10 Amazon Home Decor Favorites for Summer Decorating

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Sprucing up your home for the summer? Check out these 10 budget-friendly favorites for summer decorating to create cozy and inviting spaces. Keep reading for 10 of my current favorites that I’m using in our home right now!

Summer is officially here and at least here in South Florida, the heat has most definitely arrived!  In fact, unless we are at the beach or in the pool, we are spending most of the time indoors.  Since I’ve been enjoying the sunshine from inside a little more this week, it’s the perfect time to show you my favorites for summer decorating.  These budget-friendly Amazon finds are helping keep the inside light and breezy while feeling like our summertime retreat!

It’s no secret that vintage and antique decor are my passion.  However, sometimes you just need these perfect accents to pull it altogether.

Today, I’m excited to show you 10 of my favorites for summer decorating and how I have paired them with my vintage decor for a cozy, light, and breezy summertime style!

10 Amazon Home Decor Favorites for Summer Decorating

Favorites for Summer Decorating #1

What is considered summer decor?

These realistic palm branches.

Seriously, they are so incredibly realistic!  I had pictures of this cabinet with both real palm branches from my yard and my faux ones from Amazon.  Actually, I had to take a double look to make sure I added the correct picture to this post with the faux palm branches!

They have been one of my top sellers all month.  While I love that they are so budget-friendly, only $9.99 for 8 branches, my favorite thing is that they just look so real.

If you’ve followed along for long, you know I am really passionate about only using very quality, realistic faux greenery and florals.

THESE faux palm branches are a must-have for me.  At the same time, they will add a simple, easy summer vibe for your home as well!

Shop my favorite realistic faux palm branches HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #2

This light-weight throw blanket is perfect for cozy summer evenings!

It is SO hot here.  I mean, heat index over 100 most days kind of hot.  The thought of curling up with a blanket is suffocating, to be honest.  EXCEPT for this light-weight throw blanket!  

It is beyond soft and cozy. At the same time, the light-weight gauzy fabric is just perfect for a summer evening.  It comes in different colors so you can match your summer decor perfectly.

Warning: you’ll need more than one because everyone in the house is going to want to be this cozy for summer!

Shop my favorite light-weight throw blanket HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #3

This coral looks SO real!

Just a little touch of coastal is all it takes to bring a fresh summer look to a space!  Real coral can be extremely pricey.  In fact, a piece of real coral this same size would cost over $75, minimum, here in Florida and probably a lot more!

So, this realistic piece of coral is a super budget-friendly way to bring a pretty coastal accent to any room.  It literally looks SO real and it even feels real too (watch your fingers!)

Shop my favorite realistic faux coral HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #4

Who else is loving tan gingham this year?!

I couldn’t have been more delighted when the tan and white gingham styled picked up this spring.  Not only do I love using it in my house, but I love wearing the print too!

These pillow covers are a steal of a deal and are so pretty.  I’ve enjoyed them in our family room all spring and summer.  Actually, I plan to leave them for fall too!

Pillow covers are a great way to save storage space too, so it is a double win!  At the same time, the neutral gingham is really fun to layer with other patterns and you can easily style it around your home!

Shop my favorite gingham pillow covers HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #5

How to decorate front porch for summer?

These concrete planters look so high-end!

What a gorgeous addition this set of 3 concrete planters have made to our outdoor pool area! I can’t say enough good things about them.  At the same time, I would also use them indoors if I had a space.

Bonus: they come in a set of three so you can use them together or split them up!

I shopped around a LOT for planters, going to many different stores and websites.  These are definitely my favorites of all the ones I looked at and the price worked out to be such a great deal also.

With the concrete style, I know they will last us for many years to come so they are great investment pieces too!

Shop my favorite concrete planters HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #6

Glass cloches are a favorite for all seasons!

No matter the season, glass cloches are one of my favorite go-to pieces for decorating.  I love layering coral, old books, and shells in mine for the summer months.

Over on THIS post, you can find 21+ ways that I enjoy decorating with glass cloches!

I have a variety of sizes and shapes.  THIS glass cloche is one of my favorites because the size makes it easy to style and it’s a great statement piece in my decor.

Shop my favorite glass cloche HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #7

These woven stacked baskets…functional and pretty!

I added these stacked baskets back in the winter when I was working on home organization and they’ve been a favorite ever since then!  However, I especially love how the baskets add texture and style to my summer decor too!

Whether on a coffee table to hide the remote and magazines, office shelves to house paperwork, nightstand for quick essentials, a bathroom to hide the non-pretty stuff, or for decor on open shelves, these stacked baskets will do the trick!

They are so budget-friendly and come in different colors also.

Shop my favorite flat storage baskets HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #8

A cute bag is perfect for functional use AND decorating!

You know how much I love my vintage decor items, right?  So, you understand why this vintage-inspired French market bag is.such a favorite!  It comes in different sizes.  I enjoy using the big one for the beach or flea markets.  I also have a small one that makes a perfect little handbag for evenings out!

Then, when I’m not using it, it hangs on a simple nail in the entryway and doubles as summer decor.  You can’t get much more summery than a beach bag, right?

If you love combining function with decor, this is a winner for you too!

Shop my favorite woven bag HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #9

Because it’s just soooo cute!

How can I make my room more summery?

Put all functionality aside and just trust me when I say you need this adorable Summer House pillow.  Even if you don’t really do a lot of decorating for summer, this neutral pillow can add an instant, playful summer touch to your space.

I love to think of our home as our own little “summer vacation home” for these special summer months.  What better way to express that than with a super soft, cozy pillow that spells it out?!  Literally.  Haha!

You need THIS pillow!  Shop it HERE!

Favorites for Summer Decorating #10

These dishes are perfect for all of your easy summer dining!

Playful pattern, light color, unbreakable melamine, versatile style…all perfect to describe these pretty dishes!  I was a little hesitant when I ordered because, quite honestly, I didn’t need dishes.

However, I am SO GLAD I got them because they look absolutely perfect for summer.  At the same time, the color is light and neutral enough that I think they will also be lovely for early fall and the spring season too.

Pro Tip: Mix and match them with existing white dishes if you need more place settings!

Shop these pretty dishes HERE, just in time for your 4th of July and summer BBQs!

Have fun with your summer decorating!

To me, summer is the perfect time to just have a lot of fun with your decor.  Simple, little touches here and there are great ways to make your home feel special.  After all, there’s nothing quite like the summer months!

I have attached some of my favorite summer decorating ideas in the blog posts below for you, in case you’re looking for specific tips, ideas, and inspiration for your home!

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