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Have you ever had a week that just felt hijacked?!  Oh goodness!  Last weekend and the first half of the week was full of sickness.  Thankfully, everyone is well and the house is still standing.  (Just kidding: my hubby and kiddos helped keep things running along and I’m so thankful!)

I hope you enjoy the Notes From Our Nest this week!

Around Our Nest:

  • It was Prime Big Deal Days week!  I got some Christmas shopping done, stocked up some things for around our house, and even picked up a couple of pretty things that I’m so excited to use in our home!
  • We enjoyed family fun night with our kiddos at their school.  I love helping out!  It was fun to watch my girls help their classes with the competition for the best decorated fundraising booth too!
  • Florida got its first peek of fall, meaning the temps dropped below 75 for a minute.  Hallelujah!  It can only get better from here!
  • Being sick kind of made the whole week feel so weird and very short.  Honestly, I don’t know everything that happened around our nest.  Haha!
  • On a serious note, while our lives continue on and we do our best to influence those around us for good, we are not unaware of the heartache and ugly reality of hatred and war.  Our hearts are in a continual state of prayer and hope.
  • Wednesday we learned that Robb’s stepdad had passed away, ending a long battle with declining heatlh.  His lived life well and leaves behind many that love him.
  • This lead to an unplanned trip to KS during the last half of the week to attend the funderal.  We made the most of our time together, and were so happy to see family from around the country!

Around the ‘Gram This Week:

  • It was a super busy and fun week around the ‘gram!  Prime Days were a ton of fun but I also shared some other content that I’ve had fun putting together!
  • Over on THIS post, I shared 19 of my favorite decor accents to use for Thanksgiving table decorating.  They mix perfectly with my vintage style and hopefully they give you some inspiration as you start planning for Thanksgiving too!
  • Over on THIS reel, I shared a peek at my Thanksgiving decor.  Since I don’t really decorate around our home for Halloween, I started adding more “fall”.  Before I knew it, it started feeling like Thanksgiving and I’m loving it!  After all, a few visual reminders of the Thanksgiving season can’t come too early.

Around the Blog This Week:

  • A quieter week on the blog can only mean one thing…there’s a LOT coming for you next week!
  • However, THIS blog post was super fun to write.  It is all about vintage Thanksgiving decorations and how to decorate for the holiday with vintage style!  Of course, you know I love doing that too!
  • After being sick, Friday Favorites could really only be one thing: cozy, cozy, cozy!  Find some wonderful cozy neutrals for the fall and winter over on THIS post!

Around the Storefront This Week:

Here are some of the top sellers over on my storefront this week:

  1. These cowbells were the runaway favorite this week!
  2. I can’t wait to use THESE in my home this season!
  3. These amazing candles are always a top favorite!
  4. This beauty of a table runner is also one of my favorites!
  5.  I am finding all sorts of place to use THESE this season!

You can check this list on my storefront.  I update it daily with favorite deals that I think you’ll love too!

Coming Up This Week Around the Nest:

  1. How to choose a table cloth or table runner for your fall and Thanksgiving tables, along with some of my favorites.
  2. A look at my Thanksgiving mantel!
  3. An easy DIY garland to use for fall and Thanksgiving
  4. Ways to use garlands for Thanksgiving decorating
  5. The best music playlists to use for the fall and Thanksgiving seasons
  6. and the first Christmas blog….How to Decorate with Simple and Natural Elements for Christmas with a French Country Style!  I’m super excited to share this with you!


Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

As always, I love to share some inspiration from some of my favorites!  Check out these posts for more inspiration for YOUR nest!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Who doesn’t love magnolias?  Kim has a masterful DIY feature HERE!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

This is a perfect DIY for the season from Eleanor Rose!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

I’m loving this French country inspiration from Renae!

Thanks for being here!  I always say, I’m so blessed with such a wonderful community here at Robyn’s French Nest.  I appreciate each of you so much!

I hope you have a really great week (maybe a little less crazy than ours will be) and I can’t wait to see you around the nest this week for all the fun coming up!


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