Easy Ideas to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

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Create a focal point and warm welcome in your Christmas living room or entryway with these easy tips to decorate a console table for Christmas.  Bring holiday cheer and festive style to your living spaces for the most wonderful time of the year!

I absolutely love to decorate a console table for Christmas.  Well, actually, I just love decorating for Christmas in general!  However, I do have a few different cabinets that we use as console tables and sofa tables throughout our home.  What makes them so fun to decorate is that, in general, they are the perfect place for beautiful Christmas decorations in a space that doesn’t have to be overly functional.

Does that make sense?  Often, I am decorating around spaces that also need to function really well for my family.  For our home, I’m pretty firm that functional spaces are the most important things!  However, a Christmas console table can simply function to welcome guests and family with cozy view in our home.  That makes it so fun to decorate!

Today, we are going to chat about ways to decorate a console table for Christmas with some of my favorite things for holiday decorations.  All of them are simple and easy but oh-so-beautiful!  Plus, many ideas can be tweaked a bit to use in other places around your home, such as a Christmas centerpiece or even a fireplace mantel.

Okay, who’s ready to get a head start on some Christmas decorating in an easy way?  Me!!!

white apothecary styled with a wooden rocking horse, a large mirror with a "fa la la" sign, and Christmas greenery hung from it

How can I make my table look good at Christmas?

Here are some staple items that I consider using to decorate a console table for Christmas.  At the same time, I wouldn’t use ALL of these, of course.  However, when I start styling a space, I like to gather together some favorite things so I can experiment.  It is a fun way to play around with my decor because I certainly don’t usually get it how I want it on the first try!

Here are some favorite things to use to decorate a console table at Christmas:

Christmas wreath with velvet ribbon tied on a large white window
large wooden nutcracker next to a small white house and a little Christmas tree as well as golden candlesticks

Easy Ideas to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

How do you arrange decor on a console table?

Before we dive into specific styling ideas to decorate a console table for Christmas, it’s important to think about some general tips for styling a long, narrow piece of furniture.  First of all, there are no “rules”.  Truly, it is your own home and you get to decorate it in whatever way you love!

However, there are some general ideas for decorating console tables that can be helpful.

First, use symmetry to create a balanced look.  On my long cabinet in the music room, I have symmetry with the sconces, topiaries, and chairs that are around the console table.  Symmetry is a perfect way to get a clean look and a foundation for your decor.

Secondly, you can use the rule of thirds to create some asymmetry for a curated style.  This is my favorite part of decorating!

On my long cabinet, you can see three general groupings.  The horse and architectural salvage create a focal point in the center of the table.  On each side, elements coordinate, yet are different.  Adding similar items at different heights is a great way to create balance and a cohesive look without being too “matchy” or symmetrical.

wide angle of an apothecary with a large white mirror on top styled with christmas greenery, a wooden rocking horse, and a large white window shutter

How do you make a console table look good?

​Another general tip that I almost always use when decorating vignettes is using odd numbers.  The rule of threes is a good place to start, as I did with the statement pieces on this cabinet.  Secondly, you’ll notice that the items in the vignettes are mostly in odd numbers.  For examples, two candle holder pieces with one nutcracker creates a grouping of three.

Even if you have a small space for a foyer table or even a little table right inside of the door, you can give it a really curated look by arranging your vignette with odd numbers.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Tip: wind a small strand of fairy lights around your vignette for a magical entrance!

What to put on the wall over a console table at Christmas?

What goes around your console table or foyer table is just as important as what you put on the tabletop.  At the same time, what you put on your tabletop really depends on what is around it…on the wall, floor, or if your console table has a shelf underneath.

In general, I think the space on the wall over a console table is a great opportunity to put something simple and neutral that can be used year round.  For example, above this cabinet in the music room, I leave this large mirror year round.

On the other hand, you can also have fun changing out the decor that goes on the wall.  In my tiny entryway, I leaned a large thrifted mirror.  You could do the same thing with artwork for an easy way to swap out decor!

Pro Tip: If you have a lot going on with the wall decor, keep the tabletop more simple.  On the other hand, if you have something simple on the wall, like a mirror, you can add more accents to the tabletop.

"Fa la la" garland hung on a large mirror with Christmas greenery framing the mirror and golden bells hanging from the edges
view from behind the piano viewing the Christmas decor on a white apothecary

How to Use Different Heights to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

In addition to using odd numbers and considering the decor that hangs over the console table, it’s also helpful to try using different heights with your decor.  For example, when I first started styling this console table for Christmas, it just felt kind of flat.  I realized that too much of the decorations were the same height.  It felt like there were just decorations lined up down a 10 foot cabinet, which was just not working for me!

I turned my focus to intentionally creating some varied height.  Adding the tall architectural salvage piece in the middle definitely helped.  A large thrifted frame, mirror, clock, or artwork would also work to break up the height.

Next, I added an architectural salvage riser under one of the houses.  That helped to vary the heights of the white houses even more, giving more interest and texture.

Thirdly, I added candlesticks with more varied heights along with a faux tabletop tree.

Now, this console table decor feels more curated and interesting, full of texture and variety.  Because I kept all of the decor with one color scheme and limited the styles and finishes of the accents, it still has a cohesive look.

Pro Tip:  Use different heights and odd numbers.  At the same time, limit the colors and finishes to about 3 kinds of accents.  For example, I mostly used white, wood, and greenery.  For finishes and materials, I focused on wood (both natural and painted) and brass.  This will helps create a cohesive style.

view of a small White House on a piece of wooden architectural salvage next to a golden candlestick

Add Cozy Touches to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

​If you’re anything like me when you decorate your own home, it takes several attempts to finally get my decor to where I love it.  However, once you’ve decorated your console table with all of the statement pieces and have a great focal point, it is time to add some cozy touches to your Christmas entryway decoration ideas!

Festive greenery is a perfect way to make decor feel like it has life and movement.  You can even get fresh greenery for free at your local Christmas tree farm!  I always ask first, of course, but they are very happy for me to pick up some of the extra trimmings from around the trees.  It cleans up their mess and I have free fresh green decor for my home!

If you like using the traditional reds, tuck some berry stems into the greenery for some festive Christmas color!  If you are using neutral colors, try tucking in a few pine cones for texture!

On my console table, faux trees and greenery were really what gave this space the perfect finishing touch.  I added a Christmas wreath to the architectural salvage over the wooden horse and instantly loved the Christmas cheer it added to my neutral colors.

Next, don’t forget to add a little bit of sparkle with twinkle lights!  Fairy lights that run on a timer are perfect to decorate a console table for Christmas.  You don’t have to worry about plugging in Christmas lights or dealing with thick wires.

At the same time, they add the perfect sparkle for the holiday season!  Fairy lights also make any room feel more cozy, especially when it gets dark outside so much earlier during this time of year!

wooden rocking horse styled in front of a white chippy window with a wreath hanging from it
wooden rocking horse with ornament garland strung across the neck

Happy decorating!

As you are working on cozy and beautiful Christmas decorations for your own home, I hope this gives you some easy ideas that inspire you for this festive holiday season!  Christmas decorating is so fun and I’m all about making it as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.  For me, often coming across the right inspiration is the key to really enjoying my own decorating process!  I hope that I’ve been able to help you with that as well!

For your convenience, I have curated collections of my favorite Christmas decorations over on my storefront.  You can conveniently shop these collections HERE!

right side of apothecary styled with a "fa la la" garland, white houses, and a large wooden rocking horse
wide angle of the apothecary as well as the sitting area with a small coffee table, all styled with Christmas decor
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