9 Easy Ways to Make Your Gift Wrapping Look Great

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Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be time consuming in order to look thoughtful and extra special, nor should it overwhelm your season.  Check out these 5 amazing and budget-friendly ideas for easy Christmas gift wrapping this holiday season!​

Be honest…is gift wrapping on your list of things you enjoy about the holiday season or is it one of the things you dread?  Ready for some easy Christmas gift wrapping ideas?

I have actually felt both ways.  When I get it done in advance (as in, starting NOW!), I enjoy it a lot more.  If I am cramming at the last minute, it feels rather stressful.  It seems like a great idea to just wait and do all the wrapping at once, right?

Just the time-saving aspect of getting out all the things, setting up, and then cleaning up should make that easier.

various wrapped gifts with ribbon and other embellishments

For me, WRONG!

Maybe it is just that I get kind of bored or tired of doing it all at once.  No matter the reason, though, I find that I can be more creative and enjoy it a lot more when I try wrap presents as they arrive.  (However, just to be honest, it isn’t a perfect science around here for sure!)

Plus, the tree just looks prettier with lovely gifts around it!

Today, let’s chat about a few ways to make the gift wrapping season a little easier.  Then, I also have some creative gift tag ideas for you that I am trying again this year!

Maybe getting these ideas gathered up before the season really gets started can help you too!

Robyn wrapping gifts at a wooden kitchen island

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Christmas Gift Wrapping Special


Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping: Make it fun!

Here are 3 tips to make Christmas gift wrapping even more fun!

#1: Create a simple gift wrapping station.

Actually, I don’t have a craft room or even a real home office.  If I did, those spaces would be ideal to spread everything out and be super organized!  Truthfully, my gift wrapping station is a simple basket.  I keep all of my supplies, down to tape and scissors right there in the basket.

When your paper and ribbons are pretty, your basket can be sitting out and become a functional part of your Christmas décor too!

I find that a tall basket works best so that my rolls of wrapping paper aren’t getting smushed (is that a word?) or bent.

THIS ONE would be perfect.  It’s a great height and also has sturdy sides, which is important to keep all the things standing tall and not flopping all over the place!

After Christmas, you can use this basket for a large plant or tree!

basket of gift wrap items including wrapping paper, scissors, ribbon, and tags

#2: Occupy your mind as you work!

A great Hallmark movie helps the job get done more quickly and it’s not like you have to actually watch the movie to know what’s happening!  Haha!  You basically know what is going to happen as soon as the movie starts but it is still festive and fun and brings the good vibes while you work!  You can shop our favorite TV HERE!  (Note: it’s been worth the investment for sure and would make the best gift for Santa to slide down the chimney!!!)

Now is the time where I usually turn on Christmas music!  You can find my Christmas Playlist HERE and stay tuned for a new play list coming soon It’s hard to be in a bad mood with great music playing.  At the same time, I love that the music even helps my mind and heart to focus on why I’m wrapping all these gifts in the first place!

Rather than making it a chore or a dreaded job, turn your gift-wrapping time into something you look forward to!  Trust me, the recipients of your gifts will enjoy unwrapping them a lot more if they know you didn’t resent the whole process!  Right?!

#3 Get creative with your wrapping!

Doesn’t that just take more time?!?!

Well, probably, but think of it as a longer time that you have an excuse to sit there and listen to the feel-good Hallmark movie!

In full disclosure, I do not get creative with all of the gifts.  At some point, you just kind of have to get the job done.  Every gift doesn’t have to be wrapped in a picture perfect way with gorgeous ribbon and homemade gift tags.  I’ll show you some of our favorite gift tags so keep reading!

My favorite way to do the “dressed down wrapping” is by using simple jute twine.  Jute is so pretty, is quick and easy to tie, and is also easy for younger kids to untie.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s inexpensive!  Just order a roll HERE and get to tying!  There is something to say for “brown paper packages tied up with string” that is special too!

However, while a peel and stick bow just doesn’t have the same thoughtfulness and intentionality, it is okay to allow yourself to take the easy way out for some of those gifts.  It’s a great idea to set aside some gifts for quick, simple wrapping and a few others to really dress up.

Just make sure it isn’t one person in the family who gets all the fancy wrapping!  Haha!

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping: Carefully Choose Your Wrapping Paper and Ribbons

Making great choices with your paper and ribbon immediately makes your Christmas gift wrapping look more beautiful and special!


I always choose a theme for my Christmas décor and then search for paper that I feel like blends with the concept in my head!   This paper is so amazing that I purchased several rolls as soon as it came out.  For coordinating papers, I am using THIS and THIS!

Tip: Choose 3 different papers that blend together and buy multiple rolls of each.  You don’t want to run out and have to use something totally different for the last few gifts!

Choosing 3 coordinating papers makes your tree look so festive and picture-ready!  Since all the gifts need wrapped anyway, you might as well make them blend in as part of your Christmas décor!  Let them add to the décor rather than take away from it by not blending with your Christmas theme!

I also keep a big roll of kraft paper on hand.  If I run out of my coordinated papers, this goes with everything.  And I also just really love how the brown paper goes with my theme too!

I am a big fan of really simple ribbon and often use jute twine.  I also love a simple satin bow.  There are lots of cute ribbon options out there, though, so just choose what you love and go with it!

