Easy Ideas to Decorate a Cozy Bedroom for Christmas

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Create a peaceful and cozy bedroom for Christmas with these simple tips and Christmas bedroom decor ideas for the holiday season.  You deserve a restful retreat in the middle of all the fun of the Christmas season and holiday cheer!  Keep reading for some easy tips and ideas for the best Christmas bedroom decor ideas!

If you are reading this post, you probably agree that Christmas is such a wonderful time of year.  You can probably also agree that Christmas decorating ideas can be so fun and you enjoy a space full of festive cheer for the holiday season.  However, in the middle of all that festive mood, it is a great idea to have a peaceful and cozy bedroom for Christmas so you have a restful retreat to recharge!

Christmas time is SO fun!  However, it can feel exhausting.  You will enjoy the festive feel a whole lot more if you make sure to take care of yourself and keep up with your rest too.  

Trust me: I speak from experience of NOT doing that!  You know the saying, “I can sleep later.”  It doesn’t work.  Not getting rest leaves one grumpy, unable to be fully present, more prone to winter sickness, and less pleasant for everyone else around!!!

Should you decorate a bedroom for Christmas?

1000% yes!!!  Here’s why.

I decided exhausted and irritable wasn’t how I wanted to spend my Christmas season.  At the same time, when I’ve made sure to pencil in time for not only myself, but for my whole family, to have periods of rest and quiet relaxation in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, we ALL have more of a holiday spirit!  It’s a game changer for our holiday season.

For me, having a really peaceful space to start and end my days is important.  A few years ago, I decided it was time to invest in making our master bedroom a place that felt more like a Christmas retreat than a closet to shove alllllll the things when guests came over.

Who can relate?!?!

With some simple budgeting and reusing some holiday decorations, I was able to create a space that feels so cozy.  It is full of Christmas spirit, but in a quiet and restful way.  It doesn’t change a lot from year to year but it doesn’t need to because I still find it so relaxing and cozy.

Today, I am excited to share with you how I created this little retreat in our small master bedroom.  I hope it inspires you to take time and effort to create your own holiday retreat!

Easy Ideas to Decorate a Cozy Bedroom for Christmas

Use Throw Pillows for a Cozy Bedroom

One of the easiest ways to get instant gratification and a cozy feel is to add festive throw pillows to your bed.  If you already have a lot of throw pillows, try swapping a couple of them out for a holiday theme.  Or, if you are a person that prefers to not have a ton of pillows (understandable!), try adding just one.  That is exactly what I did and it made my entire bed look different!

You can also switch Christmas bedding and add a throw blanket.  However, since my goal was to keep the Christmas decorations simple and easy, my Christmas bed is exactly the same as my fall bed!  All I did was add one simple throw pillow!

My throw pillow is from a few years ago but I love THIS neutral one from this year!

What are the Christmas colors for bedrooms?

It can be whatever you choose!  That being said, it does help that I have a neutral bedroom.  A neutral color scheme will allow you to easily transition between seasons with just a simple addition or decor swap  here and there!

If you prefer more traditional colors for Christmas, go for it!  We’ve all seen the festive and gorgeous guest bedroom spaces in the Hallmark Christmas movies, right?!  You can bring in many cozy elements to a room no matter what color palette fits your home the best.

neutral pillow with the words "peace on earth" on it

Add a Christmas Tree for Christmas Bedroom Decor

How can I make my bedroom look Christmassy?

One of the things that makes any space feel extra cozy during the holiday season are Christmas lights.  Right?!  There is a reason they are a favorite ways for most people to add a little Christmas cheer.  I know I definitely love walking through my living room when the cozy Christmas tree lights are glowing!

Why not add a Christmas tree to your bedroom?  It’s the perfect touch to make your room feel cozy.  Even if you have a small master bedroom, like mine, see what creative solution you can come up with to add a Christmas tree.

For us, adding a really slim tree did the trick!  It has been a great addition to our little Christmas retreat.  At the same time, it helps Christmas feel less rushed and more restful to me.

I decorated our slim Christmas tree with fairy lights that work on a timer. Actually, even though pre-lit trees are so convenient, I opted for an unlit tree so I could use the fairy lights instead!  Then, I added clip on candles that operate from a remote.  It was a really simple way to help the space have a festive look in an easy way!

Add Small Christmas Trees for Cozy Bedroom Decor

What is Christmas decor for small bedrooms?

If you simply do not have room for a Christmas tree, no stress!  Clear some space on a dresser or bedside table for a tabletop tree.  A small tree can still make your Christmas bedroom ideas come to life by casting a cozy glow throughout the room.

Tip: If you add a mini Christmas tree, invest in one that can be part of your decor all winter long!  You can also look for ways to use it other places in your home for holiday decorating too! 

Add simple string lights for the ultimate cozy feel in your bedroom space!

wooden nightstand styled for Christmas with holiday greenery and a small tree

Add Ornaments for a Cozy Bedroom for Christmas

Remember how I said I only used fairy lights and clip on candles to decorate my tree?  Yep!  That’s right!  However, even if you’re looking to simplify your Christmas bedroom decorations, one of the easiest ways is to grab a few ornaments that match your color scheme and add them to a bowl.

Tip:  Use ornaments to add a pop of color and sparkle to a room.  

A pretty bowl filled with mercury glass ornaments, resting atop a stack of Christmas books on a bedside table is gorgeous!

