How to Set a Sweet Valentine’s Day Breakfast Table

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Sweet and simple is the goal this season!  Keep reading for easy ideas to set a cute Valentine’s Day table for a sweet breakfast or tea party!

Hint: you can take the easy way and just make a trip to the grocery store, like I did!

Seriously.  I didn’t make or bake a single thing.  There are a million great recipes out there for adorable and delicious Valentine’s Day treats. This post is to give you permission to pick up a few cute, little things at the store, gather some dishes at home, and just have fun!

Now, onto the actual blog post. ????

There are a lot of temptations out there to really turn Valentine’s Day into an expensive, time-consuming holiday.  For our family, we’ve chosen to just always keep it really simple and easy, with our time together being the most important part.

My kids love when I blog about celebrations or events because they get to enjoy them early and then get a repeat on it too! ????  Since Payton just had a birthday, I had fun using all of the cute food and creating a little birthday breakfast for the kids.

It will be fun to pick up a few simple items and create a Valentine’s Day table again too!  Let’s get started with my inspiration:

Valentine’s Day Table Inspiration:

It’s all about the little things!

My big splurge for Valentine’s Day decor was this super cute XOXO vase filler!  I love that the raffia/woven material and neutral color keep it very casual and the little touch of gold is just the perfect amount to give it that little “extra” feeling!

Given that all of my Valentine’s Day decor (literally, all of it) fits in one small drawer in my apothecary cabinet, I felt justified in this little $12 purchase.  The neutral color and style will allow me to reuse. and enjoy it for many years to come!

It made the perfect small-scale centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day table set up on our kitchen island!  If you’re setting a larger table, a couple of sets spread down the middle of the table or on each place setting would be adorable too!

Valentine’s Day Table Place Settings:

Use what you have!

To tie in with the raffia material on the XOXO centerpiece, I used my round jute placemats.   I love that these can be used year round and they are the perfect style for a casual table setting.

You know I have to have some vintage in there somewhere, so I added my vintage brass chargers to tie in with the touch of gold on the XOXO centerpiece.

I picked up my set at a local shop, so if you need some right away, this aged brass set is available for quick shipping and is a good vintage look-alike!

Those after-Christmas clearance finds can come in handy when your Valentine’s Day table rolls around!  Last year, I picked up a set of these salad plates on 90% off clearance.

I don’t use a lot of red, but it’s the perfect little touch for Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July too!

A simple white plate that you already have would also be perfect!


I added an inexpensive shop rag napkin and cupcake pedestal to each plate, along with a matte gold fork and spoon, again, tying in with that touch of gold on my XOXO centerpiece and making the whole thing just look a little more special!


I’ve picked my cupcake pedestals up over time from the dollar area, but you can get a super cute set HERE!


I love that each place setting simply used items I already had and still has a little sparkle that says “this is a celebration”!

Tip: I challenge you to think creatively about pieces you already have and how you can mix and match them together to create a new look!


Valentine’s Day Table Breakfast Menu:

Keep it light and simple!

Menu is going to all come down to personal preference.  Neither my kids nor my husband and I are huge breakfast-eaters.

Were a personal chef to come and make a nice breakfast, we would be happy to eat it.  But it just isn’t really important enough to any of us to get up extra early, to be honest! ????

Knowing that our mornings are busy getting out the door for school, I kept it simple:

  • Cranberry and orange scones from the bakery
  • Yogurt topped with raspberries (my kids love berries!)
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Chocolate-covered heart pretzels (from the specialty section of Publix)
  • Chocolate-covered strawberry from the bakery

I’m lucky to have a grocery store that is stocked with delicious (and cute!) things in their bakery and I can also buy small quantities for just what we will actually eat.

My kids do love waffles, so I want to add this cute heart waffle maker to our collection too.

The kids love using these cute appliances and you can see how Payton made the most adorable individual bundt cakes with hers over on this post (hyperlink to Payton’s pastries).

It didn’t take a lot of time or money to create this sweet Valentine’s Day breakfast table at our kitchen island (the kids just pull the barstools around!), but it made a fun memory.  Most of all, I hope it’s just another opportunity for my kiddos to know that we love them.

Even enough to get up a little extra early to set up a cute Valentine’s Day table for them. ????❤️

Whether you’re creating a little set up for a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or tea party, I hope that you have fun getting creative with what you have!  (just add those super cute XOXO filler pieces if you can!  They are totally worth the $12!)

Most of all, I hope you have fun taking the chance to remind your family how much you love them during this Valentine’s Day season!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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