Simple & Natural French Country Christmas Decor Ideas

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Enjoy a natural and simple style for Christmas decorating with these French Country Christmas decor inspired ideas!  You can use these easy tips for any room in your home as you prepare to give your French Country cottage style decor a festive look for the holiday season!

It all started for me when we spent a day in the French countryside antiquing back in 2011.  Ever since, I’ve loved all things related to and inspired by vintage French country decor and especially with neutral colors. Combined with my love for Christmas decorating, you can imagine that this post about French country Christmas decor is so fun for me to write!

There are so many beautiful ways to decorate for the Christmas season!  Even if you don’t consider your home to be the French country style, I think you will still find simple ideas that you can use for beautiful and natural Christmas decorations.

Actually, even though I love all things vintage French, our home definitely isn’t always styled perfectly to the French country style elements.  However, I take inspiration from these elements to blend with my vintage style, the look of our home, and what works best for our home and family!

Ready for some Christmas inspiration?

I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite Christmas decorations along with some pieces I am adding this year for my French country Christmas decor ideas!  But first, I want to thank you for hopping over from Melanie from Southern Crush at Home.  This blog tour today is all about giving you some early holiday inspiration.

Even though you’re probably not decorating for Christmas yet…I mean, it’s not even Halloween…you may want to start getting those ideas gathered and ordering some special decor for the season.  I want to thank my friend Pasha from Pasha Is Home for getting this tour organized today.  I promise you’re going to want to save allllll the ideas and pin them to your Pinterest to refer back to later on too!

Okay, ready for some Christmas decorating ideas?  Admittedly, I love Christmas and I’ve been thinking about some of these since summer (or earlier).  What can I say?!  A girl loves what she loves!!!

Thanks for joining me today and let’s get started!

How to Decorate in French Country Style?

The first thing is to define what the French Country style is for decorating and then we can have a better understanding of what that looks like for the Christmas season.

What immediately drew me to this style back in 2011 was how peaceful and restful the spaces felt.  The use of neutral colors, warm wood tones, vintage patina, and antique touches made me feel so at home.

With the added touches of gold, lots of texture, and mix of patterns, the French Country style has a curated feeling rather than looking “over decorated.”  Of course, the rustic touches appealed to my vintage decor-loving self too!

How to make a house look French Country?

If you love the French Country style but aren’t sure where to start, these are the things I started with to change the look of our home over 12 years ago now!

Create a French Country style with these essential elements:

  • Neutral colors warmed up with texture and a mix of patterns
  • ​Wood tones
  • Natural elements and cues taken from nature
  • Vintage furniture, especially with original patina (such as painted or chippy)
  • Lots of woven texture with baskets and accessories

What does a French Country house look like?

One more quick question about the French Country style that relates to the French Country Christmas decor we are chatting about today is what a French country house actually looks like.  In one of the places we visited, the rustic wooden beams were the first thing I noticed!

Secondly, the use of stone, brick, and concrete throughout the flooring, furnishings, and accents jumped out at me.  I believe that was the first place I saw a concrete countertop that later inspired my own concrete countertops in our kitchen.

Thirdly, French Country style always includes accents with a warm and weathered appearance.  Even if you are mixing in new items (which is totally fine to do, by the way), the overall style should feel like it has been curated over time with pieces that have been well-loved and used for many years.

These elements make up the heart of the French Country style:

  • Rustic wood architecture
  • Natural stone, brick, and concrete/stucco
  • ​Weathered appearance

Now that we have a better understanding of how to get the French Country decor look, let’s move on to some specific ways you can get that festive feeling in your own home with French Country style decor.  Plus, I’ll share my own absolute favorites for the French style of holiday decor too!​

Simple & Natural French Country Christmas Decor Ideas

French Country Christmas Decor Ideas with Greenery

One of the best ways to bring a bit of Christmas cheer into any space of your own home is by adding evergreen garlands, clips of greenery, and trees.  Whether you use fresh or faux trees, you can still create a really natural look that leans into the French Country style.


Since I like to decorate early and leave my decor up almost until New Years, I have found realistic faux evergreen garlands to work the best for us.  However, I do love using fresh greenery and always add a few fresh garlands around our home too.  In addition to the traditional draping of garlands across the mantel, I also love adding them around windows, in door openings, and across the large mirror in our music room.

THIS garland is my absolute favorite and it is so incredibly realistic.  At the same time, THIS garland is a lot less expensive and looks very similar!  I highly recommend adding a few to your collection each year.  This is what I’ve done and now I almost have enough to do my whole house with my absolute favorites!

