7 Rustic Interior Ideas and Western Style Wall Decor

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Ready to embrace the rustic trend with some simple western style wall decor without feeling too much like a western theme?  Check out this easy way to bring the western touch with vintage style.

Have you been following along during my transition from summer to early fall decorating this year?  If so, you’ve heard about how we fell in love with the American West on our road trips of the past two summers.  This past summer, in particular, we (truly we, not just me!) got so excited about the western styles we saw.  We decided to take our inspiration and have some fun.  So, we incorporated it into our existing  early fall decor with rustic interior ideas and western style wall decor.

In order to embrace this rustic trend, I knew I needed to find an inexpensive way to make our space feel the warmth of the western design style.  At the same time, I started realizing that I already had some perfect pieces to use for western home decor throughout our main living space.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate the western style.  In this post, we will chat about some simple design ideas you can take to make a big statement in your space with western style wall decor and rustic elements.

I quickly found that there is an easy way to make it come together and it has been SO FUN!

concrete bowl filled with antlers, vintage cloth, and pine needles

​What is western decorating style?

For the most part, western decor is really all about using essential elements of the American West.  This certainly varies depending on exactly what your own experiences may be of the American West.  However, there are some basic elements that you’ll find in most western-style decor ideas.

Rustic elements, including furnishings and natural materials are definitely popular in a western theme living space.  You’ll often find a color palette made of earth tones with some dark brown colors.  Rich textures can also help define rustic western designs.

While you may be tempted to feel like you cannot truly embrace the rustic trend if you don’t have stone walls, leather couches, and large windows framing pine trees or “big sky” views, that actually isn’t true at all!  I had a lot of fun using simple design ideas with rustic elements mixed with my existing decor!

If you’re ready to mix up your styles a bit and have some fun with the rustic charm found in interior design in recent years, keep reading!  I’ll show you some perfect pieces you can use.  Plus, you’ll see an easy way to think about using a western touch in your own living space.

view of large grey buffet table styled with large woven baskets and a large wooden window

7 Rustic Interior Ideas and Western Style Wall Decor

close up of a large concrete bowl filled with antlers and pine needles

1. How to style western wall decor with rustic ideas

How can I decorate my interior walls?

Do you look at a big blank space on a wall and panic?  Or does it seem like an exciting blank canvas?  Admittedly, I’ve felt both ways.  However, after doing a lot of gallery walls, wall hangings, and experimenting with so many wall decor ideas for my large family room wall, I’ve come to love that big blank space!  It is such a fun decor opportunity to make a big statement with a focal point.

When you’re considering western home decor, there are so many great options.  However, I think the first thing is to consider the following:

  1. How much of a western theme do you want?
  2. Are you inspired by the western landscapes of the great American West?
  3. Do you want to use bright colors with more southwestern wall art and Native American art?

The two are not to be confused!  At the same time, you can either go all in on the western-style decor or you can use western touches with a warm color palette and rich textures for cozy spaces.

white steer skull hung above chippy white mantel

How can I make my house look western?

I wanted to bring some rustic elements into our living space without a full-blown western theme.  After all, remember I was looking for an inexpensive way to have some fun with existing decor too!

For my gallery wall decor ideas, I knew I wanted to incorporate my vintage style and a more elegant look.  At the same time, I want a casual, cozy look for the whole family to enjoy.  For this gallery wall, I only added one new piece with the steer skull.  I found it on the 127 sale this past summer.  (You can find a similar one here.)

Otherwise, I combined a collection of art from framed vintage fabric with different sizes of frames.  Then, I added a huge mirror with a chippy gold frame.  I love the combination of the white, gold, and wood tones.  It feels like an elevated vintage style with a touch of the western look.

On the mantel, I added brass candlesticks.  Then, my favorite flameless taper candles add a cozy glow throughout the whole living space.  It’s a great way to make any room feel cozy!

I had some other ideas I wanted to use too.  However, the wall is only so big, right?!  If you want to try a western touch, look for this type of art also:

fall living room featuring cozy throw pillows and blankets, a white mantel styled with candlesticks and vintage books, and a large dough bowl

2. How to use wooden furniture to style western decor with rustic ideas

I have always loved using wood tones in my decorating.  The warm colors make any space feel more inviting.  Almost any kind of interior design is going to incorporate wooden furniture of some kind.

