale coffee table and at the same time, provides some storage for photo albums!  At the same time, it gives some great texture and character to this sitting area in our music room!


Out in the back living room, I stacked a couple of larger baskets to make a little side table.  In addition to being great storage and adding texture to the space, they also help create a casual look that solid, wooden furniture just doesn’t do sometimes!

Tip: Since baskets are usually not smooth on the top and don’t have as strong of support as a wooden table, add a large book or tray.  This will provide a smooth surface for styling a vignette or holding a coffee cup!



4. Stack thrifted baskets to create a vignette

Decor so often looks even better when grouped in collection!  A stack of baskets, whether small ones on a table or larger ones on the floor, just has such a visually appealing look.  As with any collection, baskets look so good grouped together.

Stacks of baskets can also be functional!  For example, a stack of larger baskets can double as a side table.

In addition, baskets that are stacked together can help define a theme or story in a room.  This basket stack in the family room, for example, helps tell a story of long spring evenings, taking our dinner to the park for a picnic or carrying a snack outside to watch the cardinal family that’s taken up residence under our gazebo.  Even if those idyllic moments are not actually happening often right now, the smallest details in a room help create a peaceful and pleasant story theme for the space.

Besides, you never know!  Sometimes just having the picnic basket in plain sight will prompt an impromptu evening out.  As a result, beautiful memories can be made.  All because of that detail in your decor!  It doesn’t hurt to try, at least, right?!

5. Decorate with thrifted baskets by hanging them on the wall!

This huge basket over our mantel has to be one of my all-time favorite thrifting finds.  I rounded the corner at an antique mall and there it was…50% off sale at that!  It is actually a vintage French grape harvesting basket and I imagine it has seen some beautiful views in its’ day!  

I am just glad it gets to be part of MY view now!


You can often find beautiful baskets of different sizes that can hang on the wall or even on your door.  For example, I used two baskets to hold pretty flower arrangements on our front doors.  You can see the details of that over on THIS POST.

While these baskets are not thrifted, they are a great example of a fun size and shape that you can hang on the wall.  They are some of my favorite and I love the detailed scallop shape!

Tip: Hang baskets on the wall to add dimension, texture, color, and character to the space.  They are great to mix in with a gallery wall and consider adding florals or greenery for a fresh look!

Whether you already have a lot of baskets and can maybe take an idea or two to use them a little differently around your home, OR, whether you are going to add baskets to your own thrifting list, I hope this post has been fun and helpful!  Sometimes, it’s just the little idea that sparks my creativity to try or do something fun in my own home!

Make sure you check out all of the Thrifting with the Gals posts today, along with our guest host County Road 407.  You’re going to love what they found and how they have used them!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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