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Is anyone else looking around to see how on earth it is possibly November?  I know it is so cliché to say, but October seriously flew by.  I love the month of November.  It is a time of thankfulness and I love how, so often, people’s hearts and minds are more geared toward the grace and joy of the upcoming holidays!  It’s been a good week around our nest!

I hope you enjoy the Notes From Our Nest this week!

Around Our Nest:

  • Our kids have all been assigned Christmas songs for their various music lessons.  I LOVE the soundtrack of my morning and afternoons around our home as they practice!
  • We are heavy into rehearsals for Christmas productions and this week’s rehearsal on the “real” stage made me aware of how quickly December will be here too!  And how much music memorization I still have to go.  Haha!
  • Our home is a happy mess of partially Christmas decor, partially mess, and pumpkins still scattered around.  I am making progress and can’t wait to be sharing Christmas decor soon!
  • We had fun setting up and selling at the Rehab Vintage Market on Saturday!  It was fun to see and meet some of you there as well as get some fabulous vintage goods into YOUR homes to enjoy too!

Around the ‘Gram This Week:

  • It’s been a fun week of sharing more Thanksgiving inspiration with you around our home!
  • On THIS post, I shared this amazing and gigantic vintage cornucopia!  It was so fun to decorate with.  Even though you’ll want a smaller one to use for an actual Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece, I hope this gives you some fun inspiration of mixing foraged items with favorite greenery.  And then you can use the greenery during Christmas too!
  • I’m sharing a last look at our Thanksgiving decor with this little home tour.  I am so thankful for our home and the opportunity to share it with you too!

Around the Blog This Week:

  • There’s been a lot of fun stuff on the blog lately!  I am recapping a couple of Thanksgiving posts here, also, just to help you as you plan for the holiday.
  • Best Thanksgiving Quotes and Images for 2023 – get FREE printables and a November challenge here!
  • Best Music Playlists to Enjoy for Thanksgiving – we hope you enjoy these now and through the whole season!  Plus, your dinner playlist will be ready to hit play on Thanksgiving Day!
  • How to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas – if you’re not decorating yet, no worries!  Save this easy trick for later when you’re ready!
  • Next week is going to be SUPER full here on the blog!  I have something really special ready for you all and I can’t wait to share!  Stay tuned!

Around the Storefront This Week:

It has been an exciting week on the storefront.  There have been some unexpected and WONDERFUL sales on some of my very favorite Christmas decorations!  However, even if the sale isn’t still going by the time you click on the link, still check it out.  In my opinion, these are worth full price!  Many of the favorite items typically start selling out by Thanksgiving, if not before, so I recommend grabbing your favorites now to have whenever you’re ready to decorate!

Here are some of the top sellers over on my storefront this week:

  1.  HERE’S the top favorite, and it’s not even close.  It’s one of mine, too…and it was on sale this week! (See it in action in the picture below!)
  2. And this ribbon?  It’s just soooo gorgeous!
  3. You have to see these glass trees for Christmas.  They’re so good!
  4. I love these candles!  You will too!
  5. And last but not least, these figs fit perfectly for so many seasons!

You can check this list on my storefront.  I update it daily with favorite deals that I think you’ll love too!

Coming Up This Week Around the Nest:

  1. Who’s ready for Christmas inspiration?!  Stay tuned!  There is a lot of it ready to hit the presses!!!
  2. How to mix greenery for a full look to use for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all winter long too
  3. How to get your entryway ready for the holidays…and a fun foraged item we found!
  4. + 7 days of Christmas inspiration from DIY to trees to table decor to gifting and more!


Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

As always, I love to share some inspiration from some of my favorites!  Check out these posts for more inspiration for YOUR nest!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Check out these awesome cottage decor ideas for Christmas over at Shiplap & Shells!

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Eleanor Rose is always so inspiring.  But never show my Addy this hot chocolate bar recipe!  We might just have it every night! :>)

Inspiration Around the Nest This Week:

Vintage tinsel inspiration?  Yes, Please!  Check it all out here from Renae at Peacock Ridge Farm!

Thanks for being here!  I always say, I’m so blessed with such a wonderful community here at Robyn’s French Nest.  I appreciate each of you so much!

I hope you have a really great week full of many things for which to be thankful!  I can’t wait to keep sharing our home and favorites with you this week!


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