In my dining room, I have a favorite antique piece of furniture.  It definitely adds the warm colors and can be styled in numerous ways.  It is just one of those perfect pieces that I got really lucky to find for our dining room!  I found it totally by chance at an estate sale many years ago.  Now, it is a focal point for our dining room space.  I do love the gorgeous wood and vintage style with a simple design.

When trying to incorporate some rustic western designs, or at least a western touch to the dining room, our table and chairs create the perfect wooden accents and rich textures needed for the western design style.

Over in our family room area, I swapped out my side tables to include this small vintage pine piece.  It adds the perfect warm colors for my fall decorating and adds to the western design style.  At the same time, the drawers and storage underneath provide great function!

​I have other wooden furniture pieces all throughout the spaces.  Most of them have chippy paint, which I love.  However, even the warm tones showing through on painted or chippy wooden furniture helps to add to that western touch.  At the same time, each piece is unique and helps create our own home story.

Tip: Let unique pieces of wooden furniture become a focal point throughout your home.  Look for pieces that you can refinish, strip, or just enjoy as is!


gold and wooden horse trophy underneath glass cloche on unique wooden base

3. How to use natural materials to style western wall decor with rustic ideas

On my open shelving in the dining room, I concentrated on bringing in natural materials with stoneware.  Even though our home doesn’t have a big stone wall for that western wall decor, I can still bring the stone material into my decorating with these natural materials.  At the same time, the vintage stoneware and crocks have those gorgeous earth tones that mix perfectly into western decor ideas.  Of course, it’s an inexpensive way to decorate too since I already had this existing decor.

Tip: When thinking of art for your home, put favorites together as a collection of art.  Wall decor ideas don’t always have to be actually hanging on the wall!

Over on my storefront, I have some favorite stoneware and pottery pieces rounded up for your convenience.  You can shop them HERE!

Also, keep an eye out at thrift stores, vintage markets, and antique malls.  They are the best places to find the “real” deal and start putting together your own collection of art!

How do I make my room look western?

Natural materials are a really important part of the western-style decor.  Even if your other existing decor doesn’t have as much of that western design style, you can bring in some great natural materials to make the space feel more rustic.  In a western theme, look to include a western touch with these kinds of natural materials:

different sizes of crocks and mortar and pestles styled on apothecary shelves
pampas wreath hanging on wooden oven hood

4. How to use a western color palette to style rustic ideas

What are some western colors?

In western decor ideas, there can be numerous ways to use a lot of different color palettes.  Ranging from the vibrant colors of Native American art to the earth tones of more common western color schemes, one thing is always consistent.  Warm colors are a must-have!

If you want to use some Southwestern wall art and Native American art as a focal point, consider using these bright colors as accents rather than the main color palette.  This will help your western-style decor feel more authentically curated rather than gathered off of one aisle at a big box store!

For your larger furniture, consider light, neutral fabrics and wooden furniture for accent tables.  On the other hand, you could lean into those dark brown colors and incorporate natural materials with leather couches.  In that case, bring in plenty of light colors and textures to soften the western look so it is still cozy.

With western decor ideas, you can’t go wrong with muted, earthy, warm tones.  For example, shades of brown and tan, rust, terra cotta, blush, sunset colors, mossy greens, and golden hues are always a win!

THESE vintage style gallery wall art pieces are perfectly curated with gorgeous western colors.  You can style them all in one space or mix them throughout to make a space feel warm and curated.

side view of living room styled with woven French pouf, large chippy coffee table with large dough bowl, and cozy white couch

5. How to use animal artifacts to style western wall decor 

How to make western decor?

​One of the best ways to truly incorporate western-style decor is with animal artifacts.  One big interior design trend that has been around for many years is the use of cow skulls or mounted longhorn skulls.  Large animal artifacts like these can make a big statement and create a focal point to make any space feel like it has a great western touch!

In our living room this year, I added a large steer skull to my gallery wall.  Since it is all white, it blends perfectly with the earth tones I’m using for fall.  At the same time, it makes a big statement in the space with a definite nod to western-style decor!