As with the paper choices, limit yourself to two or three options and then repeat them.  It is also fun to mix and match them with your coordinating papers!

close up of gifts wrapped in various types of green and cream wrapping paper

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping: Get Creative with Gift Tags to Elevate Your Gift Wrapping

Simple DIY ideas and gift tags add an extra thoughtful touch to your Christmas gifts!

#1: DIY Ornaments

We found a pile of white spindles at a flea market for a few dollars.  Then, we did a simple DIY and sold some at market for $1 each so we actually ended up making a nice little chunk of change from them!  However, I kept some to use for gift wrapping too.

To make the ornaments, Robb used his miter saw  to cut the spindles up in about 3-5” sections and screwed a little hook into each of them.  On some of the gifts, I just tied them on and left them really simple.  However, for a few of the other gifts, I had my daughter use her pretty calligraphy skills to write “To: ______”.

We got her a calligraphy set a few years ago and her artistic skills have come in handy!  This is a great book for a beginner!

It is a fun way to personalize the gift and the recipient can use it for an ornament and keepsake later on too!

gift wrapped with Christmas tree wrapping paper with personalized wooden spindle tied around it

#2: DIY Salvage Pieces

It’s been over a year ago that we were at a flea market.  A vendor had a pile of picture frame pieces.  The frame was past the point of repair (or at least without major effort) but I thought the pieces all looked so pretty laying there together.

She wanted just a few dollars for the whole pile and I couldn’t resist.  I figured that at some point, I’d get an idea for using them.  And if not, it wasn’t as though I wasted a lot of money!

I was out in the garage the other day, spotted the broken frame, and immediately (and finally!) knew what I wanted to do with it!

Robb pulled out his miter saw again and cut them into 4-6” segments.  They look so pretty with twine for an ornament and I think they make unique and pretty gift tie-on pieces too!

Since my home décor is all chippy and vintage, these seem to fit right in with my vintage Christmas theme too!  I love the chippy white color and the bit of gold that can be seen in the aged patina.

You could get this same effect with any kind of small salvage pieces, so keep an eye out at thrift stores and flea markets for inexpensive pieces that you can cut up!

For some of the packages, I used white satin ribbon and for others, I used jute twine.

And you’d better believe I’ll be gathering as many of these pieces in the aftermath of unwrapping to use again for future years!  I love how they turned out!

gift wrapped with green wrapping paper and a small wooden salvage piece tied onto it with white ribbon

#3: Use jingle bells for a festive touch!

These bells have been a favorite for years!  I love that they are inexpensive in the craft section (or available HERE).  Since so many of our tree ornaments have gold on them, I like to go with gold bells.

Also, I like to use some brown ones that have been aged.  The traditional silver ones look great too!  This is a perfect opportunity to mix and match whatever you have on hand!

The bells are quick and easy to tie on to packages, especially with the jute twine, and they add a fun and festive touch under your tree.

Plus…they are a dead giveaway if someone is trying to peek or shake those packages!!!  Just saying…????????

different sizes of bells in a small wooden bowl
christmas tree wrapping paper with a gold bell tied to it with twine

#4: Try napkin rings or mini wreaths for something different!

Mini wreaths make such beautiful gift tie on items!  In fact, you can find napkin rings that are perfect for gifts HERE.  This is an example of a gift tie on that costs a little more, so I only ordered two packages.  However, strategically placed around the tree, they will make a beautiful statement.

If I ever get all the gifts wrapped, that is.  Cue the Hallmark movies!  Oh, it’s also a great time to shut the door and have some quiet time.  You wouldn’t want anytime to accidentally spy their gift, right?!  #momhack

If you have pretty wreath napkin rings, those would work perfectly too!

Tip: make sure to get them all gathered up after the unwrapping so you can use them next year too! 

Check your dollar spot and dollar trees too.   Sometimes they have super cute little wreaths and those will be a few dollars well spent for easy and pretty wrapping!

small wreath tied to a gift with twine

#5: Inexpensive ornaments make easy gift tie-ons!

If you are still needing more gift tie-on items, check for inexpensive ornaments.  Even at the last minute, these are pretty easy to find.  At the same time, you can really go with any shape, size, or color that coordinates with your decor.  Inexpensive ornaments are a great way to add a festive touch under the tree without spending a lot of money!  Plus, they are just so easy for Christmas gift wrapping.

You could use a simple sharpie to personalize the ornament or just leave it plain and simple!  Either way, they will be beautiful!

I love this box of 34 shatter-proof ornaments (highly recommend shatter proof for this!) for under $16.  That’s a whole lot better deal than the 4 little wreaths for $8!

THESE come in a lot of different colors so you’re sure to be able to blend them into your Christmas theme with no extra effort!  Also, they already have the ornament loop so it will only take you a few seconds longer to tie it on with your ribbon or twine!

close up of Robyn tying ribbon around a present

Get ready to wrap your Christmas gifts!

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for your gift wrapping this year.  Your friends and family will appreciate the extra love and thought you put into making their gift beautiful and you will feel good about doing that little bit of extra for the ones you love!

Grab your supplies, cue up that Hallmark movie, or stick in the air pods and listen to some great Christmas music (link playlist).  Your wrapping can become a fun and meaningful (and yes, even relaxing!) part of your holiday season!

Happy holiday gift wrapping!

large Christmas tree with variously wrapped gifts underneath

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