Creating Cozy This Christmas

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Happy December 1st!  It’s officially the season for my favorite music, my favorite decor, and my favorite feelings!  Since we will be home a lot more this year (can’t say I’m too sad about more time at home at Christmas!), I really focused on creating those festive, yet peaceful, feelings throughout our home.  But one room needed a little extra work!

Our master bedroom has historically gotten the Christmas leftovers…meaning, whatever décor ended up there was what was NOT being used elsewhere in our home. I decided that this year, I wanted to be intentional about making this room a cozy and peaceful way to end my days.

Cozy is also a sensory experience, not just what looks pretty. So, here are my top five things to add to a space to make it feel cozy:


 See:  A peaceful color palette. Keep in mind, that a peaceful color palette is purely preferential! For me, neutrals do the trick. But for someone else, festive colors of the season might give them that sensory experience through what they see! I added several stands of my favorite battery lights to the mantel and to my Christmas tree. I love how they add a little twinkle without being too bright! Plus, they are on timers!


Hear: Christmas music. We keep the music channel playing all day, everyday, and the festive background noise makes me smile!  A Hallmark Christmas movie or two also works!


Smell: I keep a seasonal candle burning whenever we are at home! I also love to add fresh evergreen and cedar greenery through our home.  Trader Joe’s is my favorite source for that!


Touch: I brought in some cozy, feel good elements to add to my everyday bedding.  This pillow adds some Christmas spirit and this cozy throw blanket is perfect for those Christmas movie nights!


 Taste: Well, here is my little secret! There’s no better way to end a long day than with a bowl of ice cream.  Even in the winter!  It’s my weakness for sure!  We will be working our kitchen to create some holiday treats soon, so who’s not to say that one of those won’t sneak its way in as well?!

Being a musician family, our December evenings and nights are usually packed with rehearsals and performances.  And the nights that we aren’t creating Christmas through music for others, we play the catch up game. 


Our performances might be cancelled this Christmas, but Christmas definitely is NOT cancelled and I am embracing the extra time at home this season with all the cozy vibes!


I hope these season is filled with all the things that feel good for you!




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