On the coffee table, I added a large elk antler to my antique trencher.  Even though the trencher isn’t technically wooden furniture, it’s certainly big enough and heavy enough!  I love that it adds the warm colors of both western-style decor and the fall season too!

Related items, such as an old saddle, horse shoes, old horse tack, antlers, or cowboy hats are perfect to add to a western touch to a living room.  At the same time, they would make amazing western art too!  Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to find these items.  You can also shop my favorite “new” rustic accents, carefully curated HERE!

large elk antler in a wooden dough bowl on a chippy wooden coffee table
side view of steer skull hung above chippy white mantel styled for fall

6. How to use rich textures to style rustic home decor ideas

No matter what style of home decor you are enjoying, using texture is always an easy way to create a cozy space.  Especially if you want a western touch if your home decor, look for really rich textures that draw you into the space.

When I think of true western design style, buttery soft leather sofas and oversized chairs facing a stone accent wall fireplace come to mind.  Of course, there are large candle sconces flanking a western landscape painting and wooden accent tables with an antique chess board ready to play by the fire too.

Can’t you picture it?!  However, my Florida ranch style home just is not those things.  Even if it were, I really do love a light, bright space.  Likewise, I feel the most relaxed and peaceful in neutral, soft spaces.  Since I don’t live in a western ranch lodge, how can I add rich textures to make my space feel like it has that rustic charm?

All of those same rustic elements can be used in numerous ways, even if you don’t have a big lodge style home nestled on a Montana ranch!  Focus on simple design elements for an easy way to add that western design style and rustic charm.

Here are a few favorites:

vintage demijohns styled on gray-blue buffet table

7. How to use throw pillows for western-style decor

Speaking of adding textures and a western touch with accents, let’s chat a bit more about throw pillows!  If you’re reading my blog post, there’s a pretty good chance that you love throw pillows like I do.  They are an inexpensive way to refresh a space.  Equally important, pillow covers are easy to organize and don’t take up a lot of extra storage space.

When you’re looking to switch up your decor style a little bit while still using much of your existing decor, throw pillows are the perfect pieces!  There are so many gorgeous options out there in quite a range of prices too.  You can easily incorporate rustic western designs with earth tones and warm colors for throw pillows. Adding a touch of leather or fur with a throw pillow is also a great way to bring in those rich textures and natural elements.

When I add pillows to my sofa, I like to thing of them as either a pair or a trio.  For example, here are some favorite ways I layer my throw pillows:

  • One square pillow with a round pillow layered in front
  • Two square pillows layered, one solid and one patterned
  • Mixing three sizes, like square, round, and lumbar
  • Typically symmetrical with same or similar pillows at each end and an accent pillow in the center

​The kilim style throw pillows that have become popular in recent years are a great addition to any vintage style living room.  While they are specifically western at all, they do blend beautifully with rustic western designs.  Vintage style pillow prints and fabrics are another great way to bring in rich texture to make a space feel curated and cozy.

Here are a few throw pillow ideas to consider, including the same or similar to my own living room:

cozy tan lamb fur pillow styled alongside other cozy fall prints

Thinking about adding some western style wall decor or rustic elements?

Maybe it’s the fact that I was born in Oklahoma and my great-grandpa was a true cowboy.  Or it could be the incredible memories we made as a family this summer.  And would you believe that my favorite view in all the world is atop cemetery hill in the little tiny, almost ghost town where my grandparents used to live?  There is just something about the western design style that feels so inviting.

Even though I love our Florida home, I have fun challenging myself to figure out how to mix some of those western touches and rustic elements with my existing decor.  I am enjoying the textures, the soft colors, the playful touches, and most of all, the feeling of home as we start into the fall season!

​At the same time, the stage is perfectly set to start adding some dried gourds and a pumpkin or two as we move into fall.  Stay tuned!

If you want to take the challenge and add some rustic elements to your own space, you can shop over 50 of my favorites curated on my storefront.  The full list is ready for you HERE!

Thanks for joining me today.  I’ve been having so much fun with this early fall decor and now I’m excited to start adding a bit more fall-specific styling into these spaces!

large concrete horse bust styled on white apothecary

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