15 Easy Ways How to Transition from Summer to Fall Home Decor

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It may sound overwhelming to transition your home decor from summer to fall, but it shouldn’t be! Start getting cozy now with 15 easy steps!

When should I start putting up fall decor?

It’s asked every year and every year my answer is the same!  You can start decorating anytime you want!  Trust me, if I lived up north and the air was starting to get that little tinge of fall feeling, you’d better believe I’d be pulling out all the bins and starting to transition from summer to fall home decor!

Can I decorate for fall at the end of August?

Some people prefer to wait until after the Labor Day holiday break, which is also understandable.  This is particularly true for those who don’t begin the school year until after Labor Day!  Trust me, I like to enjoy summer break to the very last drop too!

Framed print of two pears on shelves with ironstone & breadboards.

Can I decorate for fall in July?

My general answer to this is mid August or early September.  However, as I said before, it’s totally up to you!  I usually try to have all of my fall decor pretty much done by the beginning of September so I can enjoy it for the next couple of months!

For me, I especially enjoy a S L O W transition from fall to summer with my home decor.  To be honest, I don’t like to start until after the kids are back in school.  I like to keep our “summer home” (see my summer home decor story HERE) for as long as possible.

But once we’ve started back to school, I’m ready for cozy evenings, earlier bed times, and filling my senses with a soft, calm, cozy atmosphere in the evenings!


How do I make my house feel cozy for the fall?

I’m so glad you asked!  Let’s jump in because today I’m going to give you 15 simple and easy ideas to kick off your fall decor.

Whether you put the pumpkins out in August, September, or wait until October, there are plenty of things you can do to transition your home decor from summer to fall and start getting those cozy vibes whenever you’re ready!


Vintage chippy white wooden swan on farm table with white cubby in the background.

15 Simple Ways How to Transition from Summer to Fall Home Decor

How do I transition my house for fall?

#1: Transition your home decor from summer to fall by removing summer decor.

I like to wait until we’ve started school for this first step and enjoy the “beach cottage” feel of our home as long as possible.  However, once school has started, it’s game on!

The first thing to do to transition your home decor from summer to fall is to pack up any summer-specific decor.  I collect all the shells, floppy straw hats, chippy blue architectural salvage, vintage seascape art, etc. and pack it all up!

These totes are our favorite for seasonal decor!  We’ve collected them over time and now all of our seasonal decor stacks so neatly.  My husband especially loves the durability and that they don’t slide around!

I also love using THESE fabric organizers to store and organize all of my throw pillows.  Even though I love to use pillow covers, I do have a variety of pillows without removable covers.  I highly recommend THESE bins for extra throw pillows and bedding too!

#2: Transition your home decor from summer to fall by adding wood tones.

I always love pretty wood tones and when I transition my home decor from summer to fall, you’ll find me pulling out more of my dough bowls, bread boards, wooden candlesticks, and wooden risers.  

These favorite pieces create the backdrop for all of my fall vignettes and the wood colors instantly warm up decor.  This is true even if you’re going slowly, like me, and leaving a basic, every day vignette that isn’t necessarily fall.  Remember, we are slowly transitioning from one season to the next.  Creating a neutral palette allows for adding season specific decor as you’re ready!

Vintage tablesetting with fresh flowers and white chippy cubby in the background

#3: Transition from summer to fall decor by switching up your greenery.

When I start transitioning my home decor for the fall season, I leave my live plants.  For faux plants, however, I pull out the brighter greens and begin replacing them with dried or preserved branches and sparse branches cut from my yard.

Fall is really a season that feels especially natural and organic and I try to bring that inside by following the cues of nature.

(Well, for up north, at least.  Our grass stays bright and green down here all year! 😂)

Over on my fall decor storefront, you can find my favorite faux greenery options to start swapping out for the seasons.  Shop it HERE!

I especially love these gorgeous stems that have a softer green and just the hints of the autumn months.  They blend perfectly with both seasons!

Two pots with freshly cut greenery from trees in yard

#4: Transition from summer to fall decor by changing your florals.

Whether fresh or faux, florals are a perfect seasonal transition.  You can transition your home decor from summer to fall by adding seasonal florals here and there throughout your home.

I don’t use a lot of floral patterns in my home, but I do love having a simple vase of sunflowers, faux pear stems, or deep-toned mums sitting in my kitchen or dining room!

If you’re looking for great faux florals for fall, I highly recommend these:

Round white vessel holding fall arrangement of eucalyptus & orange flowers

#5: Transition from summer to fall decor by swapping out throw pillows!

Throw pillows are a really budget-friendly way to get a fresh look without having to change out furniture! Transition your home decor from summer to fall by storing away summer-colored pillows and swapping them with neutral pillows that have a lot of texture, such as chunky knit fabric, soft linen, light velvet, and fringe or pom pom detail.

I suggest starting the transition with neutral pillows and once you’re ready to go all in on fall decor, layer a few fall-specific colors and patterns with your neutral pillows.

I’m loving these pillows this year:

  • These classic pillows with a pattern that will blend with most things!
  • These burnt orange aren’t neutral, but I had to include them because I love pulling them out as I start adding some fall touches!  Plus, they are only $14 for the pair!
  • These vintage grain sacks make the perfect oversized pillows for a sofa or bed and they are super cozy!
  • I love the color and texture of these pillows!  Definitely my favorites this season!
  • This neutral pillow has great detail and the size and shape makes it perfect for layering!

Pro Tip: mix, match, and layer a few of these together for a curated, designer look!  Plus, you’ll be adding a lot of texture, color, and pattern for interest.

Comfy white couch with assorted white cushions and throw

#6: Transition your home decor from summer to fall by adding a few throw blankets.