​Tip: Layer pine, cedar, or evergreen garlands with realistic stems of other winter greenery and eucalytpus.  THIS eucalyptus looks so real and adds such a gorgeous touch to all of my Christmas garlands.


Even though the French Country decor style calls for trees with pretty velvet ribbons, candles, and soft lights, I have no plans of giving up our traditional family tree!  In fact, it is one of the highlights of our season each year.  Our family loves to gather and pull out our ornaments to decorate our big family tree together.  (We replaced our tree with THIS one and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!)  We have so many special ornaments from trips, adventures, vacations, and special events.  It’s always so fun!

Tip:  However, because we’ve collected our ornaments in neutral colors of gold, silver, white, and wood, our family tree can still blend in with any decor style we would choose over the years!  If you want to use certain colors, add those pops of color with inexpensive ornaments that do not have sentimental value to your family!

I love adding multiple trees around our home.  Over the past several years, I’ve focused on slowly replacing a tree at a time with pretty trees that look amazing decorated or even undecorated!  On these trees, I love adding elements that are more specific to French Country Christmas tree.

Here are a few examples:

Greenery Clippings

A quick and easy way to add even more French Country style to your Christmas decor is to hang fresh evergreen clippings around your home.  Trader Joe’s always has beautiful bundles.

For more budget-friendly decorating, head to your local Christmas tree farm.  Often, I pick up free evergreen clippings that are laying around the farm.  They are happy for me to help clean up and I’m happy for the free decor!

If you don’t have free evergreen clippings, THESE small faux stems are absolutely perfect and so easy to decorate with too!

Here are a few places to hang a pretty little bough of fresh greenery for Christmas decorating:

French Country Christmas Decor Ideas with Wooden Elements

Just as weathered wooden elements are a staple in the French Country home design, they can also add to the French Country decor style for your Christmas decorating.

Wooden accents throughout your own home can add a touch of that old world decor style that is typical in French Country decorating.

Here are a few favorite ways that I like to use to add wooden tones in my Christmas decor:

French Country Christmas Decor Ideas with Texture and Layers

For me, decorating is really all in the details.  The French Country decor style is no different.  Even if you don’t live in a cute farmhouse in the French countryside (wouldn’t that be fun?!), you can add layers and texture to your decor for that French Country style in the Christmas season.

We chatted about wooden elements, such as a dough bowl, and these pieces are a good idea for adding texture.  You can also add woven texture, such as baskets or vintage demijohns with winter greenery stems for a simple centerpiece.

Remember those classic elements of the French Country style that we chatted about earlier?  You can add touches of wood and stone into your decor while also providing great texture.  Vintage stoneware or crocks are a great idea.  Antique ironstone or a marble dish can bring in that needed stone accent too.  A little bit can go a long way with the French style.

Consider soft textures, too, such as linen, grain sacks, and velvet.  The mixture of these rustic and elegant textures plays perfectly into the French style.

Here are some of my favorite ways to add texture to my French Country Christmas decor:

French Country Christmas Decor Ideas with Classic French Decor

​One of my favorite ways to decorate is to use vintage pieces that I’ve invested in over the years.  These are pieces that can be used year round in our home.  At the same time, I don’t have to store them away and you’ll find a lot of vintage treasures that just rotate through my decor.

I am often asked what I do with ALL of my decor.  Yes, I have a lot, partly because I love it and partly because decorating is one of my jobs!  However, you will also find a lot of the same pieces in my decor over and over again!

Because I love the French Country style and have used it for so many years in my decorating, I have a variety of favorites that I can use not only in the main living areas, but through the rest of the house too.

Here are some classic decor accents that can help create that French Country decor style, no matter the season:

Whenever you’re ready to deck the halls….

I am enjoying fall but also getting so excited as I start thinking about planning my French Country Christmas decor to use this year.  It will be so fun to start decking the halls and creating a cozy feeling all throughout our home.

Since the first year I used this style in my Christmas decorating, I’ve loved it so much.  Curating pieces over time is the right way, in my opinion, to decorate for any style!  So, I’m excited to pull out my favorite collections, mix them with my vintage-style pieces, and starting having some decorating fun!  You can shop some of my favorites for French Country Christmas Decor, conveniently curated for you right HERE!

​Most of all, I hope that as you create a cozy Christmas home for your whole family, you enjoy the meaning of the true season for a very Merry Christmas!

Before you head off to start planning Christmas decor, though, be sure to visit my friend Wendy at WM Design House for some more early holiday inspiration!  There are so many amazing ideas throughout this whole tour.  You’ll be able to save your favorite ideas (don’t forget to pin them for future reference!) for whenever you’re ready to start decking the halls yourself!

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