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Vintage home decor is still on trend for 2022!  Check out 5 vintage items to decorate with and how to style them in your home for an easy refresh!  Best part?  Put these items on your thrifting list!  It’s #thriftingwiththegals day!!!

I am so excited to introduce you to a new blog series for 2022 here at Robyn’s French Nest.  You all know I love going thrifting and hunting for great vintage home decor.  Each month, I’ll be joining up with some friends to share our thrifted finds, how we style them, tips for you as you go thrifting, and really, just all things vintage and thrifting related!  And if you’re coming over from White Arrows Home, you already know Kristin is full of inspiration!

Because that’s the thing with thrifting…you never know from one time to the next what you might find and how it might inspire a refresh in your home!

Before I dive into the fun topic of vintage items to decorate with in 2022, I want to introduce you to my fellow hosts of Thrifting with the Gals:

Ann from Dabbling and Decorating 

Rachel from The Pond’s Farmhouse 

Kristin from White Arrows Home

This month, our guest host is the lovely Lora from Create and Ponder!  Lora shares her vintage and thrifted finds over on her blog, along with fun ideas for DIY and decorating.  You’ll definitely enjoy browsing her blog and being inspired by her creativity!

Earlier this week, I shared with you some of the exciting home decor trends for 2022 and as I mentioned then, I am delighted to read several mainstream articles that list vintage as one of the top trends!

(Not that my vintage decor would be going anywhere even if it wasn’t a trend for this year!  I love it too much and I always think home should be made up of what you love, regardless of trends!)

Since vintage is staying on trend for this year, though, let’s make the most of it, right?!  Here are 5 vintage items to decorate with this year to help keep your home feeling fresh (and even on trend!)

These vintage items to decorate with can go at the top of your thrifting list!  Watch for them at antique malls, vintage shops, curated markets, thrift stores, flea markets, and online sellers!

Vintage Items to Decorate With: #1

You guessed it…brass!

We are seeing brass and gold touches everywhere from dollar areas to high-end design.  In general, these are more antiqued and matte finishes, even on brand new pieces, though you may see some shiny gold tucked in here and there too!

Vintage brass is one of my favorite vintage items to decorate with because it truly blends with all seasons.  I love how just the slightest metal accessories help add some contrasting texture to any space too!

I’ve been picking up vintage brass candlesticks at thrift stores and markets for several years.  It has been fun to build up a collection that I can mix and match in a lot of different ways.

Especially in the winter, most of my candlesticks are scattered throughout my decor, adding a cozy glow to every room.  I love adding these flameless taper candles.  They are on a timer and just add such a soft look to our home on these winter evenings.  I also love that they even have a dimmer!

Besides my brass candlesticks, I love to use a few small vintage objects to tuck into vignettes for the different seasons:

Spring: Vintage brass swans

Summer: Vintage brass shells

Fall: Vintage brass quail

Winter: Vintage brass deer

Vintage Items to Decorate With: #2

Switch up the seasons with vintage art!

I’ll admit, it’s only been the last couple of years where I’ve really started to appreciate vintage art and pick up a piece here and there.  Now, I love it!  It’s one of my favorite ways to add some character to a gallery wall.

What helped me was to first pick up a couple of really inexpensive pieces that I could experiment with and not feel like I would be losing a lot if I didn’t love the look.  I did, however, love it and now I always watch for inexpensive, smaller vintage art pieces to use in my decor.

I love to use small vintage art pieces in gallery walls or layered with some empty frames and vintage mirrors, leaning against a wall.  You can see some of my favorite gallery wall styling tips HERE and HERE (this one is specifically for spring!)


Art pieces are great vintage items to decorate with for the seasons too.  Especially if you collect smaller pieces, they are easy to store and don’t have to cost a lot of money.  I’ve been slowly collecting a few pieces for each season (though vintage art to use for winter is high on my list!)


Another unexpected way to use vintage art is actually through recent technology!  I love adding vintage-inspired art to our Samsung frame TV!

When our family room TV started messing up (big problem for Friday movie nights!), we started saving up for a frame TV and even scored a sale too!


It is really fun to purchase inexpensive downloads to switch it up for the seasons or just to refresh the space a little.  I am so happy that we made this investment and can enjoy it as art instead of just a black box on the wall!


Vintage Items to Decorate With: #3

Rattan and Cane

I feel like baskets have been trending since the beginning of time, am I right?!  Design experts predict that 2022 will see a lot more of rattan finishes being used in decor and cane material used on furniture.

While I don’t anticipate buying large furniture pieces, this is a great time to pull out those large lidded baskets to use for a small coffee table and a stack of vintage baskets for a side table!

I love using baskets to add texture and natural color to my decor, no matter the season!  Baskets are great items to look for at thrift stores, whether you need them for practical storage in a closet, like these that I use in our playroom closet, or for more decorative purposes, like putting a plant in this!

I store picture books and photo albums in the large basket that we use for a coffee table in the music room.  I love that I can also stack baskets with this one and use it for a side table in a different room, for a quick refresh too!

Vintage Items to Decorate With: #4

Glass decorations

2022 is going to be a year when we see lots of glass in decor, according to several articles by design experts!  If you take a look at furniture trends, one great example are all the glass front cabinets.  (So get those baskets ready to store things on the shelves that you don’t want seen!  Haha!)

For vintage decor fans, like myself, old cabinets with glass doors will fit right in!

If you’re not switching any furniture (which I would not do based solely on trends, by the way!), you can bring in glass with accessories.

Mirrors are a great way to bring glass into your decor and I also love layering them with frames and vintage art.

Paired with candles, they can add a beautiful reflective glow for winter evenings and in the spring and summer, position a mirror so it reflects the beautiful flowers and trees to bring the outside in!

You might even get creative with a DIY and create your own mirror, like we did with this huge antique door frame.  Mirror tiles were glued to a plywood backing, then nailed to the frame and hung on the wall!

Try taking a thrifted mirror and building your own frame or painting the existing frame to blend with your decor!  My oval mirrors are one of my favorite antique thrifted finds ever!

Vintage Items to Decorate With: #5

Florals are in!

How do you feel about florals?  In general, other than fresh or realistic faux floral arrangements, you won’t find a lot of flowers in our home.  I’m more of a “greenery” kind of person, I guess!  It sounds like floral patterns are going to be “in” this year, though.

If you want to go bold, this is a great time for a floral wallpaper for an accent wall or a new duvet with florals.

However, if you’re looking for some smaller, budget-friendly ideas to add just a subtle touch of this trend, here are a few ideas:

I hope this thrifting-inspired post helped you add some things to your hunting list!  It always helps me to have a few ideas of what to look for, but then, of course, you just never know when thrifting!  Keep an open mind to whatever speaks to you!  With thrifting prices, you can usually take the chance to be creative, experiment, and have fun with your decor!

What’s on YOUR thrifting list? I’d love to know!

Now, let’s go check out Lora’s great ideas on her post today!

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Posts on Robyn’s French Nest may contain affiliate links. You can see our full disclosure details here.)


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