How to Make Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Curtains

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Outdoor curtains add so much beauty to a porch or patio. But they are EXPENSIVE! Keep reading to see how we made our outdoor gazebo curtains for under $50!
You know those pretty resort pictures with the curtains gently blowing in the breeze under a beautiful cabana, overlooking the ocean?  So our yard isn’t overlooking the ocean, but we do have a pool!  And our gazebo isn’t exactly. resort cabana, but it does make a shady spot.  Breezy outdoor curtains? Out of the budget!
DIY outdoor curtains, here we come!

Our first set lasted us for almost two years, so for about $50, I think it’s a good return on my investment!  To be honest, here in Florida, even the most expensive outdoor curtains don’t last forever either!

If you’re looking to bring the indoors out this spring, try adding soft textures to a pergola, gazebo, or covered porch.  With this easy DIY idea, you can have outdoor curtains with little cost or time!  Check it out!

How to Make Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Curtains

Materials Needed:

Steps to Make DIY Outdoor Curtains

Step 1: Get the wrinkles out

After you’ve gathered all of your materials, you may want to knock the worst of the wrinkles out of your drop cloths with a steamer.  The wrinkle release cycle on the dryer works great too.  With our Florida humidity, I just let them fall out over a few days! ????

Step 2: Cut or fold outdoor curtains to desired length and attach curtain clips

Depending on your space, you will have measured already to make sure your drop cloths are the correct size.  Our gazebo height (around the perimeter) is 8 feet, so I used a 9 foot long drop cloth and folded it over.  You could choose to cut it to the desired length, but I personally like the folded look and it was easy to do!

I measured 12″ down and clipped on a curtain clip every 6 inches or so.  Since it is going to bunch together, I didn’t worry about being too precise here.

Step 3: Hang outdoor curtains

This step is quick and easy!  Simply place the S hook over the rod and attach the curtain clip hooks.

At our old house, we had a large covered porch but it did not have a curtain rod and I wasn’t willing to spend the money for outdoor curtain rods. We used a staple gun and pleated/folded the outdoor curtains along the porch. It worked perfectly and looked really pretty.  That is an easy option for a porch area that doesn’t have rods.

Step 4: Secure outdoor curtains

This step may depend on your specific space.  We live just a couple of miles from the ocean and it is often breezy here.  The outdoor curtains would be flying around (and off their hooks) without us having them secured.

My hubby helped me by tying a good knot with thick jute rope, while I loosely gathered the outdoor curtains around the gazebo post.

Tip: Let the ends of the rope hang a little bit for a decorative look.

Step 5: Secure the rope

Again, this step may depend on the space you are using.  We get a lot of rain and as the rope gets wet, it tends to slide and everything starts looking messy!  To secure the rope, we put a nail through the rope, into the post, and it helps hold everything in place no matter the weather conditions!

If your area is not as open to the elements, you may not need to take so many steps to secure your outdoor curtains.

Furnish and Decorate Your Outdoor Space!

Now that your outdoor curtains add such a pretty and soft frame around your outdoor space, it’s time to spruce up your furniture and decor.  We have had all of this outdoor furniture for a few years now, but I’ll link similar items below.

Here are some basic steps to bring the indoors out and create a comfortable outdoor living space.

Basic outdoor living room essentials:

You can find more tips on creating an outdoor dining area on THIS POST!
So, whether you are near the ocean or not, spring is the perfect time to work on creating your own little oasis at home!  I hope this budget-friendly, easy DIY idea for outdoor curtains will get you a little closer to that resort-style relaxation, right in your own backyard!


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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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