The 23 Best Neutral Halloween Decorations for Not-Scary Style

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Looking for non-scary styles for the season? Check out my favorite 23 cute and neutral Halloween decorations for family-friendly decor for your porch, outdoor spaces, and interior home!

I will be the first to admit, I am possibly treading on sensitive territory here.  There are many friends who really get into Halloween decorations and that is totally fine.  For our family, we choose to just enjoy the costumes, trick-or-treating, and fall festival events with friends.  

That being said, we simply cannot resist some cute jack-o-lanterns for neutral Halloween decorations thrown into the mix, too!

No matter whether you go all out for the holiday or stick to fall decor, I hope you know my heart for this blog.  Really, I just want this to be a space that inspires you and even gives you a creative idea or two that you can use to help you love your home even more.  At the same time, create welcoming spaces for your family and friends.

When October rolls around, I must admit, a smiling jack-o-lantern just makes me smile back!


Can you mix fall and Halloween decor?

Yes, yes, yes!  In fact, I think that is the best way to create simple, easy, budget-friendly decor.  I love using pieces that I can enjoy from mid-August all the way through Thanksgiving.  One way to simplify the whole process is to focus on neutral Halloween and fall decor pieces that blend together.

Even if you add more Halloween-specific items to your decor, keeping them simple and in small doses will allow you to just layer them into your regular fall decor.  Also, using more neutral-colored Halloween decor allows them to blend into the fall decor you’re already using around your home too.

Here is a fun seasonal tip!

Tip: Before Halloween decor begins and then when Halloween is over, simply turn your jack-o-lantern around so the face is hidden!  Get double duty wherever you can from those cute pumpkins!


 How do you decorate a house for Halloween on a budget?

My advice for this is the same as for other single-holiday days, such as Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day.  If you want to decorate on a budget, there are a few key things I stick to:

  1. Use my food as the main decor.  If your home is already decorated for fall, a cute Halloween cupcake topper and cookies will give just enough of a festive touch.
  2. Especially for a party, purchase some cute Halloween napkins to add to each place setting or stacked on the buffet.  A little goes a long way in setting the stage for a simple holiday like this.
  3. Add a few decor touches that can layer with your regular fall decor.  You don’t really need to invest in full-blown Halloween decor and full-blown fall decor (unless that’s just what you love to do and. your budget allows!).  Simply add a few touches of your Halloween style to your existing fall decor and have fun with it!


The 23 Best Neutral Halloween Decorations for Not-Scary Style

What is the most popular decoration for Halloween?

A quick research didn’t turn up any scientific data for this.  However, I don’t think anyone could disagree that a fun jack-o-lantern isn’t a staple Halloween decoration, even for those of us who stick to only some simple, family-friendly touches.  Do you agree?!

I rounded up some adorable jack-o-lantern neutral Halloween decorations that you can easily layer with your everyday fall decor.  Also, don’t forget to check out thrift stores and yard sales for seasonal accents too!


Cute jack-o-lanterns for neutral Halloween decorations:

  • This metal jack-o-lantern trio would be so easy to stick into a planter or pot for a friendly, smiling, Halloween touch!  The neutral color allows them to just blend in with your preferred fall accent colors.
  • This smiling, striped duo is just too cute!  If you’re looking for some simple pattern to add to your overall look, these will do the trick.  They would make a great centerpiece for a table, indoors or out, or on an entry table as friendly greeters for guests!
  • Okay, this cutie is not in my budget.  However, if you are a collector, it’s a must-have!  Or, it could even inspire a fun DIY!  The pattern could really spark creativity to set a whole scene for a party or event.  You could set it on a kitchen island for a one-and-done kind of fall decor too!
  • I just LOVE these!  Simple, cute, blends with any decor style, and they don’t require any extra decor.  Simply add them by the front door with an outdoor battery-operated candle and enjoy.  They would also be super cute on a console table!

Add smiling faces throughout your main living spaces!


How do you tastefully decorate for Halloween?

As I have said before, you can go all out with your decor and it will be amazing!  If you’re looking for a more low-key style, flowers are a great option.  Over on THIS post, I shared a DIY pumpkin flower arrangement along with all the steps to make both your concrete pumpkin and the fresh flower arrangement.  It’s a subtle, yet fun, way to decorate for Halloween.

One option is to add traditional fall colors and flowers to your arrangement.  A mixture of oranges, rust tones, and yellows looks beautiful!

However, if you want to add a little more of a Halloween-specific look, pick up some faux stems or decor stakes, like these, and add to your flower arrangement.  At the same time, this would be an idea that you could easily add for a special party or event and then remove afterward and continue enjoying your fall floral arrangement.

For a fun DIY, you could even cut bare branches and spray paint them black before adding to your flower arrangement!


Add some pretty or fun florals and stems for easy, neutral Halloween decorations!

Halloween looks can be pretty too!


Add some traditional patterns and colors for neutral Halloween decorations!

Seasonal decor used to be all very thematic and quite specific.  However, I love the decor trends in more recent years that have led to using “touches of the season” or “hints of the holiday” rather than setting jack o lanterns on every table and hanging a Halloween banner over the door and mantel.

You can still add those things, of course.  At the same time, consider keeping less holiday-specific decor in storage and investing in colors and patterns that can be used for an entire season.  Better yet, find pieces that can be used for multiple seasons!

Actually, I don’t have nearly as much decor as many people think.  Instead, I rotate my pieces in and out, use them in different rooms, and restyle them for seasons and holidays.  This requires less storage and I make wise investments into the decor I choose.


Here are some easy options for friendly and neutral Halloween decor:

Try using these year-round decor pieces too!

Whether you’re going all out for Halloween, adding a few fun touches, or focusing on fall decor instead, I hope this post gives you some fun ideas.  I especially hope it inspires you to think a little differently about how you can use your decor for small, one-day holidays.  This will save you storage and decor budget dollars too!

So tell me…do you decorate for Halloween?  If so, give us a few ideas in the comments!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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