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I literally love everything about Easter.  I love what it means for my faith and family.  I love the colors (yes, neutrals are still colors!  Ha!) and the simplicity of the décor.  I love the activities…dying eggs, making crafts, setting up little parties.  I love shopping for special Easter outfits for my family and I love finding the perfect things to delight my kiddos in their Easter baskets.

Do you remember our GIGANTIC Christmas Stockings? You can check out this post for some Easter basket ideas too, because I often look for the springtime versions of those same kinds of things!  It’s a great chance to refresh little personal items, art supplies, and accessories.  And I love to include some books, games, and inexpensive toys too!

My husband and I went shopping together for the kids’ Easter baskets (yes, he’s a Rockstar that did that with me on a Saturday night!).  I don’t know how many times I said to him, “This was so much easier when they were little!”  And it’s so true!  It was super easy to fill their basket with board books, baby toys, cute Peter Rabbit snacks, and always a plush bunny!

So…what do you put in an Easter basket for teens, tweens, and older kiddos???  I’m going to give you a shopping list!  But first, I like to plan my basket colors a little!

We have been using the same Peter Rabbit Easter baskets  for 11 years!  I love that they are a tradition and that I don’t have to spend money on a basket

How to Plan Your Easter Basket for that Picture-Perfect Look


  1. Choose a color scheme
  2. Choose a basket that coordinates

NOTE:  there are as many different ways to plan and style Easter baskets as anyone could imagine.  This is just what I enjoy doing!  You may choose to do a themed basket based on a particular interest or hobby, which is really sweet and fun too! 

We have been using these same Peter Rabbit Easter baskets for about 11 years.  It is a fun tradition to pull out each year.  These were definitely a great little investment that have saved me a lot of money over the years!  And you really can’t go wrong with Peter Rabbit.  No matter my color scheme or theme, it goes with everything springtime-related!

Speaking of color schemes, I do get a little obsessive about that!  I start with choosing special Easter outfits for my family.  I found some great Vineyard Vines pink gingham shirts for the guys this year, so we made pink and white our main color theme.  Addy is the colorful one in our bunch and loved a flowered dress with all the spring colors.  It will look so sweet with her basket too!

Knowing that I wanted to focus mainly on the pink and white color family, that helped direct my shopping list a bit.  Since I only get what fits in the basket…and they aren’t as big as our Christmas stockings…I get to be really choosy about what I actually purchase!  The other thing I love is that, for our family, it is simple gift giving.  Our kids aren’t expecting big, elaborate things.  We just enjoy the simplicity of the little things!

Back to my colors….


I chose this super cute Easter grass in the warm colors.  Target makes it so easy with the matching plastic eggs too.  I plan for one bag of grass for each basket and I’ll share a video in this post of how I use it to make our baskets look full and pretty!

Next, it was off to hunt for items that I know my kids will love…and hopefully find some in those warm colors.  Focusing on the pinks, light yellows, and coral allows for some variety, but still all coordinating.  I’m a stickler about those Easter Sunday morning pictures!!!

We found some perfect items and I’m having a hard time waiting until Easter to give my kids their baskets!!!

Let’s start with the hardest one first:  Teenagers!

Teenage Guys:


I have no experience with teenage boys (I only have 5 more years until that!), except to say that for my nephews’ stockings, they wanted FOOD.  There is apparently no limit to the amount of beef jerky a teenage boy can consume! 

Here are a few other ideas though:

  • Book by a favorite author
  • Amazon gift card
  • iTunes gift card
  • Airpods case
  • Swim trunks
  • Athletic shirt or shorts
  • Favorite sports socks

Teenage Girls:


I had so much fun with Payton’s Easter basket this year!  I’ll link up the things I can here and then some other ideas too!

These are some of the things I found that I know she will enjoy and went with our color scheme:

Tween Girls:


These sweet tween years…still loving the plush animals but enjoying big-girl stuff too!  Addy is so much fun to buy for and we found some cute things for her Easter basket as well!



Harrison’s gifts seem to be getting larger and it was a little challenge to find things that fit well into his basket, but I think he is going to love it!

One tip: if you are going for a particular color scheme, grab a roll of kraft wrapping paper (hyperlink) and wrap any of those must-have items that don’t quite match.  I tie them with twine and tie some of the matching Easter grass into the bow to give it a fun look!

Easter Books:


My kids are getting a little old for some of these, but here are a few Easter books that would look beautiful in any Easter basket and be enjoyed for years to come!

Easter Themed Toys and Activities:


Here are a few favorites that I use in my classroom for younger children, though the Resurrection Egg set is great for kids of all ages!

The most important part:


As you are planning your Easter celebrations, I hope that past the picture-perfect (or not so perfect) moments, past the candy in the eggs, and plush Easter bunnies, you’re able to celebrate the incredible hope of the Resurrection Story.


“Don’t believe things can change?  Just look at Palm Sunday- to Good Friday – to Resurrection Sunday.  Always believe.  Always keep hoping.  Things can change.”

Ann Voskamp




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