5 Ways to Easily Decorate with Faux Easter eggs

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Easter is right around the corner!  Check out 5 ways that I love to decorate with faux Easter eggs for budget-friendly, simple holiday decor!  There are so many different things you can do, but these are my go-to, simple Easter decor ideas with eggs!

There are a ton of ways to decorate with faux Easter eggs.  In fact, you could probably do a different craft or DIY every day from now until Easter!  When it comes to decorating around my home, however, I like to use faux eggs in very simple ways.  

Easy to use and easy to clean up after Easter too!

If you’re looking for pretty, yet simple, decor, faux eggs are a budget-friendly option and give a lovely subtle, Easter touch to your spring decor.  You can decorate with faux Easter eggs in a lot of different ways, but here are my 5 favorite ways to use them!

5 Ways to Easily Decorate with Faux Easter Eggs

1. Decorate with Faux Easter Eggs in a Bowl!

I told you it was going to be so simple!  However, faux Easter eggs are so perfect to tuck around your existing decor to add that sweet touch for Easter.  Even better, they don’t take a lot of room to store either!  Here are a few ideas for bowls:

1. Around a candle

2. Grouped around a vignette in a dough bowl

Check out THIS POST for ideas on how to style a dough bowl for spring and Easter and even more ideas with different dough bowls on THIS POST!

3. Pile a bunch of eggs together!

Get this look with a beautiful scalloped bowl and egg gourds or wooden eggs!

4.Group faux eggs in a small ironstone dish for shelf decor!

Get this look with a vintage ironstone jelly mold and small egg filler!

2. Use Faux Eggs in a Centerpiece

Faux eggs are the perfect finish to an Easter tablescape.  Whether it is a simple centerpiece or a full tablescape, faux eggs are a simple way to add that Easter-specific styling.

I’ve used them so many ways in centerpieces and one of my favorite ways is on this tablescape.  I scattered the eggs down the middle of the table, tucked in and around the pots and grass.  It added a really fun effect!

You can also group the eggs together in a bowl as part of the centerpiece.  For this large wooden trough centerpiece, I added a bunch of cement eggs to this large mortar and pestle.  I love the mix of neutral colors and texture.  The eggs are a perfect filler!

Get this look with a large vintage mortar and pestle (or this unique bowl for a more budget-friendly option; large mortar and pestle sets are more rare and therefore, can get pricey!) and these concrete eggs!

3. Decorate with Faux Easter Eggs by Using Them on Place Settings

I could write a whole blog post about all of the fun place settings you can create with faux eggs!  They can be great place card holders or used in cute egg cups at the center of each place setting.

 You can put your napkins around them or glue them onto a simple napkin ring!  This is a great place to get a little crafty if you want to!

Here are a few more ideas to decorate with faux Easter eggs:

4. Style an Egg Under a Glass Cloche!

You all know I love my cloches and when it comes to Easter decor, you just can’t get any cuter than an egg under a cloche!  Sometimes I use an egg cup but one of my favorite ways is to take either an ironstone dish or a small mortar and pestle (here is a good vintage dupe for $10!) and use that to hold the egg.  I love the vintage layers and character it adds to my spring cloche decor!

You can find more of my spring cloche decorating ideas over on THIS POST!

5. Make a Simple Garland with Faux Eggs!

I spent the longest time trying to find a garland similar to this one.  However, I didn’t have any luck.  I got these “Happy Easter” egg ornaments many years ago at Pottery Barn.  It has been at least 13 years?!

However, it would be a fun DIY!  Here’s how you can make it:

You could also cut out egg shapes on thick card stock paper or pretty scrapbook paper.  Felt would also work!

Can you tell that I love Easter?!  It is such a beautiful and meaningful holiday.  I love finding ways to decorate our home as we celebrate such a special holiday!  Since our home uses mostly neutral colors, that is the styling you’ll find throughout this post.  However, eggs are a perfect way to add color, too, by painting plain ones or purchasing colored eggs!

I hope you have fun getting ready for Easter and that this post gives you a few ideas of budget-friendly, quick, easy ways to add that Easter touch to your home!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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