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Let’s chat about entryway spaces!  Do you have a formal entryway?  When we purchased our current home a few years ago, everyone wanted to tear down the walls and open up our entryway space.  I know it’s just a small 6×6 space, but I just felt like I could eventually make it a little space that I love.

It took me a few years, but one of my 2020 challenges (you know, all that extra time at home!) was to tackle the entryway.  After moving around several different pieces of furniture, we finally landed on a plan that I love.


Here are a few things I love for making an impact in a small entryway space:

1. Small spaces can still handle big pieces! For my fall and Christmas styling, we moved this vintage hardware store bin to the entryway.  It makes a visual statement but doesn’t take up a lot of the room’s footprint.  Be patient while searching for that perfect piece and remember, you might have to try several different things before you figure out what you love!

2. Layering your home décor can really take a small space from nice to great! By layering several vintage mirrors and art on the top of the cubby, I was able to draw the eye up, incorporate several things I love, yet not make it cluttered.

3. You can also layer furniture and accessories!  I added this antique French ladder from Dreamy White Lifestyles and used it to hang the gorgeous advent stockings from Penny and Ivy.  The cubby, ladder, and hanging branch with stockings make the entryway feel significant, even in a small space.

4. Your entryway should have a nice flow to the rest of your home!  Bring in design elements that tie in with the neighboring rooms.  Even the smallest things make a big difference.  In my Christmas entryway, I added a couple of vintage French horns to the mirrors and art.  These tie in with the gallery wall in the adjacent family room.

5. No matter how large or small a room is, I always add some greenery. In this space, I used a faux cedar tree and fresh pine branches.  Greenery softens the edges and gives a space some life!

Now in reality, no one actually really comes to the front door except the Amazon delivery guy (poor guy sees our door too often!), but when I pass through this little space now, it makes me smile.  I feel like I achieved my theme of Comfort & Joy in this space this year.  It was worth the extra effort and intentionality to make it special…even if it’s just for us.

What small space in your home could you take on as a challenge?  You can make a big impact in a small space and I’d love to see what you decide to do!




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