5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Home Right Now

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Do you ever feel caught up in “needing to do the next thing” to your home or comparing your project list to the big renovations you see on social media?  Check out how to avoid that trap and 5 ways you can (and should!) enjoy your home right now and tips I’m enjoying from the new book “A Lovely Life” by my friend, Melissa Michaels!

Do you ever look around social media and feel tempted to think you need to make big changes and renovations in order to enjoy your home?  I’ll be honest; that is a deep rabbit hole!  I am passionate about keeping myself (and hopefully you, too!) inspired to enjoy home, just as it is.  Imperfections, to-do lists, improvements needed, and all.

My friend, Melissa Michaels from @theinspiredroom, just published a book that is currently laying open on my coffee table.  “A Lovely Life” is a new favorite, full of inspiring ideas to help all of us enjoy our homes just as they are!

A Lovely Life is about creating the kind of atmosphere at home you’ve always dreamed about, one day, one season at a time. You’ll feel inspired to elevate even the most ordinary moments at home and discover tangible ways to make every day a better one….all year long.


A Lovely Life will show you ways you can:

  • Practice simple home making and soul tending rhythms and rituals
  • Cultivate more peace, contentment, and joy in your surroundings throughout the year
  • Embrace simplicity in your life and home in every season
  • Nurture your well-being through the beauty you create or discover around you
  • Seek renewal in spring, refreshment in summer, reconnection in autumn, and rest in winter


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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Your Home Right Now

1. Step one to enjoy your home right now is to clear some clutter!

I’m not the type to have a lot of stuff laying around and on the chance that I do, I definitely am not posting photographs for everyone to see.  Haha!  But the truth is, I have this one corner.

Most of us probably have at least that one corner, right?  It’s my catch-all corner and it seems like before I blink, it can get piled with items that need my attention.

When I start to get that “my house feels messy” feeling, I’ve learned to go clear out and clean up that corner as much as possible.  It always motivates me to straighten up a few other areas as well.  A little tidying goes a long way!

Tip: Have a designated spot for things to land that you need to take care of but can’t right at the moment.  At least the clutter will be contained in one area and you can get it tackled ASAP!

2. Enjoy your home right now by giving your pillows a fluff!

Maybe this sounds too simplistic, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked into the living room or family room and felt like “I cannot enjoy this room.  It feels messy.”  One minute later, a little fluffing, and a few karate chops to my throw pillows, I can have a totally different outlook on the room!  The whole room can go from looking tired to fresh and ready for you and your family just by fluffing those pillows!

Tip: Make it a routine to fluff up the sofa cushions in addition to the throw pillows.  In addition, consider investing in down inserts for your pillow covers.  They look so fresh with a little karate chop to the middle!  Size up so that your pillow is nice and full too!

3. Add a fresh plant or vase of flowers!

It is scientifically proven that indoor plants have number of benefits.  In addition, they can help to reduce stress levels.  Therefore, apparently there are days that I maybe need to put all of my plants in one room and just sit in there!  Haha!

But seriously, simply adding a fresh houseplant or vase of grocery store flowers to any room can help you truly enjoy your home right now.  There is nothing quite like adding a pitcher of flowers to the kitchen island after giving the kitchen a good cleaning, right?  Consequently, it’s the same for your entire house!

You can find some of my tips and tricks for making inexpensive grocery store flowers feel special over on THIS POST!

Tip: Keep a favorite pitcher, vase, or vessel on hand.  I love to have a few that look pretty when they are empty but can easily hold some grocery store flowers or free branches from my yard too!

4. Enjoy your home by moving around a few small pieces!

Social media may tempt us to feel like we cannot enjoy our home without ripping out the kitchen or painting or replacing the flooring.  However, don’t fall into that trap either!  You can enjoy your home by refreshing a small vignette, swapping out end tables between rooms, arranging your throw pillows a little differently, or adding a favorite thrifted piece to make your coffee table vignette look different.

These little things are what I do all the time to keep our home feeling fresh.  Moreover, it helps me to be creative and what better place to express creativity than in your own home?!

Tip: Swap a small piece of furniture, such as a side table, stool, or accent chair with one in a different room!  It will make each space feel different and fresh.  If you don’t have time for moving any furniture, simply tweak your coffee table vignette with four easy steps.  You can find my favorite coffee table tips and ideas HERE!

5. Light a candle!

I was reminded of this just the other day.  My kids had a baking fiasco in the kitchen, laundry was piled up, we were in the middle of a project, and our home just didn’t feel very calm.  Sound familiar?  There was no quick solution, but I stopped for a few second to light a candle on the dining table (the one spot that was still tidy!) and take a deep breathe.

Somehow, having my favorite candle filling our home with a calming scent just helped.  Often, you’ll see cleaning tips end with the last step of lighting a candle.  However, I say don’t wait.  The reality is that you may not have time to clean right then but you still should be able to enjoy your home!

Tip: Keep a spare of your favorite candle on hand!  I always ask for candles in my Christmas stocking and that keeps me stocked up for awhile.  This is my favorite candle!

I hope these favorite tips give you some inspiration today.  Order your copy of “A Lovely Life” for year-long inspiration for your home!  And grab a few extra copies  for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation gifts too; it’s a gift that keeps on giving with loads of inspiring ideas!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)

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