Easy Fall Kitchen Table Decor Ideas for a Cozy Room

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Make your kitchen cozy with these favorite easy fall kitchen table decor ideas.  Find out how to decorate place settings and centerpiece ideas for the autumn season.  Plus, keep reading for creative ideas to get ready for fall gatherings around your dining table too!

Don’t you just love decorating for the fall season?  Even for a simple neutral fall table in the kitchen, using natural elements and a soft color palette with warm tones can create such a cozy feeling in the kitchen.  Since our dining room is open to our kitchen, I really treat it as more of our kitchen table.  Today, we are going to chat about some simple table decorations, specifically for easy fall kitchen table decor ideas.

However, you can tweak each idea for a range of uses.  From a stunning fall table for a dinner party to a simple fall table to use everyday with family members, it’s the perfect time to start planning a beautiful table for everyday living!

If you walked through my front door and saw my dining room today, it probably wouldn’t look this pretty.  I’m just being honest.  Especially in the early fall, when we are full on into the beginning of the school year, there could be any amount of paperwork, backpacks, folders, or supplies piled on the table.  BUT, I’m going to give you my favorite tips for how to keep a dining or kitchen table looking pretty for the fall season!

Maybe it will encourage me to take my own advice and get the table cleared off myself each day!  

How to easily decorate a table?

Here are some basics that I am constantly rotating through our dining room for an easy, everyday kitchen table style:

​Any of these easy fall table decor ideas can be assembled so quickly and ready for a perfect fall table centerpiece!  You can also shop my curated list of fall table decor essentials HERE!

What are the easy fall decorations for a table?

​To decorate a fall table in your own home, there are some great basic decorations to keep on hand.  Whether you choose fresh or faux, many of these elements can be easily found during the autumn season.

If you choose faux items, such as faux pumpkins or faux florals, you can store them away for the future.  On the other hand, fresh flowers, free fall foliage from your yard, and real pumpkins are easy to toss at the end of the season!

Try using any of these easy fall decorations:

small pear with a rosemary sprig in a small woven basket on white dishes

Easy Fall Kitchen Table Decor Ideas for a Cozy Room

Create a Beautiful Centerpiece to Use for the Entire Autumn Season

How to decorate a table for fall?

One of my favorite ways to decorate a table for the fall season is to make a simple DIY fall centerpiece.  This pumpkin centerpiece idea is an especially fun seasonal centerpiece because you can use different fall colors that fit your own home.  It is also a perfect fall centerpiece to fill the center of your table for the whole season.  Then, you can simply add pretty place settings, nice dishes, linen napkins, and poof!  Your gorgeous Thanksgiving table is ready to go too!

​Stacked Pumpkin Centerpiece:

​I like to start with a table runner.  Of course, you don’t have to.  However, it can help soften the look and provide some color and style for a stunning fall table!  I am using THIS table runner a lot this year!

Depending on the length of your table, choose an odd number of pumpkins to be the base.  For example, 3 large pumpkins would be a good number for my 8 foot table.  These will be larger pumpkins.  Typically, a wide pumpkin with a more flat or level shape will work especially well.

Next, choose medium size pumpkins to layer in between the larger ones.  Think of it as starting to build a pyramid on your farmhouse table!  If you are going with 3 large pumpkins, then you will want two medium size pumpkins.

Third, choose some smaller pumpkins or even dried gourds to stack on and around the large and medium sized pumpkins.  Avoid putting a single one on the top because you probably do not want to actually complete the pyramid look as your focal point!

​Tip: Some lumpy, bumpy, misshapen pumpkins can be especially fun to sit at the ends of the table.  They will add a lot of character and texture to your DIY fall centerpiece!

Cream-colored pumpkins and dried leaves in a wire basket

Use Easy Fall Kitchen Table Decor Ideas that Can Be Used in Different Spaces

One of my favorite ways to decorate is to use centerpiece ideas that can be moved around to different spaces.  For example, a large tray on a dining room table may be moved to the coffee table in the living room when you get ready to set your fancier Thanksgiving table.

A floral centerpiece from the kitchen island could become the focal point in a larger tablescape for a farmhouse table.

A grouping of vintage style vases with fall foliage that made a simple centerpiece on the kitchen table could be split up and sprinkled around accent tables throughout the entire living space.

One of my go-to DIY fall decorations is to use a large dough bowl and create a perfect fall centerpiece that can be used several places around our home!

What do you put in a kitchen table bowl?

