4 Ways to Style a Cloche for Spring

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There are a few pieces of décor that never get put away in my décor storageCloches and architectural salvage bases are a couple of those things!  No matter the season, you’ll see these glass cloches scattered throughout our home.  I love pairing them with architectural salvage pieces, but there are lots of different ways you can use them.  Let’s get started!

Where Can I Find a Cloche?

My favorite cloches have been found at vintage shops and antique malls.  But keep an eye out at thrift stores too!  My smallest one was a whopping 99 cents at the thrift store.  I think it probably used to be with one of those little clocks like my grandparents had!  They usually aren’t inexpensive, but exactly the kind of piece that I’m happy to invest in.  I use mine year-round, for all seasons, and in almost every part of our home (okay, not the playroom or kids’ rooms!  Ha!)

I will also link some cloches below that I found online.  My favorites are the vintage terrarium style, but over the years, I’ve enjoyed collecting a variety of styles and using them together!

Let’s Get to Styling!

Style a Cloche with a Candle

This is always my go to.  If I feel stumped, I just add a battery-operated pillar candle and call it a day!  It’s a no-fail option!  You can quickly take it to the next level by adding some seasonal greenery.  I often just use little stems, but a candle ring or mini wreath works perfectly too!  Candles add a soft glow, no matter the season, and I love having mine flicker on at dusk and go off at bedtime! 

This is a fun way to add a super quick and easy seasonal touch with flowers or seasonal greenery.  If I don’t have a specific seasonal flower, faux eucalyptus is my go-to!

Style a Cloche with Vintage Books

If you’ve been following me for longer than a minute, you’re not surprised by this one!  I keep an eye out for small, vintage books, specifically for adding to cloches and vignettes.  I found a stack of these miniature orchestral scores at the thrift store.  Being a musician family, I love that connection.  But I also love how the old, worn paper adds so much texture!  If you don’t have any vintage books with the right colors or patina that you want, consider a quick DIY and deconstruct them!  The cheapest little paperbacks in the discard pile can become the perfect décor for your cloche.  Rip those covers off and style away!

If you have special books, such as a family Bible, or antique collectible books, styling them in a cloche is a great way to get them off the bookshelf and placed in a prominent spot!

Style a Cloche with Vintage Objects

You may remember in my winter décor and the vintage brass deer that I used under a cloche.  To take out those winter décor vibes and replace with a hint of spring, I swapped out the vintage brass deer for two super cute vintage brass swans!  Cloches are a great spot to highlight a few seasonal collections.  Here are a few ideas:

Style a Cloche with a Faux Plant

Now of course, you couldn’t keep a real plant under the glass cloche for very long, but little faux plants are the perfect way to add some life and texture!  I especially love these little mini ones from the Hearth and Hand collection.  Once we get more into spring, I may leave the terracotta pot showing, but for now, I still want to incorporate some vintage brass, so I added my little faux plant to the vintage brass pot.  I love how it makes the plant look more real and also more substantial!  I’ll link up some different faux plants here that I currently have or have seen and love!  I’m really picky about my faux greenery and flowers, but these are good ones and mix nicely with real plants too!

What Do I Set My Cloche On?

I mentioned that I love to pair my cloches with architectural salvage pieces, such as column capitals.  However, if you have a great cloche and no salvage base that fits it, there are other great ways to style up your cloche with a vintage look!

I decided to put a live plant in my large, super chippy capital column from Olde Tyme Marketplace.  That left me with an extra cloche…and those don’t typically get put in storage!  I absolutely love how it looks paired with my faux newspaper binder.  The spine & cover are a great neutral color and it lays flat to make a great base for my cloche.

You could also pair a cloche with a large book or a vintage breadboard.  A large dough bowl, basket tray, wooden tray, or cake stand also make great options, depending on the size of your cloche and how you want to style it!

While your cloche doesn’t have to set on anything in particular, creating a base of some kind for it does ground the vignette.  It can also help your entire décor look to be more cohesive.  Practically speaking, it’s also much easier to dust when you can just slide the base over!!!

I hope this gives you some fun ideas or sparks some creativity for you, as you style up your cloche for a spring vignette!  I love using mine and can’t wait to hear what you put under your cloche this spring!




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