Easy Ways to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

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Add holiday spirit when you decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas!  You’ll love these easy Christmas kitchen decor ideas for kitchen cabinets, island, countertops, and table!

Most of us would easily say that the kitchen is the heart of the home!  There is no season that this is perhaps more true than the festive season of Christmas!  One of my favorite ways to make it festive is to use this easy way to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas.  I’ll show you a quick and easy hack that my husband figured out for me!  Plus, I’ll share some other simple ways to add festive touches to your kitchen Christmas decor!

Christmas decorating is one of my very favorite things.  I love going all out and add Christmas decorations to almost every room in our home!  However, that can take a lot of time.  I love finding creative and the easiest ways to add beautiful decor for a festive kitchen during the Christmas season that don’t take a lot of time or stressful planning!

If that sounds good to you, then this post is for you!  I hope you get some inspiration to add easy Christmas cheer to the heart of your home during this time of year!

Addy and Harrison baking in the kitchen decorated with Christmas decor and greenery

Easy Ways to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

long view of a cozy kitchen styled with Christmas greenery

How to Hang Christmas Wreaths to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets for Christmas

One of my favorite ways to decorate my kitchen during Christmas time is to hang festive wreaths on the cabinet doors of our white kitchen.  I love how the green pops off of the white cabinets and adds such a festive touch!  Whether you have a large or small kitchen, small wreaths hung with beautiful Christmas ribbon look so pretty on kitchen cabinet doors!

I’ll just be really honest and tell you that the first time I wanted to do this several years ago, I picked up supplies.  However, when, I went to hang the wreaths, I realized I wasn’t sure how to get them hung at the same height, centered, and looking amazing.  Thankfully, I married a super smart guy that quickly figured out an easy little system.  Now, we quickly add these festive decorations every year to our kitchen!

Tip: You can sometimes find small, mini wreaths that have ribbon already attached.  However, I prefer the wreaths that are just a tad larger and enjoy adding my own ribbon instead of the “bulk style” ribbon that so many are manufactured with.

Here are the supplies you need to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas:

kitchen cabinets with small wreaths and a wooden kitchen hood with a large Christmas wreath

Here is how to easily hang mini wreaths to decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas:

  1. ​Measure cabinet from the top of the cabinet to the point where you want the top of the wreath to hang.  (I hang mine just a little above center).
  2. Double the length (to loop through) and add two inches (to go over the edge of the cabinet
  3. Cut ribbon to length
  4. Loop ribbon through wreath and put the ends of the ribbon straight together
  5. Put ends of ribbon on the inside of the cabinet door, centered as close as possible (I just eyeball this.)
  6. Tape securely (I like the white duct tape because it just blends in with my white kitchen.)
  7. Adjust wreath and ribbon  to hang straight and centered
  8. Enjoy your festive kitchen holiday decorations!
kitchen island styled with a vintage white scale with a small tree and garland strung between cabinets

How to Decorate a Kitchen Range Hood for the Christmas Season

I love adding Christmas decorations to my kitchen range hood to help it tie in with how I decorate kitchen cabinets for Christmas.  THIS wreath is my favorite because it looks so incredibly realistic. In fact, every season I have people come into our home and walk up to touch the pine wreath to see if it is real or not!  It’s that good and worth every penny.  I use THIS wreath in other places around our home too.

Of course, I love that I can use this wreath next year and many years to come to add a holiday feel in our home.  I love investing in decor that not only looks gorgeous but is also versatile, realistic, and can blend with many decor styles.

Since our range hood is wood with a more rustic style, I have an old nail that I hang seasonal wreaths on.  However, if you have a painted range hood or one that you don’t want to put a permanent hole in, command hooks are a great option!  I also use command hooks to hang this wreath on the mirrors in our dining room!

beautiful Christmas wreath hung on a wooden range hood

Other Christmas Kitchen Decorations for the Holiday Season

There are so many other fun ways to add holiday cheer inside of your home and kitchen!  Here are some of our family’s favorite ways to enjoy a little festive cheer with Christmas kitchen decorations:

How to decorate a kitchen countertop for Christmas?

  • Mini trees are perfect kitchen decor to add.  I like to tuck them into vignettes on the kitchen countertops and even onto the stand where I keep my dish soap and hand soap!
  • You can’t go wrong with a bowl of candy canes!  I also like to hang them around the rim of a vase or jar for a cute and fun look!
  • Adding mini wreaths to my kitchen cabinet doors is one of my favorite ways to add such a festive look to our kitchen!
  • Gingerbread houses or gingerbread men make the perfect kitchen holiday decorations!  I added THESE faux ones this year so they can last the whole season.
overhead view of a hot cocoa bar with candy canes, marshmallows and other goodies
hot cocoa bar styled with Santa mugs

How do I make my kitchen look Christmassy?

  • Even though I use a lot of THIS realistic faux greenery, I also enjoy adding some fresh greenery too.  It makes the kitchen smell so amazing!  You can even pick up free sprigs of fresh greenery at your local Christmas tree farm (ask permission first, of course) to sprinkle around your home.  Or, tie sprigs together to make a pretty swag!
  • Open shelves are a perfect opportunity to display pretty Christmas dishes, glasses, Santa mugs, and gold flatware.  On the open shelving in our dining room, I love hanging big gold bells and adding festive touches with vintage brass and silver.
  • Some years, I have used a little piece of double sided tape to attach Christmas cards from friends and family to our pantry door.  Everyone loves looking at our loved ones and it definitely can add a really pretty and fun touch to make our kitchen extra welcoming!

How to decorate a kitchen island for the holidays?

  • A kitchen island is a pretty spot for Christmas decorating too.  One great way to decorate a kitchen island is to add a small tree.  If your kitchen island allows for it, you may even want to add a small tree rather than a “mini” tree.  It’s a great statement piece and you can even hang ornaments on it if you want!  Don’t forget some battery operated lights, like THESE!
  • I don’t buy a lot of kitchen-specific decor for holidays.  However, a pretty glass jar can serve you well for any season!  I usually add glass jars to the hot cocoa station.  You could also add a big jar with pretty Christmas cookies, ready for an after school snack or dinner time dessert.  Or…a treat just because it makes Christmas extra magical!
  • A tiered tray is another great investment for kitchen decor and styling.  You can display it on a kitchen island or even as a centerpiece on a kitchen table.  I don’t keep mine out all of the time.  However, my tiered tray is perfect for holding a variety of homemade Christmas treats whenever we are expecting guests.  I also like to keep it out during Christmas week so everyone can just enjoy a little treat whenever they want.  (However, only for a few days because we don’t have great self-control.  Haha!!!)
large golden bells clustered together and hung on a large branch along the top of a white apothecary

Are you ready to decorate?

Even though I haven’t started my kitchen Christmas decor yet this year, I am getting all of the fun and festive feelings as I remember all of the ways we’ve used our Christmas decorations in the past!  At the same time, I am definitely ready to add those magical Christmas decorations around our home again this year!

Hopefully this post helps you start getting excited for the holiday season too!  No matter when you decorate, it is always a good time to save your favorite ideas.  Even if you don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, you can also be picking up decorating supplies while there are still a lot of options and things in stock, both online and in the stores too!

Happy decorating and planning for the most wonderful time of the year!

view of a living room and kitchen styled for Christmas

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