While faux pumpkins can make a lovely seasonal centerpiece, dried gourds are my favorite to use.  First of all, I love using natural elements.

Tip: Dried gourds are perfect because they are definitely organic and bring in the natural elements.  At the same time, I can store them in our dry attic space and use them year after year.  In the long run, it saves me a lot of money from buying as many real pumpkins!

Secondly, dried gourds each have their own unique shape.  They allow for a much more organic style of fall table centerpiece.

Thirdly, you can tuck dried stems, fall foliage, fall leaves, dried grasses, or faux flowers around the dried gourds to create a really amazing floral arrangement.  Plus, you can add more colors from your fall color scheme.  At the same time, the foliage or flowers help fill in the visual gaps between the gourds for a more beautiful centerpiece style.

Even though dried gourds are my favorite, you simply cannot go wrong with a bowl of white pumpkins either!  Especially for a smaller table centerpiece for a kitchen table, a small dough bowl filled with white mini pumpkins is the BEST!

Tip: Tuck in a few sprigs of foliage from a fall garland or stem to soften the look a little.

uniquely shaped gourds in a large black bowl with dried leaves

How to Decorate a Kitchen Counter for Fall

​One trending kitchen design is to have a large kitchen island instead of a kitchen table.  Even though our dining room is open to the kitchen, our kids still often eat at the kitchen island.  It’s also a convenient place for a quick snack or breakfast.

If you also have a kitchen island instead of a kitchen table, consider creating a beautiful centerpiece for your island!  It doesn’t have to be large or fancy.  Even some simple fall accents in a pretty vignette on a tray or a vessel with fall foliage can help your kitchen look and feel cozy.

In the center of my kitchen island, a large thrifted vintage scale is kind of the permanent fixture.  Actually, it basically is because it’s too heavy to move around!  Haha!

Over on THIS blog post, I shared some ways to decorate a vintage style kitchen scale.  Even if you don’t have a scale on your kitchen island, any of those ideas could be used with a large tray, antique breadboard, or just on their own.  Check these easy ideas out HERE!

white pumpkin and terracotta-colored pumpkin stacked on top of a white vintage scale

Simple Place Settings for Easy Fall Kitchen Table Decor Ideas

​The finishing touch to any fall tablescape are pretty place settings.  Place settings are a great way to elevate the style of your entire fall table setting.  I have some basic pieces that I rounded up to show you a really easy way to create several different place settings with using some of the same pieces.  Then, you just add different fall accents to take center stage at your table!

Here are a few details you can add to create a really pretty rustic touch for fall and into the holiday season as well:

  1. Small dried gourds
  2. Small pumpkins
  3. Pine cones as place cards
  4. Leaf ornaments as a napkin ring
  5. DIY project with orange slices and cinnamon

How can I decorate my dining room table for fall?

When creating place settings for my dining room table, I tend to follow a go-to formula:

  1. Table runner
  2. Centerpiece
  3. Placemats or chargers
  4. Dinner plate
  5. Salad plate or bowl
  6. Seasonal element
  7. Napkin
  8. Flatware
  9. Stemware

Try these favorite examples of fall kitchen table decor ideas:

place setting with white dishes, a small ring with dried leaves, small wooden bowl, and a napkin with a wooden leaf place card
small gourd and piece of rosemary on a white plate
golden flatware tied with ribbon and a sprig of rosemary
small pear with a rosemary sprig in a small woven basket on white dishes
linen napkin with pinecone napkin ring tied around it with twine

Use Cozy Layers for Beautiful Dining Room Table Decor 

How do you style a fall table?

For the autumn season, some of the best ways you can add a cozy feeling are by adding:

place setting with white dishes, a vintage book page, and a pinecone serving as a place card

You’re ready to style with fall kitchen table decor ideas!

Even though your kitchen is probably a very busy space, just like mine, it still deserves to be an inviting, cozy space.

Especially in the fall season, adding a favorite fall scent, some fall colors, natural elements, and a dash of “pretty” can go a long way to creating a room that functions well and also makes you smile!

I hope these fall kitchen table decor ideas give you some fresh inspiration this season!

personalized wooden leaf napkin ring

Shopping for Fall Kitchen Table Decor Ideas

Over on my storefront, I’ve round up my favorite fall table accessories into a curated idea list for you!  All of my favorites are included here, including pieces that are similar to or give the same look as my thrifted and vintage pieces!

You can shop my curated list for fall table decor ideas  HERE!

place setting of a wooden round with a napkin and a pine cone serving as a place card holder

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