In my bedroom, I added an ornament garland for that touch of sparkle.  Especially with a neutral color palette, adding ornaments brought in a a texture to give all of the decor more depth.  As the light softly bounces off of the ornaments, it creates a little holiday magic and festive touches!

closeup of an ornament garland hung over a greenery garland with a rocking horse on top of the cabinet

Add Candles for a Cozy Bedroom for Winter

Is there anything more cozy than the glow of candles?  Between candles and Christmas lights, there really aren’t better Christmas bedroom decor ideas out there, in my opinion!!!

To bring in pretty candlelight to our master bedroom, I added brass candlesticks and my favorite flameless taper candles.  These taper candles are absolutely perfect because they are battery operated and run off a timer.  Also, they work with a remote control which is so convenient!

You can get them in different colors.  However, the ivory is a perfect blend with our Christmas decorations.  THESE candles have a wax finish and flickering flame that make them so very realistic!

As I mentioned previously, I also added candles to the Christmas tree.  THESE clip on candles are so perfect because they have a really pretty glow, are battery operated, and also have a remote control.

wooden cabinet styled with two lamps and several golden candlesticks

Use Greenery for a Cozy Bedroom for Christmas

Winter greenery is another great way to bring festive touches and make a cozy bedroom for Christmas.  In addition to a Christmas tree, I love adding evergreen garland and even a Christmas wreath.  Greenery helps soften the edges of a room and brings a space to life!

Last year, I added a pretty garland around the top of the bed frame.  However, I should have secured it better because it came down on my head in the night a couple of times.  Haha!

I decided to forego the greenery on the bed frame this year and added it to the bedside cabinet instead.  However, I might try it on the bed frame again next year because it really was so beautiful!

view of a bed with neutral bedding and a christmas pillow with a Christmas quote on a sign above the bed, and a wreath hanging over the sign

Hang a Wreath for Cozy Bedroom Decoration

Since this post is all about easy ways to decorate a cozy bedroom for Christmas, you can’t get much easier than hanging a pretty wreath!  You can add a Christmas wreath almost anywhere, even layered over simple wall art like I did over this wooden Christmas sign!

If the head board of your bed frame is tall enough, a Christmas wreath would be beautiful hanging at the head of the bed or even at the end of the bed on a footboard.

You can add small Christmas wreaths to bedroom cabinet doors or hang wreaths on windows that flank a pretty bed.

Wreaths look gorgeous layered over mirrors, so if you have a mirror in the bedroom that is decorative, that is another great option!

THIS is my all-time favorite wreath.  In fact, I’ve gotten rid of almost all of my interior Christmas wreaths in favor of THIS one!

Hang Pretty Stockings for Touches of Christmas

Hanging stockings is another really easy way to soften up the holiday decorations for a cozy bedroom for Christmas!  Just as throw pillows and throw blankets add a soft and finished look to any space, stockings are a Christmas-specific way to add that finishing touch.  Plus, they are easy to pack up and store away too!

I added pretty stockings to the wall decor over our bed and I love how it adds such a simple and pretty look to this wall!

If you don’t have a good wall to hang stockings, try hanging them over a cabinet door or even on a mantel if you have a fireplace in your room!  In our teenage girls’ room, they hang cute monogrammed decorative stockings on the doors of their armoire.  It adds a sweet and festive look!

Christmas sign with wreath hung over it and stockings hung on either side

​Add Pretty Ribbon for a Cozy Bedroom for Christmas

Ribbons are definitely a decoration for personal taste.  If you enjoy more softness to your decor, ribbons are a perfect way to add texture and even a pop of color to your Christmas decorations.  I’ve been using these warm tones of ribbons for a couple years now and I just love them.  You can get this velvet ribbon HERE!

I am using velvet ribbon all over the whole house this year in key spots and I am enjoying the way it looks in my decor!

​Use Gold Accents for Festive Decor

I love using gold accents in our home with vintage or vintage-inspired brass elements.  It has such a warm look and is beautiful in a vintage style.  At the same time, it is a nod to the French Country style that I love using in our home!

​To make our bedroom feel extra cozy for Christmas, I used some of my brass candlesticks with my favorite flameless taper candles.  I love when they flicker on in the evenings and cast such a soft glow through the room.

You could also add gold accents through Christmas accessories, like a gold nutcracker, brass deer, or gold bells.

You can shop all of my favorite gold bells HERE, curated in one convenient collection for you!

overview of a cozy bedroom styled for Christmas

Decorate with Signs for a Cozy Bedroom for Christmas

Some say that signs are a past trend.  While that is somewhat true, I do love using a few seasonal ones.  It is a great way to add Christmas messages around our home.  Most of my signs are small ones that tuck into Christmas vignettes, like this DIY sign on my bedside table.

I’ve also had the beautiful O Holy Night sign from Joyfully Said to use over my bed for a few years now.  I absolutely love the message of hope that it reminds me of during the Christmas season!

Don’t be afraid to pull out those signs for the holidays, even if the “trend” says not to.  If you love them, use them!  Spread holiday cheer through the power of words!

image of a neutral bed and nightstands styled for Christmas

As we wrap up this post, I hope you’re feeling some fresh inspiration to make sure you create a special little retreat for YOU this season!  It will be a space where you can recharge  and catch your breath amidst the busyness of the season.

At the same time, I hope it’s a peaceful spot where you can pause and remember the miracle and hope of Christmas!

wide angle of a cozy Christmas bedroom

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