30 Affordable Fourth of July Outfits

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I love summer holidays and dressing for the season! I picked out my favorite Fourth of July outfits for the whole family and you can check out the budget-friendly looks here!

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some décor ideas with you, but in a little different way!  Especially for fun holidays like the Fourth of July, I like to think about not only getting our home decorated, but also making sure our family is dressed for the occasion!


You may not know this about me, but…

I LOVE clothes!  If you would’ve looked in my closet just a couple weeks ago, you might have cringed, actually.  It was a little out of control.  But in my defense, we don’t have “seasonal clothes storage”, so everything, for all 4 seasons, for teaching, for church, for casual, and for play…are all in the same place.  Yikes.

But I did get it cleaned out (now the tote is in the back of my suv waiting for donation) and put together some fun summer outfits!  The other thing you might not know about me is that if there is a clothing piece I really love, I will wear it for YEARS!  I put on a dress the other day that I’ve had for at least 10 years and I still love it!


And I’ll admit, there is a trend in my closet of lots of white (anyone surprised?! Ha!) and also lots of blue, ranging from lighter blues to navy.  Even though our home is full of neutrals, I actually love to wear bright colors, and especially as a teacher, do so often.  If I were creating a capsule wardrobe for summer, though, it would be all white and a range of blues!

I thought it would be fun to share some Fourth of July outfits with you in this post!  I rounded up some favorites for girls, boys, guys, and ladies!

I love the whole Fourth of July holiday and it is always fun to get ready.  We don’t have any set traditions; we just have fun wherever we are and whatever is going on!  The past few years, we have been traveling or on vacation over the Fourth of July, so that has made some really fun memories!  Last year, we visited the Santa Claus House in North Pole, Alaska on the Fourth of July!  That was definitely a unique holiday!

I LOVE dressing my kids for the seasons and since the Fourth of July usually falls around vacation time, I like to stock up on a few cute outfits that they can wear for the holiday, but also are fun for the entire summer.  While there are some flag-specific outfits sprinkled throughout, you’ll find a lot of pieces that hint at the Fourth of July holiday but aren’t so specific that they can’t be worn other times!

I also love to mix and match pieces and do this very often with my own wardrobe as well as my kids!  Robb is usually kind of on his own. Ha!  He wears a lot of blue and gray shirts with jeans, but he will mix in other options from time to time, so I included a few things for the guys…things I know Robb would wear!

While my kids might be perfectly happy in “play clothes”, I do love to have some nice, casual outfits for them to wear too.  If we are attending a party, BBQ, or fun event, I love to put a cute outfit on them.  But I also love for it to be something that isn’t too “precious”!  There is a range of prices and styles here, as I like to have a couple of the nicer pieces on hand, as well as options for play…and things that won’t make me cringe if they get stained with watermelon or BBQ!

We don’t own all of these pieces, of course, but we do have several of them that we love and then similar pieces to the others.  I hope this gives you some ideas…and maybe even inspires you to mix and match with wardrobe pieces that you already own!  Check out these Fourth of July outfits for kids!

I hope this gives you some fun ideas for the Fourth of July!  Whether you are celebrating at home, with friends and family, or on vacation, I hope it is full of fun memories!

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