21 Gorgeous and Super Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas

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Use any of these easy 4th of July decorating ideas for home or entertaining to quickly and simply get ready for the summer patriotic holiday!  Keep reading for 21 favorite ideas!

The 4th of July and other patriotic summer holidays are JUST. SO. FUN!  Am I right?!  However, with my birthday being July 2nd and our anniversary being on July 5th, I’m not really keen on any patriotic decorating that is going to take a ton of time or effort.  In case you’re busy enjoying summer, too, this post will help us all get ready with some super easy 4th of July decorating ideas!

I’ve rounded up all of my favorites, including decor I am currently using or have used in the past.  At the same time, I’m pulling some wonderful ideas from some of my talented friends that I want to try sometime too!

No matter what level of patriotic decorating you need…whether a simple table centerpiece or full-fledge decor for a party…you’re sure to get more than enough ideas here.

Bonus: They are all SO EASY!

When should I decorate for 4th of July?

I like to think of my summer decorating in two simple phases.  First of all, I enjoy decorating for summer right before Memorial Day.  I add simple red, white, and blue touches throughout our home, usually with some vintage inspiration.  Then, I leave the patriotic decor up through the 4th of July.

Once the holiday is over, I usually take down the patriotic decorations and enjoy a more regular summer decor look until the end of August.

However, I always say that your home is your own home and there is no right or wrong!  You can decorate however you want, whenever you want.

Often, people enjoy using some patriotic accents around their home for the entire summer.  So, it is totally up to you!

21 Gorgeous and Super Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #1: Make a Patriotic Salad!

Truth be told, I enjoy this salad year round!  However, it does look really beautiful included in a July 4th BBQ or picnic spread!

Bonus: It is pretty healthy and oh-so-refreshing too!

Get the quick and easy recipe HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #2: Stick a flag in a bottle.

How do you decorate a simple party?

Ready for the easiest, quickest, cheapest 4th of July decorating hack EVER?  Stick a flag in a bottle!

Seriously, whether you use a great old vintage bottle or a simple one from the dollar store, you can’t go wrong with a flag in a bottle.

Add a single one to an existing vignette or line them up on a mantel or table centerpiece.  Either way, you’ll add a festive touch in no time!

Get more ideas for using a flag in a bottle HERE!

Create the look:

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #3: Make a flag bouquet.

Skip the time and effort involved in floral arrangements and make a flag bouquet instead!  You can use this simple centerpiece in almost any space: coffee table, dining table, kitchen island, centerpiece for a buffet, or on a sofa table, just to name a few.

You can see how I use simple flags to make a quick and easy 4th of July decorating idea over on THIS POST!

Create the look:

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #4: Add cute patriotic tableware

Guess what?  You don’t have to buy ALL the patriotic things for a cute party.  Instead, pull out whatever you have that has any red, white, or blue touches.  Add some coastal or nautical accents for fun.

Remember those red striped plates from Christmas?  Or the vintage crock with a blue stripe?  Or a cute kitchen towel with ticking stripes?  Those are all PERFECT!

Then, grab some cute patriotic tableware from the dollar store.  Add it to your table or buffet and you’re all set!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #5: Make an easy centerpiece

Is there anything more all-American than flags and Coca-Cola bottles?  Check out this fun and easy centerpiece for your 4th of July party decor.

Bonus: you can get almost everything from the grocery store!

Get all the details of this fun and casual centerpiece HERE!

Create the Look:

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #6: Create a super easy wall hanging

I had a lot of fun using this inexpensive propagation station wall hanging as some quick and easy patriotic decor!

Bonus: you can use it year round for seasonal decor and it actually works great for propagating plants too!

Catch all the details and styling ideas HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #7: Bake some yummy 4th of July brownies!

My daughter shared this fun idea on her Payton’s Pastries and it is still a favorite!  Get the recipe HERE along with ideas for using the cute brownies to add a festive touch to your 4th of July festivities!

Bonus: they are delicious too!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #8: Add small buntings from Dollar Tree!

What are some good decorations?

I found these super cute American flag buntings at my local Dollar Tree.  Since they were so inexpensive, I hung them everywhere!  They are the perfect size across a door or combine a few for an easy DIY garland.

Pro Tip: Grab a few extras.  I promise you’re going to want more and then they will be sold out!!!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #9: Hang large buntings on the porch

How to decorate outside for 4th of July?

There are so many cute ways to decorate outdoors for the 4th of July.  Keep reading in this post for some gorgeous porch decor ideas too!

However, I kept it super quick and simple this year with THESE large American flag buntings.  They look so festive!  By hanging several of them, it makes a large statement and then I really didn’t need to add much other decoration.

I like THESE buntings because they are a great size to use in lots of places, even around a gazebo, fence, pergola, or porch.  Plus, they are weather resistant!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #10: Have some fun with a vintage-inspired patriotic tablescape!