No matter the season, I seem to have a few out to soften up our spaces.  However, the fall and winter seasons are definitely when they get used the most!  You can add throw blankets to a basket under the coffee table or simply toss them over the arm of a chair.

Wherever you place them, make sure they are easily accessible and inviting your family to get cozy!

Here are a couple of favorites this year:

#7: Transition the seasons with art!

To me, you don’t need a lot of seasonal art.  However, just switching a couple of pieces can instantly refresh a room and add a touch of the fall season.  I recently purchased this vintage pear painting from my friend Deb over at Seeking Lavender Lane.  She has an online vintage shop with a lot of great vintage art options!

You can find a similar pear art piece HERE for a great price!  Perfect for a seasonal touch or use year round too!

This pheasant print is similar to one of my favorite thrifted art finds and I’ll pull it out a little later in the season!  Can’t beat vintage-inspired art for under $15!

I am also obsessed with these curated collections that arrive ready to frame.  They are under $20 or even less and look SO much like real paintings.  I can’t get over them!  You can find some fall inspirations HERE on my storefront!

Close up shot of vintage hand-painted pear art.

#8: Add woven texture to transition your home decor from summer to fall!

Admittedly, I love woven texture and use baskets all year long.  I think they get overlooked a little in the fall though.

I loved adding these wall baskets with dried gourds to my gallery wall last year.  The woven texture adds those warm, wood-like tones but in a little softer way.  And they definitely add texture too!

You can get a similar look this year with:

Cozy living room with white sectional and chippy white coffee table

#9: This should probably be #1…

Don’t underestimate the power of deep cleaning your home to help transition your home decor from summer to fall!

A clean, organized, decluttered home is one of the best feelings and definitely makes physical and emotional space to add all of the cozy favorites for the upcoming seasons!

#10: Bring the cozy factor to your transitional decor with taper candles!

That being said, I have younger kiddos myself and taper candles on the mantel are just unsafe in every possible way!  I love to pull out my set (okay, several sets) of favorite battery-operated taper candles and add to my vintage brass candlestick collection!  Brass candlesticks are one of my favorite thrifted things to collect!

You can find 6 other things I recommend thrifting for the fall season over on THIS POST!

You can find my favorite battery-operated taper candles in white or ivory HERE!  Trust me…they are so good!  You can find all of my favorite cozy flameless candles that I use throughout our home HERE on my storefront!

Deconstructed books under brass candlesticks with pottery and white sign.

#11: Transition into fall decor by adding mixed metals.

I might be the odd one out on this, but in my summer decor, I realized I don’t actually have a lot of metal other than a few zinc buckets and wire baskets.

For me, one way to quickly add a touch of that fall vibe is to add some metal texture and colors.

You can transition your home decor from summer to fall by adding a mixture of vintage brass, silver, and copper.

And yes!  You can even mix the three!  Of course, my preference is for metal finishes that have some tarnish but you can always polish them up a bit if you’d like!

#12: Transition your home from summer to fall with amber bottles.

Old amber bottles are a great way to bring in those warm fall hues.  If you’re looking to add a bit of a transitional look, but don’t want to add all the pumpkins, scarecrows, and orange colors, amber bottles can be a great compromise!

Of course, then you can just leave them out with your fall decor too!

Amber bottles can look great on their own, gathered in a collection, used with taper candles, or holding flower or greenery stems!

Flea markets and antique malls are great places to find old amber bottles.  But if you want some right away, these are some great vintage-inspired options:

Vignette styled using amber bottles, vintage books, and candles.

#13: Use vintage books to help with seasonal decor transitions.

You all know how much I love vintage books.  In fact, you can find a whole post with ideas for using vintage books in your home decor HERE.

Transitioning your home decor from summer to fall is a perfect time to use some budget-friendly decor and old, thrifted books are my first go-to!

You can use vintage books in warm fall colors, such as neutrals, browns, rust, and gold tones.  Just swap a stack of lighter, summery colored books in any vignette with your fall-toned books and ta-da!  Quick and easy transition!

I always hit up the book section in any thrift store.  You can find great deals and use them for all the seasons!  I also like to look for titles that could relate to the particular season.  It’s a small detail, but one I take great delight in finding!

Cloche covering small vintage books & remote controlled white candle

#14: One of the most simple ways to transition is starting with a neutral base!

This may seem basic, but to transition my home decor from any season to another, I peel back the layers of seasonal color and texture.  Take my home back to the basics, so to speak!

At that point, I can slowly start adding as much or as little, as subtle or as bold seasonal accents.

I always recommend investing in large pieces that you love and have a neutral base.  This allows you to play around and experiment with your decor in more budget-friendly ways!

This would include sofas, chairs, larger tables, cabinets, and wall colors (though that can be a fun way to accent for a season if you love to paint!)

Over on my storefront, I have an entire section dedicated to neutral colors that are perfect to use year round!  Shop my favorites HERE!

White sectional with neutral throw pillows and chippy white mantel

#15: Fill your home with the scents of the season!  

Nothing says cozy like a great candle and a favorite fall scent, right?!  In fact, when I want to start transitioning my home from summer to fall decor, I usually pull out one of my favorite candles to help me get in the mood.

There are a lot of great options out there but these are definitely my personal favorites:

Are you ready to transition your home now?

It’s totally okay if you’re not!

Save these pins and ideas for whenever you’re ready.  That’s the beauty of our own homes…we can just do what works for us and enjoy it!

I do hope that these 15 favorite ideas have given you some inspiration, sparked a creative or new idea, and help you to love and enjoy your home even more in the coming season!

Music room with grand piano & large french basket full of trimmings from yard trees

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