How to Prepare for Christmas in July: 5 Easy Things to Do Now!

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We are halfway to my favorite season! You can take some of the stress to prepare for Christmas off later by doing these 5 easy things now!  Whether you want to think about Christmas now or not, you may find that  these 5 ways to prepare for Christmas in July can make a huge difference when November and December roll around!

If my math is correct (I’m in summer mode, so be kind if I’m off, please!), there are 153 days left until Christmas!  That probably makes you soooo excited or makes you cringe and say, “Stop!  It’s too soon to talk about Christmas!”  Either way, doing these 5 things to prepare for Christmas…right now in July…can take off some of the inevitable stress that hits along with the season.

To be honest, sometimes I get some of these done but I have never gotten them ALL done in July.  However, they are good goals and it at least gets me headed in the right direction!  If you’re not really ready to think about Christmas, no worries.

Pro Tip:  Pick one or two of these and feel proud of yourself for getting ahead of the rush!

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With the crazy heat we are having, there’s nothing like having some fun and dreaming about Christmas, right?!  Plus, there’s just so much great inspiration on this tour today!

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How to Prepare for Christmas in July: 5 Easy Things to Do Now!

How to Prepare for Christmas in July #1: Update your address book

Honestly, this isn’t something I look forward to and I usually put it off.  However, if you have some spare time waiting in an airport or sitting in the parking lot waiting for the kids at camp, it could be a great time to scroll through your address book.

  1. Take note of people you know have moved.  Immediately send them a text or message to kindly request their new address.
  2. Add in new friends, family, acquaintances that you’ve made through the year.  If you don’t already have their address, send requests for those also.
  3. Make changes in your address book ASAP upon receiving their responses.  If you have several, it may be helpful to make a checklist in your notes to quickly refer back to later!

Having this done ahead of time can make getting your cards done so much more easily.  Plus, you can be more efficient because you won’t end up with a stack of cards needing addresses sitting out waiting for responses.

Can you tell I have experience with this?!  Haha!

It might seem a little out of the box, but these are the kinds of things that just save an extra headache.  If I can get them done now, when I have more time and less stress in my schedule, it makes the busier seasons a tad easier.  That’s a win all the way around in my book!

How to Prepare for Christmas in July #2: Choose a vacation photo and make a card!

If you haven’t taken your vacation yet, no worries!  Just make a mental note to try and get a snapshot you love while on vacation.  These make the best Christmas card pictures!

One thing that takes me a lot of time is creating our Christmas card each year.  I try to get them made early and have it out of the way.  I love sending them, though, so it’s worth the work to me to get them ready.

One way to save yourself some time later is to go ahead and make your card and save it in your favorite card design app or website.

We’ve been using Minted for our Christmas cards for several years.  I always wait until a sale to order, but you can have it sitting there, ready to go, when a sale or coupon code rolls around!

How to Prepare for Christmas in July #3: Make a list of gift recipients.

You probably already know most of the people you need to buy for.  For me, it’s usually about the same family and friends.  Closer to time, I can add in teachers, school-related gifting, and other services.

Do I stress or worry about any gifts in July?  Absolutely not.

However, if I have a list written down, it’s easy to jot down gifts when I find them.  I shop the end caps for clearance, special sales, and keep an eye out for bargains throughout the year.  If I don’t keep a running list, though, there is no way I’ll end up remembering what I’ve already found!

Also, if someone mentions an idea to me for a gift, I can write that down also rather than trying to remember.  My brain can get rather overloaded, so keeping notes like this is an easy way to keep information close at hand but not cluttering up my mind!

Pro Tip: It is easier to stay on budget and have focused shopping when I have a list of the gift recipients written down.  I use the notes app on my phone for convenience.

How to Prepare for Christmas in July #4: Set a budget and start saving (if you haven’t already).

We love using an envelope system for our budget and consistently put money into a special savings for Christmas.  It is SO much more enjoyable to give and even receive gifts when you know they are paid for and you won’t be playing major catch up on December 26th.

Having the list of gift recipients already written down makes it a lot easier to figure up approximately how much money we can spend per person or family and know how much we need to save throughout the year.

Writing the budget down is also really helpful to actually STAY on budget too.  I love purchasing gifts and giving them.  However, if I’m not keeping track, I can end up overspending.  In the long run, that’s not what the season is about at all and it adds undue stress.

I’m sure this isn’t difficult for some people, but I’ve learned enough about myself to know that I need to keep track.  Setting that budget BEFORE the season hits is really helpful!

If you haven’t already, start setting aside extra monies each month to help even out your budget during November and December.  We’ve been doing this for years now and find it incredibly helpful.  Plus, we have a lot more fun gift giving too!

Pro Tip:  Having money set aside throughout the year for purchasing Christmas gifts also allows you to take advantage of sales and bargains without straining your monthly budget.

How to Prepare for Christmas in July #5: Go ahead and place orders on items that sell out quickly.

It happens to me every single year.  When I’m decorating for Christmas and realize I need more garland or more bells or more ribbon, I make a mental note that I’m going to DEFINITELY order earlier the next year.  However, when July rolls around, I’m just not really in the mood to purchase Christmas Garlands.

Who can relate?

However, I’ve never once…not one single time…ordered those things early and regretted it!  Supply and demand issues aren’t as easy to navigate as it seems like they should be sometimes, right?  So go ahead and get your Christmas decor orders placed NOW.  Right in the middle of the blazing hot month of July!

Here’s my favorites that I recommend ordering early:

  • This greenery goes higher in price further into the season and always sells out early, usually before most people are even decorating for Christmas.  I HIGHLY recommend ordering as early as you can in order to get what you want!  It is absolutely gorgeous and looks more realistic than any Christmas greenery I’ve ever found!
  • You won’t find a winter or Christmas wreath that looks any more real than THIS one!  I have people come into my house and walk up to touch it, then still ask if it is real!  It’s that good and worth every penny.  I wanted to order another last year for our music room but it sold out early.
  • THIS ornament garland was one of the top ten things sold on my storefront last year.  Of course, though, the taupe and cream that I love sold out before December even hit.  It is stunningly gorgeous and has such a high-end look.  At the same time, there were stores selling it for twice or more this price.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas decorations to use.  Tip: order more than one.  I promise you’re going to want another one!
  • If you’ve followed me through the holiday season before, you know that I’m OBSESSED with THESE candles.  They look and even feel real.  Plus, they are battery-operated, have a timer, and work from a remote.  What does that mean?  Well, it means I can put as many as I want on my Christmas mantel or table centerpiece and still be safe!!! Haha!  Trust me…your fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter home will thank you for the coziest look with these candles!
  • THIS realistic eucalyptus garland is a must-have.  Actually, you’ll want it for Thanksgiving as well.  It is my favorite to mix with my Norfolk pine greenery for a full and lush look for my Thanksgiving tables, as well as Christmas.  I also mix with with my Christmas greenery on the mantel.  It is so gorgeous and really adds a lot of depth and texture to the holiday greenery!  For me, it’s a must-have!

Now, let’s hop on over to Mary’s post at Life at Bella Terra.  Her mantel inspiration is fantastic!

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