I mentioned I was excited to share some inspiration from some of my blogging friends today.  These ladies always inspire me!  My friend Michele, from Vintage Home Designs, creates the most amazing table settings.  I absolutely love the thoughtful details she added to THIS patriotic tablescape!

Bonus: these ideas for your patriotic table are super budget-friendly!

Get her ideas all HERE and then tweak them to fit your own patriotic table for the holiday!


Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #11: Make a DIY patriotic door basket!

My friend Kelly, from The Tattered Pew, always has creative ideas.  However, as a wife, mom, and teacher, she understands the importance of things that are quick and super easy!

These DIY patriotic door baskets are perfect for not only 4th of July decorating ideas, but something you can leave out all summer long too!

Get the details HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #12: Try these thrifty ideas for budget-friendly patriotic decorating!

I just had to include these 5 thrifty summer patriotic decorating ideas from Kelly too!  You’ll find a lot more great decorating ideas over at The Tattered Pew.

Don’t miss these budget-friendly ideas to decorate around your home for the patriotic summer holidays!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #13: Create a welcoming entryway for your 4th of July guests!

Simply 2 Moms are full of creativity.  Plus, they are just full of fun!  I love hanging out with them.

Anyway, this patriotic entryway was one I really wanted to include because it is not only really inviting for guests, but it also just feels pretty and festive to enjoy yourself all summer long!

Get their easy decorating tips for a patriotic entryway HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #14: Have fun with your porch decor!

How to decorate outside for 4th of July?

I am excited to share these next three blogging friends because front porch decor is always a big request for summer!  Why not add some patriotic touches while you’re at it?

I love how Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse added these really fun touches.  You can see how she mixed and matched different pieces to create really pretty front porch decor.  The red gingham is my favorite!

Catch her tips and ideas HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #15: Include plants and flowers on your front porch!

Stacy from Bricks N Blooms is the master gardener and she shares it all on her blog.  Of course, she doesn’t disappoint with how she uses plants and gorgeous flowers for her patriotic front porch decorating ideas too!

You’ll love how she uses thrifted and vintage finds for some surprising planters too!  Read the details all HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #16: Include plants and flowers on your front porch!

Cute, cute, cute!  That’s the only way to describe my friend, Tammy’s, front porch!  Over at White Lilac Farmhouse, Tammy shows some simple ways to create the most festive front porch for easy 4th of July decorating!

Add THESE ideas to your list of easy ways to decorate this summer!


Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #17: Host a fun (and easy) party!

WM Design House is a go-to account for entertaining tips, as well as decorating ideas.  I love the patriotic party ideas she shares in THIS post!  Wendy gives you everything you need, from checklists to get started to budget-friendly, easy ideas to set up for a fun and memorable 4th of July party!

Get all the details HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #18: Who needs a 5-minute centerpiece?

The question is, who DOESN’T need a 5-minute centerpiece?  Bonus: it looks like you spent an hour on it!  Jen from Midwest Life and Style always have creative ideas.  What I especially love is that they are feasible ideas that I can actually recreate.

Check out this 5-minute centerpiece to get ready for your patriotic party…and then leave it out for the summer too!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #19: Get creative with an easy no-sew craft!

Okay, these are just the cutest and couldn’t be any easier!  Jen from Tatertots and Jello is sharing a quick little craft project for the 4th of July decorating.

Bonus: you can get the kids involved, too, with these no-sew flags.  Plus, they are super budget-friendly because you can use scrap fabric!

Get Jen’s easy tutorial HERE!


Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #20: Try these cute patriotic flags with felt!

Speaking of flag decorations for easy 4th of July decorating, my friend Heidi from Eleanor Rose Home has another great flag craft.

These are easy to make, use simple materials, and look absolutely adorable!  If you’re looking for budget-friendly decor that is pretty and unique, this is it!

Get Heidi’s quick tutorial HERE!


Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #21: Doesn’t a lakeside picnic sound lovely?

Renae from Peacock Ridge Farm has the right idea with this lakeside patriotic party!  However, even if you don’t live lakeside, you can use Renae’s gorgeous decorating tips and ideas to create your own casual, laid-back, table styling for inspiration!

You all know how much I love a great tablescape and this one is so inspiring!

Find all of the details HERE!

Easy 4th of July Decorating Ideas #22: Enjoy a patriotic picnic!

I know, I know.  The blog title says 21 easy 4th of July decorating ideas, but I just HAD to add this one!  How many of you take your July 4th celebrating to someplace other than your home, like a park or vacation site?

Kim from Shiplap and Shells always has great ideas and loads of inspiration.  This patriotic picnic is all-American perfection and I know you’ll love Kim’s ideas!

Get them all HERE!

Ready for your 4th of July celebration?

I love all of the inspiration in this post and it makes me start getting so excited to make our spaces festive to enjoy with friends for the fun 4th of July holiday!

You can shop all of my favorite patriotic decor in one convenient place, linked HERE!

How will you celebrate this year?  Which idea are you so excited to use?

Happy celebrating!

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